Tomokazu Morita was born September 26, 1978 in Chiba, Japan

After graduating high school in Chiba, Tomokazu wanted to do ever since he was a young boy, and that was become a professional wrestler. Tomokazu reported to Animal Hamaguchi's training Dojo, where he spent months breaking him in along with many other of his students. Every kind of work out for the entire day for months before being able to go inside of the ring. Finally, Morita was able to get inside of the ring and be able to do, and finally get to train and learn how to do a match.

Morita graduated Animal's Dojo and left the Dojo as a official pro wrestler in Japan. Tomokazu then in early 2000 signed up in the FMW Dojo which had been looking for new stars as it had been over two years since their last Dojo student had been able to become apart of the roster. Tomokazu became part of the FMW Dojo team, along with friend Yoshihito Sasaki who had also trained at Animal Hamaguchi's Dojo, as well as Satoru Makita.

Morita would work just like former FMW Dojo students Hayabusa, Mr. Gannosuke, Masato Tanaka, and Koji Nakagawa had worked years before in that same Dojo. From sweeping to push ups, Morita's day was filled with hard work everyday for months and months. Hisakatsu Oya who was the FMW Dojo trainer would make sure the wrestlers knew how to respect the business before ever working a match in FMW.

Hisakatsu Oya would then give Tomokazu and Yoshihito the privilege of making their first appearance in FMW at their big May 5, 2000 Komazawa Indoor Park by entering the ring during the intermission and introducing themselves to the fans and announce that they would soon be making their in ring debuts in FMW.

They would be taken to the limit and train incredibly hard inside the ring, just trying to grasp all the basics inside of the ring before their debut. Morita, Sasaki, and Makita were all then informed that they would all be making their debuts on September 7, 2000 at the Fukui City Gym, the opening show for FMW's September 2000 tour. They would also have to have freshly shaved head before the match.

They were all assigned to debut on the same show for the reason that they will always be linked together no matter what happens in their careers, just like Hayabusa & Mr. Gannosuke. Morita who was considered the best out of the three was assigned white tights for his upcoming match, Sasaki with blue, and Makita in black.


September 7, 2000 at the Fukui City Gym, Morita is put on last of the three rookies for his debut match and given the most time against Hideki Hosaka who would defeat Morita with a Powerbomb at 8 minutes 34 seconds. Morita was now officially an FMW wrestler.

After losses to Chocoball Mukai, Yoshinori Sasaki, and Flying Kid Ichihara, Morita would become the first of the three by far to get his first ever victory at the Sapporo Green Dome against Yoshihito Sasaki on September 21, 2000. Just two weeks after debuting.

Morita would also make his Korakuen Hall as well as TV debut on his 22nd Birthday on September 26, 2000 teaming with Chocoball Mukai to defeat Yoshihito Sasaki and Satoshi Makita. Morita out of the three was obviously the one FMW was most impressed with as he was given victories months before either of the other two.

A trend would start with Morita and the other two FMW rookies on the October tour, as they would begin opening the shows against each other to 10 minute draws to get as much as experience in the ring in front of a crowd without boring the crowd too much with their simple basic moves against one another.

Morita would suffer his first loss at Korakuen Hall on October 29, 2000, as he would team up with Naohiko Yamazaki and lose to the team of Chocoball Mukai and Satoshi Makita after Mukai would make Morita tap in the match.

None of the rookies would be put in a match for FMW's November 12, 2000 Yokohama Bunka Gym show, but after the main event was over, Tetsuhiro Kuroda would attack an already injured Hayabusa and leave him in the ring out. Morita, Sasaki, and Makita would all come to the ring to aid Hayabusa and help him out of the ring as the show would come to an end.

Although they had all made their debut, each of the three wrestlers would still train in the FMW Dojo in between tours everyday to work on their in ring ability. Hisakatsu Oya would step down as FMW Dojo trainer though to lighten up his schedule so that he could spend more time at home with his family, and GOEMON would take over as FMW Dojo trainer. Mammoth Sasaki would also live in the Dojo with the wrestlers
to watch over them during the day and night. Also, two other FMW trainees would be admitted into Dojo to work with the three wrestlers, Masashi Ikeda and American Paul Hunt, who would later make their debuts as Happy Ikeda and Sun Paul.

Morita would be able to get his second victory, even before the other two had managed to get their first as he would defeat Satoru Makita on December 20, 2000 for his first singles victory at Korakuen Hall. Then for the first time, the three would team up on February 6, 2001 at Korakuen to take on Jado in handicap match. Jado would stretch the three rookies and beat on them hard before easily finishing off Sasaki. Yoshihito Sasaki though, would manage to get his first singles victory against Satoshi Makita on February 11, 2001, almost 5 whole months after Morita got his first victory. Makita would soon follow by defeating Sasaki in a rematch two days later.

The three would begin teaming up together in 6 man tag matches at Korakuen Hall to undercard and midcarders in FMW and would lose every time.

Months would follow and all three wrestlers would begin to get slowly better and more improved as well as be able to show more offense in the ring against their opponents. They would then be informed that they would get to work in front of the largest crowd they had worked in front of.

May 5, 2001 at Kawasaki Stadium, Morita would team up with Yoshihito Sasaki to take on Ricky Fuji and Satoru Makita in front of 10,500 fans in the opening match. Although Ricky and Makita would win the match after Ricky would pin Sasaki, Morita would be given a fair amount of offense against the FMW veteran even though the match would only be booked for 5 minutes. Tomokazu would get another victory at the Sapporo Green Dome, this time defeating Satoshi Makita.

June 8, 2001 at Korakuen Hall, FMW would be split by factions with half the roster staying loyal to FMW, Hayabusa, and President Shoichi Arai. The other half siding with Kodo Fuyuki, Stuart Levy of Tokyo Sports and taking a lot of money for joining the group. All three of the FMW rookies would take the money and side with Fuyuki. Morita, Sasaki, and Makita would team with Shinjuku Shark and Chocoball Mukai against Hisakatsu Oya, Ricky Fuji, and Azusa Kudo in a handicap match as Mukai would pin Ricky. Morita though would finally be able to begin working off the top rope, and was beginning to gain comparisons to a young Eiji Ezaki due to their similar look. Morita would also debut a flying maneuver where he would start off from the middle rope, then quickly jump to the top rope and then a hit flying dropkick on his opponent.

Although Morita was improving, Yoshihito Sasaki was being pushed ahead of him as he would get a victory over their former trainer Hisakatsu Oya on August 11, 2001 while Morita would be put in a tag team match and lose to the team of Ricky Fuji and Yasu Urano.

