FMW Match of the Day # 1 - September 19, 2023
Atsushi Onita & Terry Funk vs. Mr. Pogo & Ricky Fuji 8/27/93

At the end of 1991, we produced an extra issue to commemorate the second anniversary of FMW, and in it was a project entitled "12 Gaijin Fighters I'd Like to Invite to FMW." Terry Funk was listed at the top of the list. I would like to see him and Onita in a master-disciple tag team or in a Texas street fight match! I know I'm a bit of a blabbermouth, but I'm the one who created that list.

It's a big deal just to get Terry into the FMW ring, but to have two of my "dreams" (which I had written in the hope that they would never come true) come true at the same time is a real blessing in disguise for a reporter, isn't it? Before I go any further, I would like to respond to the call of "ex-Terry fans" that my blood is boiling, and I would like to say that there is no such thing as a typhoon when it comes to headlines.

We managed to get to the Toda City Sports Center, which was completely paralyzed by flooding from the heavy rain, and to our surprise, the place was packed! This was phenomenal considering the bad conditions with the rainwater not receding, so much so that if you went into the alley right next to it, you could still get soaked up to your knees. Is the "main event pull" still that strong? That's right! As soon as the melody of "Spinning Toe Hold" started to play, the aisles were swarmed with fans, and the crowd erupted with Terry calls!

Even Onita was a complete surprise at how popular the event was. Although it was the first time for them to form a tag team, it was a street fight match, so a big brawl started outside the venue without even a handshake. Still, when the actors are all there, the fights are tight. In particular, Terry's bloody death match in jeans, which seemed to be the first time in Japan, was perfect. Watching him, I could understand why Onita often uses this match format as a symbol of the "FMW style."

Onita has the blood of the wild Terry Funk in his veins. Master and brother, father and son, good foes...Terry's fights, unknown to Japanese fans, were the origin of FMW (Onita)....Terry, who had the biggest smile on his face after receiving a rough welcome from the fans, was so moved that he burst into tears while talking with Onita in the waiting room.

Onita said about Terry. "A wrestler has dreams, friends, brothers, and a mentor". Onita's words summed up the entire match of the day. Male friendship is so nice.... (Kojima)

Atsushi Onita & Terry Funk d. Mr. Pogo & Ricky Fuji when Onita KO'd Ricky (15:41) in a Street Fight.

FMW Match of the Day # 2 - September 20, 2023
Hayabusa/Katsutoshi Niiyama vs. The Gladiator/Horace Boulder 5/17/95

"I knew the reality...but this has tightened things up for me. We have no choice but to do it..." Thirty minutes before the show began, Hayabusa opened the gymnasium doors and saw a deserted crowd. "But it's still not as bad as it was when we first started." It's sad compared to the past, but there are more customers than back then, aren't there?

Koji Nakagawa, who only knows of packed houses, frowned, saying, "It's tough. The new FMW, without Atsushi Onita, is the same as a brand-new organization." None of the wrestlers had enough name value to draw in floating customers other than wrestling fans. In short, FMW has dropped from its previous stance of being "an independent organization that is as close to a major promotion as possible," and has become a mere indie. Naturally, no one came.

The photo at the door was taken just before the start of the show, so the extremely empty seats were noticeable, but the final attendance figure was 1,800 according to the organizer's announcement. To put it simply, the attendance was about 60% of the venue. This is a very healthy turnout for an indie promotion, but considering that nearly 60,000 fans had gathered at Kawasaki Stadium just two weeks earlier, it is too far from reality to be called "real".

The only way to fill the gap is to think of "launching a new organization," and that is the most natural way to do it. FMW does not need a successor. The next person to take the top position should be the "founder." This is what Atsushi Onita wrote in his last will and testament in the book "I am a motherfucker."

It was probably based on the same idea that he sealed off a series of explosive matches, which were in effect a "declaration of the end of FMW." Therefore, the main event was a normal "60-minute one fall match" with no barbed wire.

The theme of the new FMW is to search for new possibilities from an ordinary tag match, and when Hayabusa achieves it, he will become the "Founder"... That moment is "when he surpasses Atsushi Onita!" and that is the X-Day when Hayabusa can shed tears of joy! Considering this background, Hayabusa probably had more than May 5th Kawasaki of pressure on his shoulders. We can no longer talk about "tomorrow" for FMW. The serious question of how to survive "today" is upon us.

Undaunted by such pressure, Hayabusa did it. Rather than try to explain it in words, I would like you to look at the pictures first. No, there is more to Hayabusa's skill than can be conveyed in a photograph. They are just so fast.

There are plenty of people who can do that, but Hayabusa is a pure heavyweight. It is amazing that each of his dives is a "special kill," going beyond the realm of "brilliant!" Isn't this a revolution in aerial combat that we have become accustomed to seeing? Perhaps a hint to the "founder" is hidden in this area. Although overshadowed by Hayabusa, Niiyama's effort was also noteworthy. His tenacity and endurance to get back a count of 2 on his own, no matter what big moves he was hit with, were the result of his struggles over the past few months.

It was as if he was conveying to the second face that Onita would no longer enter into cut plays or take falls from his opponents...they would have to do everything on their own.

Gladiator & Boulder, on the other hand, are just huge. And strong! When they stood in the ring without barbed wire or the charismatic Atsushi Onita, I could feel their greatness straight away for the first time. Oddly enough, they had lost quite a lot so far.

In particular, Gladiator is a big hurdle that Hayabusa must definitely overcome before Onita. If I have written this much, you must have understood by now. Hayabusa lost. He lost in his first New FMW match. But there was nothing to be pessimistic about. Even Onita had lost at the first FMW show. He was able to have so much "vitality" because he came up from that loss. After the match, Hayabusa plopped down in the ring. Then, as if to follow up, a new team of Pogo, Ricky, and Oya appeared.

Ricky Fuji: "Hey, Hayabusa, what the hell is wrong with you? If you're so frustrated, try standing up. How can you defend FMW like that? It's impossible. We'll take the top! We're the champions." At Ricky's humiliating dismissal, Hayabusa looked up and shouted at Ricky's humiliating throwaway line.

Hayabusa: "Ricky! We're going to win the belt. We are FMW!"

Niiyama received the microphone and appealed to the fans: "Look, we're going to defend the new FMW!"

Before they knew it, the venue, which had been so quiet during the entrance ceremony, was filled with excitement, and fans who agreed with the two's declaration of determination rushed to ringside in droves. Hayabusa and Niiyama certainly captured the hearts of the 1,800 fans who came to the venue of the new FMW.

Although it is a difficult task, doing this every day in any small rural town is the first and biggest task. Even on days when the crowds are disgustingly small, if they don't do this, FMW is on the road to collapse. The only way to find a glimmer of hope in this harsh reality is to continue making steady efforts. Dare to drink the mud, Hayabusa! You will have to see the bottom before you can surpass Onita. (Kojima)

The Gladiator & Horace Boulder d. Hayabusa & Katsutoshi Niiyama when Gladiator pinned Hayabusa (11:59)

FMW Match of the Day # 3 - September 21, 2023
Atsushi Onita & W*ING Kanemura & Masato Tanaka vs. Terry Funk & Cactus Jack & The Gladiator 4/29/97

Before the semi-finals, as the venue went dark, a large display screen showed a series of famous scenes from the past at Kawasaki Stadium. Looking back on it all, I was impressed once again at how FMW has been able to put on a blow-up match on a yearly basis. Currently, New Japan and these two organizations are the only ones who can hold regular shows at the stadium. And finally, the words "September 28th, Kawasaki Stadium" and "Confirmed!" appeared and needless to say, the Yokohama Arena was filled with cheers.

How sad that Megumi Kudo's last match was to be at Kawasaki Stadium and the announcement of Kawasaki Stadium is right before she is to retire... But when the "Jado Trio" of Onita, Tanaka, and Kanemura entered the arena, such sentimental feelings were brought back to reality. But when the "Jado trio" of Onita, Kanemura, and Tanaka appeared in the arena, my sentimental mood was pulled back to reality. For them, Kawasaki stadium is the future, and all three of them should be aware aware of it and will fight for it.

At the moment, it is hard to imagine a bigger venue for the show than this. This means that a solution to the question of whether or not Tanaka and Kanemura will want to surpass Onita. Based on this, they must continue to fight internally as well against their opponents. Onita, Tanaka, and Kanemura ran toward their respective targets.

Gladiator and Tanaka are in the ring for a physical confrontation. Onita hits Terry with a table, and Kanemura is smashing Cactus' back with a chair. Each of the three fighters is showing himself in his own way of fighting. But if things continued as they were, there was no way they could hope to play in tandem. They were in such a disjointed state. However, the flow of the match began to change when Kanemura saved Onita from Terry's fire attack. Kanemura followed up Onita and Tanaka's combined backdrop with a dropkick. Tanaka blocked Terry's fireball and saved Onita.

And then... Tanaka and Kanemura rolled simultaneously in the center of the ring, bullets and bombs piercing Cactus' body. We saw a combined play by the evil bastard and the poster child for death matches. Tanaka said, "I think the linkage will come out in the flow of the fight," but to decide at such an opportune moment.......sometimes the same goal can produce god-like power.

The only way to go beyond Onita in this match is for one of the two young men to get the pinfall. If neither Tanaka nor Kanemura could get the pinfall themselves, it would mean a setback for both of them. So, unconsciously (one would assume), the combined killing technique was used.
After this, they also performed a combined Dangan Bomb. This was a reverse of the original plan, and the team must have felt that victory could not be won without going that far. No matter how hard they worked together, neither Terry, Gladiator, nor Cactus would come close.

Not only that, Tanaka would be the first to taste it. So they combined their power (I think unconsciously) and performed a combined killing technique. Unexpectedly, Tanaka's call arose. FMW is no longer a venue where only Onita calls can be heard. Kanemura eats a Kamikaze Awesome Bomb onto the table, but does not allow to be pinned. Onita dodged Terry's out-of-place moonsault attack, causing the U.S. version of FMW to scramble, and an elbow cracked Gladiator. Kanemura then came flying in with a chair, and the count was 3 on Gladiator who is considered the most difficult wrestler to beat on the FMW mat.

Kanemura had just defeated the FMW Double Titles champion, so he was in the right place at the right time in terms of accomplishments. However, in the building, some fans' voices were harsh. When Kanemura asked Onita for a one-on-one match, there were voices of opposition. "Let Tanaka go! Let Tanaka go!"

I've written this over and over again, but whether it's Kanemura or Tanaka, the only way they'll be recognized is by how convincing the content of the match is and how they can win, and that's the only way to compete against Onita. It's no exaggeration to say that it's concentrated there, and today as well, Kanemura's body floated up and shattered into pieces when he was powerbombed onto a table.

After Kanemura spoke on the microphone, Onita said, "If everyone will let us, let's do a singles match," which was met with cheers. However, I'm still concerned about the voices in the crowd I mentioned earlier, and I want Kanemura to show some courage to turn those voices around. Above all, there was no way Tanaka would let things go smoothly like this. As expected, he stood between them, watching the exchange, and grabbed the microphone.

"Kanemura, I don't intend to watch the single between you and Onita-san as it is. I'm not going to let it end like this."
Tanaka has no intention of giving in to Kanemura at this point, as he needs to convince not only himself but also his fans and rivals to make the Onita fight a reality. Onita could not just accept Kanemura's request.

So, backstage, Onita said.... "Kanemura, come with W*ING and attack the FMW group. Tanaka, you need to crush Kanemura when we meet him at Korakuen on May 13th. I'll join you. I want to fight the winner of Korakuen at Kawasaki Stadium."

By putting forward the idea of a fight between FMW and W*ING, the trio was intended to show that they were truly one and the same. The fact that Onita himself will join the two in a showdown between the two is also a point of interest.

Onita's desire as a pro-wrestler to be able to meet W*ING, who has made him a recognized figure in the sport, has been growing stronger and stronger. Besides nurturing young wrestlers, Onita now had a purpose for fighting.

In this sense, it can be said that Kanemura is more on the same page as Onita than Tanaka. However, depending on the result of the May 13th Korakuen event, that will be reversed overnight. The wicked road that had stretched in a straight line with the day from the Yokohama to Kawasaki struggle was once again divided into three.

At least, the three would not come together until Kawasaki Stadium. The wicked paths in disarray walk toward the Kawasaki Stadium. Will it be Tanaka or Kanemura who will meet Onita there??!! (Suzuki)

Atsushi Onita & W*ING Kanemura & Masato Tanaka d. Terry Funk & Cactus Jack & The Gladiator when Kanemura pinned Gladiator (20:20) in a Street Fight.

FMW Match of the Day # 4 - September 23, 2023
Hayabusa vs. Masato Tanaka 3/13/98

Even though it was a ploy by Gannosuke, the fact that the new FMW trump card of all trump cards was set up here in Sapporo seems like a fateful event.
What is the significance of holding Hayabusa vs. Tanaka now? It sounds good to say "big surprise," but in other words, it is a trailer for the next event. Even after the new organization was born, we have always been treated to such events.

In particular, the last show disappointed the fans in Sapporo who had high expectations for the new organization. Everyone involved had a sense of urgency that this time the backlash would be felt in terms of attendance. Although it eventually took shape, the clock has been stopped in Sapporo since September 5, 1995, when the new FMW in Sapporo first arrived. If the two aces fight, I'm sure it will revive the legend and the excitement of the Hayabusa vs. Gladiator sensation that they experienced at that time.

The two aces knew this, and they never put it aside with words like, "We didn't want to do it until the time was right. This is the first time for me to fight in the main event of a singles show in Sapporo, which I visit only twice a year. I want to win, and I want the audience to be satisfied with the content." (Tanaka)

"I think it's good that we were paired up today. No matter when we do it, it starts as Hayabusa vs. Tanaka (0-0). We have to shape the fight between us from here." (Hayabusa)

It is certain that the form of Hayabusa vs. Tanaka will be based on the new FMW style. With a common thought in mind, the two went to the ring where the fans in the northern capital awaited them.

The young wrestlers were meticulously wiping down the ring, which had been soaked by Onita's water spout in the semi main event. It is dangerous to slip when performing jumping moves. The work looked like a purification ritual to erase the black color of the mat and the words "ZEN WORLD." This is the end of Onita's world. "This is the battle of the new FMW!!!'' - ring announcer Hiraiwa called out an unorthodox preface.

The way he was filled with energy was filled with expectation for the two great aces who had worked together for so long. Tanaka was the first to enter the ring. Even from a distance, it was clear that his Kaotsuki was different from usual. People call me the "two aces," but it's still hard for me to be called an ace. But everyone is telling me that, so I have to be aware of that," Tanaka said when asked before the match about their first ace match up.

Tanaka's male-like attitude came from his sense of responsibility. Hayabusa, by contrast, entered the arena wearing his special match costume. But on this particular day, he had to put aside his friendly appearance when appearing in front of the crowd. As someone who has felt Tanaka's ability up close and personal, I know how scary he is right now. I think that if I am pushed by his fear of a single shot and his fighting spirit that comes to the fore, I have already lost. "In order to win in this situation I will take a tough attack in my own way."

The first of these was a right elbow target from the first half of the fight. Tanaka, however, had been saying before the match that he wanted to concentrate on a single point. Knowing that Hayabusa's flying attacks have weight added to them, he said, "The most important thing to watch out for is his jumping techniques. Perhaps sensing this, Hayabusa began to use big moves such as the quebrada and tope con hilo early.

This was probably because he saw that if his legs were hurt and he was subjected to Tanaka's powerful moves, he might not be able to do so. If Hayabusa went for an armlock from an armbar or a gatame, Tanaka fought back with a figure-four leg lock. A different world from that of ZEN vs. TNR in the semi main event was unfolding. After 15 minutes, both the wrestlers were saying, "I'm going to decide this!" But neither fighter was able to get the pinfall.

It was a battle of the count of two. Neither Hayabusa nor Tanaka was willing to give up. Come to think of it, the new FMW has come this far because they never gave up. Even though the return of Onita has reset what they had built up to that point, they remain committed to the two words "new birth" and are still striving for its restoration.

The two men, twisting their bodies and raising their shoulders just before the count of three, seemed to embody their beliefs and their progress. The audience who were cheering them on that day were also fans who had not given up.

Before they knew it, the 4,800 people and the two had become one. Still, the match was not decided. It really was endless. How in the world could they get a three count? Tanaka, who also delivered the Thunder Fire Power Bomb, the Running Desperation Bomb, which he named the Bullet Grenade, and the Spinning Elbow. Hayabusa, who had delivered both the Falcon Arrow and the Firebird Splash, had already lost count of the number of times he had deflected each of them.

But it was Hayabusa who had the best chance to win the tournament. The decisive move was a German suplex. Tiger and Dragon Suplexs were both consciously thrown at dangerous angles. Was the first-half right-hit attempt a way to get Tanaka's attention on that side? Tanaka's "main concern" was the neck injury he had sustained last week. Tanaka, who had managed to hold his own, was unable to return the favor after the second Dragon Suplex followed by the Falcon Arrow, which was followed by a vertical drop to the ground before the referee could count to three.

In the one-on-one fight between the two held 2 years and 7 months ago (August 1995), Hayabusa was able to defeat Tanaka with a normal Falcon Arrow, but Tanaka has become so strong that Hayabusa has to use a more dangerous moves to defeat him. I don't know what would have happened if Tanaka hadn't hurt his neck before the match.

Hayabusa's comment after the match, "I was really lucky today. Therefore, in the ring, the satisfaction of having had a match with Tanaka. The feel of the fighting spirit came before the joy of winning. Thank you, thank you, thank you Tanaka. Thank you, everyone here! There are so many things I want to say. But right now, I don't have the words. I just want to say one thing. We are the new FMW!"

Hayabusa repeatedly expressed his gratitude. But it was the fans in Sapporo who came to the ringside who wanted to say those words. The hands of the clock, which had been stopped for a long time, were moved by the two of them.

The first of these was a right elbow from the first half of the fight. Tanaka had also stated before the fight that he would focus on a single point. Knowing that Hayabusa's flowers have weight, he said, "The most important thing to watch out for is his jumping techniques. Perhaps sensing this, Hayabusa began to use big moves such as the Quebrada and the Fire Bird Splash.

"I would like to thank Gannosuke for putting together this card, and I want to make sure he regrets it. I will definitely get the belt back since I carried Tanaka's weight as well." (Hayabusa)

It was a joint event between FMW and ZEN, so the ring belonged to ZEN, but I'm proud that FMW was the headline. It would be easy to describe this fight as a good match or a great fight. However, because it was Hayabusa and Tanaka, I don't think this should be considered the end of the story. I believe that they are capable of a higher quality fight than this. No matter how long the road to that point may be, I am sure the fans will continue to watch. If that is the case, then I will continue to work with the wrestlers as I have in the past to focus on the two words "new birth." We will stick to it endlessly. (Suzuki)

FMW Double Titles Contendership 1st Round Tournament Match: Hayabusa d. Masato Tanaka (23:17)

FMW Match of the Day # 5 - September 24, 2023
Megumi Kudo & Combat Toyoda vs. Bull Nakano & Akira Hokuto 9/19/92

This is the only thing that mattered. However, to be frank, I did not get the impression that they "crushed" FMW, nor did I get the impression that FMW "got crushed" by them. Surprisingly (?), it turned out to be a good match. Did FMW fight that well, or did All Women take it easy? It is a question that cannot be easily determined. When I visited the All Japan Women's locker room before the match, Bull and Hokuto were very calm.
"We came here thinking our match was the main event, but we were disappointed. But it's our match that will bring the most excitement to the audience. Today we came here to draw an audience." they said, their tone full of confidence.

Their tone was confident, but it never sounded like grandiose words. They also said something like this: "Well, we won't make it a strange match. There are so many people watching. The point is, at the end of the fight, we're going to give them a guillotine or a northern lights bomb, right?"

The theme song of the Jail Party plays. When I heard this, I thought, without any favoritism, "I wonder if Bull Nakano is really the most suitable for this venue today." Why did Bull and Hokuto, the "strongest pair" for this one-night-only event, come all the way out here? There is a strong opinion among all female fans that lower class All Japan Women wrestlers would be sufficient. All Japan Women's paid their respects to FMW for preparing the stage at Yokohama Stadium.

The answer makes sense when you look at it this way. For FMW, it would be convenient if their opponents were the "strongest". The Bull Team had the audience gasping every time they performed one of their techniques, but that scene, more than any other, was the most memorable for me was when Bull did not let go of the scorpion hold at all, even under the attack of the incoming Toyoda, which was a masterpiece.

The finish was a duet of a guillotine and a northern lights bomb, which was a great service. And the post-match was interesting. First, Hokuto picked up the microphone. "Hey, i'm sorry, but who are you two idiots? I don't know what your names," referring, of course, to Tsuchiya and Maedomari, who were seconding for Kudo's team.

This line was not meant to be funny or anything. Bull and Hokuto were watching the second match on the monitor TV in the waiting room, and they were also talking about "this girl in the green bathing suit..."

"You idiots challenged us, what did you expect was going to happen? You guys should have to defeat our rookies and then you can come over to compete in All Japan Women's." Toyoda, frustrated that she had been ignored, lunged at Hokuto, but Bull continued to speak into the microphone.
"If you want to see more of Bull Nakano and Akira Hokuto's matches, come to the All Japan Women's event! As one would expect from Bull, her words are different. Bull's target is the audience.

On the way home, I asked All Japan Women's President Takashi Matsunaga about future plans of working with FMW again. He said, "The important thing is, how will it turn out on in helping the company bring in more of an audience on the other side." (Shishikura)

Combat Toyoda: "Results are results, but I think this is the beginning. I want to do more and more without worrying about the results. It's a beginning! (Bull and Hokuto) were as I expected. I don't think my strength is as good as Bull's, and I'm lighter than Hokuto. From now on, I will only think about the future."

Megumi Kudo: "Today, I lost, and there is something I can't easily blow off. I accept today's loss as a loss, but I don't think this is the end, I think it started today. So I would like to practice even harder than before, and I would like to do it again. I have a lot of complicated feelings inside, and I don't think it will be the last time. I wouldn't mind getting into the All Japan Women's ring."

Bull Nakano & Akira Hokuto d. Megumi Kudo & Combat Toyoda when Nakano pinned Kudo (13:54)

FMW Match of the Day # 6 - September 25, 2023
Sabu vs. Big Titan 7/30/93

Those who have been following FMW can easily predict that it will be an interesting match if the two wrestlers bring their respective strengths to the table. A match between two wrestlers who were discovered in this ring and who have blossomed in this ring is a match that makes you want to give it significance far removed from the surrounding trends. However, something was wrong with Sabu as he entered the ring.

He seemed to be worried about his back, and seemed to have a hard time doing even one movement. Later, I heard that Sabu's body was covered with injuries, not only his back, which he said he had hurt in the match two days before. Even if he could just power through it, a back injury or a leg or neck injury would make it impossible for him to move quickly.

And yet, Sabu...on this day, he failed more often than he succeeded. But that is why Japanese fans appreciated Sabu so much.
He plunged into barbed wire and unleashed a moonsault on a table in exchange for tearing his body to shreds. To go that far... but that is Sabu's professionalism, and he knows the sadness that only by doing so can he make himself recognized. Against such Sabu, Titan dodged his moves at every turn and made a show of it. A man of Titan's stature would have won easily if he had focused only on victory or defeat and attacked Sabu at the waist.

He must have been paying homage to someone who had followed the same path. Although the match did not go as expected, one could not help but feel a sense of solemnity in it.

Big Titan d. Sabu (8:09)

FMW Match of the Day # 7 - September 26, 2023
Hayabusa vs. Super Leather 9/18/95

The first Hayabusa vs. Leather bout was a big match. Many fans would have preferred to see the event in Tokyo or Osaka, but the Izumo Dome was also quite a nice venue for the event. The area of Izumo is famous for the myth of Susanoo-no-mikoto's (goddess of the sun and mythical ancestress of the Japanese imperial line) defeat of the Yamata-no-orochi (legendary eight-headed and eight-tailed Japanese dragon/serpent), but the locals probably never expected to see a monster slaying in the Heisei era (1990s). Moreover, today's Yamata-no-orochi possess chainsaws.

You may have heard the pleasant sound of hitting a ball in baseball, but you've probably never heard the loud, "Boom, boom!" sound that echoed through the dome. The quiet town turns into an uproar with the appearance of one man! If this happens, I'll have to get the Heisei version of Susanoo no Mikoto to exterminate him...

Hayabusa attacked Leather even before the bell rang, and already began to unleash his aerial attacking moves. This was synchronized with the huge round lights on the ceiling of the Izumo Dome, creating a truly picturesque scene! As you can see it looks like an alien descending from a spaceship.
Hayabusa looks even cooler than usual as he dances around the spacious dome. In short, he is a wrestler who looks good in the dome. It made me think about wanting to see Hayabusa in the Tokyo Dome someday.

I was just imagining that, before I knew it, the image of Hayabusa suddenly appeared in pain on the floor of the ring. As you would expect, Leather was going after Hayabusa's left arm.

Not only by using steel poles and ropes, but also by attacking Hayabusa with standard wrestling moves. In particular, his body slam, in which he slammed the left arm with the arm still in place, was more painful than something that would cause a DQ.

Surprisingly, after the arm attack, Leather continued to attack in a straightforward manner. Hayabusa, who had expected the fight to be rough, failed to gain any real leverage.

"I didn't underestimate him, but I miscalculated some things. I didn't expect him to attack me the way he did." Even though they are both foreign super heavyweights, Gladiator and Leather are completely different types. So it was natural that Hayabusa thought so, and conversely, Leather could also do so in wrestling if he wanted to.

However, this is tricky because it is not obvious from looking at the surface. For Hayabusa, if Gladiator is a good opponent, Leather is a "bad opponent" at the moment. In the final minutes of the match, he returned with suplex off the turnbuckle, a brainbuster, a powerbomb after catching Hayabusa's hurricanrana, a double arm suplex, a diving elbow, and a side suplex, all of them getting a count of two....

In addition to being hit by these attacks, Hayabusa was hit with a high-angle power bomb that seemed to pierce the ceiling of the dome, and Hayabusa was unable to fight back as Leather's entire weight was placed on him.

Ah, even though I've come this far, Hayabusa was finally marked a black star. As I have written before, the reason why Hayabusa has repeatedly talked about having an undefeated through the entire tournament is because of his position as the interim champion.
If you consider each league match as a defense match, a loss would mean the loss of the title.

It was because of such tense feelings that he was able to dance beautifully in the ring even with his injured body, but what if a loss now means a fall from grace...

"But I will never give up on the belt. If I win the next match against Matsunaga, I still have a chance to make it to the finals..." Hayabusa said. He should change his mind and put all his energy into the match against Matsunaga. Even if he considers this as a loss of the title, he would be able to "regain it" if he wins again against Leather in the finals.

Even if Leather doesn't make it to the finals, Hayabusa will have the right to name the first challenger if he wins the belt. Leather has been so W*ING-colored that it has seemed to be in a different world, but with this loss, it has become one of the targets in their sights.
Hayabusa could not become Susanoo no Mikoto. However, his figure in a large position seemed to be bathed in the new energy from the starship. (Suzuki)

FMW Grand Slam Brass Knuckles Championship Round Robin Tournament Match: Super Leather (10) d. Hayabusa (9) (16:38)

FMW Match of the Day # 8 - September 27, 2023
Atsushi Onita & Mr. Gannosuke vs. Mr. Pogo & Yukihiro Kanemura 3/7/95

Before the match, when Onita's resignation as president was announced, the FMW locker room was filled with a heavy atmosphere. Among them was Gannosuke, staring at the sports paper reporting the WAR press conference the day before...His expression, as one would expect, remained stony.

Of course, he did not speak out on the matter, but it is not hard to imagine that he was determined to blow away the gloomy mood by defending his title in the main world tag team match above all else.

That is the best "answer" he can give to the fans. Even if he does not, people around him are beginning to focus on Gannosuke rather than Onita for the fight in the ring. Now that the "May 6th generation" has begun with Gannosuke winning the belt, the important thing is not Onita and Pogo, but rather how much of an impact the young "May 6th generation" such as Gannosuke and Kanemura will have.

