Jun Kasai promoted his second ever Korakuen Hall show and his 4th annual Christmas Death Match show on December 25, 2011 entitled "BLOOD X'MAS 2011" taped for Samurai TV. The show drew 870 fans which has to be considered a disappointment as Kasai promoted shows always sell out Shin-Kiba shows unlike FREEDOMS and the one FREEDOMS Korakuen Hall show out drew this show by over 300 fans. They were shooting for about 1000 people for this show.

The main event of the show saw Jun Kasai take on Shuji Ishikawa in a Glass Death Match. Kasai ended up getting the early advantage on Ishikawa as he was able to throw Ishikawa into the glass cases right away. Ishikawa fought back and ended up fighting with Kasai where he delivered a Techan Buster DDT off the apron to the outside. Kasai would end up gaining control of the match while outside and with the help of Kamui and some younger wrestlers they were able to tape Ishikawa to the table. Kasai then climbed up the stairs to the balcony dive where he delivered a dive off the balcony on Ishikawa through a table. Kasai and Ishikawa would end up going back in the ring and bring in fluorescent light tubes with Ishikawa powerbombing Kasai into them and carving Kasai's back with them. Kasai would fight back and bring a ladder into the ring and deliver his Pearl Harbor Splash off the ladder as well as a Shining Wizard but would fail to get the victory. Ishikawa would then come back by sending Kasai into the glass which would cut open Kasai's back even farther before finishing Kasai off with a Cross Arm Mountain Splash for the win at 17 minutes, 14 seconds. Kasai afterwards would announce to his fan base that if he does not win a Death Match Tournament in May then he will retire from pro-wrestling. Although the show had a disappointing turn out for Korakuen Hall, Jun Kasai still came off as a star to the crowd as he has a very loyal passionate fan base. 

The FREEDOMS team of Takashi Sasaki and Mammoth Sasaki teamed up in the semi-main event of the show against ZERO1's Masato Tanaka and BJW's Daisuke Sekimoto in a Hardcore Rules Match. Chairs were brought into the ring early on for this match as Tanaka used one of the chairs to choke Takashi Sasaki with it. Takashi came back by delivering a kick to the chair right at Tanaka's head. Both Mammoth and Takashi then delivered Mammoth Home Runs with Mammoth hitting Tanaka and Takashi delivering it to Sekimoto. Tanaka and Sekimoto could not be held down though as they came back and both delivered Frog Splashes to the Sasaki's and then Sekimoto placed Mammoth in the Torture Rack before Tanaka ended up finishing off Mammoth with the Sliding D at 14 minutes, 54 seconds for the win.

Masashi Takeda faced off against the 2010 Death Match Tournament winner MASADA in a Razor, Table, and Dust Box Death Match. MASADA would first throw Takeda head first into the razors causing Takeda to bleed from the forehead right away. MASADA would then send Takeda through a table with an elbow off the apron to the outside before the two would brawl around ringside. Takeda would end up bleeding everywhere but fighting back and delivering an Uranage to MASADA on a garbage can. Takeda then bleeding all over his body would put MASADA into the ankle lock looking to get MASADA to tap but MASADA would end up reaching the ropes. MASADA would eventually end up delivering a Piledriver onto the trash can to put away the bloody Takeda away at 24 minutes, 58 seconds. 

GENTARO and 2006 and 2011 Death Match Tournament winner The Winger teamed up to take on Brahman Shu and Brahman Kei in a Barbed wire Board Death Match. The Brahman Brothers would end up knocking GENTARO to the outside onto the barbed wire board and then begin cutting his forehead with the barbed wire causing blood to drip down GENTARO's face. The bloody GENTARO would end up making a come back and delivering a sunset flip but during the pin attempt one of the Brahman Brothers would end up spitting black ink all over GENTARO's face to go with the blood already on his face. Despite GENTARO's face being covered he would still manage to deliver a Northern Lights Supplex on the barbed wire board to finish off Brahman Kei at 11 minutes, 33 seconds for the win.

