The Apache Army ran their Survive show at Korakuen Hall on July 20, 2007 drawing a crowd of 800 fans. Although that is a very small crowd for the show, it was not much of a shock as not much was really put into the show, and it was more of a setup for their return to the building in September. 

Kintaro Kanemura teamed up with Zero-One MAX's Masato Tanaka to face Mammoth Sasaki and Zero-One MAX's Kohei Sato in the main event of the show. The match started with all four wrestlers brawling to the outside of the ring with Kanemura getting on the apron and delivering an Asai Moonsault onto everyone outside. The match quickly turned into a battle between Kanemura and Mammoth with the two exchanging chops against each other. The Apache Army guys would end up tagging in the Zero-One MAX guys as Tanaka and Sato would end up doing battle. Sato would end up supplexing Tanaka before all four wrestlers would end up battling outside the ring once again, this time into the entrance aisle. Sato threw Kanemura into a stack of chairs in the crowd, and Mammoth grabbed one of the chairs and began hitting Tanaka with it. Mammoth and Tanaka would enter the ring with Mammoth in control as he would deliver a chokeslam to Tanaka. Sato would end up coming in the ring to help Mammoth, but Kanemura would enter the ring and smack both Mammoth and Sato's heads together. Kanemura and Tanaka would gain control as Tanaka would deliver a DDT and stunner to both Mammoth and Sato. Both Tanaka and Kanemura would then deliver jump off the top turnbuckle with Kanemura delivering a flying elbow and Tanaka delivering a frog splash. Kanemura would then climb up the turnbuckle again and deliver a Blast YAMA Senton Splash to Mammoth but would be unable to get the pinfall. That would turn out to be Kanemura's last chance as he would soon be met with a supplex by Sato and then a charging lariat by Mammoth. Mammoth would then finish off Kanemura with a 29 Years Old and get the pinfall victory over Kanemura at 13 minutes, 7 seconds. It was the first time Mammoth had scored a pinfall victory over Kanemura since April 1, 2001 at Korakuen Hall by winning the WEW Hardcore Title. Mammoth would then grab the mic and state that win today should guarantee him a shot at the WEW World Title. Kanemura would reply stating that he was already putting up the WEW World Title on July 29, 2007 at New Japan's LOCK UP show at Korakuen Hall against Toru Yano, but that Mammoth would be granted the next show at the title, most likely at the September 23, 2007 Apache Army Korakuen Hall show. Kanemura and Tanaka would end up doing the TNR Dance to end the show. 

The former Akrangers battled it out in the semi-main event of the show. GENTARO quickly gained control of the match by putting Takashi Sasaki in the figure four leglock around the ring post. The two would then begin to battle to the outside where Sasaki would end up cutting his former tag team partner as bloody would begin to drip all down GENTARO's face. GENTARO would fight back with another Bret Hart move in his arsenal, this time the Sharpshooter, but Sasaki would manage to get out of it. Sasaki would end up gaining control of the match and deliver a powerbomb, supplex, and a D-Geist kick but would fail to put GENTARO away. As Sasaki would look to finally put GENTARO away, GENTARO would end getting Sasaki in a leg arrangement inside cradle for the victory at 19 minutes, 47 seconds. A bloody GENTARO afterwards grabbed the mic and let Sasaki known for his hatred about him and challenged his partner Yuko Miyamoto to a match at the August 17th Apache Army show.

In a rematch of their July 1, 2007 Kobe World Hall match for the Dragon Gate promotion Tetsuhiro Kuroda would face off against Don Fujii. Fujii who had defeated Kuroda in their first match look to get a quick start on Kuroda by going after him with both wrestlers fighting to the outside. Kuroda would deliver his running lariat through the crowd on Fujii like he has done so many times throughout his career, but this time the two would still be battling before making it back into the ring at the referees 20 count. The referee would end up declaring a double count for both wrestlers at 3 minutes, 9 seconds. Kuroda wanting revenge badly on Fujii would demand the match be restarted with Fujii agreeing to it. Kuroda would end up getting his revenge on Fujii by rolling Fujii up with the Samson Clutch and getting the pinfall win at 9 minutes, 50 seconds. Kuroda and Fujii would show respect towards one another and hinted at possibly teaming. Kuroda would then accept Daisuke Ikeda's challenge towards him made earlier in the show. 