This is a match that has a deep meaning even without the fact that it is a title match. In particular, Kanemura, who said when he first joined FMW that he was "more interested in young wrestlers of the same generation as him than Onita," would not be uninspired by Gannosuke's title win. That is why the daredevil barbed wire jumping tope con hilo hero emerged.

This and other such moves were a sign of Kanemura's unrelenting determination. "Gannosuke and the others say they want to compete in wrestling, but we can do it too if we want to. Can you do this?"

In addition to these straightforward methods, Pogo's team was also pushing the champions into a corner by doing bad things, such as having Gladiator join them and using a series of deadly weapons. Gannosuke tried to fight back at some points, but he was cut off by bats and fire, and Pogo's swig of the kerosene, turned out to be a watery waste.

The end that soon came was the most humiliating for Gannosuke. He lost by fall to his contemporary Kanemura! And it was a three-count from the human torch...there was no way he could complain when he was beaten by a solid move. What would we call this without calling it hell from heaven?

It had been only 11 days since his tearful first title victory. The time after May 6th, which had seemed so promising, was once again shrouded in darkness... As if to symbolize this, at the moment the count of three, an emergency bell rang loudly in the building, probably because the fire alarm had detected it due to the use of a flaming bat, but it was too dramatic and well-timed to be a coincidence.

Needless to say, it was an emergency bell that rang against FMW's current situation. In a way, Gannosuke's loss is more of a shock than Onita's would be...
Kanemura stated, "While they were talking about family, we were being beaten with a baseball bat by Pogo in W*ING. Gannosuke? He's not even conscious anymore. I'm better than him."

Kanemura said it as if he deserved to be crowned the champion for the first time since joining FMW. What will Gannosuke make of this comment? Pogo, for his part, took his anger at Onita to the next level.

Mr. Pogo said, "Onita criticized me about not properly training and nurturing the young wrestlers. If you put your spirit and guts into it, whether it's Kanemura or Hosaka, this is what happens even if you don't say a word. I'll sock those words back to him!"

Well, Pogo was so rooted in what Onita said that he chose the younger Kanemura as his partner for the return match. Pogo's goal was to not only win the belt back, but also to show Onita that he was a better leader than Onita. Needless to say, Onita felt depressed because he felt there were barriers in developing the young wrestlers.

Atsushi Onita said, " pathetic. I can't even bring up a single wrestler...In the end, I have nothing! What have I done for six years?"
Goto appeared again, and came to scold Gannosuke, who was running out of energy in the other room. He was persistent. He said the same thing over and over again and kicked him in the leg. He was so persistent that even Onita shouted, "Stop!" but Goto again said, "You're so annoying. You've already quit as president. I don't deserve to be told what to do by you!"

He was so harsh that it was as if he was sprinkling salt on the wounds in his heart. Onita could have punched him in the face if he had been told this much, but he did not. No, now that he had fallen into self-doubt as a leader, he could no longer deny Goto's Spartan education. Goto taunted Gannosuke, and he had no choice but to say, "Get up!"

Goto grabbed Gannosuke by the scruff of the neck and made him stand up. But when Goto left, he collapsed to the floor again. And all I could hear was a cry that sounded like a sob. He had never cried in front of Goto, but he finally couldn't hold it in. This was the first time I had ever seen Gannosuke...Gann-chan cry so hard.

"I am ashamed of myself for not being able to defend my belt even once."

He was frustrated that no matter what Goto did to him, he couldn't look back...even without words, these feelings were painfully conveyed to him. When I lost to Goto in the opening match, I wrote that I was "a champion at the bottom of the abyss," but now that I am the "former" champion, "the abyss seems too good for me."

Anyway, the mental shock is immeasurable, as the stumbling block came just as he was about to start his run toward May 6th.
Onita and Gannosuke have fallen to the bottom together, and the three days they have left are far too short for them to recover....(Suzuki)

FMW Brass Knuckles Tag Team Championship Match: Mr. Pogo & Yukihiro Kanemura d. Atsushi Onita & Mr. Gannosuke when Kanemura pinned Gannosuke (14:14) to become the NEW FMW Brass Knuckles Tag Team Champions.

FMW Match of the Day # 9 - September 28, 2023
Ken Shamrock vs. Vader 9/28/97

The focus of attention was the reaction of the audience to Ken Wayne Shamrock, who was making his first visit to Japan in many years. Shamrock was expected to be booed, but when he entered the venue, surprisingly, the reaction was not bad. Some people gave him the middle finger, but they were in the minority. As Shamrock took off his crimson gown, something strange jumps into view. A large cloth was wrapped around his body. Did something happen to Shamrock before he came to Japan? The match was an Ultimate Fight arranged in the WWF style. There were down counts, and the first down was caused by a lariat to elbow drop by Vader.

Even the powerbomb didn't feel out of place. I won't say anything about Shamrock's choice of this style. Everyone has their own way of life. As long as Shamrock does what he does with pride, that's all that matters.

The second anomaly occurred after the Ultimate-like attack of mounted punches. After being set up for a cross armbar, Vader, perhaps instinctively, jiggled his body toward the wire fence, as if seeking the ropes. Then, as he grabbed the cage, special referee Yuki Ishikawa ordered a "break!" There's no way there's a rope (cage?) break in Ultimate Fighting. No such thing was announced in the pre-match rules explanation. What was announced was: "Fouls are low blow targets or attacking the eyes." The winner will be decided by KO, TKO, or referee stoppage. Facial attacks are allowed only when open-finger gloves are worn.

Eventually, Shamrock released the move with a curious look on his face and the match resumed, but immediately afterward, Vader grabbed the cage again while in a heel hold. The crowd was still in an uproar as a "break" was ordered. Shamrock shouted "Why?" At this point, the single word Ultimate became meaningless. When we interviewed him after the match, he said that this was the referee ordering him to release his hands from the cage. Unfortunately, there is no rule against the cage. The lack of communication and rules ultimately ruined the match. In this respect, Shamrock, Vader, and Ishikawa were all victims. Later, when Vader gathered punches to the body, Shamrock's movement dropped. His expression was pained to see.

Even in the end, it was not so much the avalanche hold as the barrage of body blows that preceded it that won the bout. Shamrock lost. The ending was undeniably abrupt, despite the high expectations. There was a lot of dissatisfaction in the audience, partly because of the cage breaks. There was no sign of the strong Shamrock. However, there was something strange in the ring. Vader was nursing Shamrock with a sad look in his eyes.
WWF officers rush into the cage. And then Shamrock began...coughing up blood. I had thought that Shamrock had suffered an armpit injury, but apparently that was not the case. Vader knew about Shamrock's liver problem, and there is a report that Shamrock had cancelled a match just before coming to Japan due to an internal organ disorder. Shamrock never talked about it. And even though he was in no shape to come to Japan, he fought through to the end. I don't blame Shamrock for that.

Shamrock commented after the match: "I injured my armpit last Monday, September 22nd, during my match with Farooq at "Raw is War." But I couldn't refuse the schedule to go to Japan, so I came to the match in spite of my condition. I will come back to Japan and fight Vader again. As for today's result, I can't help it. It has been a long time since I have been back to Japan, but I did not have a very good result for a reunion. My background as a fighter is in Japan. My roots are in Japan, where I learned martial arts fighting. So I am very happy to come back like this. Also, I have had many things said, written, and misunderstood about my past relationships with Japanese organizations, but I have done nothing wrong, so there was no opportunity for me to present any excuses. I did not bother to hold a press conference to explain myself because I was convinced that I had done nothing wrong. Today, even though I am injured, I came here in front of you all as promised and competed in the match, even though it was a bad result. I am not a person who breaks contracts or anything like that."

Vader: "I have fought Shamrock many times in the United States. He is a small bodied but very quick wrestling shoot fighter. He moves like an amateur wrestler. It is true that he beat me in the U.S., but this match had an important meaning for me. It was a match in Japan. Shamrock had liver damage. I splashed him and hit him with a series of punches, and he coughed up blood. But today's fight was the Ultimate Fight. So I beat Shamrock just like that. I had a cold and a high fever, but it didn't matter. Shamrock is a tough guy. I'll take a rematch anytime. Ultimate style or regular wrestling style, Vader's style is to crush the opponent in front of you. Nothing has changed for me. I am happy to fight again in Japan, my home ring in wrestling. This FMW is a good company."

Vader d. Ken Shamrock (7:17) via KO in a Cage Match.

FMW Match of the Day # 10 - September 29, 2023
Hayabusa & Masato Tanaka vs. Kodo Fuyuki & Kintaro Kanemura 10/10/00

Many people who read about Hayabusa's speech last week after the end of the October 7th show in Miyakonojo show, where he revealed that he had a serious resolution hidden in his heart, probably thought something like. "I don't know what the reason is, but Hayabusa seems to be leaving the FMW ring..."

Of course, I, the person who wrote about it in last weeks issue thought that as well. When it came to making important decisions that required ``everyone's approval,'' I couldn't think of anything else it would be. The question then is why and for how long.
For example, if he were to leave Japan for two or three months in order to make the Muta match a reality, everyone would send him off with applause, even if they felt a little sad. If Hayabusa were to leave the FMW ring, I hoped it would be for such a positive reason and for as short a period as possible.

Now, on this day, Hayabusa competed in the main event as a duo with Tanaka. Opposing them were Fuyuki & Kanemura. Fuyuki and Kanemura, who had been on rather bad terms earlier in the spring, were dancing side by side during their entrance.
However, while dancing, Fuyuki and even Kanemura, who prides himself on being the king of laughter, looked very serious. In fact, the match was one of the best FMW tag team matches in recent history. Moves that you usually only see during a singles match happened like Hayabusa's tope con hilo over the turnbuckle and Fuyuki's Muscle Buster were taking place one after the other without reservation.

Kanemura smashed Hayabusa's head with a broken table, and Tanaka blew away Fuyuki and Kanemura with a spear. It was a tag team match that was sure to tell you everything about FMW in one match. What was impressive was that even Kanemura insisted on fighting Hayabusa, even though Tanaka who he will be facing on November 12th for the big Yokohama show was right in front of him.

He must have known that Hayabusa would be leaving the FMW ring in the near future. Knowing that they had a limited opportunity to fight, Hayabusa and Kanemura threw their all of their passionate skills and heart into one one another.

Even more than Fuyuki and Kanemura, it was Hayabusa himself who fought with even greater determination. In the final stages of the match, Tanaka was unable to move due to heavy bloodshed and and Hayabusa was forced to fight alone before Tanaka eventually was able to fight back against all odds.

In the end, Hayabusa delivered a blood-soaked Firebird Splash assisted by Tanaka's bullet elbow, and pinned Kanemura with that Firebird Splash. It was an unquestionably brilliant victory. Perhaps this victory gave him the final say in his decision.

After the match, Hayabusa took the microphone and told his fans in Hakata about a big decision he had been keeping close to his heart. Why did Hayabusa take off his mask at one point? It all started with Fuyuki's unreasonable order. However, he finally made up his mind because he knew himself that he would not be able to continue as a wrestler for many more years if he continued to have Hayabusa style matches.

Despite this, Eiji Ezaki began his journey as Hayabusa once again. And in our joy, we have forgotten the reason why he took off his mask. Or, more precisely, we have intentionally closed our eyes. I write this as a self-criticism of myself. Did any one person, even one person, stop him from going back to Hayabusa out of concern for his body? Part of the responsibility for Hayabusa's absence undoubtedly lies with those of us who watched him from outside the ring!

As a result, both of Hayabusa's elbows, which had caused his previous extended absences, were destroyed once again. His zinc belt is shredded, and the deformed bones are pressing on his nerves, making it difficult for him to even grip things any longer.

But, as was the case before his previous absence, as long as he was in the ring, Hayabusa continued to be Hayabusa. And after the Sapporo Exploding Cage and the Iron Man match at Korakuen, both of Hayabusa's elbows were completely punctured.

Although he did not show the same sense of sadness as before, Hayabusa was fighting a much tougher fight than we had seen him fight.
Fuyuki: I guess it can't be helped. He had no choice. I'm going to have to destroy him in Yokohama. If I let him win the WEW belt while he's in the hospital, FMW will collapse. I won't let that happen. But until he comes back, i'll hold onto the belt and protect FMW no matter what. I'll stay in top physical condition and have a fair and square showdown.

No, it is not only Fuyuki. In the face of the grave crisis of Hayabusa's long-term absence, everyone involved in FMW is now being questioned more severely than ever before about their resolve. (Hirotsugu Suyama)

Hayabusa backstage: As you have heard, (my absence) was not decided yesterday or today. I had been working hard since I started Hayabusa again after H, and I have been running as hard as I can, but I knew that the doctor was right. I stopped being Hayabusa for physical reasons, and as a natural consequence of starting Hayabusa again, my body has accumulated more damage than ever before, and it is now showing up in a big way. I have tried to keep it hidden from everyone's eyes, and I think I have done well, but there is a strong possibility that I will never be able to stand in the ring again as a wrestler, let alone as Hayabusa, in just one more year. What is even more difficult is that even though I want to work toward my various dreams, my body is not able to keep up. I can't even train as much as I would like.

In such a state, I can only do what I am doing now, and I can't see my dream in the future. I want everyone to see me pursuing my dreams. I don't want to take a break after my body has already fallen apart. I want to take a break on my own decision while I still have potential, and I want to take a break by being selfish, so that I can heal my various physical problems over the next six months and come back on May 5th in top shape. Only then will I be able to start working toward my dream again. So in order for me to comfortably concentrate on treatment, I'll make sure to defeat Fuyuki, and after I'm satisfied, I'll enter the operating room and concentrate on treatment on the bed. Some people may not be convinced, but this is a decision I have made after much consideration. So I'm going to use the time I have left to convince people of that.

Next year on May 5th, it will be my 10th anniversary, and I don't want it to end with me taking a break. I will definitely come back. So please believe in me and in FMW and wait for six months. I want you to believe in me and in FMW, and wait for the six months.

When I come back, of course I will come back as Hayabusa. I will take a break so that everyone can see a more upgraded Hayabusa, and I promise you that. It's definitely different from the last time I left the ring because Hayabusa was in shambles. Because this time it's about moving forward. We're not going to stop and go back like we did before.

Hayabusa & Masato Tanaka d. Kodo Fuyuki & Kintaro Kanemura when Hayabusa pinned Kanemura (18:39)

FMW Match of the Day # 11 - September 30, 2023
Atsushi Onita vs. Mr. Pogo 8/25/90

At the press conference announcing the first anniversary box office event the day before this show, Onita explained the Pogo match in Puerto Rico as follows. "Pogo told me to be at the Sand Hotel by 6 p.m. local time on August 29th. I was told that someone from the Capital (Sports Promotions, a Puerto Rican entertainment company) office will be there to pick me up. I was only told that the venue for the match is in San Juan." Even with all his experience in overseas tours, this must have Onita worried. Even though he has traveled abroad before, Onita must have been worried. He did not know what Pogo was aiming for, what tricks he was planning, or exactly what he might encounter.

In addition, Puerto Rico is famous as an "unusual place." Once there, Onita has no one on his side. Until now, Onita had been supported by the cheers of his enthusiastic fans. The absence of that support must hurt Onita more than his physical wounds. Onita always puts his fans first, no matter what. He was so determined not to betray his fans that he used many of his signature moves in the match. This was in sharp contrast to Pogo, who mostly just punched and did not use any moves. From a strategic point of view, Pogo was the better fighter in that he saved his own moves for the match in Puerto Rico. It is also conceivable that Pogo ended the fight in 6 minutes and 3 seconds instead of prolonging the match and showing what he could do.

Therefore, Pogo's comment in the locker room after the match were, "Today's defeat was a strategy," he certainly can not be considered as a sore loser. Pogo's primary objective was to drag Onita to Puerto Rico, not to win or lose. Onita will be facing the world isolated from fans for the first time. After the match, he threw his items of clothing into the audience one after another, reminding me of Stan Hansen, who threw his ten-gallon hat into the audience when he left New Japan. It may be too much to think that the thought of never being able to come back to the mat again drove Onita to such an act. Anyway, now that the first anniversary event is just around the corner, we can only hope that Onita will return home safely. (Suzuki)

Atsushi Onita d. Mr. Pogo (6:03) in a Street Fight.

FMW Match of the Day # 12 - October 1, 2023
Mr. Gannosuke & Yukihiro Kanemura vs. Kodo Fuyuki & Hido 3/29/98

The venue, before the audience is admitted, is a treasure trove of stories for reporters. If you look at the content of pre-game practice, you can get a sense of the wrestlers physical condition. You can also see at a glance who has been working hard lately.

As for FMW, what we've been seeing lately has been Hido. He used to be a bit of a slow trainer, but since joining TNR, he and the other members have been seen at every venue struggling with barbells and dumbbells until just before the doors opened. Now, Hido is about to be reborn as a completely different wrestler from his W*ING days.

To be more specific, the old Hido was the type of wrestler who could not have a good match except in a death match. But now he is working hard to be reborn as an all-around rough fighter like the regular members of the Brief Brothers.

It was at this time that the story of the challenge to Gannosuke & Kanemura came up out of nowhere. It is true that the content of Hido's matches has improved considerably. However, even with Fuyuki as his partner, it is hard to believe that he can beat Gannosuke & Kanemura, who are a formidable tag team. Objectively speaking, it was not a match to be seen in terms of a very win-lose dimension.

As expected, the match proceeded at the pace of the champion pair from the early stages. Moreover, their strategy was cunning. They thoroughly attacked Fuyuki's formidable left knee in the early rounds, and furthermore, after five minutes, Kanemura threw Fuyuki into a table outside the ring to disable him from fighting, and then began to work over Hido. The attack was not a humdinger. In the blink of an eye, Hido's forehead was stained vermilion from the fresh blood that was flowing down.

Fuyuki, who had finally recovered, tried to cut in, but each time he did, he was kicked out of the ring by Gannosuke. Is it now only a matter of time before Hido loses by pinfall? However, Hido's perseverance from this point on was amazing. He was still in a bloody condition when he was hit with a super powerbomb, but he was able to fight back on his own. Unexpectedly, the audience started to chorus a chorus of "Hido!" With that call at his back, Hido counters Kanemura to knock him off, and then finally tagged Fuyuki.

However, the counterattack was short-lived, and after 15 minutes, the champions once again came under onslaught. First up was the combined Fire Thunder. But at the count of 2, Hido's shoulder goes up. The call of "Hido" rises again. Go for it! But the onslaught of the champions continues. This time, it takes two men to hit a liger bomb. Can they do it this time? Fuyuki is not cutting in to make the save. The boss is desperate to make a man out of Hido. Is it over? No! Hido's shoulder raised again just before the count of three!

Inside the venue is filled with Hido chants. With the chants towards his back, Hido used his last ounce of strength to kick Kanemura low, and then, after receiving Hido's tag, Fuyuki had decided not to miss this opportunity and does a lariat with all his might. Kanemura was sent spinning through the air and slammed to the mat. One, two, three! The referee's hand hit the mat three times as the crowd chanted, and without anyone inviting them, the arena crowd gathered at ringside, every one heartily congratulating Hido on his title win.

In response to the audience's blessing, Hido grabbed the microphone and shouted, "I just want to say one last thing. To my wife who is waiting for me at home. Megumi, I got the belt!" The chorus of "Hido!" erupted once again. I noticed that Kanemura was wrapping the belt around Hido's waist. I couldn't help but get a little teary-eyed. I never thought I would see such a moving scene in a match between those two vile teams....

However, the ordeal of Hido continued. At the April 17th Sapporo event, the Fuyuki Army clashes with the new FMW + Michinoku Allied Army for the belts they had just won as well as their own hair. Also, in Yokohama on April 30th, Hido will face Hosaka in a one-on-one match for the long-desired bathrobe, the final match of the follow-up trials. Go for it, Hido! Just a little more, and the white bathrobe will be yours! (Suyama)

FMW Brass Knuckles Tag Team Championship Match: Kodo Fuyuki & Hido d. Mr. Gannosuke & Yukihiro Kanemura when Fuyuki pinned Kanemura (11:56) to become the NEW FMW Brass Knuckles Tag Team Champions.

FMW Match of the Day # 13 - October 2, 2023
Mr. Gannosuke vs. Masato Tanaka 8/20/99

Although it was much better than last month, Tanaka's right elbow had not recovered enough to fight against the difficult opponent Gannosuke. To make matters worse, the referee of the match is Fuyuki, who wants Tanaka to lose more than anyone else.

It was pointless to expect fair refereeing from the start. For Tanaka, the situation was truly under siege. The odds of winning were close to zero. Moreover, the devil's game, in which Tanaka would be fired immediately if he lost, was still going on endlessly. In fact, Tanaka was forced to fight an uphill battle.

In the first half of the match, Tanaka was on the defensive against Gannosuke's relentless attack on his right arm, who was determined to win the match. There were several counterattacks, but with his injured right arm, he could not launch his signature elbow attacks. Furthermore, referee Fuyuki kept interfering with Tanaka's escapes and counting abnormally fast only when Gannosuke pinned him. Moreover, every time he missed the count of three for Tanaka, Fuyuki would say, "Damn, I'm so sorry."

But even in such a desperate situation, Tanaka's heart knew no bounds. He gritted his teeth and endured the attack on his right arm, and even when Fuyuki increased the speed of his count, he never let him hit the third one. On the contrary, he was gradually bringing the the fight of two wrestlers to even terms. Were the spirits who gathered for this match-up impressed by Tanaka's indomitable fighting spirit? Or were the spirits punished for Fuyuki's misdeeds?

Around the 20-minute mark of the match, a semi-miraculous accident occurred. First, Gannosuke's lariat aimed at Tanaka in the corner misfired on Fuyuki. Shortly thereafter, Fuyuki was caught off guard by an errant elbow from Tanaka, and he blacked out with white eyes (referee Anesaki refereed the match afterwards). Before the match, Fuyuki had told Tanaka that if he laid a finger on him, he would immediately lose the match by DQ. Tanaka took advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a furious rush.

First, Gannosuke was shaken up by Tanaka kicking out of the Gannosuke Clutch, then he hit Gannosuke with two special moves, the Dangan Elbow and the Diamond Dust, to get an uncontested count of 3! Although this show had a strong entertainment flavor, Tanaka finished off the event with a solid, hard-hitting finish. After the match, Tanaka again appealed to Fuyuki for a match.

Fuyuki, who has been on the run from Tanaka up to this point, may have decided that his way out was indeed cut off, and finally accepted the match (at the Yokohama Arena in November?), with the condition that he would get the chance to defeat Tanaka in the tag team match on August 23rd.
Tanaka was still in the same situation as before, but he was still a good fighter.

However, the situation surrounding Tanaka remained as difficult as ever. Since he has already accepted the match, it is certain that Fuyuki's misdeeds will escalate even further in order to get Tanaka fired before then. But Fuyuki is clearly missing the point. Tanaka is a wrestler, or rather a man, who has come this far through adversity and by feeding off his trials. A man named Masato Tanaka has grown stronger by being beaten and stomped on! (Hirotsugu Suyama)

FMW Independent Championship Match: Masato Tanaka d. Mr. Gannosuke (20:51) to become the NEW FMW Independent Champion with Kodo Fuyuki as the Special Referee.

FMW Match of the Day # 14 - October 3, 2023
Tarzan Goto vs. Ricky Fuji 3/5/93

This was the second "No Onita" Korakuen Hall event. The crowd looked poor early on as the fans were slow at arriving, and I could hear fans murmuring here and there, "I guess it's no good without Onita..."
But by the time 7:30 rolled around, most of the seats had been filled. Although lacking in instantaneous power, Goto's bottom-line strength was impressive.

On the morning of the show, Goto visited Onita at the hospital. Onita, who had been unable to even converse with him during the final match of the previous tour, is starting to finally feel better. He was still unable to speak, but his voice sounded as if it was being squeezed out of his stomach. In that voice, Onita said to Goto, "I believe in you. I'll leave it to you..." He must do something to cover Onita's hole and make the show a success.
The feeling was reflected in Koji Nakagawa's speech at the entrance ceremony and Goto's ruthless crushing of Ricky in the main event were the manifestation of such feelings. Goto lied and said, "Ricky was too soft, so I just taught him how to be a heel." Ricky was sent to the hospital not only on a stretcher but also in an ambulance because of his repeated, face-crushing blows.

In a show without Titan or Gladiator it was Goto was the one who hammered Ricky into realizing the harshness of his rebellion against FMW while alone. "The Last Hero" music praising Goto's victory changed to "Wild Thing" as was the case at the previous Korakuen event. "Wild Thing" was essential to Goto's victory, as he fought with Onita's spirit in his heart. Some fans, however, were quick to ask, "Wait, Onita's here?"
I looked around toward the aisle as the curtains opened up, and a large figure appeared... Oh, it was Kendo Nagasaki! Nagasaki, who had lost his patience after Goto stepped on him at the NOW event in Kumamoto on February 18th, had come to the FMW venue by himself. He came to crush Goto. Otherwise, he would not have pointed his finger at Goto, even though he beat up three young FMW boys and even beat up Sambo Asako with a chair.

Nagasaki's greatness was so great that he silently got into the ring with a chair in his hand and left the venue again without saying a word (and with an expression of awe). The audience was lucky to see the "scene" of Onita and Goto vs. Nagasaki and Kurisu, which is still talked about as "the best street fight match," recreated with even more intensity than at that time! But, the most fearful person to offend has snapped, so it is going to be tough going forward. Naturally, Ishinriki of NOW will not remain silent in this, and depending on how FMW fares, it would not be surprising if an all-out war broke out at once.

"I can't forgive the bastard Nagasaki, but i'll deal with him later. Anyway, for now, my first priority is to destroy Team Canada so that Onita can come back with a peace of mind. But if Nagasaki appears in front of me's war." said "General" Goto. With Onita absent, it is NOW that holds the key currently to this conflict between the two promotions. (Kojima)

Tarzan Goto d. Ricky Fuji (14:01) via KO in a Street Fight Stretcher Death Match.

FMW Match of the Day # 15 - October 4, 2023
Megumi Kudo vs. Combat Toyoda 6/19/94

It was a summit showdown that seemed to symbolize the FMW women's division, which had somehow fallen into a state of stagnation.
To be frank, this was the worst match up between the two in the past. The two women have always shown us an "as good as it gets" match each time, so I felt a little let down. This match up was especially important.

Although there is still some time to go, it is clear that the winner of the two belts will compete for the "Japan Championship" at the Tokyo Dome. Although it was only two people, it was meant to be a "FMW block qualifier". So I was expecting a high-grade match.
Although Toyoda's new move the "CT Scanner" was used, it ended in a truly unsatisfying battle at the top, with only the fact that Toyoda won and the belts changed.

Despite the various unfavorable conditions, such as the sudden announcement of this match made a week before and accident taking place that wiped out Toyoda's memory mid way through the match, they are still top professionals that still managed to do their job well.
That is no excuse, and I am sure they would not be happy if they continued to think this was the case.

So they should do it again before the dome. In the meantime, it would be fine if Toyoda were to be challenged by Eagle Sawai or Yukie Nabeno, I just don't want either of them participating at the Dome and in the unlikely event that Toyoda were to drop the championship titles to either of them.
It doesn't matter if it is at the Yokohama Bunka Gym, Osaka-jo Hall, or Sapporo. They should fight again at the appropriate venue and in the appropriate format (e.g., a match to determine who will participate in the Dome).

The Toyoda-Kudo match should have that much weight, and I want the two wrestlers and their fans to feel it firsthand. If we don't break down the concept of "large venues only get the good competitive matches," there will be no future for the FMW Women's division tomorrow.
Therefore, I think Nabeno's challenge to Toyoda for the titles is a very good story.

Onita scolded Nabeno afterwards, but considering that no one had acted like this before, it was a truly pleasing action. If he is disappointed, Nabeno can try her best, and if she becomes stronger, Toyoda should accept her challenge.
It is horrifying to think that the situation had become so stagnant that even such a natural "cycle" had come to a halt. The dome. The belts. There are two goals in a roundabout way.