The three rookies would then team for what would turn out to be the last time ever on September 5, 2001 at the Sapporo Green Dome as they would defeat the team of Naohiko Yamazaki, Tomoya Adachi, and Yasu Urano after Sasaki would pin Urano. With Sasaki being pushed over Morita and Makita, it was decided that Morita travel to Mexico just like Eiji Ezaki did in his early days, and begin learning the lucha libre style to become a better overall wrestler when returning.

Tomokazu Morita would wrestle Flying Kid Ichihara on September 9, 2001 at Korakuen Hall and after losing, FMW Vice President Senmu Yoshida would announce that Morita would be taking a 6 month trip to train in Mexico.

Morita would travel across the Pacific Ocean, but would make his first appearance in North America in Southern California as he would enter SoCal's Uncensored Revolution J Tournament on September 28, 2001. Tomokazu would win in the 1st Round match against Lil' Cholo with a Fisherman's Supplex, but would lose in the Quarter Finals to FMW wrestler NOSAWA after a rollup.

Morita would begin training in the IWRG promotion before tragedy would take place on October 22, 2001 as FMW's ace Hayabusa would become paralyzed after slipping off the middle rope in the ring after attempting an Asai Moonsault. Hayabusa would be rushed to the hospital, and with his career looking over, and FMW's attendance already declining, the main event for the November 23, 2001 Yokohama Bunka Gym show which originally scheduled as Hayabusa & Tetsuhiro Kuroda vs. Genichiro Tenryu & Kodo Fuyuki would have to be changed. Fuyuki announced that he would be bringing in a mask superstar from Mexico to save FMW as their ace.

Morita would be given a call to return back to Japan, as he was going to be turned into a mask wrestler and fill in for the injured Hayabusa. 

Kodo Fuyuki would meet the Mexican wrestler to supposedly save FMW at the Narita Airport to pick him up from Mexico, Fuyuki would announce that the wrestler was named "Garuda". 

November 5, 2001 at Korakuen Hall, during intermission Fuyuki would be asked about Garuda, in which Fuyuki replied that he will be a version of the Darkside of Hayabusa to fill in for Hayabusa's spot. After the main event, Fuyuki announced Garuda to come to the ring, and with the "Darkside of Hayabusa" theme playing, Garuda would come in the Darkside of Hayabusa's outfit. But instead of aligning himself with Fuyuki, he would attack Fuyuki and deliver a 450 Firebird Splash on to Fuyuki. Genichiro Tenryu who was in the ring and watched the occurrence became very upset with what Garuda had just done and with the FMW team of Tetsuhiro Kuroda, GOEMON, Onryo, Hisakatsu Oya, and Ricky Fuji backing Garuda, Tenryu would begin throwing things in the ring including a fire hydrant due to his anger. Garuda would later tell that he was his own wrestler, and he was not going to try to be Hayabusa, but his own self. The match would be set for the main event at the Yokohama Bunka Gym as Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Garuda would take on Genichiro Tenryu & Kodo Fuyuki for November 23rd.

Garuda would return to the FMW Dojo with Tetsuhiro Kuroda and begin working nonstop on getting Garuda's ability to a main event level for Morita's biggest match of his career. 

November 23, 2001 at the Yokohama Bunka Gym, Garuda would come out in a completely new outfit, mask, and with his hair dyed blonde to team with Kuroda to face off against Genichiro Tenryu & Kodo Fuyuki. Garuda would first go up against Tenryu and begin exchanging slaps with Tenryu, but Tenryu would act like he was barely being touched and would swat back incredibly hard at Garuda. Garuda would not be treated like the promotions ace during the match as Kuroda would be in for most of the match, with Garuda's getting in a few high spots which included delivering a hurricanrana to Fuyuki as well as a Fire Bird Splash. Kuroda and Tenryu would brawl around ringside with Tenryu smashing a beer bottle over Kuroda's head as Fuyuki would put away Garuda with a Charging Lariat for the pinfall over Garuda. Garuda backstage  would later announce that he would be returning back to Mexico to become better trained in lucha libre so that when he comes back to FMW, he would really be able to work better in the main event position. Garuda would never wrestle another FMW match again as FMW would run its last show on February 4, 2002 and then declare bankruptcy on February 15, 2002, officially ending the promotion while Garuda was in Mexico training. 

Kodo Fuyuki would begin taking over the FMW scheduled dates that had not taken place by his Fuyuki Army Promotion name, and then Yoshihito Sasaki would announce that he was signing a contract with Zero One to become a Zero One wrestler and leaving the FMW team.

Garuda would train in Mexico for months until returning in July when it was announced that Hayabusa had started a deal with Laing, Inc. to start a new promotion, WMF. Garuda along with Mr. Gannosuke, Mammoth Sasaki, GOEMON, Onryo, Satoru Makita, and Happy Ikeda would all sign contracts to become official WMF wrestlers. 

Garuda would be scheduled in the main event for WMF's debut show on August 28, 2002 at the Tokyo Differ Ariake against Mammoth Sasaki. Garuda would be expected to become the promotions ace due to the Hayabusa influence, but it would be Mammoth Sasaki for that role as he would over power Garuda with moves like his Chokeslam and flying clothesline, and although Garuda would get a in very considerable amount of offense including a 450 Fire Bird Splash, it would be Mammoth Sasaki to get the win after a Mammoth Driver. Afterwards, both wrestler would shake hands on their performance for a successful debut show for the promotion. 

Garuda would then team with Mr. Gannosuke on September 16, 2002 at the Shinjuku Island Hall to take on the newly formed Brand Double Cross Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Soldier which would be long time Morita Dojo friend Satoru Makita, and Soldier would be able to get the big upset win over Garuda for another Garuda loss.

By request of Hayabusa, Garuda would be given a very special tryout match against Michinoku Pro's Jinsei Shinzaki for WMF's debut at Korakuen Hall on December 12, 2002 to test Garuda's strength in the ring.

Garuda would make his return to Korakuen Hall for the first time since the debut of Garuda character back on November 5, 2001 for WMF's December 12, 2002 show. Garuda would quickly jump Jinsei Shinzaki at the opening match to gain the upper advantage on the veteran, and hit a baseball slide and follow with a Asai Moonsault onto Shinzaki outside. Garuda would not be able to keep the offense going, and during the match, the mask of Garuda would be ripped off as for the first time it would be revealed publicly that Garuda is Tomokazu Morita. Shinzaki would eventually win after Referee Ted Tanabe would call for the bell as Shinzaki had Garuda in the Goku-Raku Gatame. Afterwards, Garuda would put the remaining bit of his mask on and announce to the crowd that even though they now know that he is Tomokazu Morita but wants to continue on with the Garuda name and mask. Garuda would then go over to Hayabusa and tell him he was sorry for failing his tryout match, as Hayabusa stuck his hand out and shook Garuda's hand and congratulated Garuda on his work. 