Daisuke Ikeda wrestled in his first singles match for the Apache Army by facing Hi69. Hi69 who had challenged Ikeda back on June 24th at Korakuen Hall ended up being no match for the much more experience Ikeda. Ikeda would end up stretching H69 for most of the match, with Hi69 getting very little offense in before being put away and tapping to Ikeda's Chickenwing Armlock at 10 minutes, 24 seconds. Ikeda would announce that he wanted more of a challenge from the Apache Army wrestlers and issued a challenge directly towards Tetsuhiro Kuroda. 

The Winger and NOSAWA Rongai defeated the team of Shinjuku Shark and Naoshi Sano. Shark who after returning from Philadelphia last month and now dressing up as Rocky Balboa. The Winger would end up laying Shark on top of Sano, and as Winger would head to the top rope to deliver a senton, Shark would manage to get out of the way, but would be unable to save his partner as Winger would hit the Diving Senton and pin Naoshi Sano at 10 minutes, 44 seconds.

Jun Kasai, Jaki Numazawa, and MASADA would end up opening the show by defeating the team of Yuko Miyamoto, Yusaku Obata, and Big Japan's Hakaru Imai. All the wrestlers would start brawling and and would eventually make their way into the stands at Korakuen Hall where Yuko Miyamoto would end up delivering a moonsault in the crowd onto all the wrestlers. Ladders, chairs, and baseball bats would end up bringing brought into the match and that would favor the death match wrestlers in Kasai, Numazawa, and MASADA over the younger wrestlers. MASADA would end up delivering a supplex to Imai off the middle rope onto the ladder pretty much finishing off Imai there. MASADA would end up finally getting the victory over Imai with the Skullfucka Buster at 17 minutes, 29 seconds for the win. 

The Apache Army returned to Korakuen Hall on June 24, 2007 drawing an announced crowd of 1200 fans and was taped for Samurai TV.

The main event of the show was Kintaro Kanemura getting one last shot at returning Kodo Fuyuki's WEW World Title back home to the Apache Army against champion Togi Makabe. Makabe had already beaten Kanemura for the title on September 24, 2006 and defended it against Kanemura on November 18, 2006 for New Japan's LOCK UP show. Makabe who had held the title for 9 months had defended against Kanemura twice, Tetsuhiro Kuroda once, and Mammoth Sasaki twice. The match started with Makabe busting Kanemura open early. Kanemura began to bleed everywhere and Makabe worked on the cut by delivering multiple headbutts. Kanemura would fight back, cutting open Makabe himself. A bloody Makabe would then bring his signature chain into the match and begin to choke out Kanemura with it. Togi Makabe would try everything that had put away Kanemura and the rest of the Apache Army wrestlers before, but this time Kanemura would manage to kick out of everything thrown at him. Makabe would deliver the King Kong Knee Drop and the lariat with a chain wrapped around his arm. Kanemura would manage to kick out to escape and kick out. Kanemura would gain control of the match after kicking Makabe low and eventually deliver a death valley driver to Makabe that Makabe would barely kick out of. Kanemura would then bring chairs into the ring and deliver another death valley driver with Makabe's head landing straight on the chairs to give Kanemura the pinfall victory at 13 minutes, 31 seconds for Kanemura to become the WEW World Champion for the fourth time. A very upset Makabe would not take the loss graciously and would begin to attack Kanemura after the match until Mammoth Sasaki would run in for the save. Kanemura and Mammoth Sasaki embraced after the match and Kanemura announced that Mammoth Sasaki would get the next shot at the WEW World Title. Mammoth Sasaki would then issue state to Makabe that he hopes he wins the IWGP Heavyweight Champion on July 6th so that when he (Mammoth) wins the WEW World Title the two can have a Double Titles match in the future. Kanemura, Mammoth, Tetsuhiro Kuroda, Hi69, Shinjuku Shark, and Yusaku Obata would all end the show doing the TNR Dance. 