The All Japan Women's team members, for example, are crushing each other in singles matches day after day, night after night, for the right to participate in the Dome. It is a tragedy that they are not given such a "spot," but it is up to each of the FMW women to make the daily six-woman tag team match meaningful.

The fact that the match between Toyoda and Kudo ended in a mediocre battle proves that they have only been doing routine work for nearly a year. Even these girls must have a sense of urgency about Onita's upcoming retirement. (Kojima)

FMW Independent & WWA Women's Championship Match: Combat Toyoda d. Megumi Kudo (21:01) to become the NEW FMW Independent & WWA Women's Champion.

FMW Match of the Day # 16 - October 5, 2023
Hayabusa & Tetsuhiro Kuroda vs. Mr. Gannosuke & Kintaro Kanemura 6/8/01

The new chapter of FMW began with a TV drama-like opening video. The words "dark clouds" appear in the title roll. From now on, the theme of the day will be conveyed in this way. If professional wrestling as entertainment is to be perfected, it would be better to make it as easy to understand as this.

Fuyuki has repeatedly declared, "From now on, FMW will be fresh," but in reality, FMW has continued to stall.
Especially during the six months when Hayabusa was absent, it fell into a state of limbo. Even if the people who provide the entertainment think it is interesting, if the audience does not receive it in the same way, there will be no entertainment.
The story should be simple, and the matches in the ring should be engaging. It is obvious, but FMW has never been able to achieve this balance. The best way to achieve this is to unify the storyline.

First of all, the groups were restructured with a very simple theme: money.

President Shoichi Arai went to the U.S. to negotiate a big business deal, but the deal fell through. As if to ridicule this, Commissioner Fuyuki was in the process of selling himself to a company that was releasing the FMW video library in the United States.
The purchase price was one million dollars. Fuyuki, who used the large sum of money as bait to bring in even President Arai's most trusted confidant, Yoshida, FMW's executive director, who intends to fire Arai and become president himself.

At this point, all the wrestlers were divided into two factions, one for commissioner Fuyuki and the other for Arai, who was more interested in duty and dreams than money (Ichihara was more interested in Fuyuki's secretary Yumi Kurusu than money, which is also easy to understand).
The fight between Fuyuki, who planned to take over the company, and Hayabusa and his group, who were trying to stop him and protect FMW, was clearly defined.

The main event was a tag match between the four main characters of the new FMW chapter. Then Fuyuki got involved by slapping unreasonable conditions on them. It was right that the match was shown to be a tight match. The drama was enough just before and after. The crowd was already hot due to Fuyuki's antics, and the crowd seemed to be responding to the return of FMW's unique groove.

It was also impressive to see the growing support for Kuroda after having been the top heel for so long. In the end, Gannosuke rolled up Hayabusa with a Gannosuke Clutch for the victory. If this quality is the standard level and continues to improve, FMW can regain its former vigor.
The post-match drama was as outrageous as ever, with Fuyuki's inhumanity to the sport coming out in full force! The post-match drama was a crack-up. Not to mention the way he made one of the spectators, Lindzini Sat, a fan, lash out in anger.

The most important theme of entertainment is to make people take you seriously. By coming as close to 100% as possible, Fuyuki's vision of new pro wrestling will become a reality. "I'm going to do the opposite of everything New Japan does." Fuyuki is serious about making FMW the number one organization in the industry. (Suzuki)

Mr. Gannosuke & Kintaro Kanemura d. Hayabusa & Tetsuhiro Kuroda when Gannosuke pinned Hayabusa (18:32)

FMW Match of the Day # 17 - October 6, 2023
Atsushi Onita vs. Masashi Aoyagi 10/6/89

Two hours after the exciting match ended, Atsushi Onita appeared in the lobby of the "Hotel Nagoya Castle" at 11:00 p.m. He was holding his right armpit. "I think my ribs are broken...I think it was the second round...I got hit by a savate..." The spin kick in the first round was also a big blow.
Onita was in a state of shock and confusion in the locker room immediately after the fight due to the loss, but he seems to have regained his composure. "There were many times when I was so upset that I thought about giving up, but the moment I stepped into the ring today, I forgot everything (laughs)."

Onita says that he has worked at various jobs since retiring from All Japan Pro-Wrestling, but perhaps his real second life is about to begin. Yes, his second life is also pro wrestling! Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling (FMW) is an independent organization. Therefore, it cannot and should not be compared to other organizations.

Anyway, I think its unique and interesting nature is its privilege and appeal. Speaking of unique, the fact that the new organization's inauguration was held in a local area is itself unique to the independents. Judging from the reaction of the audience, half of them were local Aoyagi fans and half were wrestling fans.

It was perhaps still better than the first match up on July 2nd at Korakuen, where there were only a few wrestling fans. In particular, there were many fans who looked favorably on the birth of a underdog group. Admission fees ranged from 1,500 yen to 6,000 yen on the day of the event. The wrestlers were unknown to the public.

The ring announcer's calls were inaudible through the wireless microphone, and as one would expect, there was a lot of ineptitude. It would be a wonder if there were no complaints, but the audience was still waiting patiently. The last bout of the night.... As the title of the first two matches of this event was "The Grudge," the rematch between Onita and Aoyagi was, in a sense, all about the fight.

This cross-martial arts match between Japanese fighters has become a FMW specialty, and the first ever tag-team cross-martial arts match may soon be on the cards....

Tarzan Goto showed up at the event and watched from the second row at ringside, but when it came to the main event, he joined Onita as his second.
Considering that Onita had been a lone wolf in the past three fights, this was a reliable helper. Onita dominated the first round, and Aoyagi dominated the second and third rounds. In the 4th round, when both fighters fell out of the ring, the seconds were again swarming, and a big fight ensued, reminiscent of the nightmare of their first encounter.

Aoyagi was again bloodied by Onita's head-butt, but Aoyagi was undeterred, and he even jumped and kicked Onita, driving him back with a combination of kicks, right hands, and back kicks. But when the bell rang to end the fourth round, Aoyagi also sat down in the corner. Aoyagi said after the fight that "that round felt like a very long one," and Onita went down repeatedly in the 5th round.

The match continued regardless of the free knockdown system. Onita's second threw a white towel into the ring. Aoyagi said, "To be honest, I was relieved when I saw that." I thought it was Goto who threw in the towel, but it was Wakita because Goto slapped Wakita afterwards. In the locker room, Goto called out to Wakita and slapped him again.

"Look at this (Onita)! Look at him! Wrestlers have come a long way since then. You think you're going to be a wrestler after that?"
Onita sobbing in frustration makes him truly the Terry Funk of Japan. Coincidentally, Terry's career has been revived at the same time in NWA. I wonder if Onita is inspired by his way of life...

"I don't feel bad when people say I am like Terry. But a big guy who is not Terry may pop up in November." Onita grinned confidently. (Shishikura)

Masashi Aoyagi d. Atsushi Onita (15:47) via TKO in a Different Style Fight.

FMW Match of the Day # 18 - October 7, 2023
Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Sabu vs. Kodo Fuyuki & The Sandman 2/4/02

It's a pretty overused expression now, but if I had to call it that, it would probably be "FMW love." This is Sabu's first visit to Japan since last year's December 21st Korakuen show. He showed his love to the FMW mat, which is in a critical situation without its two main aces, Hayabusa and Gannosuke.

The main event of the show was a match for the vacant WEW Tag Team Championships. Currently, FMW is in a state where Fuyuki is doing his evilest with his foreign troops. If the tag team titles are taken away from them, Fuyuki's heaven will be further enhanced. So, Sabu rises up to offer a helping hand to the babyfaces. For Sabu, FMW is his home ring in Japan.

His deep attachment to FMW transformed Sabu into "Hayabusa". When he entered the ring, he wore a Hayabusa mask under his turban. On his chest, he had body paint with the exact same pattern as Hayabusa's tattoo. On his left arm, the word "HAYABUSA" was taped to his arm.
Sabu, who had volunteered to be Kuroda's partner, expressed his love for FMW by becoming an incarnation of Hayabusa. Fuyuki responded, "He showed his desire. I have to admit that. (Pro-Wrestling) is all about the heart." He obediently accepted Sabu's FMW love.

However, when it came time for the match, Fuyuki and Sandman engaged in a series of misdeeds. "Drunk" Sandman became a mess in the middle of the match, but in the end, Fuyuki knocked Kuroda down with his stiff arms and forcefully won the tag team titles back to his own army.
With this, Fuyuki won his second championship following the singles title reign.

One wonders if Fuyuki, who is not much of a beer drinker, and Sandman, who has been pumping Budweiser into his stomach year round, will be able to work together without any problems in the future, but at any rate, they have succeeded in making the Fuyuki administration even stronger.
Fuyuki will be leaving for the U.S. at the end of February to further expand the foreign contingent. "Everyone is worried about what will happen to FMW, but I'm going my own way, and I'm going to start in March," said Mammoth Sasaki, who participated in the semi-main event.

After the main event, Mammoth came back into the ring and announced for the first time in public that he would be participating in the PRIDE Best February 22nd Korakuen event. "I will defend FMW in my own way. I will make sure that [Fuyuki] will never be able to talk to me again." he said into the microphone.

Although a challenge of Vale Tudo involves huge risks, there is much to be gained from a victory, as for example Alexander Otsuka over Marco Ruas and Tokimitsu Ishizawa (Kendo Kashin) over Ryan Gracie. The entry into The Best is one way of Mammoth expressing FMW love.
Fuyuki, however, was completely unfazed by these moves. With a look of composure, he made it clear that he would give Mammoth the first shot at the singles title if Mammoth took the win on February 22nd.

Sabu transformed into Hayabusa. Mammoth decides to compete in Vale Tudo. Now everyone is moving in a dimension beyond entertainment to defend the three letters of FMW to the death. (Kazumasa)

WEW Tag Team Championship Match: Kodo Fuyuki & The Sandman d. Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Sabu when Fuyuki pinned Kuroda (16:54) to become the NEW WEW Tag Team Champions.

FMW Match of the Day # 19 - October 8, 2023
Masato Tanaka & Koji Nakagawa vs. W*ING Kanemura & Hido 5/24/96

Due to the schedule of submission, the FMW article is so far in the back of the issue and it's only four pages long. As reported in last week's issue, the FMW mats have been in a state of confusion since the disappearance of Hayabusa, and the fact that no breakthrough has been found in the middle of the tour has led to this treatment.

According to those in the know, the attendance this series has been uneven from venue to venue, but overall, the crowd has been in a good mood. The fans who "really understand FMW" are still flocking to the venue. That is why they have to give some kind of answer about Hayabusa's status....
The main event at the Takamatsu event was be Tanaka & Nakagawa vs. Kanemura & Hido. Same match as the opening show on the tour, but a scramble bunkhouse match using a ladder as the authorized weapon.

This is the best FMW vs. W*ING match you can get. The FMW team was hoping to make up for their debt on the opening show of the tour and make good use of the ladder, but they just didn't seem to take control of the match.

Was the difference in the match the momentum that the W*ING team had? But that was not all. By defeating FMW day after day, night after night, W*ING has developed a sense of "responsibility" to be the main event.

Needless to say, the tension of the upcoming banner W*ING launch has also had a positive effect. Tanaka & Nakagawa lost again after Kanemura & Hido hit Nakagawa easily with a double Liger Bomb and Kanemura got the pinfall.

Tetsuhiro Kuroda tried to attack W*ING afterwards but he was knocked out of the ring by them. W*ING is going to battle these three in the ring at Korakuen Hall on June 12th. The W*ING side will be Kanemura, Hido, and Hosaka...ah, what a match this could be!!

Kanemura once said, "The greatest resistance to the majors is to get the six of us on the cover of Weekly Pro."
In other words, W*ING is planning to be on the cover of Weekly Pro in their first show! The chances of a match that takes place on Wednesday, the farthest day from the release date of the magazine, being chosen for the cover is close to zero. It would be impossible without making a significant impact.

However, W*ING is what makes the impossible possible. Kanemura must have deliberately named the three in order to clear the big goal of May 5th Kawasaki event, and to get a rise out of the Indies that have been stuck in a air pocket. All that was left was for the FMW side to make a decision...after all, this was no time for internal bickering over the Hayabusa issue. If you have a sense of crisis, you should participate in W*ING! (Kojima)

W*ING Kanemura & Hido d. Masato Tanaka & Koji Nakagawa when Kanemura pinned Nakagawa (13:23) in a Scramble Bunkhouse Death Match.

FMW Match of the Day # 20 - October 9, 2023
Atsushi Onita & Mr. Gannosuke vs. Tarzan Goto & Ricky Fuji 11/4/91

Invite FMW to a school festival?

When I heard about this, I thought to myself, "I've been had. I was one of those who wanted to hold a wrestling show at a school festival when I was a student."

However, it was not that easy. First of all, we had to deal with the financial problem. Even if we were able to clear this problem, it is obvious that the school authorities would be reluctant to hold the event. Especially in the case of a group like FMW, where bloodshed is inevitable, the authorities would reject the event to the point of overreaction.

In this light, the Osaka University of Arts' project is a great accomplishment. At other universities, wrestlers are invited to attend lectures, but this is the only university in the country that holds matches. It is sure to be a hot topic. I did not know until after the talk event that the FMW event was planned and organized by the executive committee.

At other universities, wrestlers are invited to these events as part of wrestling study groups, but at Osaka University of Arts, the wrestling study group has been extinct for more than a century. While writing about this, it sounds they have no connection to professional wrestling at all, but Koji Kanemoto of New Japan Pro Wrestling is actually a graduate of this university.

However, when I asked a member of the organizing committee, he told me that he originally did not want to invite pro-wrestling to the event.

"Our university collects money from students and holds concerts at the school festival. Last year we invited the Great King of Babylon and the Great King of Gyoza...and now this! There aren't any musicians like that, right? So after thinking about it, I decided that out of all the genres, FMW is the most passionate and interesting, and it suits our style. And I didn't want to do the same thing as other universities. I definitely wanted to take a shot. So I decided to go with FMW. Onita's performance is also what art university students strive for (haha). Therefore, we named the event "The Ultimate Physical Art Performer."

They planned to invite FMW in February, and began negotiations with FMW in April. He told Onita, "This will be the first time in history!" He knew exactly what to say to convince Onita.

Onita was so impressed by the universities enthusiasm that he finally agreed to hold the event, but to be frank, it was an adventure even for FMW. If the event, which was free of charge, were to draw a large crowd, all their efforts would have been for naught.

Still, the reason he was accepted was probably because Onita's idea that "Wrestlers aren't just writers. It's all about the ring'' and the student's plan matched. As you know, Onita is this year's "Emperor of the school festival."

He has already scheduled lectures at 10 high schools and universities, and has been approached by more than 30, so he is extremely popular. Onita's talks are well-received, and wherever he goes, students say, "I don't know anything about professional wrestling, but I was impressed.''

Is it possible to create the same phenomenon in professional wrestling? It's a big gamble for professional wrestler Onita. At the same time, it is a high-stakes gamble for the students of Osaka University of Arts, who have made FMW performances the main focus of their school festival.

On the day of the festival, the sky was clear and the campus was not conveniently located (an hour from Osaka City), but the wrestling fans came out in droves. The matches themselves were treated the same as general "tickets on sale" event, so while there were no foreign wrestlers, nothing was different.

Before the show, an organized talk event between Onita and Pro-Wrestling Weekly's magazine's editor-in-chief, Yamamoto was setup by the university. The university also put some effort into setting up the venue. Just as at a concert, the venue was set up so that spectators could only enter in one direction. This may be for security reasons, but it is a very novel sight. And there are no chairs. Everyone sat on the ground to watch the matches.

This is probably so that as many spectators as possible can enter. Because admission was free, they did not enclose the venue with vinyl sheets to block viewing as they usually do for outdoor events, but for safety reasons, they closed the venue after a certain number of people had entered.

The rest were free to enter from the back of the area or from the top of a building overseeing the area. In the end, 3,500 people entered the roped-off area. Of course, it was packed. In terms of planning, the event was a success for the time being. Students were surprised to hear that the number of visitors was the largest in the history of the university.

The arrangements were in all in place. The food was ready. The students now had to leave everything to FMW as far as the content of the show. However, since many of the spectators had never seen professional wrestling before, they were excited, but the atmosphere remained somewhat strange.

Then, Onita did it again. The four men went outside to fight at the beginning of the main event. Onita grabbed Ricky and ran into the crowd. The next thing I knew, all four men were bleeding profusely. Goto slammed Gannosuke's bleeding forehead against the wall of the school building, not to mention the chairs and tables were used as a weapon. Even a trash can, a fixture of the university, turned into a deadly weapon in no time. We had expected that they would do something to some extent, but we never expected that they would go so far as this in the premises of the highest academic institution....

I thought students were going to look pale seeing all this, but they had already calculated everything, saying, "We held the event at this location, a little away from the main venue, because we didn't want the arches and such to be destroyed."

The school had also already submitted videos and photo albums of FMW events to make the students immune to this style. In a match where everyone was bleeding profusely, after an onslaught that almost amounted to a lynching, Goto pinned Gannosuke with a powerbomb.

One wrong move and it would have been a brutal scene, but the love between master and disciple and the trust between Onita and Goto made for a refreshing final scene.

Onita said to Goto, "What's wrong with doing what you love? Do what you love!" Onita shouted to the if he were giving someone a lecture.

"You can't just cut corners because it's a school festival, FMW is still FMW, even if it's at a university! - These words of Onita were the answer to everything. The first ever school festival wrestling event was a great success, with no one but the competitors injured. However, "this is the first and the last time" (FMW official). In this world, everything seems to be on a first-come, first-served basis. (Kojima)

Tarzan Goto & Ricky Fuji d. Atsushi Onita & Mr. Gannosuke when Goto pinned Gannosuke (15:34)

FMW Match of the Day # 21 - October 10, 2023
Hayabusa & Hisakatsu Oya & Ricky Fuji vs. Kodo Fuyuki & Koji Nakagawa & Yukihiro Kanemura 6/28/98

That is the true form of Koji Nakagawa. (From an interview in this magazine, #861) "Smoky silver, calm and collected, and a leader as the president of the FMW wrestlers association..." Given the roles and characters Nakagawa has played up to now, even his turn to heel is surprising.

In addition, he was not even talking about himself in the interview. He was just silent in the interview. He is no different from the quiet man he has always been. It was not surprising that he was viewed with such a skeptical view, saying, "He is so plain from the start that I guess he has no choice but to force himself to change his image in this way."

The essence of the booing towards Nakagawa was more towards him for pretending to be a heel even though he doesn't really seem to be one. To silence such voices, you have to be thorough. He is now not just nasty, he is a hardcore badass. Nakagawa, who was booed at this event, turned into something different by using one weapon. When he turned a fork into a blood dagger and thrust it into Ricky's forehead, he was heckled for his actions. When this happened, it was as if he had been made the crowd admit that he was a heel. Nakagawa looked around the heated audience with a fork in his mouth and cool eyes. His eyes were staggered and suspiciously bright.

I think I've seen this somewhere before... While I was trying to remember, the match went on at a TNR pace, with Fuyuki pinning Ricky. Before the finishing lariat, Nakagawa dived and stuck a fork in Ricky's head.

Go Ito went to the trouble of shouting into the microphone, making a laughingstock of President Arai, who had once taken the FMW 6 Man Street Fight title away from TNR before. If it had been their former relationship, Arai would have said, "You idiot!" and fired him, but for now, he had no choice but to endure it.

"Would you tell Atsushi Onita that I'm going to give him a place to die?" Go Ito sounded so arrogant. President Arai still refused to shake his head, and Fuyuki tried to attack him. Sasaki and Pogo came to his rescue and saved him, but if Onita did not come to the July 4th Fuyuki Army show as Nakagawa's opponent, they would threaten to hurt Arai as a way of bullying him.

The president himself, however, is still stout-hearted and determined not to do TNR's bidding, and since TNR has specified the match format as a "chain death match," it is clear that he is preparing some kind of ruse.

Knowing this, there was no way that the president, with his strong sense of responsibility, would tell Onita himself.

However, Nakagawa was already full of enthusiasm and showed off his fork along with the belt he had regained. The words Go Ito spoke next to me brought to mind the image of a man I tried to remember but couldn't.

"There's a legendary heel wrestler inside Koji Nakagawa! Makimaki!" Go Ito shouted.

"Makimaki" a word that was burned in my brain from hearing it from a great heel The Sheik, when he would rage in FMW. Nakagawa would always take care of him when he was younger.

The Sheik was like a parent to Koji Nakagawa. After all, Nakagawa was able to learn the first-class Imperialism and Heel Way from the closest distance...

Even after The Sheik stopped coming to Japan, The Sheik would always be asking him if "the boy" was doing well. Their relationship is deep. Certainly, those who knew him back then would agree with Go Ito's story.

The real Nakagawa is connected to The Sheik. The fork was a symbol of his true nature, and the eyes Nakagawa showed in this match were those of a monster. I can no longer say he doesn't looks like he fits as a heel. He is new The Sheik, and on July 4th in Nagoya he awaits Onita's arrival. (Suzuki)

FMW 6 Man Street Fight Tag Team Championship Match: Kodo Fuyuki & Koji Nakagawa & Yukihiro Kanemura d. Hayabusa & Hisakatsu Oya & Ricky Fuji when Fuyuki pinned Ricky (13:47) to Defend the Titles for the 1st Time.

FMW Match of the Day # 22 - October 11, 2023
Hayabusa & Jinsei Shinzaki vs. The Gladiator & Super Leather 8/21/97

"I'm very grateful, but I'm not in a state where I can throw my hands up and be happy just yet. There is a condition that I have to build on September 6th Budokan, so right now I'm only thinking about building a good shape for September 6th. In order to make Kawasaki meaningful, I want Mr. Kobashi to feel comfortable coming to Kawasaki."

Before the match, reporter Yuzawa asked Hayabusa about Kobashi's decision to participate in the Kawasaki Stadium, and Hayabusa reportedly said that.

The participation of Kobashi in Kawasaki has been rumored for quite some time. But even if it did happen, it would be after the Budokan. However, this is based on the assumption that if Kobashi does enter FMW, his opponent will be Hayabusa. In fact, the match card has not yet been decided.

At this point in time, the important thing is that Kobashi will be at the Kawasaki Stadium.

Everyone expects a match up with Hayabusa, but it could be a "just in case" situation. Therefore, in order to avoid that eventuality, Hayabusa decided to "connect with Kobashi" in a good way starting on September 6th. He will fight to convince people with his track record and make fans think, "I want to see Kobashi vs. Hayabusa in a Budokan match again!"

For example, Hayabusa will challenge for the World Street Fight 6 Man Tag Team Titles on August 31st at Korakuen, but until now, even if he lost, he could just say, "I will definitely win next time!" But under the current circumstances, it is a fact that if he does not win the match and the title, he might lose his qualification for the Kobashi match itself.

Hayabusa now has no choice but to make great strides, but right at the start of the tour, he and Shinzaki had to face tough opponents in The Gladiator and Leather, but they were not about to let themselves be tripped up.

The conditions for the opening show of the tour in mid-summer are difficult to adjust to. The venue was notoriously hot, and the new springs in the ring did not seem to be suitable for the event, with each wrestler complaining that the mat felt hard.

The two opponents were both super heavyweights and the match did not go according to Hayabusa's plan. His tag combinations with Shinzaki were exciting in places, but the rhythm of the match did not come through. If this had been the the beginning of the formation of their tag team, they probably would have been overpowered by Gladiator & Leather.

However, they have a competitive instinct that they acquired through their journey together. The fact that that he was able to finish off the somewhat lackluster Leather with the Phoenix Press was due to his good judgment in the match and made good use of his partner Shinzaki.

Shinzaki will be teaming with Hayabusa in his series of battles with Kobashi, has not expressed his desire for war. Like a guide post to Tenjiku (a Japanese Buddhist building) that has an impassable road to your dreams, Shinzaki will walk with his friend towards his dream through penance.

"At this point, no matter what I say, it won't mean anything. I feel like I did three years ago. I will have to convince everyone about what I can do at Budokan." (Shinzaki)

Needless to say, "everyone" includes Kobashi. It goes without saying that looking up into the sky, that Hayabusa will need to gaze above the mountains and what he will only see is an appearance of another man's eyes. (Suzuki)               

Hayabusa & Jinsei Shinzaki d. The Gladiator & Super Leather when Hayabusa pinned Leather (17:28)

FMW Match of the Day # 23 - October 12, 2023
Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Hisakatsu Oya & Ricky Fuji vs. Kodo Fuyuki & Arashi & Kouki Kitahara 11/5/01

Garuda, brought by Fuyuki from Mexico to replace Hayabusa as the savior of FMW (details on the next page).'s really a hypothetical story, if the real face under the mask is the man that has been speculated about, this is not an easy ordeal to go through.

Not just anyone can fill Hayabusa's shoes, and even without that, the man himself is incomplete. It was a problem before he had given up on the project. Nevertheless, the die was cast. On this day, Garuda appeared in a Darkside Hayabusa costume.

Already in the ring were the FMW and WAR forces, as well as Tenryu. Fuyuki called in as his ally, but Garuda attacked him. And when he went up to the corner...

He decided to do the Firebird Splash, reminiscent of Hayabusa. He appealed that he would not work with Fuyuki, but with Hayabusa's FMW team. Just before he flew away, a look of determination could be seen through his mask.

Towering before his eyes was Tenryu in front of him. Tenryu stood tall in front of him and said to Garuda in a hushed tone, "Oi young man! I do not like you. You're coming to Yokohama Bunka? I'll crush you and entertainment pro-wrestling."

The savior of FMW was treated as a mere punk by Tenryu, who threw the microphone right in the middle of his chest twice, but Garuda could not move at all. As a result, Tenryu became even more angry, as if to say, "You're sloppy!"

Tenryu became even rougher. He was not satisfied with throwing just a chair in the ring, he even threw a fire extinguisher in the ring.

Whether he tried to or not, he could not escape the fear of Tenryu. Garuda was doomed. Tenryu said, "I will destroy entertainment wrestling," but he sees the reason for FMW to continue to exist as a place for Hayabusa to return to.

"Entertainment wrestling has to continue in the future. While i'm at a loss right now, we need to get back to professional wrestling. I was looking forward to fighting Hayabusa at Budokan." (Tenryu)

Garuda says he will not be competing in this upcoming, but will instead compete in a one-off bout in Yokohama. Simply put, the strength of your heart determines your destiny (Suzuki)

On the afternoon of Thursday, November 1st, Kodo Fuyuki, who had gone to Mexico to find a savior for FMW to replace Hayabusa, returned home. He was accompanied by a masked man named "Garuda".

At this point, Garuda's nationality and background are unknown. He said, "This is the savior of FMW that I have found. He is good at aerial moves and can do the Firebird Splash, which are the minimum requirements."

"Garuda means "bird god." He is wearing a mask that he just happened to have that day, but he will officially prepare an original costume for the Yokohama Bunka Gym on the 23rd. At that time, he will transform himself into something amazing." Fuyuki said with a grin.

Garuda, on the other hand, only nodded at Fuyuki's words and didn't say a word.

Fuyuki also responded about Atsushi Onita declaring, "I'm going to Korakuen Hall on November 5th to help FMW!" that he was using Hayabusa's injury as a publicity stunt.

"That's hypocrisy, of course. He's a member of the Diet, so he should be doing politics, that idiot. Well, if you want to do it, come in front of me in the locker room. But it will just be a fight. We will not be wrestling. It doesn't matter anymore. I don't need his help, I have Garuda (laughs)," he said angrily, but in the end he simply laughed it off.

Kodo Fuyuki & Arashi & Kouki Kitahara d. Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Hisakatsu Oya & Ricky Fuji when Fuyuki pinned Ricky (16:34)

FMW Match of the Day # 24 - October 13, 2023
Megumi Kudo vs. Combat Toyoda 9/1/92

It was surprising that Kudo, who had said that she wanted to wear the belt while fighting against the All Japan Women," offered to vacate the title immediately after defeating Toyoda for her third consecutive defense.

