The Fuyuki Army Promotion held a one year anniversary of the death of Kodo Fuyuki on March 19, 2004 at Korakuen Hall to a crowd of 1800, up for the first time in the building since their 1800 they drew on October 24, 2003. The show will air on Samurai TV on March 28th.

Kaoru Fuyuki came out with the WEW wrestlers as well as her daughters to start the show as well as a cardboard cut out picture of her late husband with his purple robe. Kaoru announced that the promotion would run their last show at Kawasaki Stadium for their annual May 5th show. Many people in the crowd brought yellow flowers in memory of Kodo Fuyuki.

Tetsuhiro Kuroda fought Zero One's Shinya Hashimoto in the main event of the show. Hashimoto would get the upper hand on Kuroda early on by using his power to Kuroda on the ground several times. Kuroda would end up knocking Hashimoto down and putting his legs in between the turnbuckle and smashing Hashimoto's leg against the turnbuckle. Hashimoto and Kuroda would end up brawling to the outside with Kuroda hitting his trademark running lariat from the stands to knock Hashimoto to the floor. Hashimoto and Kuroda would end up getting back in the ring, and Hashimoto would begin to show his frustration with Kuroda getting the better of him for most of the match. Hashimoto would begin laying in to Kuroda with his kicks, and then knocking Kuroda off his feet with a powerful clothesline. Kuroda would retaliate with a lowblow on Hashimoto, and then begin attacking Hashimoto with a chair.

Hashimoto would manage to make it back up to his feet and the two would begin trading chops. After a slap to the face by Hashimoto, Kuroda would attempt his lariat to knock Hashimoto down, but all it would do is cause more kicks by Hashimoto. Kuroda would attempt to show his strength by getting up quickly after the kicks and follow with another one of his lariats, but it would fail to knock down Hashimoto. Hashimoto would then dish out more of kicks before finally he would nail Kuroda with a DDT. The DDT would only manage to get a two count. Hashimoto would follow with two more DDT's on Kuroda and finally put Kuroda away at 14 minutes, 12 seconds.

Afterwards, Hashimoto would show his respect to Kuroda before leaving. Kaoru Fuyuki, her children, and many wrestlers would come to the ring to show Kuroda their respect for a hard fought match. The show would end with everyone in the ring along with the Kodo Fuyuki cardboard cut out doing the TNR Dance and then followed by "Shoot It '95 in memory of Kodo Fuyuki.

Kintaro Kanemura & Hido would challenge for the All Japan All Asian Tag Team Title, a belt that Fuyuki held three times in his career with Toshiaki Kawada. Kanemura & Hido would challenge the team of The Great Kosuke & Shiryu. Kanemura and Kosuke would start it off first with slaps against one another. Kanemura would follow with a lowblow on Kosuke and quickly would take off the mask of Kosuke to reveal Satoshi Kojima. An upset Kojima would slap Kanemura extremely hard for disrespecting him like that. Hido would follow by brawling with Shiryu and trying to tear off Shiryu's mask to try and reveal Kaz Hayashi to the crowd. Kanemura would grab a table and begin smashing Kojima's head with it, as Hido would come back in the ring and begin working on Kojima's forehead to cause Kojima to begin to bleed. Kanemura would place Kojima against the turnbuckle and then begin to send and then begin to shove the table right into Kojima's crotch area. 

A bloody Kojima would manage to fight back with a double clothesline on Kanemura & Hido as Shiryu would come back in the ring and hit a spinning heel kick on Kanemura. Shiryu would then nail a German Supplex on Kanemura. Kojima would then throw Kanemura into the corner and begin slapping Kanemura extremely hard with his chops. A gushing Kojima would then lay out Hido and as Kanemura would attempt to bring a chair in the ring, Shiryu would nail a Superkick on the chair causing it to smack against Kanemura's face. Shiryu would follow up with a Moonsault off the top rope on Kanemura. As Shiryu would make the cover, Hido would make the save by not only smashing the chair against Shiryu's back, but by attacking the referee and knocking the referee out of the match. Kanemura and Hido would begin double teaming on Shiryu as Kanemura would nail his own personal Praying Powerbomb on Shiryu with help from Hido. With no referee, Kanemura & Hido would scream for All Japan Referee Kyohei Wada to come to the ring to make the count for the All Japan All Asian Tag Team Title match. Kanemura would try to put the match away by supplexing Shiryu off a table onto another table. Shiryu would manage to kick out at two at the last moment. 

Before they could put Shiryu away though, Kojima would rush back into the ring and nail Hido with a Lariat and cover him for the three count and the victory as Hido would attempt to try and kick out but would be too late as Kojima & Shiryu would manage to successfully defend their All Japan All Asian Tag Team Titles for the third time at 13 minutes 40 seconds. 

TAKA Michinoku would square off against Onryo for their first ever singles match against each other. TAKA would attempt early to try and put Onryo in his Just Face Lock Crossface, but Onryo would manage to escape every time. Onryo would end up sending TAKA to the outside, and hitting a a dive off the top rope right onto TAKA. Onryo would end up throwing TAKA back in the ring and attempting a German Supplex but TAKA would manage to land on his feet attempt a Superkick but Onryo would manage to hit a standing hurricanrana. TAKA would manage to get up and finally nail his Superkick on Onryo but would only get a two count. TAKA though would follow with another Superkick and this time it would put Onryo away for the three count and the win at 11 minutes, 13 seconds.

Mr. Gannosuke would team with GOEMON, Masao Orihara, and K-Dojo's MIYAWAKI to take on the team of Takashi Sasaki, GENTARO, Garuda, and Gosaku Goshogawara. The match would start out as a brawl with Gannosuke and Garuda (wearing new pants) going at it. GOEMON (who is no longer affiliated with WMF) would continue his feud with GENTARO who would team with Takashi Sasaki attempt their double team maneuvers on GOEMON before Masao Orihara would come out and make the save for GOEMON. Gannosuke would come in and hit Takashi Sasaki with a Praying Powerbomb for a two count. Gosaku would then enter the ring, and go at it with Gannosuke. Gosaku and Gannosuke would exchange clotheslines with Gannosuke getting a Gannosuke Clutch with Gosaku. Gosaku would kick out but Gannosuke would follow up with another lariat to score the pinfall over Goshogawara at 14 minutes 38 seconds.

Chocoball Mukai wrestled Mammoth Sasaki in Chocoball's 4th Trial Match. Mammoth and Mukai would begin brawling to the outside, as Mammoth and Chocoball grabbed a chair and began dueling chairs against one another with Mammoth winning and smashing the chair over Mukai's back. Mammoth would throw Mukai back in the ring, but before he could do anything, Mukai would out of nowhere roll up Mammoth with the Sampson Clutch for two. Mammoth would retaliate by hitting a enziguri on Mukai and then finishing him off with the 29 Years Old at 7 minutes, 23 seconds. Mammoth would raise Mukai's hand in respect for his performance.