Jun Kasai promoted his annual BLOOD X'MAS show on December 25, 2013 at Korakuen Hall. The show drew an announced crowd of 978 fans which is up from 735 fans last year and is the second highest number a Kasai promoted show has done at Korakuen Hall behind only his August 2012 show. The big draw of the show was Jun Kasai against Yuko Miyamoto competing in a Scaffold Death Match which is Miyamoto's best known gimmick Death Match.

The main event of the show would see Jun Kasai facing off against Yuko Miyamoto in a Construction Site Scaffold Glass Board Death Match. Yuko Miyamoto would come to the ring in his Santa outfit which he does every year that he appears on the BLOOD X'MAS shows. Kasai and Miyamoto would start the match going right at each other. Kasai would bring a chair in the ring and smash it over Miyamoto's head. Kasai would try to send Miyamoto in the glass but Miyamoto would reverse and Kasai be flown in the glass causing glass to fly everywhere. Miyamoto would throw Kasai in the corner and deliver a running drop kick. Miyamoto would then climb to the top of the scaffold where he would deliver a flying stomp off the scaffold right on to Kasai's chest. Kasai would make a come back and deliver a suplex to Miyamoto and then set up the other glass board on to chairs and place Miyamoto on the top of the turnbuckle. Miyamoto would try to reverse it and hurricanrana Kasai off the top turnbuckle but Kasai would manage to throw Miyamoto off the turnbuckle sending him crashing into the glass board instead. Kasai would then grab his goggles and deliver the Pearl Harbor Splash on Miyamoto and then deliver a Reverse Tiger Driver. Kasai would then climb the scaffold and deliver a Pearl Harbor Splash off the top of the scaffold on Miyamoto with Miyamoto still managing to kick out. Miyamoto would make it back up to his feet and place a table as both Kasai and Miyamoto would climb to the top of the scaffold. They would begin punching at each other until Miyamoto would place Kasai in a Octopus Hold on top of the scaffold. Miyamoto would then pick up Kasai and deliver a Emerald Frosion off the top of the scaffold through the table. Kasai would still manage to kick out. Kasai and Miyamoto both barely able to stand would begin headbutting each other. Kasai would deliver another Reverse Tiger Driver but Miyamoto would again kick out. Miyamoto would then end up catching Kasai and nailing Kasai with a Fire Thunder. and then deliver a Moonsault off the top turnbuckle. Miyamoto would then climb the scaffold one last time and deliver a Moonsault off of it hitting Kasai with it and finally putting Kasai away at 19 minutes, 5 seconds for the win. Miyamoto would grab the mic and speak to the crowd. Miyamoto would talk to the crowd about this Construction Site Scaffold Death Match being Christmas present and thanking the crowd. Kasai would then grab the mic and state he remembered not too long when Miyamoto was at the bottom of the ladder just a couple of years and it mortifies him to have lost today and then wished the crowd a Merry Christmas before flipping off everyone and leaving.

Toru Sugiura would face off against Big Japan's Takumi Tsukamoto in a Fluorescent Light Tubes Death Match in the semi-main event. Sugiura who was scheduled to face Tsukamoto back in August but Tsukamoto ended up getting injured prior to the match would go right after Tsukamoto and dive over the top rope to the outside on him. Sugiura would then throw Tsukamoto back in the ring and Sugiura would come off the top rope and deliver a drop kick to Tsukamoto's back. Tsukamoto would make a come back by throwing Sugiura into the light tubes and then begin smashing Sugiura over the head with them. Sugiura would grab one of the broken light tubes and begin cutting open Tsukamoto before Tsukamoto would throw Sugiura back into the tubes. Tsukamoto would then smash a light over Sugiura's back. Sugiura would throw Tsukamoto into the corner and place a light tube over Tsukamoto's chest and do a running flip into the corner breaking the light tube across Tsukamoto causing Tsukamoto to scream in pain. Sugiura would suplex Tsukamoto in the broken glass all over the ring and go for the upset but Tsukamoto would come back with a powerbomb on the light tubes and then place light tubes over Sugiura's chest and deliver a Ikitsuki Splash on the light tube to get the pinfall at 12 minutes, 34 seconds for the Tsukamoto victory. Tsukamoto and Sugiura would go face to face afterwards with Sugiura slapping Tsukamoto across the face.