It would have been enough for her to say she was enthusiastic about this upcoming rivalry, but that did not mean that she had to retract her previous statement. So Onita did not immediately accept the offer, but reminded her repeatedly.

"That's three years of our history. All of that will be gone."

Even though it was a trial, Kudo remained determined. "This is not just my will, but the collective will of all FMW female athletes - even if it means giving up the belt that I coveted for a while, now is the time for us all to unite. I want to fight in Yokohama with nothing to do with rank or championship or anything like that."

Ever since the idea of competing against the All Japan Women came up, the FMW girls have been under constant scrutiny. However, at the root of this was a difference in "rank"

The underlying theme was the difference in "stature" between the two groups. "All Japan Women and FMW are of different stature," and "I don't want you (the AJW girls) to fight with them (FMW girls)," were the words not only said by All Japan Women fans, but also other people in pro-wrestling. That must have been quite annoying to the FMW women to hear that.

Why are they trying to compete based on rank? They (FMW girls) should want to compete based on their ability. The feeling of not wanting to be judged based on something insubstantial led these girls to abandon everything.

Kudo's decision to give up her belt was the ultimate antithesis of the way people around her viewed her. Of course, she had no naive idea that she would later put it back in her own hands. Therefore, this was in effect the "sealing" of the belt."

The red FMW belt that has marked the three years of history that FMW Women's has walked... By locking that case, they will settle for the three years they have built up. Kudo and Toyoda fight to protect FMW Women, just as Onita and Goto have fought to protect FMW in the past, without taking on anything or relying on any title. Onita's words were the only thing that weighed heavily on their shoulders...

As far as the match was concerned, both wrestlers showed a strong enthusiasm for developing new moves with Yokohama in mind. In particular, Toyoda's Awesome Bomb gave us great expectations for Yokohama. The content of the match was not bad by any means. The only thing that bothered me was Kudo's waist. The expression on her face was still hard and severe, and it did not seem to be only because of her heightened nerves. (Suzuki)

WWA Women's Championship Match: Megumi Kudo d. Combat Toyoda (12:23) to Defend the Title for the 3rd Time.

FMW Match of the Day # 25 - October 14, 2023
Hayabusa vs. Mr. Gannosuke 2/21/99

Hayabusa vs. Mr. Gannosuke is a very special match, a rarity in the wrestling world. The two, who were classmates in college, took an overnight bus to Tokyo eight years ago and joined FMW. They remained close friends through their younger years, but a harsh fate soon separated them, and in 1995, Gannosuke left FMW with Tarzan Goto which setup Hayabusa, who was returning from an overseas tour as the potential ace after Onita's retirement. After various twists and turns, Gannosuke returned to FMW in 1997. However, Gannosuke, after a long absence, was not on Hayabusa's side.

Those who know such drama will stare into the ring with special sentimentality when the two sides face off. At the Yokohama Arena on April 29, 1997, we were moved to tears by Hayabusa's pure heart, who was unable to hate his former best friend despite his painful betrayal.

On April 30, 1998, at the Yokohama Bunka Gym, we gave a hearty round of applause to these two fighters as they fought spectacularly for the double championship titles. But what happened? The third Hayabusa vs. Gannosuke match on that day was clearly different in quality from their previous two encounters. To put it in a more abstract way, the desire that is a characteristic of this match was strangely absent.

Well, this match started off with a surprise dropkick by Gannosuke. With Gannosuke's recent behavior, and with Leather and Hosaka in his corner, one would have thought that the match was going to be quite rough, but it was a very clean fight. However, after five minutes, an unbelievable scene occurred. Hayabusa finally escaped from a relentless left knee attack and knocked Gannosuke off the ground with a swan dive...but he couldn't do it. Hayabusa stepped off the top rope. The possible direct cause was the damage from the previous left knee attack. It is also possible that the presence of Gannosuke's seconds, Leather and Hosaka, may have disturbed Hayabusa's concentration (in fact, Gannosuke's army's repeated and seemingly pointless intrusions may have been a prelude to such an eventuality).

In any case, Hayabusa is not a god but a child of man. It is always a wonder that he has been able to make so few mistakes with such difficult moves until now. After that, Hayabusa went on the offensive, but Gannosuke, not to be outdone, fought back. The only foul act was a kick to the groin by Gannosuke in the middle of the match, as Leather and Hosaka showed no sign of even interfering. However, if you look closely, you can see that Hayabusa made more small technical errors in this match than ever before in a big match.

This became obvious to all as the match approached the second half. Hayabusa dared Gannosuke in the corner with an off the tope frankensteiner. However, although he succeeded in throwing Gannosuke's body, Hayabusa also fell to the mat from the top of his head! What in the world has happened to Hayabusa today? After this, Hayabusa continued to respond to Gannosuke's wave of special attacks, including the Mandala Twist, Nirvana Strangle, and the Reverse Fire Thunder, with dogged persistence. However, Hayabusa's attack was ended when he was hit by a proper Fire Thunder from a super-high angle.

For their third match, Hayabusa fell for the first time to Gannosuke's forces. But despite his first victory over his archrival, Gannosuke did not even take a glance at Hayabusa, and all he said was Fuyuki's name. "Fuyuki, come out!" Gannosuke and Fuyuki fought in front of Hayabusa, who could not even stand up. How humiliating! For Gannosuke, the Hayabusa match on that day was merely a means to get a shot at Fuyuki's double championship titles. It was only natural that he did not feel the same desire as in the past two matches.

In the past, Gannosuke had treated Hayabusa badly on numerous occasions. However, Gannosuke was the cruelest of all, backed only by his calculated and cold-hearted attitude. However, an unexpected person sent a message of encouragement to Hayabusa. "Hayabusa, I will avenge you!" The voice came from Fuyuki. His tone was in his usual villainous tone, but his expression was serious. What is Fuyuki's real intention behind cheering Hayabusa on the FMW mat, where reorganization is progressing? However, Hayabusa, now sinking into the depths of despair, didn't have the energy to respond to that yell... (Hirotsugu Suyama)

Mr. Gannosuke d. Hayabusa (20:17)

FMW Match of the Day # 26 - October 15, 2023
Atsushi Onita vs. The Gladiator 10/1/90

"Onita and Pogo will not have a singles match during this tour." The only penalty imposed on Pogo, who was allowed to participate in the tour after originally being banned for life, weighed heavily on Onita's shoulders.

After Onita himself was pinned by Pogo in a tag team match on the opening show of the tour, Asako Ricky, and even his assistant Jimmy Backlund had all been sunk by Pogo's relentless attack.

Onita must have thought many times, "I'm going to beat Pogo with my own hands..." But the penalty he had imposed on himself would not allow it. His frustration was piling up in the final match of the tour. Naturally, Goto and all the other wrestlers must have felt the same way going into the final show. And it all exploded at once. As soon as the main event match of Onita vs. Gladiator was over, Pogo intervened, and Goto, Asako, and Ricky joined Onita and beat him to a pulp. Pogo was no match for them, and he went down in the middle of the audience. He was so shocked that he KO'd the referee and threw chairs all over the place, taking it out on the fans. I have never seen Pogo like this before. Pogo demanded a singles match with Onita counter requesting!

"If you have a death match lined up, announce it before you leave Japan!" In the locker room after the big fight with Pogo, Onita finally announced his counter challenge to Pogo. But when the other wrestlers heard this, they all wanted to challenge Pogo to a singles match.

"Alright, I understand. I'm retracting my previous statement... The entire FMW Army declares war on Pogo. If you don't accept it, don't come to Japan, Pogo!!!" (Onita)

Onita-Pogo's personal war suddenly escalated into a battle between all of FMW and Pogo. "I'll take it however I want. I think it's a lot worse for them to attack one person all together. I've been putting my body on the line and apologizing to the fans, but... if that's not enough, I'll work harder than Onita!" Humans are scary when they feel like they are going to die... they can do anything.'' (Pogo)

With a fearless smile, Pogo accepted the challenge from the FMW group. However, regarding his match against Onita, Pogo said, "As long as I'm fighting in Japan, I'm at a 90% disadvantage. That's why I want you to accept the death match I've decided. I will discuss the details with the Capitol Sports executives after I return to Puerto Rico."

Of course, there was no way Onita would refuse that. Apparently, in the mini-tour (just 4 shows) scheduled for late October, Goto, Asako, Ricky, and The Shooter will face off against Pogo in succession, and at the 1st anniversary event on November 5th, he will compete against Onita. It looks like a “complete death match” will take place. Onita declared again that day, "I will never call Gonzalez."

The only way to settle the Puerto Rico issue once and for all is to achieve complete victory over Pogo. All that's left now is to wait for Pogo to announce the rules... (Kojima)

Atsushi Onita d. The Gladiator (8:34) in a Chain Death Match.

FMW Match of the Day # 27 - October 16, 2023
The Sheik & Sabu vs. Dr. Luther & Dr. Hannibal 4/22/93

After a long and winding road, uncle and nephew, Sheik and Sabu, are back to "the way they should be". They have started to rebuild the Sheik's Army, but to their dismay, they have suffered a loss at the beginning of this tour. And by the hated Team Canada's Luther and Hannibal as their opponents, the Sheik's anger is unrelenting.

The Sheik himself has been in perfect physical condition, so much so that he could see the glow in his skin at a glance, but there was no way he could win if Sabu, who was supposed to be a force to be reckoned with, kept making numerous mistakes.

He was angry with Sabu: "You've been outclassed from the start. You should have been more firm!" (The Sheik)

As if to say so, Sheik punished Sabu with an umbrella. Sabu then threw a table in the ring, and climbed into the corner for a moonsault press with no one on the table. What the hell does that mean?!?

Sabu's body, which danced beautifully while the audience was unable to comprehend it, naturally hit the table! But the pointlessness of Sabu is his charm, and the fans cheered him on for this foolhardy act.

Then, as Sabu lay sprawled out in the ring, a helping hand came to his rescue: "Sabu, you did well. That's my nephew!" Sheik calmed his anger. I'm not sure which is which, but the presence of Sheik, a man on a roll, is sure to be a threat from this tour onward. We will see what happens in Gifu on April 27th, where he will face Onita for the first time in a long while. (Kojima)

Dr. Luther & Dr. Hannibal d. The Sheik & Sabu when Luther pinned Sabu (3:46)

FMW Match of the Day # 28 - October 17, 2023
Atsushi Onita & Sambo Asako & Mr. Gannosuke vs. The Gladiator & Sabu & The Body Snatcher 6/16/92

The new FMW tour opened amidst rumors of "Tiger Jeet Singh's participation." As one would expect, this was the topic of conversation in the audience and in the press waiting room before the matches. At least from the audience's point of view, Singh's appearance was very welcome. Just the possibility of seeing him had benefited this show. The fact that the venue in the mountains was packed to capacity was clearly due in large part to the "Singh effect."

One incident occurred amidst all this though. Big Titan did not come to Japan again. According to the explanation of the person concerned, this time it was not an unannounced absence, but rather the Sheik's announcement that Titan would not be coming to Japan.

This may be a part of the Sheik's strategy, but it is very annoying for the fans. The reunion of Titan and Gladiator, who will be in Japan for a long time, is one of the main attractions of this tour.

The barbed wire death match between the two at the June 20th Akita event was also a highly anticipated match. It would be a shame to see it blown away at the Sheik's sole discretion. The Sheik has used this technique before, sending an unknown Blonde Bomber to Japan instead of Kevin Sullivan, the second-in-command of the Sheik's Army, but it ended in a fiasco.

This time, however, it turned out to be a disaster. Sure enough, the masked man, The Body Snatcher, whom the Sheik had brought along as "the other mystery partner," proved to be not quite on Titan's level at first glance. However, there was one man who put all these complaints to rest with his match. He was The Gladiator. After undergoing surgery on his left elbow, Gladiator had not visited Japan since January.

However, he could no longer stand the thought of not being able to fight, so he overrode the doctor's diagnosis that it would take 10 months after surgery for him to fully recover, and came in four months after surgery.

Like a hungry wolf, he rushed straight into the ring to get his prey from the moment he entered the ring. The rest of the day, he went as wild as he could go. His power was truly "untouchable." No one could stop him as he vented his pent up fighting spirit in one fell swoop. In addition, his face paint, knee braces, gloves, and ring boots were all black, which made him look even more awesome. His eyes, glaring eerily in the black paint, looked like a different creature.

The Gladiator had been overshadowed for a while by the rise of Titan, but Titan's absence must have inspired him to "go on a rampage" on his own to make up for him. If the Sheik had calculated this far, his strategy was a success in that he brought out the best of Gladiator's abilities. Almost by himself, Gladiator took on three people, sending two of them straight to the hospital. As the crowd stared at the ring where Onita and the other three lay as if a storm had just passed through, their minds seemed to have been blown away from the absence of Titan. It is worth mentioning that the Gladiatorial spirit that got the crowd so excited despite the fact that Shin did not show up, which the fans had hoped for. (Suzuki)

The Gladiator & Sabu & The Body Snatcher d. Atsushi Onita & Sambo Asako & Mr. Gannosuke when Gladiator pinned Gannosuke (12:44) in a Street Fight Death Match.

FMW Match of the Day # 29 - October 18, 2023
W*ING Kanemura & Hideki Hosaka vs. The Gladiator & Hisakatsu Oya 10/15/96

"A match between FMW and W*ING match? I didn't watch that. I don't need to see it. If they just yell, the audience would probably get excited, but we do professional wrestling with a lot of weight. While these are guys flying and jumping, Funk FMW is going to go even higher" is what Hisakatsu Oya told me at the Koga event, he said he has no interest in FMW or W*ING at all.

He is unbeatable in the ring, so he is well qualified to say that much. The match format of a no ropes barbed wire death match was supposed to be a W*ING's specialty, but they ended up being losing.

It is safe to say that the Funk Masters of Wrestling currently had had momentum built up. When it comes to this, the odds are really getting stronger that they will get the main event of the last show of the tour, with all the wins. If they say they are going to do it and they do it, what is going to happen to FMW if they can not stop them? So, everything is finally coming down to the head-to-head match up in Joetsu on October 24th.

"We inherited FMW from Mr. Onita, and for the past year and a half, we've all put our efforts into it...we're not going to let a bunch of foreigners from the side come in and do whatever they want! If W*ING can't stop them, we will!" Hayabusa roared.

Only a few days left until the final battle...

The Gladiator & Hisakatsu Oya d. W*ING Kanemura & Hideki Hosaka when Gladiator pinned Hosaka (13:29) in a No Ropes Barbed wire Street Fight Death Match.

Match of the Day # 30 - October 19, 2023
Great Nita & Ho Chi Win (Tarzan Goto) vs. Mr. Pogo & Hisakatsu Oya 12/1/94

I will say at this point that the "Great Nita" did not exist until the moment the bell rang for the match of this day. It is true that Onita fought as a painted face wrestler when he traveled to the U.S. in February 1990, but he was simply called "Onita."

When Onita saw the photo sent to him by a correspondent, he simply added the tag "Great" to his name afterwards (In the results column, he is listed as "Atsushi Onita"). Before I knew it, it became "legend" that he was Great Nita in America.

But the fact remains that he painted his face and blew poisonous mist, and it is also true that he and Masanobu Fuchi teamed up and became popular villians in various parts of the U.S. in the past. There was no doubt that "Nita" existed in Onita. However, despite his repeated calls to return as Nita, Onita was adamant that he would not return to Nita, perhaps because he was "too playful."

Since starting FMW, Onita has continued on the path of evil, but he has been very careful about two things: tarnishing the name of professional wrestling and hurting the hearts of the fans.

One wrong move and it's considered a comic book or another wrong move and it's considered a murder show, that's what the death match line has often been called, but Onita's attention has been effective, and in the past five years, he has never made a single wrong move.
But Onita's sensibilities were such that his transformation into the Great Nita was a step in the wrong direction. That is a correct feeling. If he had done it a few more years earlier, the fans might have been put off (that's why we thought of it as "a special New Year's match..." and so on). The fact that he finally decided to transform it now is truly significant.

Since his founding, Onita has continued on the path of evil, but he has been very careful about two things: tarnishing the name of professional wrestling and hurting the hearts of the fans.

Onita himself admits that although he looks shameless on the outside, behind the scenes he has steadily built up the small building blocks of the "`Jado'' genre, and that it has become so strong that even a little bit won't budge.

Entering the ring bravely, yet bewitchingly, from the theme of "Rambo 3," was Ho Chi Win, aka Goto. Compared to Onita, Goto had no resistance to transformation. On the contrary, he seemed to be excited to be able to beat up Pogo and his friends in a fair and square fight.
The more he sees the word "Oni" painted on his chest plate and back, the stronger this feeling becomes. I felt that Goto was not only returning to his old ways, but also releasing his inner "heeliness" in one fell swoop.

The spotlight that had been shining on Win, who was sitting upright in the ring, once again illuminates the aisle. The music playing is "Wild Thing - Japanese Version", which was created just for this day. The Great Nita, is here!!!

Nita, who has been a person that only existed from his American expedition to the special studio shoot the other day, has really showed up!
Nita took off his cape before Pogo's army entered the venue, and as soon as the lights went out, he immediately sprayed a red mist of poison in the air.

Many people thought it would have been more exciting if Nita had waited to take off the mask until the match started, but this glimpse of Atsushi Onita, who wanted to get ready for battle as soon as possible, was quite human. And then, the bell! Nita suddenly sprayed Pogo with a poisonous mist, and then Win sprayed Oya with a green mist!

At first, it was a 2-on-3 handicap match including Kanemura was planned, but the W*ING wrestlers, who had won all the matches at Korakuen on November 23rd, refused to accept it.

The day before the event, the match was changed to a regular tag match, but it was the perfect card change to see how much Nita & Win had changed. Pogo's plan unusually rarely works.

The Nita group, who had completely taken over the pace, attacked with chops and kicks in the Oriental style. Thinking back, this is the "way" of Japanese heels overseas. Both Onita and Goto have experienced the same thing, and that's why they are still at the top. Perhaps such confidence is also behind Nita's back, but he is just as strong. Even when he gets hit with a boot, he comes forward with a fearless expression on his face. Pogo, as one would expect, backed away and said, "What the hell is it with these guys?" Pogo was really flabbergasted until he received a weapon from Hosaka and blasted Nita. Come to think of it, I was so preoccupied with Nita and Win that I almost forgot that this was an explosion match. In fact, this was Oya's first experience with an explosion match.

For Win (Goto), too, this was surprisingly his first time in a death match with bombs set up on the barricade. Of course, this was also the first time Hiroshima fans had seen an explosion match. Nita's reaction when he was hit by an exploding barbed wire was exactly the same as in Shiodome.
The climactic sequence of explosions that followed Oya going into the exploding barbed wire and Win going into the barricade out the ring explosion, left the audience on the verge of an explosion (as a side note, the power of the small bombs on this day were somehow so strong that fire sparks even flew into the press box several meters away.

Nita's new costume, which had cost several million yen, was instantly burned to black). At that moment, Nita's demonic energy increased. Nita stabbed in the back with a weapon, jolted back to his feet, sprayed a red poisonous mist into Pogo's face! Nita snatches the weapon from the flinching Pogo and blasts him in the forehead, head, and abdomen, no matter where! Is this Nita's ferocity? It's too scary!!!! Pogo then strikes with a flaming bat, but Nita kicks out with a count of 2.

Normally, Pogo would have come up with some kind of plan, but he was frustrated because he had been deprived of his stock, so he just went for the "second swing". Just as he took a big swing, Win made a comeback from outside the ring.

Pogo took a powerful lariat and fell into the barricade. Nita, who was left with a flaming bat in his hand, swung it full force to send Oya flying into the barbed wire! Fire, smoke, light, hot air, and Nita's spectral energy in the air...this is the historical moment when legend and explosions are fused together. It was a fantastic scene that can no longer be described in words.

The fact that the illusion was not destroyed was due in large part to the fact that Nita's paint remained almost completely intact until the very end. So Nita was able to continue to be Nita until the very end, and he was able to go through the line of silence and disappear from the Hiroshima Green Arena as a mystery. But the Great Nita is not finished. He will be back in Nagoya on December 20th to completely destroy the "evil heel" Pogo. What kind of "evil" will Nita, who has become even more mysterious after being hit by a bomb, do this time? And what countermeasures will Pogo come up with? Nita is getting hotter and hotter as he counts down the days to retirement! (Kojima)

Great Nita & Ho Chi Win d. Mr. Pogo & Hisakatsu Oya when Nita pinned Oya (11:36) in a No Ropes Exploding Barbed wire Double Hell Death Match.

FMW Match of the Day # 31 - October 20, 2023
Hayabusa & Masato Tanaka & Yoshinori Sasaki vs. Mr. Gannosuke & Yukihiro Kanemura & Jado 6/21/99

Since becoming commissioner, Fuyuki has taken advantage of the fact that President Arai has placed his complete trust in him to do just about anything he wants.

However, the Fuyuki administration, which does whatever it wants, has also created a powerful force to counter it. The long-awaited trio of Hayabusa, Tanaka, and Kuroda formed in the main event of the June 15th Korakuen event.

As reported in the previous issue, the strength of this team, at least as a trio in the regular army, is without a doubt the strongest ever. Moreover, Fuyuki himself has already announced that the July tour will feature a battle for the newly established six-man tag team titles, and no matter what team TNR puts together, there is no way that the team of Hayabusa, Tanaka, and Kuroda will be able to move from their main position. So, on this final day of the tour, Fuyuki came up with an unbelievable plan.

Hayabusa and Tanaka formed a trio with Sasaki against Gannosuke, Kanemura, and Jado, who are expected to enter the six-man tag team championship tournament next month. This match is a prelude to the next month's tournament, so to speak. The TNR side was naturally targeting the restructured Tanaka. However, their strategy was a bit unexpected.

From around the five-minute mark, the TNR side concentrated their attacks on Tanaka's right arm alone, both inside and outside the ring. At first, I thought they were trying to block the bullet elbow, but even so, the concentration was extraordinary. Tanaka, as expected, fell into a state of inability to fight from the midpoint of the match. Toward the end of the match, Fuyuki appeared at ringside with an unbelievable object to put the finishing touches on Tanaka.

What was that Fuyuki was carrying on his shoulder was a pestle! It was a pestle used for pounding rice cakes. Fuyuki swung the pestle down on Tanaka's half-destroyed right arm. What an outrage! Of course, this was the first time in the world of professional wrestling that a pestle was used as a weapon. In the history of wrestling, it was the first In the end, the match ended in defeat for the Hayabusa team when Sasaki was hit by Jado's brainbuster.

More painful than the loss, however, was the complete destruction of Tanaka's right arm before the six-man tag team competition. Moreover, Fuyuki even declared that he would fire Tanaka if Tanaka did not participate in the tournament next month. Of course, it was obvious that if Tanaka participated in the next tour, Fuyuki would come after his right arm. In addition, Fuyuki announced for the first time the format of the six-man tag team title match. According to the announcement, the four participating teams will first compete in round-robin tournament matches to determine their ranking.

Based on the rankings, an irregular tournament will be held at the final match on July 31st in Korakuen, with the winner of the tournament being the lower-ranked team, and the final winner will be recognized as the champions team. In any case, the destruction of Tanaka's right arm dropped Hayabusa from the main contender to a non contender. In fact, the possibility of Tanaka's being restructured for the loss had increased dramatically. Moreover, two days later, this time Hayabusa spoke of leaving FMW, an extraordinary situation.... (Suyama)

Mr. Gannosuke & Yukihiro Kanemura & Jado d. Hayabusa & Masato Tanaka & Yoshinori Sasaki when Gannosuke pinned Sasaki (19:52)

FMW Match of the Day # 32 - October 21, 2023
Masato Tanaka & Koji Nakagawa & Tetsuhiro Kuroda vs. Hisakatsu Oya & Mr. Gannosuke & Katsutoshi Niiyama 3/25/97

This will be Tanaka's fourth time to return to his hometown Wakayama, but his first since becoming a newly-formed player. In other words, this is a genuine triumphant return as the Bullet Warrior. As a result, the number of relatives and acquaintances who came to cheer him on was much larger than in the past, numbering about 130 people. For them, he is still "Masato" and not Masato Tanaka.

Among them, his mother, Shigeko, who was watching the match from ringside, was so nervous even before her son's turn to fight.

"I've seem him wrestle ten times already," Shigeko said, "but it's the parental love that makes me come back every time no matter how many times I have seen him."

In the main event, In the main scene, she ran up to her child who appeared in the aisle path, and clapped his hand and cheered him on.

I fell in love with professional wrestling after seeing the (first generation) Tiger Mask at this gymnasium in Wakamatsu. From then on, I started taking pictures with the wrestlers with my camera…so when fans start flocking to the aisle. They want to be able to touch someone's body. I was like that too.'' Tanaka, who played rugby in high school, once got a job, but quit the job, saying he wanted to become a professional wrestler. Naturally, Shigeko vehemently opposed the idea, but her son was able to push through. “Now they support me."

Yesterday, I went home to my parents' house for the first time since New Years, and they asked me, 'Gannosuke-san is back, but can you win? (laugh)." The original card was changed, and Gannosuke and Tanaka clashed in a six-man tag team.

As he said, "It's hard to fight with so many people I know, but once we get in the ring, we'll do what we always do."

Even though the match took place outside the ring in the back of the auditorium, the audience was watching only Tanaka. The crowd's calls for the wrestlers to fight were a local specialty. Shigeko, who sighs every time she sees the scars on her son's body that increase every time he goes home to his parents' house, does not look away and shouts with all her might even if her own child is fighting in front of her, even if he is covered in blood. However, her voice did not bring him victory.

Tanaka regretted not winning the triumphant match, but everyone flocked to see "Masato", who had returned as the ace of the show. Tanaka may not have been able to respond to his fans who flocked him in the aisle, but once the match was over...Tanaka reached out to touch everybody in the crowd's hand outside the ring perhaps because knows how they feel..

"Another scar has been carved on my son's body." His name might have changed from "Masato" to "Masato Tanaka", and I feel he has somehow gone into a different world, but I think Shigeko is still happy. (Suzuki)

FMW Match of the Day # 33 - October 22, 2023
Hayabusa vs. Mammoth Sasaki 10/22/01

There were those who wished for Hayabusa to win. There were those who wished for Mammoth to win. None of these wishes came true for the main event of the FMW Korakuen event on this day. In other words, there was no winner in the match between Hayabusa and Mammoth Sasaki, who was fought for the former president Arai's return as president. The incident occurred just after Hayabusa, who had survived the onslaught of Mammoth, began to fight back. After Hayabusa landed a Swan Rolling Senton on Mammoth, he jumped on the second rope to launch his usual moonsault follow-up. At the moment of the jump, however, Hayabusa's foot was seen stepping off the ropes with a thud.

The body of Hayabusa, lying on its back in the ring, did not even twitch. Perhaps Mammoth sensed something was wrong. He was clearly perplexed. Soon after, the referee called a stop the match (the ruling was later changed to "no contest"). Former president Arai, who was in the broadcasting booth, and the wrestlers jumped into the ring one after another to administer first aid to Hayabusa. A few moments later, former President Arai, with a microphone in his hand, reports that Hayabusa is clearly conscious. The audience is a little relieved. However, Hayabusa's body was still immobile, as if he had sustained a serious neck injury. What was heard afterward, however, was Hayabusa's voice. Despite not even being able to hold the microphone himself, this man spoke out to the fans who were worried about him.

"I'm really sorry. Maybe it will take me a little while to come back, but I want to come back. So please, don't abandon FMW that I loved with my life..." His tone was clear, although he became tearful in the latter half of his speech. Everyone stood up and watched the scene in the ring. From all over the hall you could prayerful voices rising up, shouting, "Hayabusa!"

The ambulance arrived and the ambulance carrying Hayabusa left Korakuen at 9:50 PM. At 11:03 PM, former President Arai held a press conference at the hospital where Hayabusa was admitted.

He is paralyzed in both the upper and lower body and he can't feel anything. He is currently wearing an oxygen mask and complains of neck pain. However, his consciousness is clear and there appears to be no brain damage, but we will have to wait for the results of a detailed examination to know more. This is all the information we have on the Hayabusa as of 12:20 AM on October 23rd (JST).