Then in 2003 after suffering nagging injuries to his vertebrae while training in the WMF Dojo, Garuda would face off against former Dojo friend Soldier in a match on February 15, 2002 at the Osaka Sky Dome Hall, a match that would be moved from semi main event to the opening match due to Garuda's injuries and would be turned into a very quick match with the referee stopping the match for the Soldier win due to Garuda's injury.

Garuda would return on March 29, 2003 in his hometown of Chiba to team with Mammoth Sasaki to take on the Brand Double Cross team of HISAKATSU & Soldier, this time Garuda would finally put away his former Dojo friend by finishing him off with a 450 Fire Bird Splash.

But Garuda's injury were becoming more and more painful, and Garuda was barely being able to move without being pain, but would stay for one more show, and that would be on April 11, 2003 at Korakuen Hall against former tag team partner Tetsuhiro Kuroda. Garuda would get in a fair amount of offense, Kuroda would easily be able to defeat the injured Garuda with a lariat. Afterwards, Garuda would announce that due to the injury, he would most likely be out for the rest of the year. Kuroda would shake Garuda's hand and wish him the best and a speedy recovery as he would take time out to rest his injured vertebrae in his neck. The injury would turn out to be much worse than Garuda would have ever wanted, as it really was an injury that should cause two years of rest before stepping back in the ring, although two years was simply not an option in Garuda's mind.

Garuda would remain unheard of until October 19, 2003 at the Tokyo Differ Ariake when both Mr. Gannosuke and Hido were double teaming on a bloody helpless beaten Mammoth Sasaki, when Garuda would rush to the ring in his street clothes and hit a flying dropkick on Gannosuke and empty out of the ring the both of them to help out his friend Mammoth Sasaki. Also, on the show, Yoshihito Sasaki would be appearing on a WMF show as a member of the Zero One roster, and Soldier would wrestle his last match before traveling to Mexico to train the lucha libre style to become a better overall wrestler just like Garuda was able to two years before and would also wrestle as The Black Garuda while in IWRG in Mexico. It would be the first time in those two years that the three wrestlers that trained together, and debuted together would get to meet up together at the same wrestling. 

Garuda would come to the ring on November 20, 2003 at Korakuen Hall before the WMF show to announce that he would be returning to the ring at WMF's next Korakuen Hall show on December 27th, and also announced that Hayabusa would be sending him as the WMF representative and the 1st wrestler entered into the 4th Osaka Pro's Super J Cup in February 2004. Garuda would be returning after 8 months of sitting out of the ring despite being told to take about two years off to heal his neck injury.

Garuda would appear at Osaka Pro's Delfin Arena days later and issue a challenge to Osaka Pro's Tsubasa for his return match at next months WMF Korakuen Hall show, and Tsubasa would accept.

Garuda would make his return to the ring after over 8 months out of action against Tsubasa on December 27, 2003 at Korakuen Hall. Garuda would jump Tsubasa as soon as he was entering the ring, and hit a tope on him to the outside. Tsubasa would get the offense back though by dropkicking Garuda as Garuda was about to hit a flying body press off the top rope. Garuda would show that his neck injury was still bothering him and Tsubasa would end up making Garuda tap out for the victory. Garuda and Tsubasa would shake hands afterwards. 

Garuda would start off 2004 with a very impressive win with Seiji Ikeda by defeating the team of GOEMON & Onryo on January 12, 2004 after Garuda would pin his former Dojo trainer GOEMON with a 450 Fire Bird Splash to get his first victory since returning to the ring.

Garuda would then make the save for GOEMON on January 14, 2004 on a Fuyuki Army Promotion show after hitting a flying dropkick on GENTARO after GENTARO continue to beat on GOEMON after the match and both he and Takashi Sasaki from out of the ring.

Bad news then struck as it was reported that WMF would be closing down after their February 11, 2004 show, in which Garuda will face off against Seiji Ikeda in the semi main event. Garuda will then begin touring with Michinoku Pro which he may work much more often to become more crisp in the high flying lucha libre style with WMF not running any shows anytime soon. Garuda will then wrestle in his highest profile singles match at the 4th Super J Cup Tournament on February 21, 2004 against Osaka Pro's Goa in the 1st Round. 

What would seem to be the last show ever by WMF would be held on February 11, 2004 at Korakuen Hall, with Garuda's match being changed several times. Garuda would originally be scheduled to team with Seiji Ikeda to face Fuyuki Army's Kintaro Kanemura & Tetsuhiro Kuroda. The match would changed to Garuda facing Kanemura in a singles match instead. But due to a injury suffered by Kanemura, it would once again get changed to Garuda facing Seiji Ikeda in a match entitled "Best of Marvelous" between the two friends. It would be one of Garuda's biggest struggles as he would look worst in the match than even in his early rookie days. It was obvious that Garuda had not taken enough time off for a chance to participate in the Super J Cup later in the month, as he would struggle to get through the match, botching many different spots in the match including a 450 Fire Bird Splash where he would barely make it over looking incredibly ugly and almost take off Ikeda's head off due to it. Ikeda would end up getting up and finishing off Garuda with a lariat for the win in a very disappointing match for Garuda just 10 days before the biggest show of his career. After the main event of the show, Mr. Gannosuke would announce that the show would not be the last of WMF, but that it would be the end of Chapter 1 of WMF, and that the promotion would be taking off for 6 months and that wrestlers would be allowed to freelance in the mean time. Garuda would be one of those wrestlers that would take advantage of that by beginning to tour with Michinoku Pro the next day and even team up with Ikeda on February 14, 2004 in Saitama  to face Michinoku Pro's Chi-Nen Hokkai & Osamu Inoue which Garuda and Ikeda would get the victory after Ikeda would score the pin over the rookie Inoue. Although WMF would be back in six months, Hayabusa would not be. Hayabusa would announce that he would no longer be associated with WMF although still supported the group and his wrestling friends. WMF low on money was just not able to afford a non wrestler in Hayabusa was making a lot of money compared to the other wrestlers, and Hayabusa would instead focus on a singing career instead. 

Garuda would then participate in one of the biggest shows of his career by entering into the 4th Super J Cup tournament on February 21, 2004 promoted by Osaka Pro representing WMF. The tournament for the first time would be promoted for the much younger wrestlers. Garuda would come out to the beginning of Hayabusa's music playing before it transforming into his own as Garuda would face off against Goa in the first round, and would be attacked right away by Goa with hard shots to Garuda before it would turn into a slapping across the chest match between the two. Garuda would follow with an enziguri sending Goa to the outside followed by a tope by Garuda to the outside. Garuda would try to keep the match a highflying one, but Goa would make a comeback and deliver a flying dropkick off the top rope and then bring the match back to the mat by putting Garuda in the Sharpshooter to try and make him tap. Garuda would manage to get out of the submission move and once again bring the match to the outside by throwing Goa out and then hitting him with a plancha over the top top rope. Garuda would then bring Goa back in the match and manage to hit the Falcon Arrow but would fail to finish him off. Goa would come right back with a Superfly Splash, but that would be his last chance at trying to put away Garuda who would end getting a roll up out of nowhere for a two count, and then followed with a standing hurricanrana to score the quick victory over Goa and advance into the second round of the tournament, and become the biggest victory in Garuda's career.

