Jun Kasai promoted his annual Christmas Death Match show on December 25, 2012 at Korakuen Hall. The show announced a crowd of 735 fans which is down which is down from last years 870 the show did in the same building most likely due to the main event consisting of a tag team match with two wrestlers that the audience were not familiar with. The show will air on Samurai TV on January 15th.

The main event of the show was a Fluorescent Light Tubes No Ring Canvas Glass Death Match with Jun Kasai teaming with partner Masashi Takeda against the Mexican Independent wrestling team of Violento Jack and Aero Boy. The match started with the four men smashing the light tubes over each others bodies before Violento Jack would grab a Razor Board set up in the ring and powerbomb Jun Kasai causing his back to begin opening up with blood. Aero Boy would drop kick Takeda into the glass causing the glass set up in the corner to explode and go everywhere as the Mexican team would have the early advantage.

 Kasai would fight back and setup the ladder and begin climbing it but Violento Jack would end up climbing it and superplexing Kasai off the ladder onto the hard wood of the ring. Aero Boy would then climb on top of the ladder and dive onto Kasai and Takeda with Jack holding them both up. Jack would then grab the ladder and place it over his head but Takeda would grab a hold of him and deliver a released German Suplex with the ladder still over his neck. Takeda would then place Jack in the ankle lock with Aero Boy's idea of making the save being to grab the referee and piledrive him into the hard wood floor to prevent him from making the call if Jack were to have tapped out. Kasai and Takeda would begin to pull boards out of the ring to leave a hole in one side of the ring but that would end up being used against them as Violento Jack would end up Tiger Drivering Kasai through the hole in the ring. 

Aero Boy would set up the other glass above Takeda's body with chairs and begin to climb the top turnbuckle. Takeda would manage to get up and catch Aero Boy on the top turnbuckle and deliver a Northern Lights Suplex off the top turnbuckle into the glass causing another explosion of glass going everywhere. Violento Jack would then attack referee Nikkan Lee who had came in for the already injured referee and as Jack was about to do the same thing to Lee that he had already done to the previous referee it would be Jun Kasai who would manage to get out of the hole in the ring and make the save for Lee by clotheslining Jack before he could drop her on her head as well. Kasai would deliver his Dive off the top of the ladder onto Jack and then deliver a Reverse Tiger Driver to Aero Boy to pick up the pinfall and get the win at 18 minutes, 45 seconds. Kasai and Takeda with their backs completely bloody would show respect to Jack and Aero after the match with all four wrestlers fist pumping one another to end the show.

Takashi Sasaki would take on Minoru Fujita in the semi-main event of the show in a Barbed wire Board Double Ladder Death Match. Fujita would get the quick start by using his quickness and agility including sending Sasaki head first into the ladder and then setting up Sasaki for the tree of woe and kicking him in the face with a chair. Fujita would bust open Sasaki with more chair shots and then deliver a hurricanrana to Sasaki sending him into the barbed wire board. Fujita would then place the barbed wire board over Sasaki and climb up one of the ladders. 

Sasaki would manage to get up and grab the other ladder and hit Fujita over the head with the ladder while Fujita would be at the top of his ladder. Sasaki would then climb up his ladder and deliver a superplex to Fujita off the ladder. Sasaki would place the barbed wire board in Fujita's face and kick it right into Fujita. The barbed wire would come off the board and the two would begin knocking each other into the barbed wire. Fujita would deliver a Tombstone Piledriver into the barbed wire but Sasaki would make another come back and hit the Michinoku Driver II into the barbed wire and then deliver a D-Gesit onto the ladder to pick up the win at 16 minutes, 37 seconds for the FREEDOMS win over Unchain.

Kamui would get to wrestle ZERO1 and former FMW wrestler Masato Tanaka in a Hardcore Match. Tanaka would use the weapons in the match right away as he would nail Kamui with a chair and wrap a chain around his neck. Kamui would fight back and deliver some high flying moves including setting up chairs on top of Tanaka and delivering a Fire Bird Splash but Tanaka would manage to move out of the way and deliver a running lariat. Tanaka would deliver a Brainbuster on a stack of chairs and then follow up with a Frog Splash. Kamui would make one last ditch effort and deliver a Pele Kick to Tanaka and successfully hit the Fire Bird Splash but Tanaka's power would just be too much and Tanaka hit Kamui with another chair shot over his head and then hit the Sliding D with the chair still across Kamui's head for the win at 14 minutes, 30 seconds as Masato Tanaka can be another former FMW wrestler that Kamui can cross off his list as having faced.

