Atsushi Onita: Would fall short of becoming Governor of Nagasaki in 2010 as well as touring with a heavy metal band. He has retired from pro-wrestling three times since his big retirement while in FMW with his most recent one coming in May 2010 which he came back within a year. After leaving FMW in 1998 he began a feud with Riki Choshu in which he took so much money to get squashed in a Death Match by Choshu that he was able to put that money and run a senate seat in Japan in 2001 which he won. He is the main fixture between both ZERO1's Super Fireworks promotion and Super Battle FMW a promotion carrying on the FMW name. He will also be starting up another promotion that he will run himself called Fire Pro Wrestling. 

Megumi Kudo: Worked as an announcer and talk show host for Samurai TV as well as having her own radio show. She would marry Hido in 1998 and the two are still together. She also remains good friends with her former Outbreakers team mates of Reibun Amada and Combat Toyoda. She would promote FMW reunion get-togethers with other wrestlers called Happy Share With where they sit down and reminiscence about the past. She lives in Osaka with her husband Hido and attends ZERO1's Super Fireworks big shows. She has considered making a come back into the ring for the Super Fireworks promotion. 

Mr. Pogo: Has created his own independent promotion called WWS as well as working small independent shows. Recently had to close down his Sushi shop in Gunma and now works for the city of Gunma.

Tarzan Goto: Created his own promotion called Goto-Ippa and trains his own students for the promotion. He also helped start up the Super FMW promotion to keep the FMW name out there although the promotion has little to do with anything that FMW was recognized for and is more of a chance to give his students work. Recently his former wife Despina Goto of early FMW years was able to get in touch with him seeing his three boys that live in America. Goto has began to show signs of slowing down mentally from the years of abuse he took while in the ring. 

Sambo Asako: Passed away on May 18, 2004 due to diabetes. Came out of retirement to work Atsushi Onita promoted shows for several years until his diabetes had gotten so severe he had to lose a leg.

The Gladiator: Passed away on February 17, 2007 due to a suicide. Worked for ECW, WCW, WWF, All Japan, NOAH, and HUSTLE before retiring from pro-wrestling in 2005 to become a real estate agent in Tampa, Florida. Began to have huge marital problems after his wife one night told him that she was leaving him and freezing his bank accounts in hope to ruin him financially. This upset him to the point where he grabbed her by the throat which resulted in her pressing charges against him. Days later he would hang himself inside their house. Despite living in Tampa his whole life he would be buried in Montana.

Big Titan: After leaving FMW in 1994 he would go on to work for WAR, New Japan, and the WWF before retiring in 1998.He currently works as a motivational speaker in Canada.

Mitsuhiro Matsunaga: Officially retired from pro-wrestling on December 24, 2009. Today he works at his own steakhouse called Mr. Danger's Steakhouse in the Kameido district of Tokyo.

Katsutoshi Niiyama: Currently semi-retired but works independent promotions like DEP and Super FMW. Was on a national TV Reality show on Fuji TV where he raced others on a tricycle in 2009.

The Sheik: Passed away on January 18, 2003 due to heart failure. Officially retired from pro-wrestling on December 11, 1998 at an Atsushi Onita promoted show at Korakuen Hall.

Sabu: Currently working on the Indy scene in America after being let go by TNA. Suffered a illness that resulted in most of the former FMW wrestlers joining together to run two benefit shows for him in May 2005 to help raise money for his hospital bills. He worked for WWE through 2006-2007 and worked a Super Battle FMW show in February 2016.

Hisakatsu Oya: Worked semi-regular for WMF and Osaka Pro. Currently working for a small promotion in the Hokkaido region called Hokuto Pro. 

Ricky Fuji: Currently is working for TAKA Michinoku's Kaientai Dojo promotion as well as works reguarly for the Super Battle FMW promotion. He purchased a gym called Endo's Gym and has since changed the name of it to Ricky's Gym where he spends most of his day at near his home in Chiba. 

Hideki Hosaka: Getting booked mostly through his association with Atsushi Onita. Mostly has been teaming up with Atsushi Onita in six man tag team matches in the Super Battle FMW and Super Fireworks promotion.

Koji Nakagawa: Currently semi-retired while occasionally working for the 666 promotion. Competed in Mr. Gannosuke's WMF promotion for 5 years as well as worked regularly for the Apache Army and IWA Japan. Married former FMW women's wrestler Yoko Ikeda and has a regular job outside wrestling.

Onryo: Promoted the 666 promotion with friend Crazy SKB at the beginning of the show but has since stepped down and just wrestles for the promotion as well. He had worked Big Japan and FREEDOMS regularly but has began as a Super Battle FMW regular. He helps with a charity for rescuing animals.

Jado & Gedo: After leaving FMW in 2001 they would tour the independents before finding a home in New Japan. Today they are now the main bookers for the biggest company in Japan with Gedo as the main manager for Kazuchika Okada.

Mammoth Sasaki: Currently works for the FREEDOMS promotion. Became the ace of the WMF promotion and won the WEW World Title in the Apache Army before getting in a serious car accident that put him out of action with a neck injury for over a year and had to close his own toy store in Osaka.

Shark Tsuchiya: Was working every month for the small T-1 promotion but has seemed to officially retire. She has lost a considerable amount of weight since her days in FMW.

Crusher Maedomari: Runs her own bar called The Crusher Pub in Nagoya. Was able to get together for one of Megumi Kudo's Happy Share With events in Osaka with Kudo, Rie Nakamura, and Kaori Nakayama in October 2012.

Combat Toyoda: Currently running her own small Korean Bar-B-Q restaurant in Chiba. She came out of a retirement for several matches throughout the years mostly for Atsushi Onita promoted shows that included all the former FMW women's wrestlers. She still remains very close with Megumi Kudo as the two regularly still hang out together .