Garuda's next round opponent would be Pro Wrestling NOAH's Naomichi Marufuji who was also a former WEW Tag Team Champion. Garuda and Marufuji would lock up to start the match, but it would quickly turn to the outside with both wrestlers fighting to be able to deliver an Asai Moonsault. Garuda would end up winning that battle and deliver an Asai Moonsault on Marufuji. Garuda would also come back with a flying spinning heel kick on Marufuji, but Marufuji would turn the match around when gaining the advantage on Garuda, and would begin working on Garuda's elbow the entire match. Marufuji would bring the match to the mat working on Garuda's elbow including a flying leg drop on Garuda's elbow. Garuda would finally be able to escape the constant attack on his elbow and bodyslam Marufuji and then set him up for the 450 Fire Bird Splash. Marufuji would end up moving out of the way of the 450 Fire Bird Splash. Marufuji would again go back to working on Garuda's elbow, and Garuda would fight back for one last attempt at winning the match by getting Marufuji in a supplex for the two count, but when unable to beat Marufuji with that, it would be pretty much over for Garuda's chances as Marufuji would come back by grabbing Garuda's elbow and pull him down and roll him up while using the elbow to score the victory over Garuda and move on to the finals and eventually win the 2004 Super J Cup. Despite Garuda's recent struggles in the ring and the matches being kept short, Garuda would still come out of the show looking respectable and showing off his move set nicely as well as gaining the biggest win of his young career.

Garuda would return to Korakuen Hall for his Fuyuki Army debut on March 19, 2004 out of respect for his former boss in FMW the late Kodo Fuyuki who had died one year prior on the day. Garuda would team up with Takashi Sasaki, GENTARO, and Gosaku Goshogawara to face off against Mr. Gannosuke, GOEMON, Masao Orihara, and MIYAWAKI. Although the match would turn out to be a big brawl with all eight wrestlers, it would be Gannosuke an Garuda who would gain the most interest within the fans when facing off. Gannosuke and Garuda would exchange slaps in the ring, and although Gannosuke's team would end up winning the match after Gannosuke would put Gosaku Goshogawara in the Gannosuke Clutch, it would look like Garuda would be the the top person on Gannosuke's mind after the match after their fight against each other in the ring. 

Garuda would return to Osaka Pro on April 10, 2004 at the Osaka Festival Gate teaming with Tsubasa to face Billy Ken Kid & YUTAKA with Garuda being able to score the victory with a Falcon Arrow over YUTAKA to earn the team a shot at the Osaka Pro Tag Team Titles.

Garuda and Tsubasa would challenge for the Osaka Pro Tag Team Titles on April 17, 2004 at the Osaka IMP Hall against Billy Ken Kid and Tigers Mask. Garuda would be able to hold his own in the match, as the match would be one of the best he had participated in his career, but Garuda would fail to win his first ever title by being pinned by Billy Ken Kid with a 450 Fire Bird Splash in a match that would last over twenty five minutes for the Osaka Pro team to be retain their titles.

May 5, 2004 at Kawasaki Stadium, Garuda would return to the Stadium for the first time since 2001 for the last ever Fuyuki Army Promotion show. Despite speculation of being put in a match against Sabu on the show, he would be booked with GOEMON to take on New Japan's Jado & Gedo. It would be the first time that Garuda had faced off against Jado & Gedo since they had left FMW in early 2001 when Garuda was still a rookie. Garuda would get his a fair share of offense against two wrestlers that beat him up several times early in his career including giving a spinning heel kick to Jado, and giving it to Gedo, but it would be Jado & Gedo's former tag partner GOEMON that would end up taking the loss in the match after Jado would manage to put GOEMON in the Crossface of JADO for the submission victory for Jado & Gedo at the last Fuyuki Army Promotion show at the legendary Kawasaki Stadium.

With the Fuyuki Army Promotion no longer being funded by the late Kodo Fuyuki's wife Kaoru, the Fuyuki Army Promotion would close but Kintaro Kanemura would announce that he will fund shows under the Apache Army name from then on. But due to differences between Kintaro Kanemura and Mr. Gannosuke and other WMF representatives, the two groups would once again split and WMF wrestlers would be either working for WMF or on their own. Garuda though would get a big shot to make a name for himself as New Japan would offer him a shot at competing in the New Japan: Best of Super Junior Tournaments due to Garuda being a talked about name at the Super J Cup Tournament.

Garuda would make his New Japan debut on May 13, 2004 at Korakuen Hall, against New Japan's long time junior El Samurai in a match before the tournament. Garuda would end up struggling in the match and would end up being put in the chicken wing arm lock for the submission and the win for El Samurai over Garuda in his first New Japan match. Garuda would get his first New Japan victory over Hirooki Goto before the start of the tournament.

Garuda would be entered into the B Bracket of the Best of the Super Juniors Match with his first match of the tournament on May 25, 2004 at the Tomi City Gym against the legendary Ultimo Dragon. Garuda would manage to get little offense in this in particular match, with Dragon getting a majority of the moves with Garuda trying to counter with flying dropkicks or rollups until Ultimo Dragon would put away Garuda with an Asai DDT for the victory. 

Garuda would come back the next day on May 26, 2004 at the Kira Messe Numazu against former Michinoku Pro wrestler Curry Man and Garuda would manage to get his first point of the tournament after lasting thirty minutes against Curry Man until the Time Limit would expire and both wrestlers would be rewarded a point for the match. 

Garuda's struggles would then become to show up as his neck which had never healed would continue to bother him throughout his matches, making his transition between moves looking weak as if he was a rookie still which would not to mean well with some world class wrestlers in the ring against him for the rest of the tournament. Garuda would lose to Masayuki Naruse on May 29th and once again be force to submit after being put in the Naruse Lock for the loss.

Garuda would then face off against IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Heat on June 1, 2004 at the Toba Citizen Gym and his struggles in transitioning and would not get much of a chance against Heat as he would only last a little five minutes before being put in the HEAT Clutch for the submission which would pretty much eliminate Garuda from any chance at winning the tournament. The slump would continue the next day on June 2, 2004 at the at the Minokamo Plaza Chutai as Garuda would face off against Rocky Romero and the fact that he would be unable to perform his own moves like the 450 Fire Bird Splash would hurt Garuda in much of the New Japan office eyes as Garuda would once again be forced to tap, this time to Romero's cross armbreaker.