However, it is safe to say that at the very least, he will not be able to participate in the All Japan Budokan show in five days time.

On the contrary, it will be a very long time before he returns to the ring. For now, we have no choice but to believe what he said in the ring: "It may take some time, but I want to come back. I will never abandon FMW, which I loved and risked my life for."

So do your best, Hayabusa! Please be sure to come back!! (Suyama)

After Hayabusa was taken to the hospital, Mr. Arai decided that he was the only one who could represent Hayabusa's feelings, despite the delicate position, and said, ``I will follow him too.'' I feel responsible for that. However, although it may take some time, he himself has said that he would like to have a rematch with Mammoth one more time to settle the matter once and for all...''

However, in the middle of this, Kanemura suddenly appeared with Gannosuke and called out to Mammoth and President Yoshida, saying, "There are always accidents in wrestling. What do you mean, "Hayabusa did his best"? Don't be so overprotective. I don't care what you think, Mammoth won!" They objected to the result of the match.

However, President Yoshida approved the ruling on the condition that a rematch be held, and Mammoth said, "I'm satisfied with the result. I want to fight again. Tell Hayabusa that I'll be waiting for him." Both Mr. Arai and Kanemura seemed to resent each other.

Hayabusa vs. Mammoth Sasaki went to a No Contest (13:20)

FMW Match of the Day # 34 - October 23, 2023
Megumi Kudo vs. Noriyo Toyoda 8/4/90

The Outbreakers' "internal war" has finally come to an end with a final showdown in the FMW women's first-ever street fight match. Some may think it's too much to ask, but it is much better to end the bloody feud in one death match than to let it drag on and on, and the solution on the other side of the feud can be clearly seen. That solution is Kudo's departure. Kudo, who was effectively expelled from the Outbreakers after Toyoda attacked her, but she has not announced her intention to join the FMW women's organization. In other words, her position is in limbo. This means that there is a possibility that the two sides will recognize each other's strength through a street match, and then suddenly turn around and return to the Outbreakers, a major reversal of fortune. Toyoda, however, had no such naive feelings. Her and Amada, who had just come out of the hospital last night, beat up Kudo, who had suddenly attacked them with an out-of-place dive.

Kudo, however, was not to be outdone. In last week's issue, she declared, "I will give it a fight at Shiodome," and she was unfazed by fighting outside the ring. On the contrary, she cracked Toyoda's forehead, and even in the ring, she grabbed a weapon and smashed her with it. It was truly a "street fight!" Kudo also had her pitfalls. Toyoda was ready to fight her with her own "techniques." And she did it with Onita's special move, the Thunder Fire Powerbomb. Kudo sank to the mat after this unexpected move. As if their rampage wasn't enough, Amada and Toyoda attacked Miwa Sato with a combined piledriver outside the ring. As if to remind the two, the crowd, and herself, Kudo said slowly and bitingly, "From now on, I want to walk with FMW!"

"The answer was given. It was a complete parting of ways and the start of a new war between FMW Women and Outbreakers. I will do things my way even if I join FMW Women. I lost, but I'm happy to have bloodied Toyoda." (Kudo)

"If this happens, I'm going to send not only Kudo but all the FMW women to the hospital! (Toyoda)

The first act of the grudge match will be a street-fight tag match between Kudo and Sato versus Amada and Toyoda in a street fight tag match on August 25th! (Ichihase)

Noriyo Toyoda d. Megumi Kudo (10:31) in a Street Fight.

FMW Match of the Day # 35 - October 24, 2023
Sambo Asako vs. The Sheik 1/9/92

The Sheik has had more opportunities to compete in singles matches in this tour. Unlike tag-team matches, he is always on the mat, so there were doubts as to whether his stamina would last, but he makes up for it with his five-sided nail. He used the five-sided nail from start to finish, and he would sink his opponents before he had time to tire himself out.

"My opponent is an old man, if he has to move around, he's mine." Asako said, who had been boasting. But before he could move around in the ring, he was attacked at the entrance and had no chance. Sheik hit him in the forehead and won by pinfall in just 55 seconds. It was 11 seconds in tag, but this was the shortest time in a singles match.

However, seeing him go wild even after the match, I think Sheik has more stamina than we think. I would also like to see a long match for The Sheik once.

The Sheik d. Sambo Asako (0:55)

FMW Match of the Day # 36 - October 25, 2023
Atsushi Onita vs. Mitsuhiro Matsunaga 12/8/93

Three years have passed since Atsushi Onita started his career with the "return to his origins" barbed wire death match with Tarzan Goto. It was a year that set the course for the history and future of FMW. For two months, he wandered between life and death. Onita, who even had a near-death experience, realized the "truth" of death matches for the first time in his fourth year. Until then, the concept of death match had been "more intense and more cruel."

Onita himself did not even acknowledge this, and went the route of a "humanistic death match," but it was sad that the general public, wrestling fans notwithstanding, could only see it as the same thing.

However, after having come this far, if Onita lowered the grade of his "tricks," he would have been turned away by the fans with a "what the hell."
However, Onita dared to ask the fans, "How do you want to live?" He chose the simplest "no-rope barbed wire current bombing death match" as the last big event of the year in order to show his "way of life".

Indeed, considering the escalation of death matches in the world today, where the scale of the devices has escalated to a super-sized time bomb and some wrestlers have suffered full-body burns, the Harumi Dome, a venue unfamiliar to professional wrestling fans (this was the first time it was used). It doesn't have enough buzz or impact to draw an audience of more than 10,000 people. However, there is the added value of the event being the first and last indoor explosive death match.

And above all, the fact that his opponent was Mitsuhiro Matsunaga lurked in a mood more dangerous than any bomb. Although Matsunaga is also known as "Mr. Danger," he has never experienced an electric current bomb match.

"I'm not afraid. On the contrary, I am excited." This was evident in his entrance scene: he came out with only his body. No saber, no seconds. In addition, the "fangs" that had been his trademark since he first appeared in FMW were removed.

The only thing he wore under his karate gi was a "barbed wire leg pad" to compensate for his nearly punctured left knee, which he considered a "courtesy" in order to challenge Onita. Once, Akitoshi Saito (now Heisei Ishin Gundam), a colleague of Matsunaga's, went into a wire mesh bunkhouse match without anything, saying, "My fist is a deadly weapon."

My kicks are my true fangs! Onita was downed four times in a row at the beginning of the fight by Matsunaga's kicks, and he struggled unexpectedly with kicks that were more soulful than usual. Matsunaga, who was gaining momentum, used the "barbed wire electric current barricade" that was erected in the corner to catch Onita up even more. This barricade appeared for the first time in this event. It is wired in the same way as the barbed wires on all four sides, and when a wrestler crashes into it, the power is turned on and ten small bombs detonate simultaneously, naturally with an extraordinary capacity to kill.

Matsunaga shoved Onita into the barricade, and then kicked him with a series of big wheel kicks. He then picked Onita up in an avalanche hold, and slammed him into the barricade in an extremely dangerous move.

This is what he learned from his fights with Pogo and others, the secrets of the Matsunaga way of death matches. For Matsunaga, who had been burned on the head, hung in the air from the balcony, and dropped on a five-sided nail board, atrocity was a winning method.
That is not a mistake. In fact, it is a model solution. But to beat Onita, whose main objective was to "live," the only way was to really kill him. If there is enough insect life left in him, Onita will come back to his feet with his astonishing vitality....

Matsunaga, impatient with Onita's refusal to give in to two powerbombs in a row, forgot about the bomb right behind him and delivered an aided lariat. Onita ducked this and was hit in the face with a bomb! However, Matsunaga showed his unparalleled toughness from this point on.
He cleared two Thunder Fire Powerbombs in a row with a count of two! As expected, the broken bone in Matsunaga's right leg seemed to have not healed after all. Onita was on the verge of despair...but his determination to live never ceased. He crosses his arms with Matsunaga's and delivers a Thunder Fire Powerbomb!

Matsunaga was pinned to the mat in a completely unassailable position...even Mr. Danger could not withstand this dangerous angle. Onita poured buckets of water all over him, but he did not even twitch, and an ambulance was finally dispatched. Combined with the damage he sustained in the TFPB before the finish, he seemed to have suffered a serious neck injury, and it looked as if he would be sidelined for a long time.
However, Matsunaga had manned up well enough to catch up with Onita to this point without using any weapons at all. At this point, we hope that his left knee will be completely healed, and we look forward to a rematch with him in perfect form.

Terry, Pogo, and now Matsunaga. Onita has defeated his strongest opponents after a great struggle, and survived 1993 despite being battered and bruised. All that remained was a golden belt, more than 700 stitches, and a respect for life, but he was most happy and grateful for the intangible asset of his fans' support.

That is why he shouted. "As long as you guys are around, FMW will never die!" (Kojima)

FMW Brass Knuckles Heavyweight Championship Match: Atsushi Onita d. Mitsuhiro Matsunaga (17:32) in a No Ropes Exploding Barbed wire Explosive Corners Death Match to Defend the Title for the 2nd Time.

FMW Match of the Day # 37 - October 26, 2023
Hayabusa & Daisuke Ikeda & Ricky Fuji & Super Leather vs. Kodo Fuyuki & Koji Nakagawa & Yukihiro Kanemura & Tetsuhiro Kuroda 7/18/98

This month's tour was a bit irregular, with the opening two shows followed by about a week off. The plan was to have the foreign wrestlers return home after July 10th at Korakuen, and start the second half of the tour with only Japanese wrestlers on July 18th at Obama. So it looked like all the foreign wrestlers had gone home.

Suprisingly, the true identity of "X" prepared by the FMW regular army had been prepared as a hidden gem for the second half of the shows on the tour was actually Super Leather, who had just been expelled from TNR!!!

"If you're looking for Daisuke Ikeda and Leather, leave it to me!" Ricky Fuji is the one proudly announcing he brokered the deal to bring in Super Leather as X.

It is true that Leather is not obsessed with Hayabusa's double titles as Gladiator is, and his hatred for TNR is of the same quality as the regular FMW army.

Rather than leaving him within the bounds of the enemy, it would be better to bring Leather in as ally, and above all, it would be "badgering" the TNR, which had expelled Leather.

As expected, the TNR was flummoxed by Leather's entry into the regular FMW army. Finally, they lost a star. Leather's "retaliation" was a big miscalculation on the part of TNR, which had so far succeeded in replenishing its roster in near-perfect fashion.

The psychological damage must be immense. Incidentally, Leather fought with his bare face on this day. When you think about it, he had been sold as a baby face in his WWF days when he fought as Corporal Mike Kirchner, so the use of these two faces may be quite suitable for TNR.

So far, he has been able to express his joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure, grabbed the microphone and announced, "I'm going to crack their heads open!'' and shook hands with the fans crowding around the ringside.

It's a bit unbelievable, but this is the new reality. From today on, the bare-faced leather is the baby face!

"From now on, I will cooperate fully with FMW. First, let's get back all the belts that are in TNR's hands!" Leather shouted in the locker room.

Certainly, capturing the belts is a major theme for the regular FMW army. This is because if the "new FMW organization" starts as expected for the August tour, the group that holds the most belts will be able to handle everything from performance rights to matchmaking issues in an advantageous manner.

The FMW regular army's fierce counterattack from the brink began with the acquisition of Super "Free Agent" Leather. (Kojima)

Hayabusa & Daisuke Ikeda & Ricky Fuji & Super Leather d. Kodo Fuyuki & Koji Nakagawa & Yukihiro Kanemura & Tetsuhiro Kuroda when Leather pinned Kuroda (18:24)

FMW Match of the Day # 38 - October 27, 2023
H & Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Hisakatsu Oya & Ricky Fuji & Yoshinori Sasaki vs. Kodo Fuyuki & Mr. Gannosuke & Yukihiro Kanemura & Jado & Hido 8/27/99

Acrylic blue punkish long hair. A bandana is wrapped around his head and his arms are also fashionably decorated. His costume, which consists of white jeans cut only at the thighs, is, as he says, "kogal-style (utilizing your outfit as part of your style). The front is unbuttoned, and the under tights peek out in a glam-rock style. The overall image is one statelessness and of bisexuality. However, there is no decadent atmosphere, and it is Eiji Ezaki's "earth" that drives him.

The ring name, a single letter of the alphabet that evokes anonymity, is a symbol of a character that will undergo more and more changes in the future. The man's name is "H".

`Hayabusa will become something that cannot be surpassed. At that point, he will no longer exist."

Just before the last match, Ezaki said about the position prepared for him after Hayabusa. When you start something new, it is like fate that you will be compared before and after. In a sense, the image of Hayabusa expanded infinitely because he was a masked man. In contrast, in the case of showing his real face, the real image is transmitted directly.

Rather than competing between reality and legend, if he can appeal of the real image, Hayabusa will no longer be the subject of comparison. Ezaki must have been aware of that as well. While all eyes were on him, H entered the corner and slipped under him and hit him in the groin.

If this were Hayabusa, it would be disappointing, but if you consider that this is a man who once had an anal bombing match, it is also a life-size figure full of humanity.

I think this groove of feeling led to his shocking debut match, in which he suddenly eliminated all 5 members in a row against Fuyuki's team. As for his fighting style, he uses a lot of striking techniques such as kicks and palm strikes. Overnight, he got rid of the image of him flying.

In contrast to Hayabusa's elegant style, this one was more extreme in terms of visuals as well. What was most surprising was that four of the five moves he used for eliminations were with the exact same move.

This hold, an adaptation of the rock bottom move used by Hayabusa, was named "H Edge" by himself.

Furthermore, Gannosuke, who had stolen Hayabusa's mask and torn his costume to shreds, had an even more gruesome revenge waiting for him. A swan dive missile kick to the right knee sent him sprawling to the bottom of the ring, rendering him unable to fight and forcing the referee to stop for his elimination.

"I have to give him a warning with that kick and now he's in a lot of pain. He was talking so much saying "Hayabusa Hayabusa" that I think he's more obsessed with it than I am." (H)

As announced at the press conference, the medical report received from the office on August 30th stated that Gannosuke had sustained a right knee lateral collateral ligament injury and would be out of action for two weeks. He will miss the rest of the tour.

On top of that, H also got a pinfall on Fuyuki in the end. The rushing emotions created a unique sense of speed, and the audience also rode along with it, creating a wonderful sense of unity. Before I knew it, the audience naturally flocked to ringside, as if H had always been a hero. The same scene as the Hayabusa. But no one calls that name. In the minds of the fans, the passing of the baton from Hayabusa to H seemed to happen smoothly. The illusion of Hayabusa disappeared overnight. Now it's Eiji Ezaki's emotions, from now on, feel free H to do as much as you want! (Suzuki)

H & Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Hisakatsu Oya & Ricky Fuji & Yoshinori Sasaki d. Kodo Fuyuki & Mr. Gannosuke & Yukihiro Kanemura & Jado & Hido in a Single Elimination Match.
Jado eliminated Ricky Fuji (10:18)
H eliminated Jado (11:09)
Hido eliminated Yoshinori Sasaki (13:01)
H eliminated Hido (14:45)
H eliminated Yukihiro Kanemura (16:32)
H eliminated Mr. Gannosuke via KO (17:12)
H eliminated Kodo Fuyuki (19:07)

FMW Match of the Day # 39 - October 28, 2023
H vs. Mr. Gannosuke vs. Tetsuhiro Kuroda 5/28/00

Fuyuki's "FMW reorganization plan" was steadily progressing behind the scenes, as if the internal problems reported on page 17 were a cover-up.

Even those of us on site were mystified until President Arai explained the process backstage, and those who did not hear the explanation must have gone home without understanding.

This aggressive rearrangement of the layout reminds me of the Yokohama Bunka Gym in May of last year. It is Fuyuki's way to make a major change if necessary, even if it means disregarding consistency.

Therefore, in order to follow up on that, President Arai should have told the audience in the ring the details of what he revealed to the media. The way it was perceived was completely different depending on whether it was present or not. Of course, one way is to leave the mystery behind and say "to be continued," but I think it was necessary in that particular scene.

Anyway, let's clear out the traffic by looking back at the main event and its aftermath, which was a big mess. In the 3-way dance to determine the challenger, which was pushed by Fuyuki, Gannosuke was acting strange from the beginning. Fuyuki was somewhat lukewarm in his refereeing of Gannosuke. On the contrary, he was more strict than necessary with Kuroda and H. If this had been a normal match, it would have been obvious right away, but in a 3 Way Dance, it was natural for anyone to launch a double team combined attack with anyone else and who will attack whom, so it was hard to grasp what Gannosuke's intentions were.

He was not moving as much as possible due to his injured leg. In other words, it is a situation where H and Kuroda are mostly fighting. Gannosuke's intentions were clear right after H had defeated Kuroda. He hit H with his crutch just after Kuroda disappeared, and Fuyuki joined in with a lariat. Fuyuki then help Gannosuke cover H and Gannosuke got the three count.

"What am I to you?" (Gannosuke)

Gannosuke's true feelings finally erupted at the Shibuya Ward show in April.

It was easy to imagine him blurting out the reality of not being able to leave behind anything tangible while overcoming his hatred and reuniting with his friends from college.

But didn't he shake hands with H that time too? Didn't he realize that it was the hardest thing for him to hear those words from Gannosuke? Kyushu Express Version 2 of H & Gannosuke is a precious tag team that took an extremely long time to realize.

Why on earth would he choose Fuyuki's team over H? The H and Gannosuke team disappeared as if being pushed away by the flow in the ring.

And what's more, an even more unbelievable sight was in front of me.

"The referee's ruling is absolute. What are you talking about? Why don't you be more of a man? It's disgusting! Let's be clear, nobody here thinks you're a superstar, nobody thinks you're the ace of FMW, not one bit!" was President Arai's words to H, who was protesting the unreasonable decision, were as hateful as Fuyuki's.

Certainly, it is unacceptable for an individual to do as he pleases as a member of the company.

I can't believe Arai is teaming up with Fuyuki, after he had suffered the great humiliation of being punished by being urinated on.

President Arai continued, "Let me make one thing clear. I have been patiently putting up with it for a long time, but I hate people like you who think that everything will go their way more than anything else in the world!"

Hosaka is holding back H, who is about to jump at him. And beside Fuyuki, besides Gannosuke and President Arai, there is Nakagawa with his painted face covered. Fuyuki called Nakagawa "GOEMON" and said he would give H another chance to challenge him on June 16th at Korakuen. However, the card was also outrageous.

"It will be GOEMON and me. Your partner will be....Hayabusa!"

For a moment, I thought, "This isn't a dream," but in essence, he was asking H to be two people by himself.

This was practically a handicap match. After Fuyuki, even President Arai jumped at H, and things in the ring became chaotic.

For a while, it was hard to tell who was on which side, but I could see young Sasaki grabbing onto Kuroda and Oya. According to President Arai, this means that Hosaka and Sasaki have joined Fuyuki's Army.

"I had a lot of conversations with Fuyuki in the US. Up until now, I had been siding with H, but I realized that only Fuyuki could lead FMW and Entertainment Wrestling. We had many fights, but I thought he was an amazing person who was worth working with, even if we had to put all that behind us. Now that I understand this clearly, I want to work with Mr. Fuyuki to create entertainment pro-wrestling. When it comes to H, I won't do something as simple as asking him to stop, but I will make him realize for himself how wrong his selfish actions are. To be honest, I want to to tear H's pride to shreds." (Arai)

(Regarding Hosaka & Sasaki) Basically, we are on equal footing. People who follow FMW are people who follow themselves. This is the regular army.'' In other words, Kuroda, Oya, Ichihara, and others who joined H were suddenly labeled as rebels. In particular, President Arai was so angry at Ricky, who had attacked him during the brawl, that he made an outrageous condition the next day: "I

The tag team of Hayabusa and H is a dream tag team. In the end, it may be a handicap, but there is no way Hayabusa and H will lose when they team up. I realized once again that Arai is a person who will do whatever is convenient for himself. At this point, H did not e ven know that Ricky's fate is at stake. Once again, Fuyuki's aggressive policies are proving to be a disaster. (Suzuki)

Mr. Gannosuke d. H & Tetsuhiro Kuroda in a Three Way Dance with Kodo Fuyuki as the Special Referee.
H eliminated Tetsuhiro Kuroda (15:25)
Mr. Gannosuke eliminated H (15:37)

FMW Match of the Day # 40 - October 29, 2023
H vs. Hayabusa 10/29/99

This was the seventh time that FMW, which has been under Fuyuki's regime since the May 5th Yokohama Bunka Gym event, held a show at Korakuen. During that time, everything they have done has been met with a whirlwind of controversy. To be honest, even the media has not taken a clear stance on the current direction of the organization. This is because never before have we been shown such an extreme course.

This seems to be true for everyone except this magazine, but let's not draw any conclusions right now about good or bad, right or wrong. All depends on what will happen at the Yokohama Arena on November 23rd - that is our attitude at this point. The unsettling ending, the participation of amateurs, the urinating can blame them as much as you want. However, even though it may look like a mess, the direction of the organization is actually a straight line, and once the goal of November 23rd Yokohama is set, that is the only place the results will come.

If the fans recognize Fuyuki at Yokohama, it will mean that what he has done in the past six months was right. If the fans do not accept him, they will give up on him and the organization will suffer serious damage. He is prepared to go that far in this line of work.

There is no point in putting out the word. Those who enjoy it should enjoy it, and those who are angry should be angry. However, it is only a process toward the goal. Of course, it is the fans who will be the judges in the FMW November 23rd Yokohama trial, right or wrong, but based on that premise, I intend to present a conclusion as a Weekly Professional. As mentioned above, with less than a month to go until the Yokohama Arena, FMW has become even more confused. To put it plainly, the situation is a parade of "to be continued".

First of all, the first match, an anal bombing match, was suddenly a no-contest.

It was all good at first as H got got the crowd on board with with a lively microphone speech and confessed his feelings about Hayabusa. Even something as ridiculous as anal explosion has meaning if it conveys a message to return to the feelings of those days. I had the impression that the match was filled with expectations that he would be able to produce something different from the original Hayabusa vs. Mr. Gannosuke, let alone Eiji Ezaki and Masashi Honda.

his was probably due to the fact that "H" had established a "H-ness" of his own. But now that Hayabusa has lost the meaning of his existence, he is not in the mental state to respond to such a call. As if to destroy the past that H brought up, he thrusts a firework into his anus and it ignites. I felt that this act symbolized the current FMW, from which there is no turning back now.

Naturally, the audience was disappointed with the lack of resolution. However, the "wanted" anal bombing scene was indeed seen. This is the part where I think FMW is really crossing a dangerous bridge at the very last minute. Even in Sapporo, Hayabusa's last match was still a success, despite the messed-up ending. I guess this is what FMW stands for now, providing the fans with what they paid for with their ticket money. The question is whether the audience will interpret it as such. The viewer evaluates from a total point of view. This subtle difference between the two may be the reason for the controversy.

Anyway, H, who had his anus popped, went to the locker room screaming like a wild animal. Meanwhile, Hayabusa acted inexplicably, appearing in the ring where President Arai was standing to greet him. Fuyuki, who had denied it no matter how awkward things got with Hayabusa in the ring, said, "This is not a quarrel between us," but then he suddenly changed his mind and announced his expulsion from TNR. The two immediately fell out of harmony.

In addition, Hayabusa jumped into the ring after the main event. He threw a huge metallic trash can and hit it with a steel rod, saying, "Who am I?" and in a state of complete delirium.

In response, fans called out the name "Gannosuke" repeatedly. This again shook Hayabusa's ego. Then H came out. From this point on, things were already going to be a mess. The two endlessly beat each other up, attacking everything in sight, and President Arai, Announcer Nakamura, the TV cameras, the media, and the broadcast staff were caught up in the fray one after the other. The situation was so out of control that guards were finally dispatched to subdue the two.

Finally, the mayhem was over, but the audience would not leave. In the end, President Arai bowed his head, saying he would take full responsibility, and the night of chaos was finally over. Once again, the Korakuen event was a whirlwind of controversy... I would like to say one last thing. Anyone who has felt any kind of emotion, whether anger or joy, toward FMW in the past six months should come to the Yokohama Arena. I believe this will be the first and last time you will be able to be involved in this kind of wrestling. November 23rd in Yokohama appears to be the trial for FMW.

H vs. Hayabusa went to a No Contest (9:32) in a Anus Exploding Match.

FMW Match of the Day # 41 - October 30, 2023
Combat Toyoda vs. Megumi Kudo 3/28/91

Recently, the popularity of Kudo's photo wish list has been declining a bit. Every week, this magazine gives away a photo of your choice from the issue of the magazine to 20 people who correctly answer the "New 5 Mistakes" question. However, the popularity of Kudome in the fall and winter months was outstanding. I wondered why... but I did not think that the popularity of Kudome herself was declining. This means that the problem may lie in the recent photos that have appeared in the magazine. Looking back, ever since his loss to Toyoda at the Sapporo Tsukisamu show last December 5th, Kudo has always had a sense of sadness in his heart.

Even if there was a picture of her smiling, I couldn't believe that it was an honest expression from the bottom of her heart. Do you want to see Kudome's distressed face? "Kudome fans are looking forward to seeing a beaming smile like the one she had just after pinning Toyoda in the street tag match at Korakuen on August 25th of last year." Kudo was highly praised. The shot that captured this scene was the memorable one that made Kudo the number one most popular photo of the week for the first time.

Kudo has been under a lot of pressure in the war with Toyoda that has been going on since January. No matter what she did, she could not win, and even though they were in the same class, Toyoda's wall was thick....

It was natural for Kudo to be worried. But Kudo won. The crowd at FMW's Korakuen venue was noticeably younger than the previous event on February 27th, but even so, the eyes watching the match were very strict. Not a single whispered comment could be heard. Everyone was watching the match between the two wrestlers in the ring. For the two wrestlers, this is the toughest ring of all. When Kudo won at Korakuen Hall, the fans were united as one. The moment they finished counting the three count together, they raised their right fists in the air and struck a gut-punching pose. The crowd was happy, rocking their bodies up and down wildly. It had been a tough few months for Kudo, but it had been a tough few months for the fans too. And Kudo overcame it.

This experience will surely come in handy in Kudo's future fights. There is one more thing I don't want you to forget. Kudo wanted to wrestle, so she left her career as a day-care center mother and came back to the ring. It is because she has a dream in the ring. It must be because fighting is fun. For a while to come, I want to see Megumi Kudo enjoying the ring. I want to support Megumi Kudo as much as I can, shining brightly and full of confidence. I believe this is the common wish of all fans. Congratulations on winning the title! (Anzai)

WWA Women's Championship Match: Megumi Kudo d. Combat Toyoda (13:01) to become the NEW WWA Women's Champion.

FMW Match of the Day # 42 - October 31, 2023
Darkside Hayabusa vs. Koji Nakagawa 8/22/98

Why did they only let in a very small audience of people when a premium Hayabusa was about to make an appearance? In other words, the match on that day was a completely TV-driven "program." Since it was not a show, the audience in this case should be the performers who make up the program. It was the same as clapping and laughing at the director's cue in variety shows, but it was more like watching a regular show, because you could enjoy yourself without being a wrestling fan.

Once the match started, people were shouting and applauding to their heart's content. That is what makes a show work. If I had to assume an audience, it would be the unspecified number of viewers on the other side of the television set, and that is what a studio match is all about. Everything is designed for the fans to watch on PPV at a later date, not for the three people in the room. Studio matches in the U.S. are basically a prologue to the main program. If you watch the program with that understanding in mind, you will be able to enjoy it.

However, Japanese fans do not like this "trailer". They pay for it and are not thrilled to just be shown a TV show. How would wrestling be accepted if it was just made into a TV program?

For FMW, which has launched entertainment wrestling, this was a subject to be experimented with. The conclusion is that the essence of such studio matches has not yet penetrated the Japanese fan base. To be continued...

