This is a list of FMW handheld video footage that has existed, but the whereabouts of the footage are unknown. Most of these videos were recorded by fans in the crowd that were tape traders in the 1990s making sure video existed of these shows that would not exist otherwise since FMW did not have a TV deal, and only their big events ended up being released on commercial video while Onita owned the promotion. I have included the location as well as the main event and any other noteworthy match from the shows listed.

Date Location Main Event/Top unseen match and other notable matches on show
FMW 3/13/90 Niigata Onita vs. Beast the Barbarian *Barbed wire*
FMW 3/29/90  Inuyama Onita/Mitsuteru Tokuda vs. Nagasaki/Kurisu
FMW 4/1/90 Korakuen Hall Onita/Goto vs. Nagasaki/Kurisu *commercial video exists of this show
FMW 7/16/90 Korakuen Hall Asako/Mitsuteru Tokuda vs. Goto/Pogo - I have main event (Onita vs. Katsuji Ueda)
FMW 7/18/90 Aichi Onita/Jimmy Backlund vs. Goto/Ricky Fuji
FMW 9/25/90 Nagoya Onita/Asako vs. Pogo/Gladiator 
FMW 9/27/90 Yamaguchi  Onita/Ricky vs. Pogo/Gladiator *Barbed wire*
FMW 1/11/91 Osaka Onita/Asako vs. Verichev/Gogichashivili 
FMW 2/26/91  Korakuen Hall Onita vs. Goto *commercial video exists of this show
FMW 3/28/91 Korakuen Hall Onita/Goto/Asako vs. Pogo/Gladiator/Gran Mendoza and Megumi Kudo vs. Combat Toyoda *Kudo wins her first title
FMW 5/15/91 Saitama Onita/Asako vs. Gladiator/Super Medico
FMW 5/16/91 Yamagata Onita/Ricky vs. Gladiator/Boulder
FMW 5/17/91 Aomori Onita/Backlund vs. Gladiator/Boulder
FMW 5/18/91 Miyagi Goto/Asako/Ricky vs. Pogo/Gladiator/Boulder
FMW 5/20/91 Gunma Onita/Asako/Jimmy Backlund vs. Pogo/Gladiator/Boulder
FMW 5/23/91 Niigata Onita/Asako vs. Pogo/Gladiator
FMW 5/29/91 Tokyo Onita vs. Verichev *commercial video exists of this show
FMW 6/18/91 Iwate Onita/Asako vs. Gladiator/Mark Starr
FMW 6/21/91 Sapporo Nakajima Sports Center Megumi Kudo/Sato/Nabeno vs. Combat Toyoda /Reggie Bennett/Maedomari - I have main event (Goto vs. Asako *Barbed wire*)
FMW 6/22/91 Hokkaido Onita/Asako vs. Gladiator/Boulder *Barbed wire* and Mr. Gannosuke's debut is on this show
FMW 10/12/91 Nara Onita/Asako/Gannosuke vs. Gladiator/Boulder/Starr and Goto/Ricky vs. Jericho/Storm *only known Jericho FMW footage
FMW 1/5/92 Korakuen Hall Onita/Goto/Asako vs. Titan/Gladiator/Boulder
FMW 1/6/92 Korakuen Hall Onita/Asako vs. Titan/Mark Starr
FMW 2/6/92 Fukuoka Onita/Asako/Shooter vs. Titan/Boulder/Star Man and Ricky vs. Blonde Bomber  *Bomber is Chris Candido
FMW 3/23/92 Saitama Onita/Goto vs. Titan/Boulder
FMW 3/24/92 Chiba Onita/Shooter/Gannosuke vs. Titan/Boulder/Dr. Luther
FMW 3/25/92 Korakuen Hall Miwa Sato vs. Eriko Tsuchiya for women's title - I have main event of the show (Goto vs. Spinks) which clips were also released on commercial video.
FMW 3/27/92 Higashi Onita/Gannosuke/Amigo Ultra vs. Titan/Boulder/Khan 
FMW 3/28/92 Toda Onita/Asako vs. Titan/Boulder
FMW 4/23/92 Korakuen Hall Goto/Ricky vs. Star Man/Centurion - I have main event of show (Onita/Asako vs. Sabu/Boulder *Barbed wire*) which clips were also released on commercial video
FMW 4/25/92 Shizuoka Onita/Asako vs. Sabu/Boulder
FMW 4/27/92 Yokkaichi  Onita/Asako/Shooter vs. Boulder/Centurion/Star Man 
FMW 4/30/92 Fukui  Onita/Asako/Shooter vs. Boulder/Centurion/Star Man
FMW 5/2/92 Hiroshima Kudo vs. Combat Toyoda *was released clipped on commercial video - I have main event of show (Onita vs. Sheik) in both handheld and commercial form.