Garuda would team with a fellow Animal Hamiguchi trainee Wataru Inoue to face off against Ultimo Dragon & Katsuhiko Nakajima at New Japan's big Osaka Prefectural Gym show on June 5, 2004 with Dragon once again being able to put away the struggling Garuda with an Asai DDT for the victory. Garuda's losing streak would finally end on June 6, 2004, but the only problem would be that it was a non tournament match and once again it would be beating Hirooki Goto. 


The losing streak would be back the next day on June 7, 2004 at the Matsue City Gym by losing to Tiger Mask IV and once again looking poor in his performance before being beaten by a front cradle. Garuda would be tied for last place going into his final match with one point, and that would only be because of Curry Man, who he had drew with earlier had been injured in a match and was force to leave the tournament and return back to America. Garuda would team up with El Samurai on June 8, 2004 to face off against Heat & Tiger Mask and once again Garuda would be on the losing end as he would be defeated by Heat with once again by the HEAT Clutch.

Garuda would get one last chance to get out of last place in the tournament and it would be on June 9th, at the Kurashiki City Park Gym, and his best chance as he would be facing off against 16 year old rookie Katsuhiko Nakajima in the last match of the tournament. Although it would look like Nakajima would have a chance to cause Garuda once again to lose, finally Garuda would get his first win of the tournament by defeating Nakajima with the Camel Clutch to get out of last place of his B Bracket and finish the tournament with 3 points ahead of Curry Man and Nakajima. Due to a poor performance throughout the tournament with the neck problems, Garuda would not be asked back by New Japan after the tournament.

Garuda would take it low for the rest of June and July, only working shows promoted by Mr. Gannosuke in very small buildings and healing his neck before WMF's first show would take place. 

The beginning of Chapter 2 in WMF with the reopening of the promotion would take place on August 7, 2004 at the Tokyo Kitazawa Hall, with Garuda teaming up with Seiji Ikeda to face Mr. Gannosuke & GOEMON. The match would be made to setup Garuda facing Mr. Gannosuke for WMF's 2nd Anniversary show later in the month, but once Garuda would finish off GOEMON with a 450 Fire Bird Splash and then would make GOEMON tap for the victory, a person from Garuda's past would make a run in after the match. Soldier returning to WMF for the first time in 10 months would attack Garuda after the match, and lay him out. Afterwards, Mr. Gannosuke would agree to step aside from their scheduled match and allow Garuda to face off against Soldier at the Anniversary show instead.

Garuda would face off against long time friend and rival Soldier who he had trained with at the FMW Dojo for WMF's 2nd Anniversary show on August 29, 2004 at the Saitama Pepe Hall Atlas in the main event for Soldier's IWC International Title which was created for him by the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania promotion for Soldier's performances throughout the year for them. Garuda who would be wearing new tights to the ring would offer his hand in respect to his former friend, but be rejected before the bell. The match would turn out to be one of Garuda's best with Garuda delivering his Falcon Arrow and Asai Moonsault to Soldier, but when climbing the top rope to attempt to put away Soldier with a 450 Fire Bird Splash, Soldier would catch Garuda on the top rope and deliver his F5 off the top rope called the BUU for the victory and another blown opportunity by Garuda to win his first title of his career.

Garuda would be entered into two tournaments in September, one for the Michinoku Pro Tag Team Tournament in October, and the WMF Round Robin Tournament in November. Garuda would be put with The Great Sasuke for the Michinoku Pro Tag Team Tournament, and for the WMF Round Robin Tournament he would face off against Mr. Gannosuke, Mammoth Sasaki, Soldier, GOEMON, Onryo, Seiji Ikeda, and Mineo Fujita in singles matches with the two wrestlers getting the most points moving on to the finals of the tournament.

Garuda's first match back with Michinoku Pro on October 2, 2004 before the tournament would be at the Utsunomiya City Gym, where he would defeat the former Yone Genjin, Kesen Numa-jiro.

Garuda & The Great Sasuke's first match in the tag team tournament would be on October 9, 2004 at the Hirosaki Kasai Gymnastics Center, where they would lose their opening match to Mango Fukuda & Pineapple Hanai after a count out decision. Garuda would team up with The Great Sasuke again on October 10, 2004 at the New World Sendai Tennis Club, but not in a tournament match as they would also team with Ultimo Dragon to face Jinsei Shinzaki, Kazuya Yuasa, and Kesen Numa-jiro and score the win after Dragon would pin Numa-jiro for the victory in one of Ultimo Dragon's last matches under his mask. The Great Sasuke & Garuda would return to the Tag Team Tournament on October 11, 2004 at the Ichinokseki Cultural Center Gym and would score their first win and two points in the tournament by defeating Kazuya Yuasa & Kesen Numa-jiro when Sasuke would pin Numa-jiro with a Sasuke Special Version. Sasuke & Garuda would get their second victory as a team on October 15, 2004 at the Kesennuma City Gym against the Michinoku Rangers after a count out victory to give them four points.

Sasuke & Garuda's third victory would come on October 16, 2004 at the Akita Municipal Gym against Jaguar & Leopardo when Sasuke would pin Leopardo in the main event. The three match winning streak for the team would end on October 17, 2004 at the Commemoration Hall when Jinsei Shinzaki & Shinji Nohashi when Shinzaki would pin Garuda with the la magisterial to tie up the two teams with 6 points. Garuda & Sasuke would come back on October 20, 2004 at the Fujishima Townsman Gym against Lambo Miura & Murcielago when Garuda would pin Murcielago for their eight point.

Sasuke & Garuda would tie for the lead in the tournament on October 22, 2004 at the Ogata Village Gym when they would defeat Kei & Shu Sato when Sasuke would pin Sato for their tenth point.

The finals of the tournament would take place on October 23, 2004 at the Fukushima City Gym, but to make it to the finals, Sasuke & Garuda would face off once again against Kazuya Yuasa & Kesen Numa-jiro in a playoff match to make it to the finals. Sasuke & Garuda's run would finally come to an end as despite beating Yuasa & Numa-jiro earlier in the tournament, Yuasa would manage to score the pinfall victory over Garuda eliminating him & Sasuke from the tournament. Yuasa & Numa-jiro would go on to the finals of the show, but would end up losing to the winners of the Michinoku Tag Team Tournament Mango Fukuda & Pineapple Hanai.

Garuda fresh off his Michinoku Pro Tag Team Tournament would then enter into the WMF Round Robin Tournament on November 6, 2004 at the Tokyo Takenotsuka Battle Sphere against the youngest wrestler of the group, Mineo Fujita. Garuda would suffer a very disappointing loss to Fujita after Fujita would put away Garuda with a Tiger Supplex starting another tournament on the wrong foot for Garuda.