One fact remained: the booing that occurred at the conclusion of the the rumored Darkside Hayabusa dominated Nakagawa in a diabolical fight. By all accounts, the victory was unassailable. But just as he was about to finish, a man dressed in white appeared in front of him and held his hands together. His face was obscured by a hat. Was it suppose to be Shinzaki? Hayabusa, who had abandoned all reason and entered into a diabolical mode, came to his senses for a moment. Nakagawa did not miss that moment. What is it? While we were wondering, the studio went dark. In the darkness, a flash of light caught the praying powerbomb that the mysterious man had unleashed on Hayabusa... By the time the lights came on, he had already disappeared, and Nakagawa, who was still breathing, was on top of him for the three-count.

It was a different Shinzaki because on this day because he was competing in Michinoku Pro's Tsuruoka show. The audience also mentioned the name of Gannosuke, who said he would be away from the ring while training to come back. In any case, Hayabusa lost the match while becoming the dark side vurgeon. The program ended with "Well, what will happen now?"

That's fine. However, the casual fans who were there were only watching it in the normal sense, so they said, "Eh!" Only a few of them got up from their seats muttering, "This is how studio matches are supposed to be." Perhaps those who watched the show through television would enjoy it to a certain extent.

Even the same thing can be received in different ways. If there is another factor, it is that I am disappointed that Hayabusa's methods did not exceed my expectations. In any case, this character's fantasy was inflated. Partly because his last heel look was so amazing, His heel persona from previous years was so great that Hayabusa had already begun to walk by himself as an outrageous monster.

Darkside Hayabusa was neither Hayabusa nor Eiji Ezaki as he exposed the dark side of himself without warning. Indeed, the fight was different from that of the righteous Hayabusa. However, the attacks with a fork and a table were not enough for him to express his maximum anger.

Last time in his match against Hido, his opponent brought in a barbed wire bat and Hayabusa took it from him and was able to use it as a weapon on him. Also, outside fighting was possible without restrictions, which is why it was such a great battle. Compared to that, this time the wrestlers must have felt cramped inside the studio, fighting in a cage. Even in such a situation, he unleashed his mist and showed that there is poison in Hayabusa, but if the ending is like this, the impact of the match will disappear. Darkside Hayabusa, having lost his grip on his madness, wandered out of the cage.

A quick look in the dictionary reveals that the word "dark" means not only "dark" but also "inexplicable". What awaited the dark side of Hayabusa was a dark ending... I can't say, since it all depends on his inner feelings, but if possible, I would like him to show his true potential once again outside of the cage. If people watch the show on TV and are interested in what happens next, it will be a success for a Studio Match. However, as long as they continue their entertainment line, there is a possibility that the feelings of the casual fans may become even greater and explode at a regular show. To satisfy two audiences at the same time, the audience at the venue and the TV audience... FMW is facing a more difficult problem than we thought. Now, let's all use our brains and think about it. (Suzuki)

Koji Nakagawa d. Darkside Hayabusa (21:10)

FMW Match of the Day # 43 - November 1, 2023
The Gladiator vs. Big Titan 9/7/94

Team Canada, which was a threat to FMW when it was formed, has since been completely diminished by the arrival of a string of newcomers. Now, they rarely, if ever, appear in the main event. Because of this state of affairs, when Titan, after suffering back-to-back losses to Gladiator at Osaka Castle, announced that he would disband Team Canada if they lost again, it was not taken as a matter of importance. Even if the Canadian team disappears, the current fighting pattern will not change much...that is how the fans see it.

Whether Ricky or Titan, it would be easier for them to get into the main event and be more competitive if they were to disband and become part of the Pogo organization. It is not surprising that their feelings would unconsciously lean in that direction, even though the survival of the Canadian Forces is at stake.

However, the two were deeply attached to Team Canada: "I didn't care if I died today or not, I was desperate to protect Team Canada. I got this victory because Team Canada gave me the power." Titan said and hugged Ricky after reversing the Awesome Bomb and conversely succeeding in getting a three-count with his Titan Bomb, despite the same development as in the previous two rounds. At the hotel, he even gave Ricky a kick mitt and gave him some karate training. The Gladiator, who ran to Pogo's Army because of a split in his group, had no attachment to Team Canada, but Titan did. In the end, the size of what he was carrying made the difference between victory and defeat. (Kojima)

Big Titan d. The Gladiator (11:46)

FMW Match of the Day # 44 - November 2, 2023
W*ING Kanemura & Hido & Hideki Hosaka vs. Super Leather & Shoji Nakamaki & Crypt Keeper 4/21/96

Around this time last year, there was a term that came up every week in the FMW match reports. The "May 6th Generation" was the general term for the young generation that would play a central role in FMW after Atsushi Onita's retirement on May 5th. May 6th will surely come again this year. Depending on the outcome of the explosion match, we do not know what will happen to Hayabusa, and Matsunaga will also disappear, albeit temporarily. Tanaka and Kanemura, who are left behind, are this year's "May 6th Generation," in other words, the ones who participated in the Young League Tournament. Even if they overcome Kawasaki Stadium, the fight to protect the Indies will go on forever, and the May 6th and later generations have such an important meaning. That is why Kanemura shouted. "I will never let W*ING be destroyed!!!"

Just as Niiyama and Gannosuke, and others had done a year ago in place of Atsushi Onita, who was about to retire, he vowed aloud to the fans. Of course, there is a difference between FMW and W*ING, but it goes without saying that that they are both labeled as "indie".

Kanemura's words were convincing because of his solid win over IWA Puerto Rico, which had been running alone. The entire audience exploded as he got the three-count on the Crypt Keeper, who had came in confidently, so the whole venue exploded for the pinfall.

For the first time since FMW was formed, this six-man tag team did not include any FMW regulars, and all of the members were men who had grown up in W*ING. So to speak, this is also a "W*ING WORLD," but no matter how you look at it, the atmosphere is not the same as it was back then. Well, maybe this is the new W*ING itself... and you can taste something hot. Until now, I had only thought that these things were the elements of the new FMW, but when I took a look at them, I realized that.

After avenging IWA Puerto Rico's defeat, they returned home elated, but there were only three of them there. Although they didn't say it out loud, everyone there felt a sense of loneliness. But it was not the number of people. If you're going to call yourselves W*ING, keep calling yourselves W*ING for the rest of your lives," Onita said as he entered the ring before the main event, sensing the gazes of Kanemura and the others staring at him from the entrance aisle. I understand. That is why Kanemura had the five characters of "W*ING" inscribed on his name. W*ING is the spirit itself, and as long as it lives on in each and every one of the wrestlers, it will never disappear.

Last year at Kawasaki Stadium, Niiyama & Tanaka showed us what they were like for May 6th against Gladiator & Boulder. This time, if we were to expect who it will be, it will be Kanemura and his team! (Suzuki)

W*ING Kanemura & Hido & Hideki Hosaka d. Super Leather & Shoji Nakamaki & Crypt Keeper when Kanemura pinned Keeper (10:57) in a Street Fight.

FMW Match of the Day # 45 - November 3, 2023
Mitsuhiro Matsunaga vs. W*ING Kanemura 8/31/95

When I heard that Matsunaga vs. Kanemura was their first duel, I was surprised (they had fought twice in a tag team match). This is because in the past, W*ING had a history of internal divisions, gatherings, and disbanding, and this was a history of struggle. For example, Pogo, Matsunaga, and Leather have all fought or teamed up before (though Matsunaga and Leather were the first to join forces in the new FMW ring).

Despite all this, Kanemura has never been Matsunaga's opponent. Ever since Matsunaga was a member of Seishin Kaikan, Kanemura has looked up to him as his "big brother", and once Matsunaga became W*ING's ace, he always stood in the front and supported him. The two of them once separated, but their bond remained the same. Normally, if they had such a strong connection, they wouldn't be able to hurt each other, but the two of them have something in common: the "W*ING spirit."

They are bonded because they have come this far without abandoning each other. A death match without a grudge is nothing but futile. However, with Matsunaga and Kanemura, they should be able to create something new without letting it end in vain. What they found was a "freshness" that bore no resemblance to a death match.

First of all, the two were engaged in a respectable "competition." Instead of just crushing their opponents, they would do something even more impressive to beat their opponent. In this match, the barbed wire bat and the board were the "techniques" to achieve this. In the first half, Kanemura attacked his right arm, which had been burned in the fire death match against Pogo two days earlier, without hesitation. He seemed to press it with a bat in his hand (a "flying bat" instead of a flying headbutt), and then performed a W*ING-style submission following Matsunaga's August 25th Korakuen match.

In response, Matsunaga countered with a guillotine-style ace crusher on a barbed wire bat and the barbed wire bat sleeper. As the match progressed, the target escalated to a barbed wire board. Kanemura, not afraid of being cut, laid Matsunaga on the board and went for a moonsault press. As expected, he himself ended up jumping into the sea of barbed wire, but his boldness did not diminish, and he tried an even more unprecedented attack. That was the "diving bat" as described I wrote about in the beginning.

In this match format, it would not be surprising if Kanemura, the younger brother had won, but Matsunaga was on the same playing field. He literally "threw Kanemura to his death," by tossing Kanemura into the boards from the corner, then he used a brainbuster on a board hanging on to two chairs! Kanemura did a great job, but Matsunaga finally got his revenge with a Danger Bomb that sent Kanemura into the barbed wire board.

He then immediately threw the W*ING towel on his brother. The two men looked like athletes, even though they had fought and bled and hurt each other in a death match. "Hayabusa! Even if you're a friend, W*ING is willing to go this far!" Kanemura shouted into the microphone, and the hall was field with "W*ING" chants.

The two men holding up W*ING towels in the midst of the crowd...there was none of the misery that comes with a death match. Matsunaga and Kanemura twisted their faces, showing their backs that were like tatami mats. They were in so much pain, but when they looked at each other eye to eye, it turned into a smile. It was because they had competed with each other and showed their W*ING spirit.

"I would not say that Matsunaga-san has become stronger, but he still has a long way to go. I think I have to fight a death match with Matsunaga-san at a bigger venue. I will do my best so that the next time I fight him, I can fight him in the main event after Hayabusa." (Kanemura)

A refreshing death match. A very intense death match. The bond between Matsunaga and Kanemura created a new style. In other words, it is a form of evolution of the W*ING style. In the past, no matter how great something you did, you would only be as popular as a cult, but now everyone recognizes you. When I see an inchworm, I think of it as having the W*ING spirit. So, after surviving three straight midsummer death matches with two wins and one loss, with Matsunaga going into the Leather match. (Suzuki)

FMW Grand Slam Brass Knuckles Championship Round Robin Tournament Match: Mitsuhiro Matsunaga (6) d. W*ING Kanemura (0) (11:13) in a Scramble Bunkhouse Death Match.

FMW Match of the Day # 46 - November 4, 2023
Mitsuhiro Matsunaga vs. Super Leather 9/5/95

"This is no joke!'' one of the young members of FMW, who has seen numerous death match matches, said while staring at the five-inch nail board that had been set up.

The tips of the nails protruding from the thin plywood were sharper and more pointed than ever before. For a while, the five-sided nail death match had become so wildly popular that it had almost lost its mystique, but on this particular day, just looking at it sent a shiver down my spine. In fact, this is what Matsunaga wanted to emphasize the most. As a man who put his life on the line in the five-sided nail death match, he could not stand to see it become an everyday scene, and moreover, he was not Mr. Danger who would remain silent when the death match itself was criticized. It is true that the death match was the best way to settle the score with Leather, but he offered it because he had a greater awareness of his "enemy." beyond that.

Matsunaga entered with a somewhat different atmosphere from the past two five-sided spiked nail matches. Leather, on the other hand, entered as usual, roaring a chainsaw from the darkness. Matsunaga was surrounded by boards, so he could not escape from the ring, and the match started as it was. Leather already sent Matsunaga to the apron with a lariat against the ropes and tried to drop him, but was stopped by Referee, who told him that the new rule was that he could only be dropped down after a three-count. This prevents it from being a mere "drop." So what took center stage in the ring...the five-sided nail brush! 'I'll give you a taste of hell before you fall down into it, uggghhhh!"

Leather pulled him out from under the ring and beat Matsunaga with it. With little fight back, Leather secured it under his leg and guillotined him for the three count, then lifted him up in a Canadian backbreaker and threw him off the ropes...or was he just going to throw him under the ring? Matsunaga pinch! However, he landed well backward and was pinned with an inverted pinfall. Not only did he get the right to drop him down, but he also hit him with a five-inch brush that Leather had been holding out. He tore off his shirt and swung it down directly onto the ground. This doubled the damage when he dropped it. Leather was now wearing no clothes and a necktie, making him look like a drifter, but this was not the time to worry about that.

In fact, he was about to be dropped by Matsunaga, with a five-sided nail looming a few dozen seconds below his head. He stepped on the rope with one of his right legs and kicked with the other leg to escape, but a follow-up kick soon blew him to the apron, and he almost fell down.

Leather's desperate attack turned this disadvantageous situation around. First, he used a stun gun to counter Matsunaga's lunge, and when he fell on the apron, he slid into the corner. From there, he dived. Even if he had dodged the attack, or even if he had dropped his opponent, there was still the danger that they would have become "the same body."

And when he stomped on it, he ran on the narrow apron and tried a lariat... Leather is as daredevil as Matsunaga, and this too was cut off by a shoulder thrust, but he was lucky to get inside the ring without being dropped down. He kicked Matsunaga in the face, and when he saw that he was still not going to fall, he threw himself into a tackle, and the ropes mercilessly left Matsunaga's hands, and his body rolled off the apron.

"Argggggh!!!" Until now, I had only felt the shock of the "falling," but this time I clearly felt the sting of the nail. This was because Matsunaga was on the five-sided nail board, motionless, or rather, unable to move, like a specimen insect. With the nails stuck so deeply into him, there was nothing Kanemura and his team could do, and when they tried to "pull them out," Matsunaga again let out a wail of lamentation. I looked at .....! His back was covered with holes and stained red.

They say that the back is a man's life...and yet, Matsunaga's was both disastrous to look at and more than adequate in terms of appealing to reality. Even the nagging outsiders would have to be silenced by this. But if truth be told, that's what Matsunaga was going for by making Leather's back do that. In his quest to become the death match king, this defeat hurts more than a hole in his back. From what I hear, there is a plan to seal the five-sided nail match to protect its mystique, but if that is the case, what kind of death match does Matsunaga plan to use to get revenge on Leather...? (Suzuki)

FMW Grand Slam Brass Knuckles Championship Round Robin Tournament Match: Super Leather (6) d. Mitsuhiro Matsunaga (6) (15:04) via KO in a Spiked Nail Death Match.

FMW Match of the Day # 47 - November 5, 2023
Mitsuhiro Matsunaga vs. Horace Boulder 9/26/95

In the dimly lit arena, Matsunaga's theme song was blaring down from the speakers. Boulder, barbed wire bat in hand, had already entered the ring. He was waiting for his opponent to enter the ring. Then, a strange creature came running toward the ring from the back of the entrance aisle. If you look closely, it has the shape of a human being, but its body is covered with spikes here and there. The moment the spectators saw the creature, the hall was filled with loud and surprised shouts. It was truly a human hedgehog. Was it not Mitsuhiro Matsunaga dressed in a "barbed wire suit"? He even had a barbed wire hachimaki wrapped around his head. The moment the audience saw the figure of the creature, the hall was filled with loud and surprised voices.

As soon as he stepped into the ring, Matsunaga, whose entire body had been transformed into a deadly weapon, lunged at Boulder as if it were a weapon. Even a mere body-hold can do damage to an opponent. But, of course, just a plain passive stance would have carved wounds into his own body as well. Sure enough, when Matsunaga returned to locker room, his back was again covered with bloody holes. Despite such risks, Matsunaga boldly attacked Boulder. The match proceeded at Matsunaga's pace. However, the situation suddenly changed. After hitting Boulder with a deadly live blow onto a barbed wire bat, Matsunaga immediately went for the W*ING style scorpion clasp.

At this point, someone unexpected for Matsunaga and the rest of the W*ING alliance intervened. "Bad Boy" Hido, who had a chair in his hand, hit Matsunaga, the ace of his own group, in the brain with a boom. With this, the control of the match quickly passed to Boulder's side. Matsunaga, betrayed by his own people, sank to the mat before Boulder's Axe Bomber hit him squarely in the face. At the September 24th Takeshiba event Matsunaga challenged Hayabusa to a match with his wrestling style, and although he lost, they hugged each other in the ring, praising each other's good fight. Also on the same day, Matsunaga and Hayabusa had a heart-to-heart talk through their fight. The two men will form their first tag team with the aim of bringing back the missing Mr. Pogo, creating a series of fresh scenes that transcended the boundaries between FMW and W*ING. It was atrocious that one person turned his back on these scenes that were unique to the new FMW.

For Hido, the clean situation of shaking hands and tagging with FMW wrestlers is completely out of character for W*ING. Now there is a big gap between the direction of W*ING as a group and what W*ING is in Hido's mind. Hido said goodbye to Matsunaga and the W*ING alliance in the roughest way possible, by barricading himself in. After the match, Hido officially joined Lethal Weapon. Bad Boy wanted to be a bad boy, even if he had to give up the W*ING name. (Kazumasa Fujimoto)

Horace Boulder d. Mitsuhiro Matsunaga (9:25) in a Street Fight Weapons Death Match.

FMW Match of the Day # 48 - November 6, 2023
Megumi Kudo vs. Yumiko Hotta 5/5/94

She's swaying in the wind. After the match, Kudo, who was holding a board with 300,000 yen (gift certificate) as the winner's prize, was nearly knocked over by the strong wind.

To be honest, this scene is more memorable than the match itself. It was a scene that truly symbolized this title match. The wind on that day was a complete headwind for Kudo and Hotta. Kudo was probably inclined to resent the wind, as she said, "My bangs were in my face because of the wind, and my vision was severely restricted."

No way she could have cut his hair for this match. To Kudo's credit, she was not negligent in her efforts.

"Considering the large venue of Kawasaki Stadium, I was thinking of adding a little twist to my usual fighting style. Even if I did detailed moves, the audience at a distance would not be able to understand them. That's why I tried to give each move more weight."

As far as the moves are concerned, she decided, "Let's go big, slow, and accurate," and she put it into action. This may be the reason why the exchange of moves seemed to be at a slow pace in the second half. "I didn't consciously lose speed." The large number of attacks using the second and top corners of the corner posts was probably due to the size of the venue.

However, I can't help but feel that such ingenuity backfired. This is why open competition venues are so difficult. I don't know what the cause is, but it must have something to do with the open environment, where the ring and the sky are connected without any separation.

Had this match been played at an indoor venue, even if the same development had taken place, our impressions would have been different. That is how much of a difference there is between sunlight and the "look" of a spotlight.

Kudo's goal is "to continue to defend her title until the audience has the impression that the WWA World Women's and Independent World Women's Champion = Megumi Kudo. To achieve this goal, Kudo does not want to stop where she is. I hope that she will become even more greedy and show the wrestling of the queen that only Kudome can do in her next defense. (Dana)

FMW Independent & WWA Women's Championship Match: Megumi Kudo d. Yumiko Hotta (16:48) to Defend the Titles for the 1st Time.

FMW Match of the Day # 49 - November 7, 2023
The Shooter & Eiji Ezaki vs. Chris Jericho & Lance Storm 10/11/91

FMW, which has been fulfilling its role as an independent by discovering a succession of unknown, quality outsiders, has brought another "bargain" to the ring. Flying in from the CIWF in Calgary, Canada.

Sudden Impact is a tag team that flew in from the United States. Both Chris Jericho and Lance T. Storm are in their early twenties, but their well-matched combination play and spectacular leaping ability are definitely first-class. They are also very professional in their entrance scenes, such as when they climbed up to the opposite corners and simultaneously did backflips to land in the ring, and when they used their entire bodies to show their dynamic movements.

Jericho, in particular, is a fighter with a Japanese flair, as evidenced by his Muto-esque corner elbow and throwaway front suplex. Many of the gaijin who come to FMW are rough bouts like the Gladiator Brothers, but these two are more aggressive, so there are no hard feelings between them. The two are not afraid to play it straight, so there will be no hard feelings. Rather than forcing them into a melee, it is the duty of the organization to provide them with opportunities to demonstrate their strengths and to nurture them. I hope they will be invited to participate in the tag team tournament at the end of the year.

Chris Jericho & Lance Storm d. The Shooter & Eiji Ezaki when Storm pinned Ezaki (12:42)

FMW Match of the Day # 50 - November 8, 2023
Hayabusa vs. Sabu 8/28/94

The impact Hayabusa made at the "SUPER J-CUP" changed his situation drastically. Rumor after rumor, he quickly became the center of attention. Although it has only been three years since his debut, he is already considered a big name in the sport. He is participating in a big match, and his opponent is now the king of the U.S. indie world, Sabu. A situation like this does not seem out of place for Hayabusa. However, no matter how much the character of Ezaki Hayabusa is upgraded, the real Eiji Ezaki is still a developing man. When I spoke to him again after four months, he seemed to be troubled by the gap between the two.

At the Ryogoku event, the fans were expecting to see how well he would fight Liger, but this time, the fans were expecting to see what kind of match he would show them, so I felt a different pressure. The crowd was excited when he performed his signature aerial attack, but the rest of the time, it was eerily quiet. Not a single word was heard from the audience. It was an odd atmosphere for a convention hall like Osaka Castle Hall. In other words, everyone was watching Hayabusa's movements with bated breath.

In order to satisfy these spectators, Hayabusa had no choice but to dance in all sorts of spectacular ways. Sabu, whose style of technique is the same as Hayabusa's, also used the aerial moves to dance in the air. Even so, Hayabusa's "flamboyance" was more captivating than Sabu's, starting with the tope con-hilo that had defined his reputation at J-CUP, followed by the backspace press, quebrada from the top rope, moonsault press, shooting star press, all beautiful and all captivating to watch. The finish was a delicate count, but that did not diminish Hayabusa's value. Beating Sabu was another step up in grade. Yet all that came out of Hayabusa's mouth after the match was a plea for remorse. He said, "In terms of content, the match was below zero. Even though I came back as a Hayabusa, I couldn't show anything that I was satisfied with...I am aware of the high expectations of the fans and the responsibility I have to fulfill.''

The reporters looked at each other, thinking that he didn't have to be so depressed, but Eiji Ezaki said, ."I didn't want it to just be a competition of aerial moves.'' Hayabusa said when I spoke after changing into an over mask. I'm worried that he'll fall into the same situation as Muto, who is worried about the gap between him and Muta, since it's a rare material, but I'm sure he'll be able to overcome that with his positive personality. (Suzuki)

Hayabusa d. Sabu (14:15)

FMW Match of the Day # 51 - November 9, 2023
Jinsei Shinzaki & Ricky Fuji vs. Mr. Gannosuke & Hideki Hosaka 12/5/97

We waited and waited, but Shinzaki never showed up. Eventually, the theme song ended. Ricky, who had entered the venue earlier, went to the waiting room to ask for him. But Ricky was the only one who returned. His expression was somewhat depressed, but he only whispered to referee Ito and gave no explanation. What was going on? While voices such "Is he at Budokan?" and "Please Explain!" were heard from the crowd, Shinzaki finally revealed himself The referee finally appeared, dressed in a samue, traditional Japanese work clothes.

This is what we call "everyday clothes." It was strange to think that he was not dressed in his "formal attire" for the 88th pilgrimage to the temple. When I looked at him, his expression was even more somber than Ricky's.

Rather, they seemed to be in despair about something. The audience had no idea what was going on, but when Gannosuke entered the stage after the performance, everyone realized what was going on. Gannosuke had come dressed like Shinzaki as a pilgrim.

Up until now, he has continued to imitate people and blaspheme things, but this level of viciousness is much different from just a simple attack on the microphone.

The reason for this was that the clothes he was wearing were, in all likelihood, were Shinzaki's clothes. At last, Gannosuke had become a thief! If I could only figure out when he had snuck into the locker room.  Anyway, he must have noticed that a set of costumes was missing.

To have to greet the 88th temple of all places in samue, of all places... It is no wonder that Shinzaki is filled with a sense of hopelessness. Of course, Gannosuke probably did it because it was the 88th temple. It was an outrageous act of "I'm going to tear your rationality to shreds..." 

As the old saying goes, It has long been said that lying is the beginning of a thief, but even if you don't lie like Onita, a thief is still a thief.

What's more, he began to take off his costume in the center of the ring, as was his custom. Meanwhile, Shinzaki buried his face in the corner post and tried to remain calm. If it had been an untrained person, he would have jumped on him at this point. However, Shinzaki is not showing his anger even at this stage of the game. Fans do not feel that they have to endure so much, and they are concerned that if they quell their anger so much that it quells their fighting spirit, it will be a complete reversal of the original plan.

That is why the audience shouted, "Shinzaki, be angry!" from all over the audience. But if Shinzaki gets angry, he is at Gannosuke's mercy. Oh, what in the world should he do? That is why the only thing to do here was to calm down and fight with a calm mind.

However, Kanemura tried to disturb even that mind, and the match was now two against three. The match ended with Ricky being targeted, so that the 88th fixture was of no significance at all. After the stolen 88th place match, ZEN's humiliating words were still hurled at Shinzaki, who was powerbombed by Gannosuke and Kanemura.

"Boy! You're in the bottom of the list of the Strongest Tag Team Tournament! You're a disgrace to the indies!" (Kanemura)

"We'll be the strongest tag team next year, it will be and Kanemura. Watch the results of Komazawa carefully!" (Gannosuke)

Everyone has praised the performance of Hayabusa and Shinzaki in the Strongest Tag Team Tournament, but for ZEN they have completely dismissed all that with one word and that was lowest. For them, results are everything in this world.

Therefore, I think they really mean to say that the value of the indies has been significantly lowered. Moreover, they said that they would participate in the strongest tag team tournament next year, which is great. Gannosuke and Kanemura with Misawa, Kawada, Kobashi, and Hansen...hmmm.

Anyway, the Komazawa event that Gannosuke refers to has had a card change that resulted in Gannosuke calling out President Arai on the spot and requested that they take on Hayabusa & Shinzaki if they an defend the World Tag Team Championship on December 10th in Shizuoka, that the titles will be on the line. Furthermore, Kanemura demanded a one-on-one fight Tanaka. This will be held in Nagoya on December 20th.

Regardless of the form, fans would like to see FMW vs. ZEN feature cards appearing one after another. also depends on whether Shinzaki will be angry or not. If they lose in Komazawa, they will not be able to earn their respect from ZEN who treated them as the lowest ranked wrestlers.

Gannosuke then began to tear up the stolen costume right in front of Shinzaki's eyes. Not only was his costume shredded, but also his rationality....A reincarnation of Shinzaki followed immediately cause by his anger as he attacked Gannosuke and got his costume back.

I wonder what the Buddha would tell us to do in such a situation like this? (Suzuki)

Mr. Gannosuke & Hideki Hosaka d. Jinsei Shinzaki & Ricky Fuji when Gannosuke pinned Ricky (9:46)

FMW Match of the Day # 52 - November 10, 2023
Super Leather vs. The Gladiator 3/15/96

The appearance of Leather with the championship belt wrapped his waist still looks strange, but The Gladiator still looks cool even without it.

His upper body, for example, was pumped up as if it were stuffed with bread. It was not my imagination or anything, but a sign of Gladiator's enthusiasm. Although his left knee had not completely healed, he was able to move only his upper body, so he must have been training like a maniac.

Last September, it was Hayabusa and Gladiator who created the Sapporo legend of the new FMW. Just as the as the match in the northern capital between the two men etched in the hearts of the fans of Hokkaido that day, it was also firmly etched in Gladiator's heart as well.

It was Gladiator who probably realized for the first time that day that he was a wrestler of the new FMW. In the midst of all this, there was no way he could forget the Sapporo fans who applauded him and Hayabusa.

So, whether he won the belt or not, he was forced to compete only in Sapporo... His left knee was so fragile in contrast to his steel upper body that it collapsed on itself when he went for a Super Awesome Bomb early on in the fight, hoping to make it a short-lived battle. All that was left was the sight of Gladiator writhing around with his left knee injured.

The only thing left to do now was to watch Gladiator sprawl out as his left knee was injured. Soon, his face was tinged with grief. For the sake of his friend Oya, for the sake of Lethal Weapon, which is trying to survive despite its waning power, and for the sake of the fans in Sapporo... Gladiator's left knee could not support so many things at once.