FMW 5/3/92 Osaka Onita/Goto/Gannosuke vs. Sabu/Boulder/Centurion
FMW 5/4/92 Osaka Onita/Asako/Gannosuke vs. Sabu/Boulder/Centurion
FMW 5/31/92 Korakuen Hall Onita/Nakagawa vs. Asako/Gannosuke
FMW 6/19/92 Niigata Onita/Asako vs. Gladiator/Boulder
FMW 6/21/92 Akita Onita/Asako/Ricky vs. Gladiator/Sabu/Horace
FMW 6/27/92 Fukushima Onita/Asako/Ricky vs. Gladiator/Horace/White African
FMW 7/22/92 Kanagawa Onita/Asako vs. Titan/Gladiator
FMW 7/30/92 Kochi Onita/Great Punk vs. Gladiator/Sabu
FMW 7/31/92 Kagawa Onita/Asako vs. Sabu/Horace *Barbed wire*
FMW 8/1/92 Nara Onita/Asako vs. Gladiator/Boulder
FMW 8/4/92 Kyoto Onita/Great Punk vs. Titan/Gladiator *only match on the card I don't have
FMW 8/5/92 Gifu Onita/Asako vs. Gladiator/Boulder 
FMW 8/6/92  Nara Onita/Great Punk vs. Titan/Gladiator
FMW 8/7/92 Tomoya Onita/Ricky vs. Titan/Sabu 
FMW 8/8/92  Niigata Onita/Punk vs. Titan/Boulder
FMW 8/22/92 Korakuen Hall Onita/Asako/Amigo Ultra vs. Titan/Sabu/Mercenary # 2 *Barbed wire*
FMW 8/24/92 Yamanashi Onita/Verichev vs. Titan/Sabu
FMW 8/25/92  Tochigi Onita/Verichev/Great Punk vs. Titan/Sabu/Mercenary # 2
FMW 8/27/92 Aichi  Onita/Asako/Great Punk vs. Tiger Jeet Singh/Titan/Sabu
FMW 8/28/92 Chiba Onita/Verichev/Ricky vs. Tiger Jeet Singh/Titan/Mercenary # 2
FMW 9/1/92 Sendai Onita/Asako vs. Tiger Jeet Singh/Sabu *Barbed wire* and Megumi Kudo vs. Combat Toyoda. Highlights exist of Kudo vs. Toyoda on a Commercial Release
FMW 9/2/92 Gunma Onita/Verichev/Asako vs. Tiger Jeet Singh/Titan/Luther
FMW 9/4/92  Iwate Onita/Verichev/Asako vs. Tiger Jeet Singh/Titan/Luther
FMW 9/6/92 Aomori Onita/Asako/Great Punk vs. Tiger Jeet Singh/Titan/Mercenary # 2
FMW 11/26/92 Yamagata Onita/Verichev vs. Gladiator/Boulder
FMW 12/2/92 Nishino Onita/Verichev vs. Psychos
FMW 12/3/92 Hiroshima Onita/Verichev vs. Asako/Haystacks Calhoun Jr.
FMW 1/8/93 Tomoya Onita/Goto/Great Punk vs. Titan/Gladiator/Luther
FMW 1/9/93  Shizuoka Onita/Haystacks Calhoun Jr./Ricky vs. Titan/Gladiator/Sabu
FMW 1/13/93 Mie Onita/Gannosuke vs. Titan/Gladiator
FMW 2/11/93 Miyazaki Onita/Asako/Gannosuke vs. Titan/Gladiator/Attila the Hun *Barbed wire*
FMW 3/18/93 Hokkaido Goto/Asako/Gannosuke vs. Titan/Sabu/Judge Dread *Barbed wire*
FMW 3/19/93 Hokkaido Goto/Asako/Amigo Ultra vs. Titan/Sabu/Ricky *Barbed wire*
FMW 3/22/93 Hakodate Goto/Asako/Amigo Ultra vs. Titan/Sabu/Ricky *Barbed wire*
FMW 3/23/93 Akita Goto/Asako/Amigo Ultra vs. Titan/Sabu/Ricky 
FMW 3/25/93 Yamagata Goto/Asako/Gannosuke vs. Titan/Sabu/Ricky
FMW 3/27/93 Gifu Goto/Gannosuke/Amigo Ultra vs. Tiger Jeet Sr/Tiger Jeet Jr./Sabu 
FMW 5/1/93 Okayama Onita/Verichev/Nakagawa vs. Titan/Gladiator/Hannibal
FMW 6/22/93 Toyama Onita/Asako/Gannosuke vs. Titan/Gladiator/Ricky *Barbed wire*
FMW 6/23/93 Niigata Onita/Asako vs. Titan/Gladiator *Barbed wire*
FMW 7/17/93 Wakayama Onita/Asako vs. Pogo/Gladiator
FMW 7/24/93 Kitakyushu Onita vs. Pogo *Exploding Barbed wire* this was released on a commercial video and Kudo vs. Combat Toyoda which was released in highlight form on commercial video. I have most of the undercard in handheld form.