Mammoth Sasaki made his return to the ring for the first time since suffering vertebrae damage back on June 28, 2012 as he teamed with the FREEDOMS team of The Winger, HIROKI, and Ryuichi Sekine against the Unchain team of Hido, Kenji Fukimoto, Captain Abnormal, and One Man Kru in a Scramble Bunkhouse Death Match. Hido began working on Sekine early on by pulling out a pair of scissors and slicing up Sekine's forehead. Sekine would end up fighting back and grabbing the barbed wire bat and hitting One Man Kru with it. Mammoth and Captain Abnormal would square off attempting to give each other choke slams when Fukimoto would run in and hit a clothesline on Mammoth. Mammoth would fight back on Fukimoto with an Awesome Bomb and a choke slam before finishing off Fukimoto while holding the barbed wire bat to get win at 8 minutes, 9 seconds for the FREEDOMS win.

Yuko Miyamoto faced off against SUSUMU in a Street Fight Death Match with Miyamoto coming to the ring in a Santa Claus outfit. SUSUMU would jump Miyamoto and deliver some kicks to the head and then placing Santa's gift bag over Miyamoto's head. SUSUMU would deliver a back drop onto a stack of chairs with Miyamoto. Miyamoto would end up escaping the bag and placing it over SUSUMU's head and delivering a Powerbomb and then finishing off SUSUMU with the Fire Thunder at 11 minutes, 45 seconds for the Miyamoto win.

The Baramon Brothers opened the show against the Okinawa team of Guruken Diver and Eisa 8 in a Christmas Okinawa Great Battle Homicidal Santa Claus Toxic Gift Death Match. The Baramon Brothers would bring food in the ring and begin throwing oranges at and then begin using a suit case to ram into Diver's crotch. Karate Baramon would begin using a kite as a weapon which would turn out to be ineffective. Diver would make a come back and pull out a pie that the Baramon Brothers would bring. Eisa would hold onto one of the Baramons when Diver when aim throw the pie at the face of one of the Baramons who would end up escaping with the pie hitting Eisa in the face as the Baramon would then deliver the No One's Perfect as Shu would pick up the win over Eisa at 11 minutes, 9 seconds for the Baramon win as Guruken would apologize repeatedly to Eisa for the mistake. 

Jun Kasai promoted the final two rounds of the Death Match Tournament on August 27, 2012 at Korakuen Hall. The show was considered a success drawing 1,089 fans for the show. The second biggest FREEDOMS show ran at Korakuen Hall out of four. Jun Kasai announced back on December 25, 2011 that if he did not win the Death Match Tournament this year he would retire on December 25, 2012 for his Christmas Death Match show at Korakuen Hall. The finals of the tournament saw a rematch of the 2010 Finals as Jun Kasai faced off against MASADA in a Special Glass Death Match. The ring mat was also removed for this match as the two fought on the hardwood of the ring instead so that there would be no give at all on flat back bumps. 

They would fight with one another trying to send each other through the glass before brawling to the outside. Kasai would setup a table and lay MASADA on it but once Kasai would climb the top turnbuckle to send MASADA through the table he would get a chair thrown at him from MASADA. MASADA would then deliver a Death Valley Bomb off the top apron through the table on the outside to Kasai. MASADA would begin using his needle board that he had brought with him to the match to cut open Kasai's shoulder and back. MASADA would end up sending Kasai through the first glass plate cutting open Kasai. MASADA would then grab out his BBQ sticks and begin sticking them in Kasai's forehead trying to get a submission out of Kasai. MASADA would then pull out one of the boards from the ring and powerbomb Kasai through the other plate glass into the open hole in the ring causing Kasai to land straight to the floor under the ring. Kasai would end  deliver his Reverse Tiger Driver before finishing off MASADA finally after losing to him the previous two years in the tournament by hitting his Pearl Harbor Splash with the needle board place over MASADA's stomach to get the win at 20 minutes, 25 seconds for Jun Kasai to win his first Death Match Tournament in four tries and his career will get to continue. Kasai celebrated after the match and then bumped fists with MASADA as a show of respect to end the show.