Garuda would then be told the news that Mammoth Sasaki had injured his knee in his match against Soldier and would be unable to face Garuda in his next tournament match, automatically giving Garuda the win over their scheduled match and two points. Garuda would instead face off against Asian Cougar in a non tournament match on November 28, 2004 at the Tokyo Takenotsuka Battle Sphere and and end up scoring the victory with a Falcon Arrow.

Garuda would return to Michinoku Pro on December 17, 2004 at the Miyoshi-cho Deflection Center and team with The Great Sasuke & Jinsei Shinzaki against Kensuke Sasaki, Kesen Numa-jiro, and the former Kazuya Yuasa, GAINA with Shinzaki pinning Numa-jiro for the win. 

Garuda would come back for the WMF Tournament on December 18, 2004 at the Tokyo Takenotsuka Battle Sphere and face off against Onryo and manage to score the victory with the 450 Fire Bird Splash to score the victory for his fourth point. 

Garuda would then face off against Soldier once again on December 19, 2004 at the Tokyo Takenotsuka Battle Sphere and despite Soldier controlling most of the match including putting Garuda in a crossface, Garuda would manage to defeat his former friend with a Falcon Arrow and gain possession of first place in the tournament with six points.

Garuda would then face off against Seiji Ikeda on January 22, 2005 at the Tokyo Takenotsuka Battle Sphere in the main event, but after a brainbuster and a spinebuster Ikeda would score the victory over Garuda causing Ikeda, Gannosuke, Mammoth, and Soldier to be all tied up with Garuda for first place with six points.

Garuda would then face off against Mr. Gannosuke on January 23, 2005 at the Tokyo Takenotsuka Battle Sphere in the match that was suppose to take place on August 29th. Garuda would end up being overmatched and over powered by Gannosuke would work on Garuda's knee the entire match by placing him in a figure our and then finish off Garuda with a Choshu Lariat and would make him tap to the Scorpion Death Lock to give Gannosuke the lead at eight points. Garuda would not lose much in the standings as Mammoth Sasaki & Soldier would lose also, but then GOEMON would be tied with the group, and Ikeda would get one point for being in a draw with Mineo Fujita. Garuda would have more match in the tournament against GOEMON for any chance to stay alive in the tournament.

Garuda would face off against GOEMON on February 19, 2005 at the Tokyo Takenotsuka Battle Sphere to stay alive in the WMF Round Robin Tournament after once again being able to defeat GOEMON with a Falcon Arrow for the victory to get eight points overall. By the end of the show, Garuda would be tied for first place with Mr. Gannosuke, Mammoth Sasaki, and Soldier. Garuda would be moved to a playoff match against Soldier the next day for the right to wrestle in the finals of the WMF Round Robin Tournament.

Garuda's playoff match on February 20, 2005 at the Tokyo Takenotsuka Battle Sphere would see Garuda try and pull out every move in his offense to try and advance into the finals of the tournament. Garuda would deliver a missile dropkick to Soldier, as well as an Asai Moonsault to the outside, as well as a Falcon Arrow, but none of the moves would be able to put away Soldier who would rolling up Garuda for the victory and eliminating Garuda once again from a playoff match at the chance of being able to make it to the finals. Soldier would move on to the finals to face off against Mammoth Sasaki who had defeated Mr. Gannosuke and would eventually defeat Mammoth to win the WMF Round Robin Tournament. 

It was the fourth tournament that Garuda had been in the past 12 months, and none of them saw Garuda on the winning side of any of them. 

Tomokazu Morita would find himself in personal trouble in March 2005 as he would be caught by his girlfriend who he was living with having sex with a ring rat. Morita's girlfriend would break up with Morita for being unfaithful and kick him out of their apartment leaving Morita desperate for money right away.

Morita would talk with Gannosuke about leaving WMF after their shows in April for Michinoku Pro as although WMF paid a little bit more per show than Michinoku did, Michinoku ran much more frequently with WMF only running two shows per month and Morita needed as much money as possible right away while not having a place to live at. Garuda would let Gannosuke know that he was planning on wrestling at Michinoku Pro's April 1, 2005 show instead of WMF's April 1, 2005 show thus upsetting Gannosuke. Garuda would team up with The Great Sasuke and the Original Tiger Mask Satoru Sayama to take on Jinsei Shinzaki, GAINA, and Kesen Numajiro at the Tsu City Gym with Sayama getting the pinfall over Numajiro. Gannosuke would then book Garuda for one final show on April 3, 2005 with Garuda facing former FMW Dojo friend Seiji Ikeda at the Saitama Pepe Atlas Hall with Ikeda getting the win with the brainbuster in Garuda's last match as a member of the WMF roster. 

Garuda would begin to tour with Michinoku Pro and enter into Michinoku Pro's Iron Man 2005 Tournament. Garuda's first match in the tournament would take place on July 17, 2005 at the Yahaba Townsman Gym and face off against Pineapple Hanai with Hanai getting a quick win over Garuda with the Break the Hammer causing Garuda to start off on the wrong foot in another tournament. Garuda would luck into his first win in the tournament on July 18, 2005 at the Omagari City Gym as Garuda's next scheduled opponent in the tournament GAINA would not be able to wrestle on the show due to a injury thus earning Garuda his first win in the tournament via forfeit. 

Garuda would manage to get his first win after an actual wrestling match on July 23, 2005 in Tome as Garuda would score the pinfall over Shanaou after the Referee would be force to stop the match. Garuda would win his next match on July 30, 2005 in Furukawa over Shu Sato with the Falcon Crash. Garuda would be near at the top of the standings after scoring another victory, this time on July 31, 2005 in Kazuno with a pinfall victory over Rasse with the Falcon Crash. 

Garuda's hot streak with four straight wins in the tournament would come to an end on August 6, 2005 in Shiragawa as the leader of the tournament Gamma would get the pinfall victory over Garuda with the Blitzen. Garuda would come back the next day on August 7, 2005 at the Shinjo City Park Gym with a win over Jinsei Shinzaki's student Shinjitsu Nohashi thus keeping him alive in the tournament. 

Garuda would score a huge victory in the tournament on August 10, 2005 in Namioka by defeating the current leader in the tournament Kesen Numajiro in the main event with the 450 Fire Bird Splash earning Garuda 12 points in the tournament. Garuda would then follow that up by getting 14 points for his 7th win in the tournament in Mikawa on August 11, 2005 as Garuda would defeat Takeshi Minamino with again the Fire Bird Splash thus tying Garuda for the lead in the standings of the tournament. 

