Picture of the first day of students joining the FMW Dojo on September 15, 1989 with Atsushi Onita.

The FMW Dojo opened up on September 15, 1989 to give the new FMW promotion some new talent and be able to create its own women's division with Tarzan Goto training them. Atsushi Onita and Tarzan Goto held try outs to everyone applying by having physical fitness test as well as a Q & A with the students before selecting who would be admitted into the FMW Dojo. 13 people would be chosen to train under Tarzan Goto to become a wrestler. The wrestlers would move to Kawagoe, Saitama and live in the FMW Dojo and train during the day and night.

After three weeks of training, three of FMW's women wrestlers were selected to make their debut in a handicap match for FMW's debut show on October 6, 1989.

Class of 1989

Miwa Sato

Debut: 10/6/89

Kumiko Matsuda (Tsuppari Mack)

Debut: 10/6/89

Eriko Tsuchiya (Shark Tsuchiya)

Debut: 10/6/89

Megumi Kudo took over control as the main trainer for the women's wrestlers in 1990 with Eriko Tsuchiya and a year later Yoshika Maedomari are made head of the house hold and are responsible for the living aspect in the Dojo with making sure everybody did their jobs and everything was clean while Tarzan Goto focused just on training the men with Yukihide Ueno being made head of the house hold in the Dojo for the men.

Five men would make their debuts the following year in 1990. They would mostly help fill out the undercard and gain experience in the mean time. FMW would also sign Megumi Kudo who would help train the girls during the day while Tarzan Goto focused on the men. Yukihide Ueno would be selected the dorm leader for the men and would be in charge of making sure everything was kept in order while Eriko Tsuchiya would be selected for the dorm leader for the females. 

Class of 1990

Yuki Morimatsu

Debut: 1/17/90

Yukihide Ueno (Battle Ranger Z)

Debut: 2/12/90

Yoshika Maedomari (Crusher Maedomari)

Debut: 3/10/90

Akihito Ichihara (Flying Kid Ichihara)

Debut: 5/12/90

Ryo Miyake

Debut: 5/13/90

Masaomi Morishige

Debut: 7/16/90

Katsutoshi Niiyama (The Shooter)

Debut: 8/19/90

Mayumi Shimizu

Debut: 12/22/90

Yukie Nabeno

Debut: 12/22/90


Keiko Iwami (Killer Iwami)

Debut: 12/22/90

Rie Nakamura (Bad Nurse Nakamura)

Debut: 12/22/90

The next set of try outs for the next FMW Dojo class would take place in February 1991 with over a hundred people trying and only two people getting accepted. Two former Syodai Wrestling Association (college backyard wrestling promotion) wrestlers would be the two accepted. Masaomi Morishige and Ryo Miyake are failed out of the promotion for not improving enough. Morishige retires and Miyake joins the newly created W*ING Dojo to train there.

Class of 1991

Eiji Ezaki (Hayabusa)

Debut: 5/5/91

Masashi Honda (Mr. Gannosuke)

Debut: 6/22/91

Masashi Honda who would be given the name "Mr. Gannosuke" in the Dojo by Tarzan Goto due to looking like actor Ashiya Gannosuke would be is made head of the house in the Dojo after Yukihide Ueno is sent to train in Mexico in 1992. 

A well known Japanese baseball writer by the name of Shoji Nakamaki is accepted into the FMW Dojo to become a wrestler. After several months of being a wrestler he is considered to not be improving enough and fails out of the promotion and chooses to retire. Nakamaki asks Atsushi Onita for one more shot to prove himself in a Barbed wire Death Match against Onita at the Dojo. Atsushi Onita is left waiting in the ring as Nakamaki ends up no showing the match and joins the rival W*ING promotion the next day instead. Yumiko Komatsuzaki who is not pictured also makes her debut on August 22, 1992 but retires on September 19, 1992.

Class of 1992 

Koji Nakagawa (GOEMON)

Debut: 3/20/92

Emi Koizumi 

Debut: 4/28/92

Shoji Nakamaki

Debut: 5/31/92

Naoko Kumazawa

Debut: 7/28/92

The PWC promotion is minimized in 1993 and cuts many of its wrestlers on the roster as a result. Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Nanjyo Hayato who had trained and wrestled in PWC join the FMW Dojo as a result.