Back on April 29, 2007 at the Tokyo Shin-Kiba 1st Ring, The Winger turned on partner Takashi Sasaki and helped GENTARO score the victory over Takashi Sasaki. This caused the WEW Tag Team Champions Takashi Sasaki and The Winger to vacate the titles. On May 26, 2007 at the Tokyo Shin-Kiba 1st Ring, The Winger would once again help GENTARO score a victory on Takashi Sasaki in a three way match along with Jun Kasai to allow GENTARO and whatever partner he chose to be in the second match for the vacant WEW Tag Team Titles on June 24th. GENTARO would choose The Winger as his partner. Jun Kasai and Jaki Numazawa after getting by Takashi Sasaki and Yuko Miyamoto would challenge GENTARO and The Winger for the WEW Tag Team Titles. Both Kasai and Numazawa would be busted open early because of their death match earlier in the show. The referee would end up being knocked out during the match. Takashi Sasaki would then come down and exact his revenge on GENTARO for the past month and square up and kick GENTARO straight in the head. Sasaki would then grab the referees shirt and put it on himself. Kasai and Numazawa would use this to their advantage and Kasai would put away Winger at 16 minutes, 2 seconds with the Pearl Harbor Splash with Sasaki counting the fall and rewarding Kasai and Numazawa the WEW Tag Team Titles. Yuko Miyamoto would also come down to the ring as Sasaki would request for Kasai and Numazawa to put up the WEW Tag Team Titles against Sasaki and Miyamoto next month at Korakuen Hall. Kasai and Numazawa would accept the challenge. 

The scheduled match between Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Hi69 against Daisuke Ikeda and Tomohiko Hashimoto match would be changed to Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Mammoth Sasaki teaming up against Ikeda and Daisuke Sekimoto after Tomoaki Honma would cancel on the show. Daisuke Ikeda who is a former FMW Brass Knuckles Tag Team Champion with Hayabusa made his Apache Army on the show. Ikeda who had last worked for WEW on May 5, 2003 as part of a NOAH 6 man tag team at Kawasaki Stadium. Kuroda would quickly take the match into the crowd where he would deliver his running lariat through the crowd at Ikeda and Sekimoto. Sekimoto would make it back in the ring and face off against his rival Mammoth Sasaki as the two would deliver powerful lariats at one another. Ikeda and Kuroda would eventually go at it with Ikeda getting the better end including delivering a Muscle Buster to Kuroda, a lariat to Kuroda, and finishing him off with the chicken wing facelock that would cause Kuroda to eventually tap. Hi69 who was originally scheduled in the match would come out afterwards and challenge Ikeda to a future match. 

New Japan's young lion Tetsuya Naito would defeat Apache Army rookie Yusaku Obata with the Boston Crab at 9 minutes, 44 seconds. 

Shinjuku Shark would return to the Apache Army for the first time since February teaming with MAZADA to defeat NOSAWA Rongai and Naoshi Sano when Shark would pinned Sano at 11 minutes, 15 seconds after MAZADA had delivered a Fisherman's Buster on Sano first. Shark had left Japan and traveled to Philadelphia to train at the foot of Rocky Balboa. 

Hi69 and MASADA teamed up to defeat the team of Katsumasa Inoue and Atsushi Ohashi when Hi69 used the Trance Rave on Ohashi at 10 minutes, 39 seconds.

Takashi Sasaki and Yuko Miyamoto teamed up in the opening match on the show against Jun Kasai and Jaki Numazawa in a Death Match with the winner getting a shot against GENTARO and The Winger for the WEW Tag Team Titles later on in the show. Miyamoto showed his highflying skills right away delivering a Moonsault off the top turnbuckle onto Numazawa on the outside laying on a table. The barbed wire baseball bat would be brought into the ring as Sasaki would use it to carve Kasai's forehead into a bloody mess before swinging it at his face. Miyamoto would end up going to the top turnbuckle to try and put away Kasai during the match, but Numazawa would end up nailing Miyamoto across the face with a fluorescent light tube stick while on the turnbuckle and Numazawa would put away Miyamoto with the Shineway at 17 minutes, 50 seconds to earn the Kasai and Numazawa team a shot at the WEW Tag Team Titles later on in the show. 