Garuda would lose that tie for first place on August 12, 2005 at the Yonezawa City Gym with Kagetora defeating Garuda in the main event with the half moon. Although the lost would hurt Garuda, it would not officially eliminate him going into the last day of the regularly scheduled matches for the Iron Man Tournament. 

Garuda would face off on the last day of the tournament on August 13, 2005 at the Kesennuma City Gym against an already eliminated Dynamite Tohoku with Tohoku getting the quick upset win with a Tohoku Backslide in under four minutes to officially eliminate Garuda from reaching the finals of the Iron Man Tournament with 14 points. Kagetora would go on to defeat Gamma in the finals of the tournament the next day to win it. 

Garuda would return to Korakuen Hall for the first since May 13, 2004 in New Japan for Michinoku's September 10, 2005 Korakuen Hall show. Garuda would face off against GAINA who Garuda had gotten a victory over in the Iron Man Tournament after GAINA was unable to participate due to an injury. GAINA would get his revenge on Garuda by defeating him with the Naruto Strait. 

Garuda would continue to tour with Michinoku Pro and wrestle in singles midcard and opening matches including an opening match on September 24, 2005 at the Ichinokseki Bunka Center Gym with Garuda getting his own revenge on Dynamite Tohuko, the man who had eliminated officially in the Iron Man Tournament with the Falcon Arrow.

Garuda would enter into another tournament, this time a single elimination Michinoku Pro Tag Team Tournament. Garuda would team up with Rasse and would square off in the 1st Round match on October 9, 2005 at the Yamaanouchi City Gym against Kagetora and Shanaou with Kagetora hitting the Half Moon on Rasse to get the victory and eliminating Garuda and Rasse from the tournament in 1st Round. Kagetora and Shanaou would go on to win the Tag Team Tournament later in the month. 

Garuda and Rasse would continue their mask tag team after the Tournament and would team up together for Michinoku Pro's December 21, 2005 Korakuen Hall show taking on the team of Jinsei Shinzaki and Shanaou's new gimmick Yoshitsune with Yoshitsune dazzling the crowd with spectacular moves never before seen in wrestling before hitting the Timber Chute on Rasse for the win.

Mr. Gannosuke and Garuda would strike a deal with Garuda agreeing to come back for another WMF show with Garuda teaming up with Mr. Gannosuke on December 25, 2005 at the Tokyo New Battle Sphere taking on GOEMON and Mineo Fujita with Garuda hitting the Fire Bird Splash and Falcon Arrow before Gannosuke would manage to roll up GOEMON with the Gannosuke Clutch for the win.

Garuda would face off in a rematch of their WMF Korakuen Hall match on December 12, 2002 against Jinsei Shinzaki at the Yahaba Townsman Gym on January 14, 2006 with Shinzaki once again defeating Garuda, this time with a Frankensteiner for the win. 

Garuda would also suffer another singles loss, this time on February 12, 2006 in Haga to Kagetora after making Garuda tap to the Wakigatama. Garuda would end up defeating his tag team partner Rasse on April 30, 2006 at the Niigata Phase with the Falcon Crash but the match would not end their partnership.

Garuda and Rasse would enter into another single elimination tag team tournament, this time for the the Tohoku Tag Team Titles on May 20, 2006 at the Aomori Industrial Hall, and once again Garuda and Rasse would fail to get out of the first round, this time the loss would come to brothers Shu and Kei Sato after Kai would hit a Diving Body Press on Rasse for the win. Shu and Kei would end up making it to the finals later that night before losing to K-Dojo's Makoto Oishi and Shiori Asahi.

It would turn out to be the last time Garuda would team up with Rasse as well as work as a Michinoku Pro regular after the show. Michinoku Pro would decide to stop booking Garuda afterwards due to the fact they had a roster filled with homegrown wrestlers that were younger and faster. Garuda after his neck injury from years ago would never be able to do the highflying moves that people expected out of him and was just not the worker that he was originally thought to be when he was picked as the most talented of the three wrestlers that made their FMW on the same day back in 2000. Garuda would disappear from the wrestling scene for awhile and would focus on getting a job outside of pro wrestling as a result. 

Garuda would not wrestle again until being contacted with the small Hakata based Kageki Pro's promoter Azteca with Azteca booking Garuda for the December 2, 2006 show at the at the Southern Pier Hakata Multi-Purpose Hall with Garuda teaming up with Azteca, Cosmo*Soldier, and Shinichi Hayashida against the team of Diablo, Kurokage, Yuto Aijima, and Kitai Kubo in a Elimination Match. Garuda would manage to eliminate Kitai Kubo from the match, but Garuda would end up being eliminated by Kurokage as Kurogake would end up being the sole survivor for his team. 

Garuda would continue just work his daily job and not be booked again until Kageki would book him once again on November 4, 2007 at the Nagoya Island Sports Center Stadium # 2 with Garuda teaming up with Cosmo*Soldier to challenge for the Hakata City Tag Team Titles against the champions Yuto Aijima and Kitai Kubo with Soldier getting the pinfall over Kubo with the Crash Supplex Hold for the Hakata City Tag Team Championship. It would be the first title in Garuda's seven year career in pro-wrestling. 

Garuda and Cosmo*Soldier would defend their tag team titles for the first time on December 24, 2007 at the Southern Pier Hakata Multi-Purpose Hall against the team against Koji Niizumi and KING with Garuda scoring the pinfall over Niizumi with the Falcon Arrow for their first tag team title defense. 

Garuda and Cosmo*Soldier would defend their tag team titles once again on February 3, 2008 at the Southern Pier Hakata Multi-Purpose Hall by defending the titles against Dragon Gate's YAMATO and Super Shenlong II with Soldier hitting the Crash Supplex Hold '85 and pinning Shenlong to defend the titles for the second time. 

Garuda and Cosmo*Soldier would show that they were becoming a very successful tag team in Kageki Pro as they would defend the titles once again on March 2, 2008 at the Akatsuka Public Hall by defeating Azteca and Dragon YUKI with Soldier pinning Dragon with a German Supplex Hold for the teams third successful tag team title defense. 

The teams success would come to an end on May 4, 2008 at the Southern Pier Hakata Multi-Purpose Hall with with Yuto Aijima and Nozomi Kubo defeating Cosmo*Soldier and Garuda with Kubo getting the pinfall victory over Soldier with the Diving Senton to end Garuda and Cosmo*Soldier's tag team reign as the Hakata City Tag Team Champions on their fourth defense. 

Garuda would get in contact with Mr. Gannosuke once again about a return to WMF. Garuda would team up with his former FMW Dojo friend Soldier as Garuda would make his return to WMF for the first time in two and a half years on May 17, 2008 at the Tokyo Shin-Kiba 1st Ring with Soldier and Garuda defeating Rikiya Fudo and Daisaku Shimoda with Soldier nailing a lariat on Shimoda for the win. The two old friends would agree that this would not be the last time that they would team. 