Miwa Sato: After retiring from professional wrestling in 1997 she became a Christian Minister and regularly goes on Mission trips to help the poor.

Bad Nurse Rie Nakamura: Currently works for Nanjyo Hayato's Kyoto Pro under her old RIE name.

Miss Mongol: Started up her own women's promotion called Cat Panic Entertainment in 2001. CPE is a promotion that focuses less on wrestling and more on attractive women wrestling in barely anything with the winner removing her opponents top to win the match. She also along with Yumiko Hotta was working for the REINA promotion. She regularly works for the Super Battle FMW promotion.

Kaori Nakayama: Retired from professional wrestling on October 23, 2002. Formed a team with rival Shark Tsuchiya before losing to her in her retirement match. After retiring she got married and gave birth to two children. She attended the debut show for the FFF promotion in August 2011 in her home town of Osaka bringing her two children where she got to see many of her former co-workers once again.

Emi Motokawa: Worked for the Ice Ribbon promotion and had become one of the more popular women wrestlers in Japan before leaving the promotion and starting up the very small Gato Move Pro-Wrestling promotion. She works today as Emi Sakura in the ring.

Garuda: Currently retired. Joined WMF after FMW went under but had to leave due to money issues and join Michinoku Pro. After he would work small independents before retiring. He would get married and have two children while starting his own business out of Chiba where he sells kimchi which is a Korean dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings to Japanese grocery stores.

Yoshihito Sasaki: Worked for Big Japan and had been one of the top guys for the promotion before destroying his knee in 2013 which he was force to retire from ending his career after 13 years. He originally joined ZERO ONE after FMW closed but left the promotion in 2008 after a falling out with Masato Tanaka.

Satoru Makita: He started at his own restaurant called the "BUU Diner" after retiring in December 2008 but closed that down in February 2015. Worked for Mr. Gannosuke's WMF promotion following FMW ending where he went by the name Soldier.

Gosaku Goshogawara: Was told to leave GUTS World promotion in 2012 due to his problem with alcoholism and went back to his home town to recover and came back to work for Super Battle FMW. He had worked for WEW, Fuyuki Army Promotion, Big Japan, Apache Army, and the WMF promotions best being known for hardcore matches where he is willing to take much punishment and bleed.

Hido: Has semi-retired from wrestling after suffering liver damage due to drinking too much alcohol. Followed Kintaro Kanemura to WEW, Fuyuki Army Promotion, Apache Army, and XWF and will take bookings for Jun Kasai Death Match shows as well as ZERO1 events for FMW/W*ING nostalgia matches. Lives in Osaka with his wife Megumi Kudo.

Nanjyo Hayato: Worked for Osaka Pro for years as the masked Miracle Man after leaving FMW for good in 1999. Left Osaka Pro in 2011 and started up the FFF promotion which was a promotion based on FMW nostalgia with Osaka based talent mixed in until the shows did not do well financially and he had to just go back to using local talent.

Chocoball Mukai: Currently runs his own bar called Chocoball Family in the gay district of Shinjuku, Tokyo. Ended up getting into legal troubles after filming a porno in a crowded bar and was arrested. IWA President Asano would bail him out and Chocoball would stay loyal to him and the IWA Japan promotion until retiring from wrestling and porno in December 2006. Made a one match return for IWA Japan in June 2013.

Go Ito: Currently out of the business now. Took over booking for the Fuyuki Army Promotion after Kodo Fuyuki's death and continued to promote and book the Apache Army promotion until Kintaro Kanemura's sexual harassment scandal caused him to lose his job which ended their friendship. Has had no contact with any wrestlers since then. 

Kintaro Kanemura: Started up his own promotion called Apache Army in 2004 but was force to leave it in 2008 after a sexual harassment scandal almost cost him his pro-wrestling career. Started back up a different version of his Apache Army promotion in 2010 but due to poor attendance the promotion has been forced to only run once a month. He began working for the Super Battle FMW promotion in 2015 and will be retiring at the end of 2015 due to his body breaking down. He plans to work as a bouncer in Roppongi after retiring. 

Tetsuhiro Kuroda: Semi-retired from professional wrestling but has recently started back up working for Kintaro Kanemura's re-launch of the Apache Army promotion and looks to have started becoming a regular for the small Secret Base promotion in 2013.

Masato Tanaka: One of the top two ZERO1 wrestlers for over a decade. He worked for New Japan and NOAH regularly for several years. Currently a regular for the Super Battle FMW promotion. 

Kodo Fuyuki: Died on March 19, 2003 of colon cancer. Created the WEW promotion after FMW ended and was looking to have a match with Shinya Hashimoto on May 5, 2003 in a Exploding Barbed wire Death Match but was unable to live long enough to have the match.

Jinsei Shinzaki: Still currently works for Michinoku Pro where is now the President of after The Great Sasuke stepped down from the position. He is also the president of Sendai Girls.

Mr. Gannosuke: Currently works for the Guts World promotion as their ring announcer as well as a promoter for shows under his own name 3-4 times a year. Created the WMF promotion after FMW ended but the promotion ended up not being financially not being successful and closed down after 6 years due to Gannosuke's retirement from pro-wrestling on December 27, 2008. He returned to wrestling in October 2014 and primarily works for the Guts World promotion among other small promotions.

Hayabusa: Worked as a singer and song writer while holding several concerts a month and releasing new CD's every year or so with the Dragon Gate Records as his label. Began appearing for the Super Battle FMW promotion in April 2015 with the hope of walking to the ring in Hayabusa costume for the promotion at Kawasaki Stadium in May 2017 but would tragically be found dead in his apartment in March 2016 due to bleeding of the brain.