Unchain's Masashi Takeda suffered vertebrae damage at the Big Japan August 24th show at Korakuen Hall and thus was force to pull out of the semi-main event of the show. Jaki Numazawa was called to take his spot as he teamed with Kenji Fukimoto and a Mystery Partner against FREEDOMS' Takashi Sasaki, The Winger, and Kamui. Kenji Fukimoto revealed their mystery partner to be Hido for the Scramble Bunkhouse Death Match. The teams fought over the barbed wire bat which saw Hido grab a hold of it and use it on Sasaki but Sasaki would end up coming back and delivering a Michinoku Driver II on the barbed wire bat on Fukimoto to get the win at 10 minutes, 31 seconds for the FREEDOMS victory. 

ZERO1's Masato Tanaka and Yoshikazu Yokoyama teamed up to take on the team of Hideki Hosaka and Toru Sugiura in a Hardcore Match which also was a former FMW wrestler and their younger partner against one another contest. Tanaka and Yokoyama used chairs and tables during the match including Tanaka using a Single Leg Crab on Sugiura while Yokoyama place a chair around his neck. Tanaka would end up smashing a piece of the table over Sugiura's head before nailing him with the Sliding D at 13 minutes, 36 seconds for the ZERO1 win. Hideki Hosaka afterwards announced his interest in challenging HIROKI for the Independent Jr. Heavyweight Title which he previously held in FMW at a future FREEDOMS show.

Jun Kasai's first match of the night saw him face off against Isami Kodaka in a Ladder Death Match in a Death Match Tournament Semi-Finals Match. Kasai attached Fluorescent Light Tubes to his ladder. Both Kasai and Kodaka would bleed during the match with Kodaka trying to score the upset by rolling up Kasai after Kasai would have his head smash against the ladder. Kasai would manage to kick out and then deliver a powerful lariat to Kodaka with broken glass all over the ring. Kasai would then finish off Kodaka with a Vertical Drop Reverse Tiger Driver at 11 minutes, 54 seconds for the win and the right to advance to the finals of the tournament.

MASADA's Semi-Finals Match in the Death Match Tournament would be a Tokyo Deserted Homeless Man Death Match which just meant a bunch of weapons that a homeless man would have with him included in the Death Match. MASADA would start off by overpowering Kei and then begin cutting him open. Baramon Shu who had been his manager for the tournament would attempt to help out by getting involve but as he pour the Indian black ink in his mouth while Kei held on to MASADA it would end up backfiring as MASADA would manage to move away and Shu would spit the black ink in Kei's face. MASADA would then back body drop Kei onto a box and finish him off with a Powerbomb onto a bicycle for the win at 10 minutes, 29 seconds to advance to the finals.

The opening match saw the return of Ricky Fuji who was making his return to a FREEDOMS ring for the first time in over 6 months, Ken45 making his return to a FREEDOMS ring in almost 18 months, and American Independent wrestler One Man Crew against the team of HIROKI, SUSUMU, and Mototsugu Shimizu. There was some comedy prior to the match with Mototsugu Shimizu who always brings Jack Daniels to the ring got Ricky to drink it prior to the match. One Man Kru did a Moonsault only nailing the shoulder of SUSUMU to get the win at 11 minutes, 4 seconds to start the show.

FREEDOMS ran their second Korakuen Hall show under the FREEDOMS banner called "We're gonna win! We're gonna FREEDOMS!" on May 2, 2012 announcing a crowd of 594 fans which is about half of what their first show at Korakuen in June 2010 did. Jun Kasai's injury defiantly ended up affecting the crowd as Kasai is the biggest draw for the promotion especially for a Korakuen audience. Despite not being on the show Kasai's new t-shirt still ended up being the best seller at the merchandise table. Takashi Sasaki stated that his goal is to run Korakuen Hall under the FREEDOMS banner again and for it to be a sold out show.

The main event of the show was two former BJW Death Match Champions take on each other in a singles match as Takashi Sasaki faced off against Unchain's Tomoaki Honma in a Hardcore Rules Match. The main event of the show was originally scheduled to be Takashi Sasaki and Mammoth Sasaki against Jun Kasai and Tomoaki Honma before Kasai's injury to his knee went down. Sasaki jumped Honma early on to start the match although it would not be long before Honma would gain control and bust open Sasaki. Sasaki would fight back with kicks and bringing in a ladder and chair where he would place the ladder in front of Honma and throw a chair at it and then set up the ladder to kick right into Honma's chest. Honma would end up fighting back and deliver a headbutt of the top rope and then decide to climb the ladder and deliver a headbutt off the top of the ladder on Sasaki. Honma would then manage to finish off Sasaki with a Fire Thunder at 18 minutes, 41 seconds. Honma would get on the mic afterwards followed by Sasaki thanking the fans for coming to end the show.