Both Kintaro Kanemura and Tetsuhiro Kuroda put up their hair on the line in their main event match against Togi Makabe and Takashi Sasaki in the Captain Falls Barbed wire Spider net Death Match with Kanemura and Makabe as the two captains on the team. The ring would be designed to have two sides of barbed wire instead of ropes with the other two sides of the ring having no ropes and and the barbed wire spider nets placed outside the ring. Kanemura and Kuroda would come out first and do the TNR Dance followed by Makabe and Sasaki's entrance with the two meaning business and charging the ring right away. 

Makabe would go after Kanemura right away carving his face in the barbed wire right at the start of the match. Kanemura would end up exiting out of the ring, but Sasaki would deliver a top over the barbed wire landing Kanemura on the outside. Kuroda would end up brawling with Makabe outside the ring and all four wrestlers would end up brawling outside the ring. Kuroda and Sasaki would end up going into the crowd where Kuroda would deliver his running lariat in a aisle in the crowd of Korakuen Hall where as Makabe and Kanemura would begin to do battle with one another once again with both men cutting each other up using the barbed wire with blood dripping down Kanemura's face. Kuroda and Sasaki would make their way back in the ring, but Makabe would jump Kuroda and lay him out with several chair shots and then deliver a Brainbuster on the chair knocking him out, and  leaving Makabe and Sasaki a chance to double team Kanemura. 

Makabe and Sasaki would set up two chairs and place a barbed wire board across them and Makabe would deliver a powerbomb to Kanemura on the barbed wire board. Makabe would then begin carving Kanemura's face up even deeper by shoving his head into the barbed wire and then with the help of Sasaki picking up Kanemura and dropping him into the barbed wire by the stomach. Makabe and Sasaki would try and put Kanemura away as Sasaki would deliver his D-Geist finisher, followed by Makabe wrapping his chain around his arm and delivering a lariat on Kanemura, but failing to get the pinfall victory over Kanemura. Kuroda would finally would make it back to his feet, but Sasaki would manage to take care of him delivering a supplex while Makabe had more fun with Kanemura. 

A now bloody Sasaki would hold down Kuroda allowing Makabe to take shots at Kanemura to cause more blood to start gushing out, but Kanemura would begin fighting back and a punching match between the two would begin to take place with Makabe getting the better of Kanemura. Kuroda would finally end up getting free from Sasaki and delivering a Shining Wizard to Makabe to help out Kanemura, followed by a Shining Wizard to Sasaki. This would Kanemura a chance at offense on Makabe as he would deliver a German Supplex to Makabe but be able to get the victory after The Winger would grab the referee before he was able to count the three. Finally, Kanemura would grab the spider net boards in the ring and Kanemura would pick up Makabe and death a Death Valley Bomb on Makabe into the barbed wire spider net and cover Makabe for the pin at 16 minutes, 41 seconds as Kanemura had finally gotten a pinfall victory over Makabe. 

Mammoth Sasaki would enter the ring and grab the mic and announce that he would take the WEW World Title from Togi Makabe at the LOCK UP show although that would not be the case as Mammoth would end up taking the loss and fail to bring back the WEW World Title to the Apache Army. Tetsuhiro Kuroda would challenge Takashi Sasaki to a singles match at the Apache Army February 25, 2007 Tokyo Shin-Kiba 1st Ring show that Kuroda will be promoting, and if Sasaki is able to defeat Kuroda then Kuroda will lick Sasaki's boots after the match. The show would end with many of the fans running next to the ring and slapping it, just like in the old FMW days at Korakuen Hall as Kanemura and Kuroda would embrace and do the TNR Dance one more time to end the show victorious over Togi Makabe and his TPG group. 