Kamui faced off against Kenji Fukimoto in a Street Fight Death Match. Fukimoto would strike before the bell as Kamui was making his introduction in the ring he would get green mist spit in his face by Fukimoto. Fukimoto would then begin to cut off Kamui's mask revealing his face to the crowd. Kamui would fight back and grab the sharp object and begin cutting Fukimoto's forehead with it. A chain would end up being brought into the match with tables stacked up onto one another as Kamui would end up placing the chain over Fukimoto's neck and throwing him off the stack of tables. Kamui would then throw Fukimoto over the top rope with the chain and begin hanging Fukimoto for the KO win as the referee would be force to stop the match for a Kamui win at 13 minutes, 17 seconds.

The opening match would be a Scramble Bunkhouse Death Match of Great Kojika, Ricky Fuji, and HIROKI against DDT's Danshoku Dino, Shinobu, and Toru Sugiura. Although Shinobu would end up being the first one to grab the barbed wire baseball bat it would end up being used against him by Ricky Fuji. The big spot of the match would see Great Kojika pulling off his pants to reveal Danshoku Dino's tights and then kissing Dino before placing Sugiura in his pants and delivering the Danshoku Driver for the win at 11 minutes, 46 seconds to the crowds laughter.

Jun Kasai promoted two shows entitled "PAIN IN LIMIT 2011"at the Shin-Kiba 1st Ring for what is now becoming an annual Death Match Tournament. The eight wrestlers in the tournament consisted of Jun Kasai, 2010 Death Match Tournament winner MASADA, Takashi Sasaki, Kamui, Mammoth Sasaki, Kenji Fukimoto, 2006 Death Match Tournament winner The Winger, and Masashi Takeda. The first show drew a crowd of 312 fans at the Shin-Kiba 1st Ring on August 24, 2011. 

The opening match for the show was a Hardcore Rules match seeing Men's Teioh revise his old Terry Boy gimmick as he teamed with Great Kojika revising his Dory Boy gimmick that he used for the Big Japan December 2, 2001 Yokohama Arena show, and Ricky Fuji debuting under the Nature Boy gimmick. The three took on the team of GENTARO, Brahman Shu, and Keita Yano with Ricky Fuji applying the Figure Four Leglock on GENTARO to get him to submit at 17 minutes, 21 seconds for the win. 

Masashi Takeda took on The Winger in a 1st Round Ladder and Weapons Death Match with Takeda controlling most of the match. Takeda would deliver a dive off the ladder and send Winger through a ladder and then begin smashing the broken table over the head of The Winger and then begin delivering the German Supplexs before The Winger would end up rolling up Takeda out of nowhere to get the win at 12 minutes, 24 seconds to advance.

The next match would be Takashi Sasaki trying to get his revenge on Kamui for taking the fall against him at the previous months show. They would face off in a Steel of Pain Street Fight Death Match. Kamui would get the early advantage by bringing in a chain and wrapping it around Sasaki's neck and toss him over the top rope to try and get the KO win but Sasaki would manage to break free. A steel can would end up being brought into the ring and Sasaki would hit Kamui with a Powerbomb on to the steel can and then place the can over Kamui's head and deliver a right leg kick to it and then follow that with a Michinoku Driver II to get the win at 13 minutes, 57 seconds to advance.

Mammoth Sasaki's 1st Round opponent would be FUCK's Kenji Fukimoto in a Scramble Bunkhouse Death Match. Fukimoto would end up grabbing the barbed wire bat placed in the ring first and although he would manage to hit Mammoth across the chest with the barbed wire baseball bat, it would not be nearly enough as Mammoth would hit his Mammoth Home Run and then follow that up with a 29 Years Old on the barbed wire baseball bat to get the win at 8 minutes, 31 seconds to advance. 

The main event of the show and the last 1st Round Match would see Jun Kasai look to get revenge on MASADA for last years Death Match Tournament Finals that saw MASADA defeat Kasai to win the tournament. The match would be a Fluorescent Light Tubes Death Match. Kasai would start off with the advantage by throwing MASADA into the light tubes and then deliver a Tiger Driver to get a two count. MASADA would end up coming back and throwing Kasai into the light tubes and then setting up some light tubes in front of Kasai and breaking them with his kicks. Kasai would fight back and deliver a Supplex on MASADA onto the light tubes and then deliver a Pearl Harbor Splash with the light tubes on top of MASADA but would still fail to come away with the win. MASADA would counter by driving Kasai into the light tubes and then MASADA would pull out the sticks that he used last year and begin to stab them into Kasai's forehead and deliver the Skullfucka Buster to get the win over Kasai at 16 minutes, 23 seconds to advance.