Takashi Sasaki would defend his King of Freedom Championship against Dragon Gate's Kenichiro Arai in a Barbed wire Board Chain Death Match. GENTARO would come out and hold up the King of Freedoms Championship up in the air before the start of the match. Sasaki and Arai would be chained together as Arai would begin attacking Sasaki with the chain right away and busting him open. Sasaki would end up bringing the barbed wire board into play and to show his toughness would fall down on the barbed wire board. He would then expect Arai to do the same but Arai would instead pull Sasaki with the chain and throw him in the barbed wire board again. Arai would then suplex Sasaki into the barbed wire board. Arai would then place the barbed wire board on to two chairs and powerbomb Sasaki through the barbed wire. Arai would then place a barbed wire board over Sasaki's body and climb the top turnbuckle but would end up missing Sasaki. Sasaki would end up becoming free of Arai of the chain in the process and would then wrap the chain across Arai's neck. Sasaki would then suplex Arai through a the barbed wire table, then place it over Arai and nail the barbed wire board with a Right Leg Kick before placing Arai with the chain around his neck on the barbed wire board in the Sharpshooter causing Arai to tap right away 21 minutes, 30 seconds for the win and Sasaki's fourth successful title defense of the King of Freedoms Championship.

Mammoth Sasaki sporting a new look with a freshly shaved head and growing a goatee and a new attire wearing a King James 23 shirt instead would face off against Kamui in a Street Fight Death Match. Although Mammoth looks to have rejoined the FREEDOMS Army with the Jado Army having not appeared in FREEDOMS since September there has still been some unfinished business between Mammoth and Kamui who Mammoth defeated the previous month. Kamui would bring a chain and a barbed wire bat to the ring and would attack Mammoth right away with it before he could enter the ring. Kamui would take the match to the outside where he would deliver a DDT in the stands before bringing Mammoth back in the ring. Kamui would swinging the barbed wire bat against Mammoth's chest but eventually Mammoth would grab a hold of Kamui and deliver a choke slam. Mammoth would go for the Awesome Bomb but Kamui would reverse it but Mammoth would come back with a 29 Years Old on a chair. Mammoth would then nail Kamui with a Home Run and then finish Kamui off by placing the barbed wire bat across Kamui's throat and in a W*ING Style Camel Clutch to force Referee Stoppage at 7 minutes, 2 seconds for the win. 

Former WEW Tag Team Champions Takeshi Minamino and Manjimaru of Michinoku Pro took on the Unchain team of Masashi Takeda and Kenji Fukimoto in a Hardcore Match. Takeda would paint his face much like his partner Fukimoto does. Manjimaru would go after Fukimoto right away by nailing him with chair shots. Takeda would end up coming in and making the save for Fukimoto and would nail Manjimaru with the chair instead. Takeda would then begin to pour beer on Manjimaru's head and then spit it all over him. Fukimoto would then come in and place a chair over Manjimaru and nail his fallen body with a chair on top of him. Fukimoto would then go for a stuff piledriver but Minamino would come in to make the save with a drop kick to Fukimoto before nailing him in the head with a kick. Minamino would place the Shikahama Dynamite submission with Takeda making the save by hitting Minamino over the back with a chair. Manjimaru would come in and clear out Minamino allowing Minamino to place the Shikahama Dynamite on him again to get the submission at 9 minutes, 30 seconds for the win.

The opening match saw Brahman Shu and Kei team up with fellow Brahman for one night in Brahman SUSUMU along with Karate Brahman in their corner against the team of The Winger, Minoru Fujita, and HIROKI in a Tokyo Deserted Man out of a Job Death Match. The Brahman team dressed up as Homeless men for the match including putting plastic bags over themselves. They also brought plastic bags of food into the match which included smashing a cabbage over HIROKI's head. Karate Brahman dressed up as Santa Claus would enter the ring and go after Minoru Fujita but Fujita would begin pouring dressing in Karate Brahman's eyeball as a result. Fujita would then pick up SUSUMU for a Tombstone Piledriver but SUSUMU would end up reversing Fujita into a Esterella roll up on Fujita at 7 minutes, 57 seconds to get the win.

Jun Kasai promoted his Death Match Tournament show entitled "PAIN LIMIT 2013" on August 29, 2013 at Korakuen Hall drawing an announced crowd of 807 fans which is way down from last year which drew 1,089 fans. The crowd has to still be considered a disappointment although not as much was put into the Death Match Tournament this year like in years past as the only outsider for this tournament that advanced to the semi-finals was Violento Jack. This show also did not air on Samurai TV like last years tournament matches did. Although it did 58 fans less than the FREEDOMS show did at Korakuen Hall it still shows that the Jun Kasai Death Match concept is still a bigger draw for the company as the FREEDOMS show had a tournament final as well along with Atsushi Onita's debut, TAJIRI, and Great Kojika's 50th Anniversary match.