GENTARO teamed up with Tatsuhito Takaiwa to go up against former IWGP Heavyweight Champion Tatsumi Fujinami and WNC's AKIRA in the semi-main event. GENTARO would go for the kill and attempt a Shooting Star Press on Fujinami with Fujinami managing to move out of the way. Fujinami would then grab GENTARO by the throat and place him in the Dragon Sleeper making GENTARO submit at 11 minutes, 30 seconds to give the Legends team the win.

Mammoth Sasaki and Kamui put up their WEW Hardcore Tag Team Titles on the line against the Unchain team of Masashi Takeda and Kenji Fukimoto with Jun Kasai in their corner. Mammoth and Kamui would be in control most of the match as Kamui would use a chain to choke Fukimoto followed by Mammoth using a chair to choke Fukimoto as well. Kamui would end up setting up a table against a stack of chairs and the apron and end up sending Takeda through a table leaving Fukimoto alone to be finished off. Mammoth and Kamui would deliver a double Mammoth Home Run at the same time on Fukimoto and Kamui would finish Fukimoto off at 10 minutes, 28 seconds with a Fire Bird Splash for the win. Mammoth would end up calling out Jun Kasai on crotches after the match.

HIROKI put up his Independent Jr. Heavyweight Title on the line against Style-E's Kazuhiro Tamura. Tamura had the advantage early by sending HIROKI and delivering a dive off the top turnbuckle on HIROKI to the outside. HIROKI would manage to come back with kicks before deliver a Vertical Drop Trance Rave to put away Tamura at 16 minutes, 50 seconds to defend his title for the fifth time.

The team of Keizo Matsuda, Osaka Pro's Kuuga, and Bear Fukuda took on the team of Kazuhiko Ogasawara, Baramon Shu, and Baramon Kei with the Baramon Brothers bringing in street signs in the street to smash over Fukuda's head and crotch. The Brahman Brothers would then include their black ink in the match as one would spit in Keizo Matsuda's face blinding him. Bear Fukuda would end up grabbing a bottle of the black dye and begin dropping it over one of the Baramon Brothers face with them retaliating by spitting the ink in Fukuda's face before all the wrestlers would end up brawling outside and all being counted out at 8 minutes, 51 seconds for the Draw.

The Winger would get a chance at revenge as he would face off against Kaori Yoneyama and Emi Sakura in a Handicap Match. The Winger who faced off against Kaori Yoneyama was humiliated by losing to her back on November 23, 2011 for The Winger's 20th Anniversary show in a Drunken Tequila Death Match with The Winger being too drunk to fight back after Yoneyama's friend Hailey Hatred interfered in the match. The Winger would stay sober for this match but would be double teamed early by the girls before fighting back and placing both of them in a tree of woe followed by placing Ryuichi Sekine and referee Nikkan Lee in the tree of woe positions as well as he would fall to the mat and stare creepily at all of them before going over to Yoneyama. Sakura would end up helping her partner out as they would deliver a Jack Knife Roll up La Magsitral on The Winger with Sakura picking up the win over The Winger at 8 minutes, 52 seconds.

The Kojika Army of Great Kojika, Antonio Honda, and Ken Ohka took on the Kaientai Dojo team of Kengo Mashimo, Ryuichi Sekine, and Bambi with Kojika and Mashimo squaring off against each other. Bambi would end up bringing her whip into the match and begin using it on Kojika before Ice Ribbon's Aoi Miyazaki who is honorary member of the Kojika Army would come go after Bambi giving Kojika the chance to deliver the Iron Claw Slam on Sekine to get the pinfall at 10 minutes, 49 seconds for the Kojika Army victory. 

The opening match saw two young wrestlers who FREEDOMS recently agreed to book both wrestlers for every show as SUSUMU took on Toru Sugiura with SUSUMU getting the win over Sugiura at 6 minutes, 47 seconds with a Swan Dive Body Press for the win to kick the show off.