Mammoth Sasaki, Takashi Sasaki, and The Winger would all come to the ring afterwards as Mammoth would stare at MASADA and The Winger and Takashi Sasaki to stare at one another to setup the next nights matches. Kasai would be laying in the ring still after all four had left as Kenji Fukimoto and a man going by the name American Psycho would rush the ring and attack Kasai with Masashi Takeda running in to make the save to set up a tag team match at the next show as well. 

The next nights show would take place on August 25, 2011 at the Shin-Kiba 1st Ring drawing a sell out crowd of 368 fans. Although the shows would be a success they both would be down compared to last years two shows. 

The first Death Match Semi-Finals Match would take place as Mammoth Sasaki would face off against MASADA in a Barbed wire Board Death Match. The match would quickly turn into the crowd with MASADA using a barbed wire baseball bat to smash over the back of Mammoth. Mammoth would come back in the ring and deliver the Mammoth Home Run and then use the barbed wire bat to cut up MASADA's forehead to get him bleeding all over. MASADA would come back with a vengeance and pull out his BBQ sticks and begin shoving them in all around Mammoth's head and then place him in the Camel Clutch. MASADA would then grab a chair and place the chair around Mammoth's neck with the sticks still poking out of his skull with Mammoth refusing to submit until the referee would have no choice but to stop the match for Mammoth's safety as MASADA would be given the win at 15 minutes, 1 second to advance to the finals of the Tournament. 

The next match in the Semi-Finals would have Takashi Sasaki against The Winger in a Thumbtacks Death Match. Sasaki would control the match early on with hard kicks and headbutts to Winger's head and then dump the thumbtacks all over Winger's body but it would be The Winger who would once again come away with the victory after rolling up Sasaki for the cradle to get the win at 12 minutes, 29 seconds to advance to the Finals. 

The next two matches of the show would be non tournament Street Fight Death Matches. The first match would see Great Kojika as Dory Boy, Men's Teioh as Terry Boy, Ricky Fuji as Nature Boy, and Kamui as Mascaras Boy with the Mil Mascaras mask on taking on the team of GENTARO as Snuka Boy, Abdullah Kobayashi as Butcher Boy, Brahman Shu as Jeet Singh Boy, and Keita Yano as Brody Boy. Jeet Singh Boy would use his Tiger Jeet Singh like sword to attack Mascaras Boy and GENTARO would hit the Superfly Splash like Jimmy Snuka but in the end it would come down to Butcher Boy accidentally hitting Snuka Boy with a weapon and Dory Boy covering him as a result to get the win at 12 minutes, 4 seconds. 

Jun Kasai and Masashi Takeda would team up to take on the team of Kenji Fukimoto and American Psycho in a Street Fight Death Match. Kasai during the match would end up getting green mist spit in his face by Fukimoto but would end up getting the win after hitting a Pearl Harbor Splash on Fukimoto onto a Razor Board to get the win at 13 minutes, 50 seconds. 

In the main event of the show the Death Match Finals Match would see the 2006 Death Match Tournament The Winger take on 2010 Death Match Tournament winner MASADA in a match to determine the first ever two time champion of the tournament in a Glass Board Death Match. MASADA's cut would get open early on the match as he tried to put away The Winger like he did Mammoth earlier with a chair across The Winger's neck while applying a Camel Clutch but The Winger would manage to escape out of it. The Winger would then setup the Glass Board and attempt to deliver a hurricanrana off the top turnbuckle but MASADA would end up catching Winger and driving him into the Glass Board instead causing glass to go flying everywhere cutting open his shoulder. MASADA would control most of the match but again The Winger out of nowhere would end up coming back by rolling up MASADA with a cradle which he used in all of his matches in the tournament to get the win at 18 minutes, 35 seconds. The Winger would be presented a trophy afterwards as all eight wrestlers in the tournament would pose for pictures to end a second straight successful Death Match Tournament. The next Jun Kasai promoted show will be on December 25, 2011 at Korakuen Hall.