Mammoth Sasaki would have a warm up match before his WEW World Title shot by taking on a former All Japan Triple Crown Champion in Satoshi Kojima in the semi-main event of the show. Kojima would enter to his old theme, but Mammoth would get a much bigger reaction from the Apache Army fan base. Mammoth and Kojima would go at it right away, exchanging tackles and slaps across the chest. Kojima would manage to take Mammoth down and begin working on the left leg that has caused him to miss time in the past. Kojima would begin elbowing Mammoth's knee, and then begin stomping on it. Kojima would manage to put the STF on Mammoth with Mammoth having to grab the ropes to break the move. Mammoth would end up fighting back by grabbing a chair and smashing it across Kojima's chest.

  Mammoth would bring the match to the outside where he would lay out Kojima outside the ring. Kojima would struggle to make it back into the ring, just making it in before twenty count as Mammoth would be waiting for him, and grab him by his throat and deliver a chokeslam, followed by the Mammoth Home Run, but would be unable to put away Kojima. Mammoth would then try to deliver a super powerbomb off the top rope, but Kojima would reverse it and deliver a hurricanrana to Mammoth. Mammoth would manage to shake it off, and deliver a lariat to Kojima of his own and then deliver his 29 Years Old finisher, but that would not be able to put Kojima away as he would kick out at two. Kojima would soon be back in control after the close loss. Kojima would throw his elbow off and deliver his signature lariat to Mammoth for the pinfall victory at 15 minutes, 6 seconds. Kojima and Mammoth would shake hands after the match as a show of respect towards one another. 

Although it would not be as much of a surprise because of earlier in the show, MAZADA would turn out to be the newest member of TPG as an assassin for the group teaming up with The Winger against Jun Kasai and Tomoaki Honma in a Hardcore Rules Match. All four men would begin brawling outside the ring to start the match with a ladder being used early in the match. Kasai would throw Winger hard into the ladder followed by Honma using the ladder as a weapon on Winger. Kasai and MAZADA would begin fighting with MAZADA biting open Kasai's forehead causing blood to begin shed as MAZADA would use the ladder as a weapon by throwing Honma into it. A bloody Kasai would begin fighting with MAZADA and deliver a supplex into the ladder causing the back of MAZADA's head to smash into it. Eventually with Honma's assistance, Kasai would climb up the ladder and deliver the Pearl Harbor Splash on MAZADA and get the pinfall victory over the TPG assassin at 22 minutes, 25 seconds.

The new tag team of GENTARO and Hi69 that was formed on January 8, 2007 after Hi69 left the TPG group took on their first challengers in the team of Zero-One MAX's Ikuto Hidaka and Minoru Fujita. GENTARO and Hidaka would end up battling in the outside of the ring causing Fujita to be alone with Hi69 as Fujita would end up being too much for Hi69 and would finish him off with a Sasuke Segway at 19 minutes, 38 seconds. Hi69 would refuse to shake both Hidaka and Fujita's hands afterwards and storm off as GENTARO would shake the winning teams hands before leaving. 

The Great SAME team of Great SAME # 4 which is Shinjuku Shark who died back on December 16, 2006 when he was KO'd by Tomohiko Hashimoto and his partner The Great SAME # 5 which is Onryo against the team of Tomohiko Hashimoto and Naoshi Sano. Shark would be in Onryo's zombie gimmick during the match including both sitting up from the dead at the same time. Shark would end up getting the victory after a moonsault to Sano for the pinfall victory at 8 minutes, 22 seconds.

The show would start off with Yusaku Obata facing off against a mystery opponent just known as a TPG assassin. The assassin would be revealed as NOSAWA Rongai leaving the Apache Army side to side with the TPG. NOSAWA would end up making quick work of Obata forcing him to submit to a crab hold at 2 minutes, 54 seconds. NOSAWA and MAZADA will face the consequences of turning their back on the Apache Army when they face the team of Kintaro Kanemura and Tetsuhiro Kuroda on February 8, 2007 at the Tokyo Shin-Kiba 1st Ring.