The main event of the show was the finals of the 2013 Death Match Tournament. It would have the winner of 2012 Death Match Tournament Jun Kasai against fellow Unchain member and friend Masashi Takeda as they would face off in a No Canvas Ring Double Glass Board Death Match. Takeda would get the early advantage by slamming Kasai into the hard boarded ring. Takeda would then grab a chair and begin opening up Kasai's already cut up forehead from his earlier match. Takeda would then slam the chair over Takeda's head. Takeda would then take a chair and place it over Kasai's head and begin smashing it with another chair. Takeda then attempted to whip Kasai into one of the glass boards but Kasai would reverse it and send Takeda into the glass board instead. Kasai would then grab Takeda and place him on a table in the aisle. Kasai would then go up the stairs to the second story of Korakuen Hall and dive off the balcony sending Takeda through a table. Kasai would bring Takeda back into the ring and deliver a Reverse Tiger Driver onto the no canvas ring and get a two count. Kasai would then setup the other glass board onto two tables and attempt to superplex Takeda off the top turnbuckle. Takeda would would begin headbutting Kasai on the turnbuckle and throw him off the top turnbuckle into the glass board instead. Takeda would get up and deliver a release Dragon Suplex on the no canvas ring but Kasai would get right up and deliver a lariat. Kasai would then place Takeda in the Scorpion Lock but Takeda would end up managing to reverse it and place Kasai in a Ankle Lock instead. Kasai would manage to get to the rope but Takeda would smell victory from his friend. Takeda would deliver a Dragon Suplex with Kasai managing to kick out. Takeda would smell blood and go for another Dragon Suplex and this time Takeda would finally get the win in his first ever victory over his friend Jun Kasai at 19 minutes, 56 seconds. GENTARO would come to the ring and present Takeda with the 2013 Death Match Tournament trophy. Kasai would make it up to his feet and congratulate Takeda and then fist bump him as Takeda would hold the trophy for the biggest win of his career.

Toru Sugiura who has recently ventured into Death Match wrestling had another test match in Yuko Miyamoto who was replacing Takumi Tsukamoto who was recently and was originally Sugiura's opponent for the match. Sugiura instead faced off against Yuko Miyamoto in the semi-main event in a Fluorescent Light Tubes Death Match. Miyamoto sent Sugiura into both ends of fluorescent light tubes to start the match and then smashed a light tube over Sugiura's head. Miyamoto body slammed Sugiura into the glass all over the ring but Sugiura came back and would deliver a drop kick to Miyamoto. Sugiura would then come off the top rope with a flying drop kick but Miyamoto would counter with throwing Sugiura into the corner and delivering a drop kick to Sugiura's face. Miyamoto would then climb the top rope but Sugiura would grab a light tube and smash it over the back of Miyamoto's head and then throw Miyamoto off the turnbuckle and place the Dragon Sleep Clutch on Miyamoto but Miyamoto would manage to escape Sugiura's finisher and deliver a Fire Thunder on the glass filled ring and then grab a light tube and deliver a Moonsault with the light tubes breaking across Sugiura's body to get the pin and the victory at 10 minutes, 51 seconds to show that Sugiura still has a long way to come before becoming a quality Death Match wrestler.

The Jado Army of Mammoth Sasaki, Hideki Hosaka, and One Man Kru would face off against the FREEDOMS Army of Minoru Fujita, Winger, and Kamui in a Scramble Bunkhouse Death Match. Kamui would be the first one to get the barbed wire bat but Onita follower Raideen would hit the ring and smash a chair over Kamui's back. Kamui would fight back and finally go one on one with Mammoth for the first time since Mammoth left the FREEDOMS Army to join the Jado Army to end their long time friendship and although Kamui would deliver a Pele Kick to the back of Mammoth's head the power of Mammoth Sasaki would be too much as he would deliver a choke slam, an Awesome Bomb and then finish off Kamui with the 29 Years Old to get the win at 9 minutes, 22 seconds for the Jado Army victory. 

Jun Kasai's first match of the show was against Violento Jack in the semi-finals of the Death Match Tournament. They would start brawling in the crowd right away with Jack smashing Kasai's head into the East sign of Korakuen Hall bloodying Kasai up right away. Jack would then begin choking Kasai with a chair and then getting a staple gun and stapling a magazine to Kasai's mouth. Jack would then shove Kasai's forehead into a board of razors and then kick the back of his head into the razors as well. Kasai would fight back but would just get speared into the board of razors as a result cutting up his back. Kasai would again fight back and after hitting his Reverse Tiger Driver he would place the board of razors over Jack's body and deliver the Pearl Harbor Splash on Kasai with the razors on top of Jack's body. Jack would fight back himself and begin smashing the board of razors over Kasai's back. He would then attempt his Package Driver head first into the razors but Kasai would flip Jack over instead and deliver a clothesline before placing Jack on the board of razors and putting him in the Scorpion Lock to get the submission victory at 13 minutes, 17 seconds to advance to the finals of the tournament. Kasai would ask Jack to shake his hand out of respect and after Jack would shake his hand he would then deliver a DDT to Kasai before leaving. 