FMW 8/22/93 Hyogo Onita vs. Pogo *Exploding Cage*  *commercial video exists of this show
FMW 8/30/93 Miyagi Onita/Asako vs. Pogo/Ricky *Barbed wire*
FMW 9/1/93 Sapporo Nakajima Sports Center Onita/Goto vs. Pogo/Sheik and Megumi Kudo vs. Combat Toyoda *Mitsuhiro Matsunaga returns to FMW on this show and attacks Onita afterwards
FMW 9/3/93 Hokkaido Onita/Asako/Gannosuke vs. Pogo/Gladiator/Great Punk
FMW 9/20/93 Akita Onita/Goto/Onita Jr. vs. Pogo/Gladiator/Ricky *Barbed wire*
FMW 9/25/93 Kanagawa Onita/Gannosuke vs. Pogo/Great Punk
FMW 10/26/93 Niigata Onita/Asako/Gannosuke vs. Gladiator/Matsunaga/Ricky
FMW 10/27/93 Niigata Onita/Asako/Niiyama vs. Pogo/Gladiator/Matsunaga *Barbed wire*
FMW 11/20/93 Yamato Onita/Asako/Niiyama vs. Pogo/Matsunaga/Oya
FMW 11/23/93 Miyagi  Onita/Asako/Niiyama vs. Pogo/Matsunaga/Hosaka
FMW 11/25/93 Harumi  Onita/Goto/Niiyama vs. Pogo/Matsunaga/Oya *Barbed wire*
FMW 11/29/93 Kochi Onita/Niiyama/Nakagawa vs. Matsunaga/Pogo/Toi *Barbed wire*
FMW 2/11/94 Saitama Onita/Goto/Gannosuke/Niiyama/Nakagawa vs. Pogo/Oya/Tsurumi/Hosaka/Toi and Megumi Kudo vs. Malia Hosaka
FMW 8/30/94  Saitama Onita/Asako/Gannosuke vs. Pogo/Gladiator/Hosaka *Barbed wire* and Titan vs. Sabu
FMW 7/19/94 Hyogo Onita/Matsunaga/Gannosuke vs. Pogo/Gladiator/Hosaka *Barbed wire*
FMW 1/8/95  Osaka Onita/Gannosuke/Nakagawa/Tanaka vs. Pogo/Gladiator/Hosaka/Hido
FMW 3/23/95 Hyogo  Onita/Niiyama/Nakagawa/Tanaka vs. Pogo/Gladiator/Kanemura/Hosaka *Barbed wire*
FMW 3/20/96  Niigata Kanemura/Hido/Hosaka vs. Pogo/Nakamaki/Headhunter A

This list of FMW videos were released by the Players TV internet channel that released a series of of FMW videos on their website in 2011 which these never before released FMW shows. They were promoted as never before seen Hayabusa matches and had Hayabusa advertise for them when they were originally released and then once again when they made one more final update adding some more shows. These shows were video taped by the FMW video crew at ringside and then most of them were clipped to air on the PPV shows or a commercial video. You had to live in Japan to be able to purchase these shows and then the Players TV website ended closing down in 2017. As far as I know, nobody ended up saving these videos if they ended up purchasing them.

FMW 4/21/98 Korakuen Hall Hayabusa/Tanaka/Ricky vs. Kanemura/Jado/Gedo
FMW 4/26/98 Kyoto Hayabusa/Shinzaki vs. Kanemura/Jado *clips exist
FMW 8/21/98 Kawasaki Onita/Pogo # 2/Sasaki vs. Fuyuki/Nakagawa/Kanemura *clips exist and Hayabusa/Oya vs. Kuroda/Hosaka
FMW 12/9/98 Osaka Hayabusa vs. Gedo *clips exist
FMW 12/12/98 Korakuen Hall Hayabusa/Dreamer vs. Sabu/Rob Van Dam *clips exist
FMW 2/21/99 Fukuoka Hayabusa vs. Gannosuke *clips exist and Tanaka vs. Kanemura