Added: 1/19

Fuyuki Army Promotion ran their first show of 2004 at Korakuen Hall claiming the same 1500 in attendance, which is what both WMF & Fuyuki Army have been announcing for the last several Korakuen Hall shows. Basically, the same hardcore fans from the FMW days are attending every show in the building. No announcement for the show airing on Samurai TV was ever announced. 

Tetsuhiro Kuroda went up against Masato Tanaka for the first time in a singles match at Korakuen Hall since their January 5, 2000 match in FMW when Kuroda finally defeated Tanaka for the WEW World Title. Since that match, Tanaka has beaten Kuroda twice. On May 5, 2003 at WEW's Kawasaki Stadium show, and then again in a Fire Festival match at an All Japan show. Tanaka and Kuroda would battle on the mat for the first portions of the match, before Kuroda would gain control by working on Tanaka's knee by banging it against the ring post and then putting Tanaka in figure four. Kuroda would send Tanaka outside, but Tanaka would gain advantage by tossing Kuroda in a pile of seats. Tanaka would then grab a huge stick and begin cutting Kuroda's forehead open causing blood to spill out. Tanaka would begin working on Kuroda's forehead cut and then would bring a chair in the ring and do a drop toe hold causing Kuroda to be sent face first into the chair. Tanaka would then dropkick the chair right into Kuroda's face. Tanaka would then grab the chair and then smash it over Kuroda's head, but Kuroda would come back with a clothesline knocking Tanaka down. Kuroda would come back several more lariats. Kuroda would bring Tanaka to the top turnbuckle as Kuroda would do his usual spot of dropping Tanaka's face into the top turnbuckle while jumping down to the outside. Kuroda would come back in the ring, and Tanaka would counter with a Dragon Supplex on Kuroda. Kuroda would still manage to get up right away, and the two would begin charging one another with lariats, Kuroda winning the battle by knocking Tanaka down. Tanaka would counter with a elbow smash, but Kuroda would out of nowhere make the first pinfall attempt by getting a Samson Clutch on Tanaka for the two count. Kuroda would then nail Tanaka with a Shining Wizard and then another two count but still would only manage to get two. Both men would get up, and Tanaka would begin hitting the elbow smash on Kuroda and then nail Kuroda with the Roaring Elbow and the pinfall victory over Kuroda at 17 minutes and 1 second. 

Kintaro Kanemura and the Apache Army members of Hido, DJ Nira, Ryuji Ito, GENTARO, and Takashi Sasaki would come to the ring and Kanemura would go right up to Tanaka as the two would have a stare down before Tanaka would leave the ring. Kanemura would then grab the mic and announce that the next Korakuen Hall show for the promotion will be March 19, 2004. The one year anniversary of Kodo Fuyuki's death. The main event will be either himself (most likely) or Kuroda taking on Shinya Hashimoto. The Apache Army would help Kuroda to his feet for a TNR Dance to end the show.

Kintaro Kanemura & Tetsuhiro Kuroda scored a big win to setup either of their match against Hashimoto on January 19th at a Zero One show as they defeated the team of Shinya Hashimoto & Tatsuhito Takaiwa after Kanemura pinned Takaiwa. 

Kintaro Kanemura would make his return to the ring while still wearing a tape around his injured mouth to team with his fellow Apache Army friends Mr. Gannosuke & Hido to take on the Zero One team of Tatsuhito Takaiwa, Jun Kasai, and Yoshihito Sasaki. 

The match would start with Kanemura and Sasaki in the ring, as Sasaki would charge Kanemura, but Kanemura would retaliate with a hurricanrana sending Yoshihito outside the ring. Gannosuke and Takaiwa would the begin to go at it, as they would begin trading chops at one another, with Takaiwa knocking Gannosuke to the ground with a lariat. Hido and Kasai would then come in and begin going at it with another before Kanemura would come in and take over for Hido and knock Kasai to the mat and begin kicking Kasai in the back. Eventually Hido would come back in the ring to work on Kasai, but would be met by Sasaki with a broken table piece in his hand as the two would team together to cut Hido's forehead. Hido would make a desperation lowblow on Sasaki and tag Kanemura who would fight with Kasai over the table piece before finally winning and smashing the table piece over both Sasaki and Kasai. 

Takaiwa would follow with a surprise attack on Kanemura and nailing him with the Death Valley Driver. Gannosuke would come back in the ring and begin chopping at one another, this time Gannosuke getting the better edge and clotheslining Takaiwa to the mat. Takaiwa would back and charge after Gannosuke, but out of nowhere, Gannosuke would turn it into a Gannosuke Clutch for two. Takaiwa would quickly get up and hit a Death Valley Driver on a stack of chairs on Gannosuke. Takaiwa would tag in Sasaki would would put Gannosuke in a Canadian Backbreaker, Gannosuke would manage to get out of the submission move, and follow up with a Fire Thunder on Sasaki and a tag to Kanemura who would hit a Senton Splash on Sasaki and then a Fire Thunder Powerbomb for the three count and the victory for the Apache Army at 16 minutes 33 seconds.

Chocoball Mukai's second trial match to become apart of the Apache Army would be against Masao Orihara. Mukai would give it his all against Orihara, but after Supplex off the middle rope causing Mukai to land on his head, Orihara would get the pinfall victory over Mukai after a lariat. 

After the miscommunication at the WMF January 12th show, GOEMON & Onryo challenged GENTARO and a partner of his choice at Korakuen Hall two days later. GENTARO would pick Takashi Sasaki as the two would reunite as the Akrangers after Poison Sawada JULIE's mind control over Sasaki finally ended. The battle of the former WEW Tag Team Champion teams would start off with Sasaki & GENTARO jumping Onryo before the bell and hitting a double drop kick right into Onryo's face as the match started. While Sasaki would manage to have control of Onryo early, when GOEMON would be able to cut open GENTARO outside of the ring causing blood to poor down GENTARO's face. GOEMON would work on GENTARO's cut more and more as the match went on, until GENTARO would make the hot tag to Sasaki who would would post Onryo upside down on the turnbuckle and hit a running dropkick into Onryo's face. GENTARO would make the tag back in, but Onryo would quickly kick his knees down and then get the Onryo Clutch on GENTARO for a two count. Onryo would tag GOEMON, but GENTARO would hit a Sweet Chin Music Superkick on GOEMON, and then climb the top rope for a Shooting Star Press for the pinfall victory on GOEMON. It would be GOEMON's first pinfall loss in less than two months (Masashi Ikeda, Poison Sawada JULIE, Garuda, and now GENTARO) and afterwards, GENTARO would begin beating on GOEMON as Sasaki held onto Onryo. Garuda would then run to the ring and hit a dropkick off the top rope as GENTARO & Sasaki would finally leave the ring as it looks like GOEMON & Onryo are now officially no longer members of the Apache Army. Afterwards, Garuda would get on the mic and tell the crowd about his Super J Cup appearance next month.