Garuda would then return to Kageki Pro on June 15, 2008 at the Nagoya Tiger Hall 3rd Floor as Garuda would open the show with a victory over Dragon YUKI after making YUKI tap to the Garuda's Boston Crab for the win. 

Garuda would then be contacted to return to Michinoku Pro for the first time since May 20, 2006 for their Korakuen Hall show which would be Garuda's first time returning to the building since December 21, 2005 as Michinoku Pro would bring back many of its former wrestlers for the show on June 20, 2008 at Korakuen Hall. Garuda would team up with Gran Hamada, HANZO, and Macho Pump to take on the reuniting Delfin Army consisting of Super Delfin, Jinsei Shinzaki, Yone Genjin, and Gran Naniwa with Garuda taking the loss after Delfin would roll up Garuda with the Delfin Clutch for his last Michinoku Pro match. 

Garuda would then make his debut for the Fukumen promotion for Fukumen Mania 8 on June 22, 2008 at the Tokyo Shin-Kiba 1st Ring by teaming up with Gran Hamada and Gold Hawk Tercero facing off against two of Garuda's rivals from Michinoku Pro in Shu Sato and Kei Sato as they would team up with Diablo de la Arayna Negro with Garuda getting some revenge over the Sato brothers from 2005 with Garuda delivering his new Garuda Flash maneuver on Kei for the win.

Garuda would then return to WMF on June 28, 2008 at the Tokyo Shin-Kiba 1st Ring teaming up once again with Soldier to face Apache Army's Mammoth Sasaki and Kamui. Soldier would end up nailing his BUU also known as a F5 off the top rope on Kamui to score the victory for the FMW Dojo friends. It would turn out to be the last time that Garuda would wrestle for WMF as the promotion would end up closing down in August due to Mr. Gannosuke's upcoming retirement at the end of the year. 

Garuda would return to Kageki Pro on September 23, 2008 at the Biwashima Sports Center # 2 teaming with Cosmo*Soldier facing off against Ultimo Dragon and Azteca in the main event with Dragon nailing the Asai DDT on Soldier to score the pinfall victory over Cosmo*Soldier for the win over the former Hakata City Tag Team Champions. 

Garuda and Cosmo*Soldier would team up once again on November 8, 2008 at the Southern Pier Hakata Multi-Purpose Hall as they would take on Isamu Taniguchi and Dynamite Guy Akira with Garuda getting the submission victory over Taniguchi in the opening match. 

Garuda would then make his Apache Army promotion debut on December 12, 2008 at the Tokyo Shin-Kiba 1st Ring as he would face off against WMF Dojo wrestler Kenji Sawaragi now with a mask known as Kamui trying to prove himself to the promotion. Garuda would end up putting away Kamui with the Falcon Crash as it would be the only time that Garuda would be booked by the Apache promotion.  

Former FMW Dojo student and friend Satoru "Soldier" Makita who made his debut on the same day on September 7, 2000 as Garuda would wrestle his final match on December 26, 2008 against Tetsuhiro Kuroda. The other FMW Dojo student Yoshihito Sasaki would make a change in his career in 2008 as he would leave the Zero-One MAX promotion, his home of the last 6 years for the Big Japan promotion.

Garuda would once again team up with Cosmo*Soldier in the main event of the Kageki February 15, 2009 Nagoya City Tiger Hall 3rd Floor show as they would take on Super Taira and U.M.A with Taira nailing a high kick to Cosmo*Soldier the win. 

Garuda would then return to the Fukumen group for their Fukumen Mania XI show on March 7, 2009 at the Tokyo Shin-Kiba 1st Ring as he would team up with former FMW and WMF wrestler Onryo to take on another former FMW and WMF wrestler in Ricky Fuji as well Gran Hamada in the semi-main event of the show. Ricky would end up getting DQ'd after attacking Garuda causing the referee to try and pull Ricky away from Garuda causing Ricky Fuji to shove the referee down and reward the victory to Onryo and Garuda for a DQ win. 

Garuda would return to Kageki Pro on May 30, 2009 at the Southern Pier Multi-Purpose Hall in Hakata as he would team up with Cosmo*Soldier to take on the team of Koji Niizumi and Shinichi Hayashida with Niizumi getting the pinfall over Soldier for the win.

Garuda and Onryo would reform their team for the next Fukumen show called Fukumen Mania XII on June 21, 2009 at the Tokyo Shin-Kiba 1st Ring. Their opponents would be Ricky Fuji and Dynasty with Onryo managing to get the win over his fellow 666 wrestler Dynasty with the Onryo Clutch for the win. It would turn out to be Garuda's last performance for the Fukumen Mania promotion.

Garuda and Cosmo*Soldier would team up once again on July 26, 2009 at the Nagoya Tsuyuhashi Sports Center as they would take on the team of KAZE and Masanori Ishikura with Soldier getting the pinfall over Ishikura with his Crash Supplex for the win. It would turn out to be Garuda's last match in over a year.

Garuda would return for one match in 2010 at the Nagoya Tsuyuhashi Sports Center on August 1, 2010 for his former partner Cosmo*Soldier's 15th Year Anniversary in Pro-Wrestling. Garuda would represent the Kageki Pro team with Azteca and U.M.A against the Darkside FTO group on Skull Reaper A-ji, Umanosuke Ueda II, and Kenji Fukimoto in a Two out of Three Falls Match. The Darkside FTO group would score the first pin after A-ji delivered a Soccer Ball Kick to U.M.A to get the first fall of the match. Azteca would even the score at 1-1 after pinning Umanosuke Ueda II with a School Boy. The first and final fall would go to the Kageki Pro team after U.M.A. would pin Kenji Fukimoto with a Moonsault for the win in what may have been Garuda's last match in pro-wrestling coming just one month short of 10 years since his debut in FMW on September 7, 2000.

Garuda has had an interesting career. He went from FMW rookie with the most potential to possible replacement for Hayabusa in his first year in wrestling. He then went from possible WMF ace to losing midcard matches, putting on bad performances, and having a severe injured neck. He then went from wrestling all the time in Michinoku Pro to barely wrestling at all in just a couple of months. 

After ten years since his debut, Garuda now looks to be retired from pro-wrestling after only wrestling one match in 2010 and with no bookings in sight. Garuda has found a regular job where he sells kimichi to food markets to support his wife and new child. Although Garuda's wrestling career looks to be finished, the new life of Tomokazu Morita looks to be just starting.

Garuda's Title History

Hakata City Tag Team Champions w/ Cosmo*Soldier 

Defeated: Yuto Aijima & Kitai Kubo 11/4/07
Lost to: Yuto Aijima & Nozomi Kubo 5/4/08

Last Updated: 4/24/11