Leather, who attacked the area as if he didn't want to, went for a figure-four attack, disregarding his own character. Gladiator refused the referee's stoppage and continued to fight. "I'll never give up," he said!

It was the spirit of FMW that was completely motivating Gladiator now. The crowd sensed this and chanted "Gladiator"... but the reality was harsh, and two words were waiting for them: "complete defeat".

The Gladiator - the man who was once called "human weapon" was filled with sadness...."Give me one more chance! I will surely take revenge on Leather at Kawasaki Stadium. I am a survivor. I will get out of this Survival War!"

If Gladiator's left knee is fully healed by then, this match will boast a stadium-sized scale. The bigger the place, the better. Hayabusa, Matsunaga, and Gladiator. I would like to see these three fighters, who have overcome their battles with injuries, all together at Kawasaki Stadium. (Suzuki)

FMW Brass Knuckles Championship Match: Super Leather d. The Gladiator (16:00) to Defend the Title for the 1st Time.

FMW Match of the Day # 53 - November 11, 2023
Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Kintaro Kanemura & Mr. Gannosuke & Mammoth Sasaki vs. Genichiro Tenryu & Kodo Fuyuki & Arashi & Kouki Kitahara 12/9/01

When the WAR Army decided to enter the FMW ring, I honestly thought this was a bad idea. They live in a different world from entertainment wrestling. They are big, strong, and in a sense, disgusting. They are men who have made their living by fighting, and that is no way to have fun wrestling. I would say that they are the ones who could destroy from the bottom up the values of FMW, where the roles of the characters are defined and the framework is based on a scheduled harmony.

Until now, FMW has revolved around conflicting concepts within its world. However, this time it's a genuine foreign enemy, a giant black ship class opponent. If Kuroda, Gannosuke, Kanemura, and Mammoth, who have been at the top for a long time and are now the symbol of FMW's strength, are shown the difference in their strength...will they be able to compete with the four me who have experienced the harshness of pro wrestling in the major wrestling fields and have worn it as their own weapon?

After all, Tenryu is there, and it was obvious that he would try to crush them in a case like this, not to mention the way he "came out" at the November 23rd Yokohama Bunka Gym event. Even though Tenryu is a Showa-era wrestler, he has shown various styles of wrestling with his deep nostalgia, but he does not fully accept the color of entertainment. In the end, he'll probably start punishing those who messed up.

Before the war, I think people were wondering how well the four FMW members would hold their own against such a fearsome Tenryu. In fact, in the past, those who were seen as lower-ranked had gone head-to-head and, although beaten to a pulp, had been upgraded one step higher by receiving the two characters for "fighting well." This was to be expected, but the four members of FMW were not borrowing from the chest of the WAR team led by Tenryu, but rather were going up against them in a dignified manner.

This is a big difference. The four fought with all their might to ensure that the values of FMW would not be destroyed.

The one that really caught my eye was Gannosuke. Even before the opening bell, he charged at his opponent's boss. Tenryu, who as usual was showing his superiority, had Gannosuke come at him so many times that he eventually began to carry the words "You son of a bitch!" on top of the chops, punches, and kicks to the face. If Gannosuke had crawled on the mat and clung to Tenryu's legs, it would have ended without giving off the impression that it was a challenge.

Although there were times when he could have cowered holding his kicked-up face, this did not actually happen. This was largely due to the fact that Gannosuke's body was more durable than I had realized. Even though he had been beaten so severely, his movements were not slowed down by the damage, and moreover, he was not unable to move. The match was not one-sided, and the cheers of the audience were uninterrupted as the FMW fighters fought back at key moments despite being on the attack.

At this point, this was the most exciting state of affairs at this year's FMW Korakuen event. This made it clear. No matter how FMW pursues its entertainment line, it is the fights themselves that capture the hearts of the fans the most, and these men are more than capable of doing so, as evidenced by the catalyst that is WAR. If only Mammoth had a chance to fight Tenryu, it would have been an even greater fight. In the end, Gannosuke pinned Fuyuki after a head-on collision, and FMW beat WAR.

Hey Gannosuke, you did a great job today. Now, Hayabusa can stay in the hospital without any worries, so you can work even harder from now on! The name that came out of Tenryu's mouth was Gannosuke. Needless to say, it was the best shout-out. Tenryu is not unaware of the value of entertainment wrestling, and he also believes that it must continue to be a place where Hayabusa can return to. That is why I wanted to feel from the four of them that the fight was still alive.

And because they were able to experience that, there were smiles in the locker room. The young members of FMW are doing their best. I think it's good that they are doing their best in a crazy way. They're not great, but if they can be great at it, I think they'll get better. Gannosuke has improved a lot since he last competed in WAR. Tenryu's satisfied smile, which was not seen during the All Japan's strongest tag team tournament... This match was a big hint for FMW's resurgence toward 2002. (Suzuki)

Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Kintaro Kanemura & Mr. Gannosuke & Mammoth Sasaki d. Genichiro Tenryu & Kodo Fuyuki & Arashi & Kouki Kitahara when Gannosuke pinned Fuyuki (19:54)

FMW Match of the Day # 54 - November 12, 2023
Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Mr. Gannosuke & Mammoth Sasaki vs. Balls Mahoney & The Sandman & Vic Grimes 1/6/02

Has Tokyo's Korakuen Hall turned into Philadelphia's ECW Arena? Sandman, Mahoney, and Grimes, the remnants of ECW, swooped in on Japan, still in the mood for a good time, to help out Fuyuki's side. It was exactly one year ago that the ECW organization ceased to exist. However, even as we move into 2002, there are still many fans who react violently to the three letters "ECW."

In other words, ECW has created a movement that deeply touches the hearts of its fans. The so-called "hardcore" style of fights, in which chairs and tables are smashed, has become a standard fighting style in the WWF and other major organizations.

This is very similar to the phenomenon in which kicks, joint techniques, and leggings suddenly became popular in the Japanese mat world after UWF emerged in the 1980s. Just like UWF in Japan, ECW is not just the name of an organization, but the name of a culture within professional wrestling.

The person who received the biggest welcome from the fans that day was ECW's iconic wrestler, Sandman. Sandman appeared on the stage to Metallica's standard number "Enter the Sandman" and suddenly puffs a can of beer!

Even before he started fighting, he was revitalizing the atmosphere of the ECW Arena in Korakuen. Although physically thinner than in his prime, Sandman was still Sandman. As soon as the bell rang, he charged at Mammoth, brandishing his trademark bamboo stick. When a brawl breaks out outside the stadium, beer is sprayed all over the venue, probably prepared by the fans.

The highlight was the scene was where Mammoth threw him off the top corner and crashed into a table outside. This scene was meant to show off how alive and well Sandman is. Besides Sandman, another person who attracted the attention of the audience was Vic Grimes, who was making his first visit to Japan. Like Sandman, Grimes is also a man who loves taking more risks than necessary.

He delivered a Tope Atomico over the iron pillar, which was dodged by Gannosuke and Grimes spectacularly self-destructed, crashing into the floor. However, he quickly returned to the front and finally fell on the sturdy Mammoth for the win. He made his presence known to FMW. As a result, this match was the one that attracted the most fans to watch on this show. This match, which recreated the ECW style, that is, the hardcore match that was once the mainstream of FMW, had a certain enthusiasm that did not require any intervention from the story.

The boss Fuyuki established a new group consisting only of foreigners. Perhaps the core of this will be Sandman and other ECW remnant members. The Sandman and his group, who are not scouted by major American organizations, are foreign wrestlers who can truly be called "hidden gems." (Kazumasa)

Balls Mahoney & The Sandman & Vic Grimes d. Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Mr. Gannosuke & Mammoth Sasaki when Grimes pinned Mammoth (11:21)

FMW Match of the Day # 55 - November 13, 2023
Megumi Kudo vs. Shinobu Kandori 12/11/96

Kudo just kept walking silently down the hallway of the venue. It was an unusually long walk back to the locker room. Where in the world was Kudo going?

As she began to wonder, Kudo stood in front of a door and opened it wildly. On that day, the date and place of Kudo's retirement match were finally announced. The date and time will be April 29th next year. The venue will be Yokohama Arena, FMW's first foray into the arena. Considering that this will be the last official FMW event of the year (the Korakuen event on the 24th will be a fan appreciation event), Kudo will only have less than four months left of her active career.

However, despite her impending retirement, Kudo has been reluctant to come out. Considering that her reason for retiring was to give way to her younger colleagues, this may have been the right thing to do, but... However.....How many people were satisfied with Kudo's dedication to supporting Nakayama and her team even in matches? At least, I was dissatisfied.

I am not asking her to fight Tsuchiya and her friends behind barbed wire now. However, I wanted to enjoy the wrestler Megumi Kudo more and more in the limited time I had with her.

Then, suddenly, an unexpected big name came picked a fight with Kudo. She said, "Because of you (Kudo) are not doing your best, people like Tsuchiya are getting in the way! If that's the case then I'm going to crush you, the general of the FMW women!"

To summarize, Shinobu Kandori tried picking a fight with Kudo in this way. To put it bluntly, the reason was almost like an accusation. But whatever the accusation was, Kudo was forced to appear on the stage for the first time in a long time as a result of Kandori's fight. The match opened with Kandori's brilliant single-handed attack that made the audience sigh.

Perhaps the majority of the audience was greatly disappointed in their expectations. Kudo was at the mercy of Kandori's armbar and joint techniques in the early stages of the match, but her expression gradually changed. In terms of types, Kudo is a typical passive wrestler. While receiving her opponent's techniques, she gradually builds up her own tension, and then explodes all at once.

In the past few months, Kudo had not been able to show such a strong receiving ability because she had been tag-teaming with the Raven Squad, but in this match, she went up against Kandori, an unparalleled aggressive wrestler, and for the first time in a long time, she was able to show off her true potential.

After withstanding the onslaught in the early stages of the match, Kudo began to attack and show off her spirit five minutes into the match.
After taking Kudo down with a series of knee strikes from toe kicks, Kudo then mounted her horse and landed a series of punches and head butts in the Ultimate Killing Technique.

From this point on, the match continued to be an exchange of Kudo's speedy big moves and Kandori's joint techniques, but it was Kudo who was basically in control until the end of the match. Fisherman Buster, Kudome Driver, Avalanche Frankensteiner, Backdrop from a very steep angle using the ropes....

The numerous big moves she performed one after another drove Kanori, who considered Kudo a mere "cute" wrestler, to the verge of a count of three on numerous occasions.

However, Kandori was able to survive these big moves, and taking advantage of Kudo's momentary slackness, she decided on a solid sleeper in the center of the ring. Kudo struggled with a pained expression for a little while, but soon her arms, which had been stirring in the air, became lazy and motionless.

When we interviewed Kudo the day before, she had said that she would never give up. Referee Ito immediately stopped the match and raised Kandori's hand.

Kudo, who did not move even when Kandori sprayed her with water and yelled at her into the microphone, finally came to life immediately after Kandori got out of the ring, and for a moment she looked stunned. Kudo got out of the ring with an expression as if she was possessed by something and started walking quickly exited the ring.

Kudo went to the back and opened the door and saw Kandori at the press conference. Kudo grabbed Kandori with a yasha-like expression, demanding a rematch. Kudo, who had recently been giving a strong impression of being cool, was surprisingly angry.

However, this was a welcome development. After all, the eyes of the Jado Princess began to burn with a roaring sound. And the one who lit up her eyes was a surprisingly top-notch opponent, Shinobu Kandori. (Suyama)

Kandori's comment immediately after the match: "Now it's settled. I don't know if she's retiring or what, but I don't want to do anything that would make people hold flowers for me. She (Kudo) was doing quite well, though, despite how her face looked. She has more power than I expected, but I guess it's a mental difference. I think she's comfortable with the path of "retirement" in her mind.... Either way, I don't like that type of person who talks so nicely. I don't like that type. Kudo's retirement? I don't care about that (laughs). If she wants to quit, she can just quit! Now she can say she doesn't want to work with me anymore. (Kudo intervened at this point.)

Kandori's comment after Kudo's intervention: "She's a bad guy, isn't she? She said he didn't lose because of the referee's stoppage. If you say that, come to my (LLPW) ring. I came all the way to the FMW ring, that's common courtesy. What are you, a Jado Princess?

Shinobu Kandori d. Megumi Kudo (14:30) via Referee Stoppage.

FMW Match of the Day # 56 - November 14, 2023
Sabu vs. Shoji Nakamaki 9/19/92

He announced his retirement on May 31st at Korakuen, after 11 matches, including his debut match against Goto, citing internal organ disease. However, at Korakuen on July 19th, Shoji Nakamaki, whose departure was attracting attention after announcing his his retirement, appeared in the third singles match.

The title of the match was "Special Match for Shoji Nakamaki's Retirement," which at least made it clear that the organization thought that today was the end of his career. If that was the case, it would have been possible to prepare an opponent who would be able to decorate his last farewell with a pleasant feeling. However, the one who came up to the stage for the last fight was Sabu, who is the best in the world in terms of troublesome matters.

Nakamaki's opponent was too heavy a burden for him to be able to say, "Lets try and make a wonderful finale." The match was at Sabu's pace from start to finish. Starting with a surprise attack before the bell, followed by a body attack with a twist, a tope con hilo, a sliding kick, an Arabian press, and two consecutive moonsault presses, the match was decided in only 2 minutes and 37 seconds.

Nakamaki could only excite the audience with a headbutt, but after the match, he was completely knocked down by a chair attack, so there was no question that the match could be described as a catastrophic retirement match.

Is this really the end? As he gazed around the ring with mixed feelings, Nakamaki grabbed the microphone. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry I had such a bad match.... But even though I got beat up, I can't forget the feeling of this ring. It may be a middle-aged man's dream, but I will work hard to come back again and defeat him."

This is yet another declaration of withdrawal from retirement. Of course, there was no ten-count ceremony, and after returning to the locker room, Nakamaki made a direct appeal to Onita and Goto to return in the future.

"I had some naive ideas myself. I will remember how I felt when I was rejected at the gate, and I will start over from scratch. I will come back with a body like King Kong!"

Onita avoided responding on the spot. What will happen next will be watched closely. (Ichise)

Sabu d. Shoji Nakamaki (2:37)

FMW Match of the Day # 57 - November 15, 2023
Atsushi Onita vs. Sambo Asako 10/31/92

Let's start with the conclusion. Nakamaki did not come. He has declared that he has no gratitude or obligation to FMW, and is already racing to join W*ING.

In all likelihood, there was no way he would come. Still, Onita believed and waited. For an hour, he stared at the half-opened entrance to the barbed-wire ring, which cast a strange light on the dojo, while breathing loudly and repeatedly.

"Look, that's the kind of guy he is after all. I'm going to make him pay for this!"

Goto took off his T-shirt and tried to jump into the ring.

"Please stop it. How many times have you had to flirt with Onita-san?" Ricky said, stopping him.

At that moment, Sambo Asako entered the barbed wire as if being sucked into it.

"I don't want to see Onita-san and Goto-san fighting over each other any more." Asako said.

He only had one injury to his forehead with the barbed wire, and other than that, it was all about plain ground techniques. I've never seen a death match like this.

The sacred space of the dojo and the purity of Asako's feelings overtook the poison of the barbed wire. The match, which seemed like a dream and an illusion, came to an end at nineteen minutes and three seconds, and at the same time, I was pulled back into the world of reality.

"This is no way to be cruel! Everyone, our family was attacked. Hurry up and get Sambo!" Goto spat, pushing away Onita who was trying to take care of Asako. In Onita's heart, he might have been punished.

Onita may have come to terms with this in his mind. But he has not given any answer to the FMW family. What he is doing is the same as Nakamaki. Onita has always said that belief is the key. But by believing, he lost both Nakamaki and his family.

Denied everything, the only thing left for Onita is to win the tag team tournament with Verichev and give his answer in the ring. (Kojima)

Onita: I'm going to fight with Verichev. I feel sorry for my fans. I understand Goto's feelings and it's time for me to put an end to this. I have one thing to say to Nakamaki! I came to this ring as my own personal punishment. But if you can not understand Asako's feelings, who entered the ring for this barbed wire death match for nothing, then go wherever you want. Atsushi Onita, only tonight, I will erase Shoji Nakamaki from my brain!

Sambo Asako: This is the third time (that Goto-san and Onita-san have a quarrel). I couldn't let them do it any more, so I had to do it myself. It's true that I'm scared, but I don't want to show my family's mess. .... But today's situation doesn't seem to have settled the matter. Nakamaki's fault has disturbed the harmony. He made us quarrel so much, and now he's going to W*ING. Don't be ridiculous! Since you have disturbed the harmony so much, I want you to make a clear statement to FMW. If you want, I'll go to W*ING myself and have a barbed wire match.

Atsushi Onita d. Sambo Asako (19:03) in a No Ropes Barbed wire Death Match.

FMW Match of the Day # 58 - November 16, 2023
H & Tetsuhiro Kuroda vs. Eddy Fatu & Matty Samu 7/22/00

I never felt more aware that this day would be the last time I saw H than when the Hayabusa disappeared.

As can be seen from the fact that no large-scale arrangements were made, the fact did not seem to be taken as a big deal.

He himself said, "I don't want to say that it will definitely go away. It might come out at some point, and I don't want to lie twice." The fact that there isn't much of a view that this is the last one makes fans' feelings for H weaker.

If you think about it, H was always destined to be contrasted with Hayabusa, a role that was so unique. No matter how hard he tried, the viewer was chasing his shadow, and Eiji Ezaki himself had no choice but to call himself a "superstar" and open himself up in order to escape from the spell. Returning to Hayabusa after just one year is a completely unexpected turn of events.

So, were his days as an H a detour for him? "It's like in Inazman, Saburo Kazeta can become both Inazuman and Sanagiman haha."

It was a really necessary time for me to be reborn. It was a positive experience for me to be able to show my true self in the ring, and I really enjoyed doing H."

It can be said that H was indeed necessary for him to break free from the cool character of Hayabusa and as a means to step into a new phase of his life. Ezaki has more feelings for him than others think. So he won't be erased completely.

As long as he continues to live inside of him the same way as Hayabusa, "Superstar" H will appear again someday. Ezaki enjoyed being H against the Samons. It seems a shame that we will no longer be able to see his lively expression when he is fighting, but from now on, his colors will reside within Hayabusa. He finished off Fatu not with Firebird Splash, but with his signature move, the H Edge, the signature moves which bears his name.

Perhaps that was Ezaki's way of saying "thank you" to H. Promising the fans who came to see him again as Hayabusa, H was able to get out of the ring with a smile on his face. Compared to the humiliation and tears of Hayabusa's final days, this was a cheerful and happy goodbye...which suited the character. I don't say good-bye. The fans knew that, so they simply applauded to see H off.

The sight made me realize that this was the last time I would see him. They don't say goodbye. The fans knew that, too, so they just applauded to see H off. The sight made me realize that this was the last time I would see them.

H was able to exit the ring with a smile on his face as he promised to meet the crowd of fans again as Hayabusa. Compared to Hayabusa's final moments filled with humiliation and tears, this was a bright and happy farewell...which suited the character. (Suzuki)

H & Tetsuhiro Kuroda d. Eddy Fatu & Matty Samu when H pinned Fatu (13:23)

FMW Match of the Day # 59 - November 17, 2023
The Sheik & Sabu vs. Horace Boulder & Mark Starr 11/20/91

I was still scared of The Sheik. No matter how old he is (He's 68 now!). Scary things are scary. Instead of rounding out, he said, "I'm not retro, I'm active!" He is getting more and more aggressive. The antics at the press conference the night before the tournament started were also terrific. At first, the press, who had been looking at him with a relaxed "Oh, we're doing it, we're doing it" expression on their faces, were now seriously running away from him. The fear of the flame-killing method in a closed room, as well as the "deadly" spirit that had not changed at all from the days when he was going all out against the Funks in All Japan, really made me cringe.

It was no different at the match venue. As the spectacular and eerie "One Night on Bald Mountain" began to play as a terrifying introduction, the crowd quickly disappeared from the entrance aisle of The Sheik.

In contrast, the audience on the second floor and on the other side of the aisle, where it is safer to sit, gave a loud "Sheik call," which was a mixture of anticipation and anxiety. Sheik appeared on stage as if to stir up the atmosphere! Ignoring the presence of the aisle, he approached the ring, kicking his way through the crowd and approaching the ring, wriggling. The fans who thought they were in a safe place were thrown back and forth by the sudden attack of The Sheik. Even a young fan who approached the ring to take a picture ran away at once when he was greeted with a glare from The Sheik.

Even the fans who did not know the Sheik in the past were so excited, so the frenzy was real. Young Boulder and Star were already annoyed at the sight of this. Is this part of the plan?

Even though his forehead was cracked by Star's preemptive attack, the situation turned around with a single thrust by The Sheik with a deadly weapon reverses the situation. The timing of the attack was nothing short of amazing.

While the fans' eyes were focused on Sheik, something extraordinary happened on the opposite side of the ring.... It's a transformational moonsault press! The place was abuzz with excitement at Sabu's big move, which no one had marked, caused an uproar in the hall.

The three count came and went, and The Sheik's first FMW match was over in a mere seventy two seconds. The magic of seconds. Normally, if a match you were looking forwarded to ended in a little over a minute, you might expect to hear a single boo or two, but the fans, were captivated by the "magic of seconds," were on the contrary enthusiastically calling for The Sheik. They also cheered loudly for Sabu, who performed a great move that looked like a "magic carpet" dancing in the desert. It was typical of The Sheik to not flirt at all with those voices. He stormed around the place in circles, spreading enough killing power and excitement, and The Sheik disappeared into the locker room.

Considering his age, it is inevitable that his physical strength is declining. However, The Sheik's energy and inside work more than made up for it. And the unexpected find, Sabu... It may be rude to say that we were pleasantly surprised to find that The Sheik came to FMW looking more like his "old self" than we had imagined. Older and more prosperous? No, no, don't underestimate The Sheik. Maybe, just maybe.... (Kojima)

World Strongest Tag Team Tournament Match: The Sheik & Sabu (1) d. Horace Boulder & Mark Starr (0) when Sheik pinned Starr (1:12)

FMW Match of the Day # 60 - November 18, 2023
Mr. Gannosuke & Hisakatsu Oya & Yukihiro Kanemura & Hideki Hosaka & Hido vs. Yuki Ishikawa & Daisuke Ikeda & Mohammed Yone & Ryuji Hijikata & Katsumi Usuda 5/5/99

It looked as if they had captured the enemy's main area (the central part of the castle).

On a mat with the FMW logo painted on it, the Battlarts were elated to announce their victory. The next thing we heard was Ishikawa's victory cry, "Dah!"

It would be fine if it was a Battler's tournament, but I couldn't believe that such a scene would be created in a big match for FMW, especially to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the company's founding.

The FMW wrestlers who lost the battle could do nothing but throw their hateful gazes from the apron side into the ring. The group competition between FMW vs. Battlarts gradually expanded.

Battlarts brought in its president, Yuki Ishikawa, for this 5-on-5 match. The two sides are now engaged in an all-out war. Furthermore, it was recently discovered that new problems have arisen between FMW and Battlarts, who are not on good terms with each other.

First, in mid-April, Battlarts announced that Hayabusa and Kuroda would participate in the May 14th Sapporo event. FMW, furious that they had not been authorized to do so, lodged a written protest with the Battlarts.

The FMW side then proposed the following conditions: if Battlarts won the 5-on-5 match, they would send Hayabusa and Kuroda to Sapporo, and if FMW won, they would cancel the exchange. Although the Battlarts side eventually agreed to the FMW side's demand, they commented, "On the other hand, we are considering discontinuing the dispatch of our fighters."

The rivalry between FMW and Battlarts eventually spilled over into the interests of both organizations. The rivalry between the two groups had developed into a bitter, swampy struggle involving even the front offices. Both groups were now unable to lose for the sake of the company. Since the elimination match was based on the over-the-top rope rules, it was originally a highly game-like format. However, there was no room for the word "game" in this fight. What existed in the ring was a feast of wild beasts that pounced on their opponents in a fit of hatred.

This was Ishikawa's first official appearance on the FMW mat, and from the outset he exploded with the Inoki Killslam. Although he had decided not to perform the Inoki technique at New Japan's Dome event, he got angry when Fujita dropped him in a dangerous manner and unintentionally unleashed the medallion slash.

Ishikawa's unleashing of the Inoki technique is usually done when he is angry about something, but on this day, Ishikawa was angry from the moment he stepped into the ring. Ishikawa, armed with his fighting spirit, went on a rampage in the early rounds, and after 15 minutes, as planned, he and Oya, who was a nuisance to him, got into a fight outside the ring. After 15 minutes, he committed suicide with Oya, a troublesome wrestler, just as planned.

The match was filled with spectacular scenes all over the place. Normally, a dangerous offense and defense are only possible when there is a relationship of trust between the two opponents. However, since there was not the slightest sense of trust between the two sides, it was truly a terrible experience for those who were hit by the techniques. In such a hellish battle, Ikeda and Gannosuke survived to the end. Ikeda is a fighter who usually says, "We will not be defeated by entertainment." In this match, he needed to prove it by winning.

The final blow to Gannosuke's incredible tenacity came with Ikeda's O-chan Bomber from a lowblow kick. Ikeda, who wanted to win at any cost, took advantage of an illegal killing move not often seen on the Battlarts mat to forcefully take the white star in the end.

In the ring, the members of the victorious Battlarts' army were all present. Ikeda, as if to kick off the boos from the fans, said into the microphone, "We are the real evil ones!"

I think it was good that we were able to show that we unite once in a while," said Ishikawa.

Even when they told me they would teach me FMW wrestling, I didn't like it. If FMW is going to take the right approach, we will go with the evil approach of the Battlarts. We will become FMW and do it.” (Ikeda)

FMW will now have to send both Hayabusa and Kuroda to the May 14th Sapporo event of Battlarts, as promised. The pairing of Alexander Otsuka and Mohammed Yone will be the opponents. The fact that the ring was occupied by Battlarts is a major stain on the FMW side. Perhaps Hayabusa & Kuroda will desperately try to humiliate them. However, Hayabusa and Alexander are not suited to a slugfest. I hope for a clean fight in the first meeting between these two, but we will see what happens. (Fujimoto)

Yuki Ishikawa & Daisuke Ikeda & Mohammed Yone & Ryuji Hijikata & Katsumi Usuda d. Mr. Gannosuke & Hisakatsu Oya & Yukihiro Kanemura & Hideki Hosaka & Hido in a Single Elimination Match.
Mohammed Yone eliminated Hido (10:50)
Yukihiro Kanemura eliminated Ryuji Hijikata (12:25)
Yukihiro Kanemura eliminated Katsumi Usuda (13:50)
Yuki Ishikawa eliminated Hideki Hosaka (14:27)
Yuki Ishikawa & Hisakatsu Oya eliminated each other over the top rope (16:16)
Daisuke Ikeda eliminated Yukihiro Kanemura (20:31)
Mr. Gannosuke eliminated Mohammed Yone (22:58)
Daisuke Ikeda eliminated Mr. Gannosuke (25:36)

FMW Match of the Day # 61 - November 19, 2023
Sabu vs. Leon Spinks 8/28/93

For some time now, we have been waiting for Sabu to fight a martial arts match, which would be interesting to see happen, and finally he and Spinks went head-to-head at Korakuen. His usual style of always staying low and jumping to his opponent's feet worked well, and although he was able to knock Spinks down, he was unable to keep up the pace as punches flew in from all angles.

Eventually, he would start getting hit repeatedly in the corner, but no matter how many times he got hit in the face, he never went down. This was a fresh scene, as wrestlers have become accustomed to being taken down.

Still, when he was called down, he immediately went to Arai, who was counting the count, and said, "I didn't go down!" and slammed the table down on him!

In his pride as a professional wrestler, Sabu did not intend to go down even once. He ended up losing by KO on the third round, but the crowd was so moved by Sabu's demonstration of his will to fight that they chanted a chorus of Sabu chants. Sabu responded with a moonsault onto a table.