Masato Tanaka

Debut: 7/23/93

Nanjyo Hayato (Dark Ranger/Miracle Man)

Debut: 10/15/93

Tetsuhiro Kuroda

Debut: 10/15/93

Azusa Kudo (Gosaku Goshogawara)

Debut: 11/20/93

Katsutoshi Niiyama is promoted as the partner for Mr. Gannosuke as the head of the house for the men as well as conducting training when Tarzan Goto would not be there. 

Crusher Maedomari is promoted as the partner for Shark Tsuchiya as the head of the house for the women as well as conducting training when Megumi Kudo would not be there. 

Class of 1994

Yukari Ishikura

Debut: 6/23/94

Kaori Nakayama

Debut: 7/19/94

Nobuyoshi Nakamura (Dragon Kid)

Nobuyoshi Nakamura and Kenichiro Arai would also be selected into the FMW Dojo in 1994. Nakamura would train until Atsushi Onita one day would stop by into the Dojo and insist that Nakamura was too small to be a wrestler and would be converted into a referee and would make his referee debut that year. Nakamura would end up quitting FMW shortly afterwards in hopes to find another outlet to be a wrestler and would later join Ultimo Dragon's Toryumon Gym in 1997 and become Dragon Kid. Kenichiro Arai would end up failing out of the FMW Dojo before ever getting to make his debut and would also end up joining Ultimo Dragon's Toryumon Gym in 1997. 

Kenichiro Arai does not pass the final test to be able to ever make his debut and is kicked out of the Dojo as a result. Nobuyoshi Nakamura is considered too small to be a wrestler by Atsushi Onita and is turned into a referee instead. 

Class of 1995

Aki Kambayashi (Miss Mongol)

Debut: 10/25/95

Both Tarzan Goto and Mr. Gannosuke leave FMW on April 23, 1995. Katsutoshi Niiyama is made the head trainer of the Dojo and the Dojo is moved to to Omiya, Saitama after the sponsor of the Dojo pulls out due to his friend Atsushi Onita retiring and leaving FMW.

Class of 1996

Yoko Ikeda

Debut: 8/22/96

Mamoru Okamoto

Debut: 6/20/96 

Hideo Makimura

Debut: 8/1/96

Class of 1997

Yoshinori Sasaki (Mammoth Sasaki)

Debut: 12/8/97

Koji Nakagawa takes over as head trainer for the Dojo in 1997 after Katsutoshi Niiyama leaves FMW. Gosaku Goshogawara is made is made head of the house hold. Women's training is stopped in 1997 after Megumi Kudo retires in April 1997. 

Class of 1998

Naohiko Yamazaki

Debut: 1/13/98

Class of 1999

Hiroshi Mukai (Chocoball Mukai)

Debut: 9/24/99

Yoshinori Sasaki is made head of the house hold in 1999. 

Class of 2000

Tomokazu Morita (Garuda)

Debut: 9/7/00

Yoshihito Sasaki

Debut: 9/7/00

Satoru Makita (Soldier)

Debut: 9/7/00

Class of 2001

Yasu Urano

Debut: 7/5/01

Seiji Ikeda (Happy Ikeda)

Debut: 8/11/01

Paul Hunt (Sun Paul)

Debut: 11/23/01

Yasu Urano is trained by TAKA Michinoku in the Kaientai Dojo and then sent over to the FMW Dojo in 2001 to be trained there as a favor for TAKA by Kodo Fuyuki. 

Satoru Makita cleaning out the FMW Dojo and having just removed the ring out of the building in February 2002.

After FMW declares bankruptcy in 2002, the FMW Dojo is shut down in February 2002. Mr. Gannosuke starts up the WMF Dojo which would be located in a different building in Saitama starting in July 2002. Gannosuke becomes the main trainer with Mammoth Sasaki continuing his role a for Garuda, Sasaki, Makita, and Ikeda follow him to continue training. Mammoth Sasaki continues his role as head of the house until 2004.

Class of 2002

Mineo Fujita

Debut: 11/10/02

Class of 2003

Yuko Miyamoto

Debut: 8/2/03

Class of 2005

Kenji Sawaragi (Kamui)

Debut: 4/3/05

Class of 2006

Kenichi Kono

Debut: 1/20/06

Mr. Gannosuke shuts down the WMF Dojo in 2008 after he closes the WMF promotion in August 2008.