Leon Spinks d. Sabu (8:54) via KO

FMW Match of the Day # 62 - November 20, 2023
Hayabusa vs. Kodo Fuyuki 11/20/98

As soon as Onita disappeared backstage amidst a mixture of cheers and abuse, there was no doubt that an era had ended for FMW. Onita, who had been an absolute authority, a standard of values, and even a law in the extreme, disappeared from the universe of FMW. Fuyuki's and Hayabusa's entrance theme played in the darkened hall with great fanfare, declaring that the FMW universe had begun to mark time with a new authority, a new sense of values, and new laws.

I'm aiming for the best bout of the year against Hayabusa with a hot, no-interference match."

I saw Fuyuki's comments in several newspapers and magazines prior to this year's show. I also heard these words directly from Fuyuki's mouth. I answered, "Well, I have high expectations for you," but to tell the truth, I was skeptical.

As I have written before, the more serious Fuyuki gets, the more he will fight by any means necessary: against Hayabusa in February, and then against Onita in April. In the big matches that he could never lose, Fuyuki has always managed to win with the help of TNR's henchmen, even though he has been heckled by the crowd. It was a match that Fuyuki could not afford to lose, even more so than the two aforementioned matches.

Nevertheless, Fuyuki said he would fight without interference. It would be unreasonable to expect us to take his words at face value. However, Hayabusa, who should have doubted Fuyuki's words more than anyone else in the world, took an unexpected action before the fight. Just as the bell was about to ring, he asked Fuyuki for a handshake. For a moment, Fuyuki hesitated, but then he firmly grasped Fuyuki's right hand. Eye to eye, Hayabusa and Fuyuki talked to each other. The two men parted to the red and blue corners amid thunderous applause, without the surprise attack by Fuyuki that many spectators had feared.

At 9:45 pm, the bell rang to signal the start of the fight, to build a new value system. Fuyuki pushes Hayabusa into the ropes from a lock-up. Referee Tanabe ordered a break. What will you do, Fuyuki? There was a brief moment of tension in the ring, but Fuyuki broke cleanly. Unexpectedly, the audience applauded. After that, the two fighters continued to engage in heavy ground fighting, as if they were confirming their history.

The match quickly heated up when Hayabusa landed a swan elbow that sent Fuyuki tumbling out of the ring. Fuyuki picked up Hayabusa, who was chasing him, and delivered a fisherman's buster for the first time outside the ring. In the 15-plus minutes that followed until the end of the match, I realized how little I knew about Kodo Fuyuki, the wrestler. The Avalanche Vertical Drop Reverse Brainbuster, the Reverse Kamikaze Awesome Bomb, and the Muslce Buster, to name a few. Even when he was competing against the New Japan wrestlers, Fuyuki had never displayed such a wide variety of moves without hesitation.

Without a doubt, Fuyuki's real spirit in this match was the best he had ever shown in his life as a wrestler. However, Hayabusa rebuffed every one of Fuyuki's moves, and even more so, he fought back.

For Hayabusa, this is a match that he absolutely cannot afford to lose. If he loses this match, the hegemony of FMW reform, which he has been defending every month, will finally be in Fuyuki's hands. What is needed above all else is victory. History cannot be moved by pretty words alone. As Fuyuki turned to his back, Hayabusa unleashed an unexpected kick to the vital point, and literally jumped on him with a surprise attack cross!

Daisuke Ikeda, who was seconding him is probably who taught him this technique, clapped his hands. Just as Fuyuki fought with the wishes of the members of TNR on his shoulders, Hayabusa fights with the wishes of countless fans and many friendships.

The fierce struggle between Hayabusa and Fuyuki creates tremendous heat and law. It is truly a big bang! It's a super combustion. The two fighters were unable to relent, and after 20 minutes, Hayabusa returned the pace with a Tiger Driver, and after showing a decapitation pose, Hayabusa was sent flying backwards through the air from the corner. Phoenix Splash!

But Fuyuki, who no longer looked like a dead man, dodged this ultimate move in the nick of time. No, perhaps Fuyuki's physical damage had reached its limit at this point. What moved Fuyuki's body seemed to be his tragic determination to move the times even if it meant having to drink mud. When two opponents with competing strengths fight each other, who will win in the end?

It was the one who had a greater thirst for victory. At least on this day, in this match, it was Fuyuki who had the stronger hunger for victory. 25 minutes and 11 seconds into his fifth lariat of the match, Hayabusa's body no longer had the strength to rebound from Fuyuki's body.

Fuyuki, who declared in the ring that he would seal his double championship titles, threw an even more outrageous bomb at the wrestling world backstage. He declared that he would join All Japan Pro-Wrestling! As you know, Fuyuki used to be a member of All Japan. However, there is no precedent for Japan to allow a Japanese wrestler to make a U-turn. However, Fuyuki dares to take on this challenge. And now, Hayabusa is starting from scratch again. I just can't accept the fact that everything is going his way.

"Starting tomorrow, I'm going to follow him no matter what, and I'm going to put the belt he makes around my waist," Hayabusa exclaimed at the end. "I'm not going to let him get the best of me forever!!!"

This was not the cry of the hero Hayabusa, but of the human Eiji Ezaki. Fuyuki was about to make his final match in his life as a wrestler. Hayabusa chases after Fuyuki's back, covered in mud. The newly born universe began to expand beyond the speed of light.  (Suyama)

FMW Double Titles Championship Match: Kodo Fuyuki d. Hayabusa (25:11) to become the NEW FMW Double Titles Champion.

FMW Match of the Day # 63 - November 21, 2023
Atsushi Onita vs. Big Titan 1/15/92

When I got off the Shinkansen at Shin-Kobe, the city was full of "coming-of-age" gals dressed in their best clothes. The weather was nice too. The whole town was somewhat festive, and even my heart felt lightened. When I stepped into the venue, the inside of the hall seemed to be bright and relaxed, probably due to the fact that the event started at 3:30 pm.

The fact that Onita's match was not a death match and that his opponent was not named Sheik must have contributed to this mood. On this day, Onita spoke at a coming-of-age ceremony in Fukuoka, Kyushu, in the morning. He made a U-turn and arrived at the venue a little after 4:00 pm. He did not seem too tense, as both of his eyes, which had been hit by Sheik's firebombing in Matsudo, had sustained minor injuries.

The challenger, Titan, is also a type of person who has brightness in his intensity. This time, in particular, he was very hustling to challenge for the title after receiving a major promotion. The match began with Onita taking Onita's aggressive attacks head-on. The mood was gorgeous, as is typical of a title match. But it didn't last more than five minutes.

Titan, who kicked Onita out of the ring, suddenly begins to complain to referee Ito. What was going on here? At that moment, a scream came from the back of the hall. It was Sheik. Goto, who was in the second lineup and was holding a knife in his hand as he had done at the Matsudo event, rushed to subdue him, but The Sheik's Army rushed in! Goto and the other seconds were pinned down by the Sheik's. Onita and Sheik were the only two at ringside.

Was it going to be fire, or a five-sided nail... Just when Onita thought that the Sheik would not use a knife, the Sheik, without hesitation, plunged a knife into Onita's abdomen. Onita winced. The Sheik then stabbed Onita two or three times in the abdomen, making a big show of cutting the audience, who were too shocked to speak as they stood up, and when he saw the blood gushing from Onita's abdomen, he waved the sticky knife at the audience and disappeared into the locker room.

Was there ever such a shocking scene? Normally, it would have been immediate DQ, but since the referee could not see the whole thing, Onita had to fight again with his stomach cut open.

Even though Onita was in an extremely dangerous situation, Titan showed no mercy. He launched a front suplex and two high-angle powerbombs in a single, rapid-fire rush of big moves. I was surprised that Titan was able to attack such a severely injured fighter, who could have lost his life if he had made a mistake, but I was even more surprised that Onita kicked out all of these moves with a count of two. Even though his face was completely drained of blood and he was pale....

Then came the third power bomb! As expected, Onita could not get up. No, he has completely lost consciousness. Onita was bleeding from the abdomen, and as if to taunt him, Titan grabbed the belt and, striking Goto and the others with it, returned to the locker room where Sheik was waiting.

"Don't die, Onita!" The fans screamed in pain. The atmosphere in the hall, which had been so peaceful before the match, suddenly turned somber. The shock of witnessing a man being stabbed in front of their eyes was quite a shock. The glamorous day of coming-of-age fell into a world of deep darkness as darkness fell.

"Mr. Onita, Mr. Onita!" In the locker room, Goto called out to Onita, but he did not respond. The bright red blood, the exact opposite of his lifeless complexion, floated venomously on his abdomen. He turns away involuntarily, but the smell of blood is too much for his nose.

There were four wounds just large enough to be seen. All of them had been ripped open horizontally. "The wounds...are deep!" Gannosuke, who was administering first aid, shouted in a panic.

He has his car waiting outside, but moving that far would open the wound and be dangerous. It would take more than 15 minutes to call a doctor. Meanwhile, Onita regained consciousness.

Onita refused to be examined by a doctor, and after administering first aid with gauze and disinfectant, he shut himself in the waiting room and asked, "Let me be alone." and then retreated to the locker room. Tears of frustration glistened in his eyes....

"Why is it acceptable to move the belt like that? I will never approve of it. Don't you guys have any regrets after what they did to you? I'm going to get the belt back from Titan. Call the old Sheik! I'm going to do everything I can. I will never forgive what happened today!" Goto shouted angrily in the locker room, which had fallen silent in the face of the devastation. His eyes were definitely the eyes of a demon.

That strong and scary Goto finally stood up. If left unchecked, Sheik could really kill Onita. Goto is willing to stop even if he makes a mistake. First of all, it has been decided that they will challenge Titan on January at the Osaka Prefectural Gym # 2. The Sheik's name won't be in the next tour, but Goto is determined to bring him out no matter what. Will Sheik come? (Kojima)

WWA Martial Arts Heavyweight Championship Match: Big Titan d. Atsushi Onita (9:39) to become the NEW WWA Martial Arts Heavyweight Champion.

FMW Match of the Day # 64 - November 22, 2023
Hayabusa & Mitsuhiro Matsunaga vs. Mr. Pogo & Super Leather 11/20/95

Mr. Pogo had predicted in this magazine that he might appear in a surprising place soon, but what appeared was FMW, which he was supposed to have left it was certainly the most surprising choice, as WAR, IWA, and even Michinoku Pro were being considered as destinations for him.
The story goes back to the previous night's Fujiwara-gumi show in Yokohama.

It all started when Gladiator, who played alongside Oya, injured his left leg during a match. That night, Gladiator was diagnosed with an injury to his left knee band that would take two months to fully heal, and it became hopeless that he would be able to participate the next day.

Hakata was set for a tag team showdown in the main event against the FMW & W*ING Allied Ace Team of Hayabusa & Matsunaga against Gladiator & Leather. This was going to be the first time that Gladiator and Leather have ever teamed alone...

The World Brass Knuckles champion, who was riding high at sunrise, stumbled in an unexpected place. It is unknown what kind of exchange took place between Gladiator and Leather after this.

Anyway, the next day, when I went to Hakata Star Lane, there was a notice at the entrance announcing that Gladiator would be absent, and on the cards that were handed out, Leather's partner was listed as "X".

At the previous Hakata show in June, which was so exciting that it was even called the legend of the new FMW creation, Leather himself appeared as X and plunged Star Lane into the depths of fear, but who will it be this time...

The crowd of 2,500 and Hayabusa & Matsunaga must have waited for the main event with the same feeling. As if to drown out the cheers for the F&W Allied Forces who entered first Leather stormed through the crowd with a roaring chainsaw.
This alone was enough to put the crowd in a state of panic, but after a while, an unbelievable voice came from behind the crowd: "Ah, it's Pogo! The crowd rushed in the direction of the voice, and when it spontaneously split in two, Pogo's figure was revealed! Pogo is back in the FMW ring...for real!

Pogo, with Hayabusa and Matsunaga looking on in shock, took the microphone from the headquarters seat and suddenly hit the audience with it. His target was Matsunaga. "Matsunaga! You're teaming up with FMW, is that the spirit of W*ING?!?!"

This comment made Matsunaga very angry. I couldn't help but wonder why someone had to say something like that to someone who left on their own. "There's no reason for you to say something like that!!" Matsunaga immediately retorted.

The hatred between the man who abandoned W*ING and the man who even teamed up with FMW to protect W*ING is beyond anything we can imagine.

Like the freaks on the balcony, he said, "This is not W*ING! Okay, now I'll teach Matsunaga and the others the real W*ING!"
No, it's not. This is because the two rarely interacted during the match.

Hayabusa attacked Pogo first, but Pogo stripped off his mask and stabbed Yamata-no-orochi into Hayabusa's left chest, not to mention his forehead, a murderous act that even Mr. Danger had never done (aiming at his heart?).

The brutality was thorough. Pogo's behavior was if he was not dealing with Matsunaga, or as if he was consciously avoiding him..
Pogo's actions could not be understood either way. One thing was for certain: Hayabusa was beaten alone in the ring. Matsunaga made the save during the chain hanging on Hayabusa by Pogo, but the rest of the time he was attacked on the outside of the ring by Leather.

This is a factor that instills a sense of distrust among Hayabusa. Although they had joined hands with the common goal of defeating Lethal Weapons, he uttered the words, "Are Pogo and Matsunaga on the same side?"

What confirmed his suspicions was Matsunaga's sudden boycott of the match. Instead of helping Hayabusa, who was in big trouble after the Pogo Driver, Matsunaga left him alone in the ring, got out of the corner, and went to the locker room. "I can't do this!"

His anger was unusual by all accounts. He kicked the the headquarters table and left, and at that moment our eyes met...this was scary! I don't remember the last time Matsunaga made this kind of face during a match. Even after Pogo's unreasonable departure, he had shed blood and held death matches with the sole intention of protecting the new FMW and the new W*ING, but when he did whatever he wanted with a cool face, it was natural to say, "What is wrong with us?

In the midst of all this, Hayabusa had to listen to a three-count.... Hayabusa lost miserably! But the real tragedy came later. Pogo, who was still torturing him, was attacked like a bullet by a man. Tanaka, who had said, "I'm going to set Pogo on fire,, could not just sit back and let Pogo appear in front of him, no matter what his goal was.

Pogo, however, had already calculated that Tanaka would attack him. As soon as he stopped moving, he rummages around and pulls out a fire stick!

"What are you doing setting me on fire? This is how you light a fire!" The big fire, fired from a much closer distance than usual, enveloped Tanaka's lower body and did not go out.

There was room to repair this situation by defeating Pogo, but he was nowhere to be seen at the following day at the Kokura show.
So, after wreaking havoc, he was back in the doldrums. On the other hand, Fuyuki said at the WAR Korakuen event on the same day that he would face Pogo at the December 8th Ota-Ku event.

This makes it even more difficult to know what Pogo will do. Why on earth did Pogo return to FMW, and why did he leave again? I can just picture him smiling having caused that scar on Hayabusa's left chest, a crack inside, and a big mystery left behind....(Suzuki)

Mr. Pogo & Super Leather d. Hayabusa & Mitsuhiro Matsunaga when Leather pinned Hayabusa (15:06)

FMW Match of the Day # 65 - November 23, 2023
Atsushi Onita vs. Kodo Fuyuki 4/30/98

Change wrestling. Easy to say, but extremely difficult to actually accomplish. Antonio Inoki. Riki Choshu. Akira Maeda. These three may be the only people who have truly changed the world of professional wrestling. All of them will have disappeared by the end of the year, there is a very high possibility that 1998 will be passed down as a turning point of the times. Oops, I forgot one more person who changed the world of pro wrestling. Atsushi Onita. His "evil revolution," in which he removed the ropes and used barbed wire instead, was so revolutionary that it turned heaven and earth on its head, and spread like wildfire in the midst of the UWF boom. If Onita had not returned to the UWF, he would not have been able to win the title of "Onita". If Onita had not made his comeback, he would be a "great man in history" by now. Because he had done such an amazing thing, it was very significant for Fuyuki to defeat him. Yes, to change professional wrestling.

When I say "a completely new form of wrestling," I mean a style that is as close to a show as possible. Even today, the pamphlet says "Super Entertainment Wrestling Live," right? That's it. I never thought I'd be in a ring with such an amazing set up since SWS went out of business. "It's encouraging for the wrestlers, this kind of thing, FMW needs to do big events like this three or four times a year."
The flashy entrance gate and elaborate staging, which must have cost tens of millions of yen to create for the PPV. Promotional videos played before each match... This style, which has already been accepted as a common "style" in the U.S., was never going to take root in the Japanese market, and it was assumed that it would never take root in Japan.

I do not know how it was received by the audience, but at least the reaction at the venue (where the PPV broadcast was played on the multi-screen) was positive, or rather, it was a big hit.

Having written this far, many of you may have guessed it. It was only the efforts of the Brief Brothers that got rid of the ``feelings'' about things like this. Is it too much to think that the reason why Fuyuki didn't complain about that route and left it as is was an advance investment to achieve the big goal of "changing professional wrestling!"?

At any rate, before Fuyuki could take action, the pro-wrestling world was changing in the direction he thought it would. If he lost to Onita at this point, he would have lost the show, and if he had won by an unreasonable method, he would have been panned by the fans before he could move the times. Therefore, on this day, he needed to beat Onita in a fair and uncontested manner.
Except for a few slapstick incidents in the early rounds, the event was surprisingly orthodox in its development, probably due to such a psychological effect. If you think about it, both wrestlers' first breakthrough as professional wrestlers came in the ring of All Japan, the "high road" is the "low road," and Onita, who had persisted against Fuyuki's onslaught, was stopped by a surprise backhand, and finally lost by fall after three TFPBs in a row.

Onita, who had been defending himself against Fuyuki's positive goal of changing wrestling and not destroying ZEN, was defeated by the difference in momentum. However, it was a bit surprising that Onita, who is eloquent in victory and defeat alike, did not hold the microphone in the ring, and even in the locker room, he said only a few lines. Perhaps he was in mental shock that ZEN, his life's work, had gone up in smoke?

Now that he can start a new "pro wrestling" project with dignity, Fuyuki is talking a lot about his ambitions. "I'm not saying that wrestling is a sham or a fraud. You can't think of it that way. But from now on, when we do it in a big venue, it's a 'big show.' It's multi-entertainment show business. I can use the word "show" here for the first time, proving what I couldn't say before. And I have the power of the Brief Brothers, and I have beaten both Hayabusa and Onita, so I've made up my mind to step into the ring. No matter what kind of criticism I receive, I'm going to continue with this line from now on.

This is wrestling that has never been done before. I don't care if FMW or ZEN guys complain, I won't accept it. If I want, I can change FMW. If FMW's Arai complains about it, President or not, I'll stomp him down with my power. With this, the Fuyuki Army, ZEN, and FMW will go in a whole new direction!"

Although Gannosuke's loss to Hayabusa in the main event was a major miscalculation, Fuyuki has no intention of changing course, and with the May 7 "B1 Climax" in Korakuen hosted by Fuyuki's Army, there is no doubt that this line of thinking will become more clearly defined. By the time this issue of "B1 Climax" is published, the conclusion will already be reached, but depending on the outcome of the May 5 Wakayama event, ZEN may be forced to disband.

If that happens, how does Onita intend to deal with FMW and the Fuyuki Army in the ring? ! This is the "final episode" of the old wrestling story spun by Onita and Fuyuki. On the other hand, there is a movement for a "new revival" with Hayabusa winning back the belt from Gannosuke. In any case, FMW and Fuyuki will start a new movement in May with another PPV. (Kojima)

Kodo Fuyuki d. Atsushi Onita (14:32)

FMW Match of the Day # 66 - November 24, 2023
Masato Tanaka & Koji Nakagawa & Tetsuhiro Kuroda vs. W*ING Kanemura & Hido & Hideki Hosaka 6/13/97

On May 25th in Hakata, Kanemura had a complicated look on his face the moment Tanaka got pinned by Onita. With that reality, the match-up between himself and Onita at Kawasaki Stadium was confirmed, which was the desired outcome.

However, the fact that the ace of the new generation had lost must have stuck in some part of his mind. Kanemura did not smile even once in the ring or in the locker room after the match.

Rather, he looked grim-faced and remained silent next to Onita. There was no way that this man could not feel anything about the fact that the new "history" he had worked so hard to build up until now had been shattered by Tanaka's defeat.
That is why his heart was shaken when he saw Tanaka getting down on his knees. "I've been working with this guy for the past two years to surpass Onita-san!"

Despite the differences between FMW and W*ING, they share the same feelings. And now that Tanaka has lost, he believes that he is the only one who can beat Onita and revive the new generation.

In a way, the fans of the new generation will be happy to see the head-to-head clash between FMW vs. W*ING as the main axis in the ring, as the fight flowed to make Tanaka realize this in the current tour.

The unique atmosphere and rhythm created by the bifurcated venue cannot be erased by the fact that Onita was defeated, but the breath of the new generation has not been broken. It is still alive and kicking in the hearts of the fans. While the focus of attention was inevitably on the Tanaka/Kanemura tangle, Kuroda threw a lariat across the aisle on the south side of Korakuen. As if to symbolize his recent breakthrough, Kuroda's presence was felt by all who saw him.

The presence of such a man is more exciting than a clash between two fighters. However, the momentum of Kanemura, who was mentally superior because he "owed" Tanaka, seemed to spread directly to the teamwork of W*ING, and Tanaka was captured in a good way.

At some points, Tanaka looked as if he might recover, but each time he was cut off by a chair through the brain. If it had been the regular forces before, they would have lost the match. But Tanaka held his ground, and Nakagawa and Kuroda followed him when he needed it most. And needless to say, Tanaka has that desire more than anyone else, and he cannot afford to be defeated by something as trivial as this.

A right elbow with these thoughts in mind pierced through Hosaka. Kanemura was stunned by his team's defeat. He could no longer take it easy after Tanaka had taken him from the very beginning, let alone lend him a hand.

Kanemura entered the locker room of the FMW team by himself, and while making sure to ask for permission from the company, he left the room saying these words. "I'll give you a singles match on August 2nd, because there's no end to the six-man tag team competition. You can never beat me. I'm going to blow you up with exploding barbed wire!"

What Tanaka would have most wanted to say was offered by the person who had already obtained the ticket to the Kawasaki Stadium. "I couldn't say that to Kanemura," Tanaka said. That's because I haven't had any results. But I will never let this chance pass me by. I will get Mr. Arai's (the president's) approval. I won't lose to him. I'll convince Kanemura, and then I'll fight Onita-san at Kawasaki Stadium!"

For Tanaka, Shiodome is not the goal. Nor is his ultimate goal to grab a ticket to Kawasaki Stadium. After his defeat in Hakata, what he must do more than anything else is to "humiliate" Atsushi Onita. With that result, he now has a realistic mission to win, in addition to the sensible goal of going above and beyond. Tanaka is running from the greatest despair of all time to the greatest hope of all time. Originally, Tanaka's fate was sealed when he failed to tell Onita at Korakuen that he was in the way. He could not make the most of his last chance in Hakata, and now there really is no "one more time," and this is the third, this is Shiodome's honesty.

Tanaka and Kanemura had never wrestled in a singles bout before, and a year before, they had shown super indie wrestling by clashing their bodies and souls in an unadorned ring, but now they were going to give it their all by taking the ultimate bad way out!(Suzuki)

Masato Tanaka & Koji Nakagawa & Tetsuhiro Kuroda d. W*ING Kanemura & Hido & Hideki Hosaka when Tanaka pinned Hosaka (14:17)

FMW Match of the Day # 67 - February 14, 2024

Megumi Kudo vs. Mayumi Ozaki 4/18/97

Finally, the curtain rose on Kudo's final series. On March 10, 1990, Kudo, who had left All Japan Women's two years earlier, barged into Korakuen Hall with her former colleague Reibun Amada (retired). Since this was the event that triggered Kudo's return to FMW, it is safe to say that Korakuen Hall was the starting point for Kudo's career in FMW. It was a very typical choice for Kudo to choose a ring surrounded by barbed wire as the stage for her final match at Korakuen Hall, a place with deep memories for her.

On the other hand, Ozaki was the one who pulled Kudo into the barbed wire match.

"I haven't seen video of a barbed wire match. I didn't watch it because I didn't want to see it and think it looks painful!"

Even though this was something she wanted to do herself, there was not a shred of sadness in the face of her first barbed wire. Rather, she was as happy and innocent as a child on the day before a field trip. It is precisely because Ozaki was like this that Kudo seems to have been set up.

Kudo said, "There is a wrestler who wants to fight me when I retire soon. Even if it is a barbed wire match, I think it is the greatest necessity for me to accept the match and not run away from it. Before you know it, you find yourself making the other person crazy. This is the reason why Ozaki is known as the “devil woman”.

By the way, before this match, I had a big concern. Tsuchiya, Combat, and Kandori, who had fought Kudo in barbed wire matches in the past, had characters that transcended their gender, both in terms of fight content and appearance.

As a viewer, or at least in the depths of my heart, I think there was a feeling somewhere in my heart that, although it was still horrific, I knew that she would be okay.

However, Ozaki, her opponent this time, is a wrestler with the appearance of a "woman" without a doubt. Of course, Kudo also has the most feminine appearance. In a sense, this match was the first ever barbed wire death match between two "women" (in the conscious sense of the word).

The match format was horrific, but with both fighters having a feminine appearance, the grotesque aspect of the match might have been highlighted. This time, this time, the audience might pull away from the battle in the ring....

However, my fears turned out to be completely unfounded. As expected, it was the more experienced Kudo who set the pace in the early rounds. She sliced Ozaki's forehead with barbed wire, causing it to bleed, and then struck her roughly with a chain to widen the wound.

Ozaki, however, gradually began to shake the rules of fighting inside a barbed wire ring, and gradually turned the tables on Kudo. She knocked Kudo into the barbed wire barricade outside the ring, then followed up with a Tope con Hilo.

She then restrained Kudo with a chain collar and attacked her mercilessly both inside and outside the ring. However, something happened after 10 minutes. Kudo swung Ozaki around in a swinging sleeper and went straight into a fall position.

After counts 1 and 2..., referee Ito's hands suddenly stopped. "When I looked at Ozaki's face during the count and noticed she had fainted, so I couldn't help but stop the count."

It's a subtle reference to the rules, but if referee Ito hadn't noticed, the match would have ended at this point.

The fainting seemed to be a bitter blow to Ozaki herself, who admitted after the match that she "would have lost at that point. However, she was soon declared awake and Ozaki regained consciousness, so the match continued. Kudo followed up with a series of backdrops, determined to take advantage of this opportunity.

However, Ozaki also took Kudo by the horns and forced her also to fall into the barbed wire barricade. Kudo then entered the ring ahead of Ozaki, who was still stuck in the barbed wire barricade, and dived out of the ring!

Kudo and Ozaki have both been awesome! In past women's barbed wire matches, most of the voices from the audience were screams. But in this match, what the audience directed toward the ring was definitely cheers.

Without a doubt, Kudo and Ozaki made this barbed wire match, which had no bitterness or sadness, heat up purely on the basis of content. Moreover, the cheers without a shred of sympathy that were given during the match must have been the kind of recognition that Megumi Kudo, a professional wrestler, had been seeking for so long. The match continued to go back and forth, but in the end, Kudo was able to avoid Ozaki's back fist chain and landed a special spinning Kudo driver for the win. It was a beautiful finale to the memorable final match at Korakuen Hall.

"Yokohama Arena, you must win! Kudo nodded her head in agreement with Ozaki's typical proclamation. These words were merely Ozaki's own words. The same feelings must surely be shared by Aja, Kaoru, and their classmates who were not able to fight on the retirement road, as well as by Jaguar, Nagayo, and their seniors.

There is only one week left in Megumi Kudo's active career. Filled with the prayers and thoughts she has received up to now, the evil princess will run as fast as she can along the Shura Road to her goal, the Yokohama Arena! (Suyama)

Megumi Kudo d. Mayumi Ozaki (17:18) in a No Ropes Barbed wire Double Hell Barricade Death Match.