Masashi Takeda would face off against Takashi Sasaki in the semi-finals of the Death Match Tournament in a Barbed wire Board TLC Death Match. Sasaki would throw Takeda into the barbed wire board right away before the two would begin chopping at each others chests. Sasaki would throw a chair at Takeda's head but Takeda would come back and deliver a uranage into the barbed wire board and then follow that up by delivering a drop kick to Sasaki's head. Takeda would then place Sasaki on a table and put the barbed wire board over his body. Takeda would then climb a ladder although Sasaki would manage to get up and climb the ladder and superplex Takeda off the ladder into the barbed wire board awkwardly. Sasaki would put the barbed wire board in front of Takeda's face and then kick it before powerbombing Takeda into the barbed wire board and then placing Takeda in the Sharpshooter while in the barbed wire. Takeda would manage to get out of the submission and follow that with delivering a U-Style Crash to Sasaki into the barbed wire board. Takeda would then again place the barbed wire board over Sasaki's body and climb the ladder and this time successfully flip off the top of the ladder sending the barbed wire board into Sasaki. Takeda would then finish off Sasaki with a Dragon Suplex to get the win at 13 minutes, 18 seconds to advance to the finals of the tournament.

The opening match would have the team of HIROKI, SUSUMU, and Daisuke Masaoka take on the team of Brahman Shu, Kei, and Kenji Fukimoto in a Tokyo Deserted Homeless Death Match. Shu, Kei, and Fukimoto would all come to the ring in bicycles dressed up like homeless men. Fukimoto would place a box over Masaoka and SUSUMU and begin beating it with a cain. Fukimoto would then bring a bicycle that he came to the ring with and use it as a weapon on Masaoka knocking him out. Shu would then roll a bowling ball into Masaoka's crotch in the corner. Masaoka would end up making a recovery with HIROKI hitting the ring to make the save but Fukimoto would end up delivering a lariat to HIROKI. Fukimoto would then pick up HIROKI as Shu would grab a pie and then attempt to throw it in HIROKI's face with HIROKI getting out of the way and the pie hitting Fukimoto in the face instead. A blind Fukimoto would have no chance as HIROKI would get the inside cradle pin over Fukimoto at 9 minutes, 26 seconds for the win. Afterwards with pie still on his face Fukimoto would take the mic and announce that he was officially joining FREEDOMS as a member as spent the last 18 months in the promotion as a regular freelancer. 

FREEDOMS ran at Korakuen Hall on May 2, 2013 to an announced crowd of 865 fans. It was the first time that the FREEDOMS name had ran at Korakuen Hall since last years disappointing show on May 2, 2012 which only drew 594 fans due to Jun Kasai getting injured two weeks prior to the show and changing the entire lineup. This year the promotion had a much more loaded lineup as they had the finals of the two month King of Freedoms Tournament to crown the first King of Freedoms World Champion, they had Atsushi Onita make his FREEDOMS debut as he feuds with Jun Kasai, and they had Great Kojika celebrate his 50th year of pro-wrestling as well as the unannounced return of GENTARO.

The Finals of the King of Freedom World Championship would main event the show as Takashi Sasaki faced off against Tatsuhito Takaiwa. Takaiwa and Sasaki would deliver their signature moves to one another as Sasaki would escape Takaiwa's Powerbomb into the top turnbuckle and Death Valley Bomb while Takaiwa would escape out of Sasaki's D-Geist before Sasaki would finally place Takaiwa in GENTARO's Sharpshooter to get the tap out victory at 19 minutes, 55 seconds. Sasaki would win the tournament and become the first King of Freedom World Champion. After the match, GENTARO would make his first appearance since his stroke on August 5, 2012 in Sapporo after a match with Isami Kodaka. GENTARO would hand Sasaki the belt as the two would embrace in a emotional moment of the former tag team partners and good friends. The FREEDOMS roster of Mammoth Sasaki, Kamui, Keizo Matsuda, SUSUMU, HIROKI, Toru Sugiura, Eisa 8, Menso~re Oyaji, Ayumu Honda, The Winger, and Karate Baramon would enter the ring as Sasaki would cut a promo to end the show as all the wrestlers would raise each others hands in celebration.

In the first in ring meeting of any kind between Atsushi Onita and Jun Kasai it was the Jado Army of Atsushi Onita, Ichiro Yaguchi, and Hideki Hosaka against Unchain's Jun Kasai, Masashi Takeda, and Kenji Fukimoto in a Barbed wire Board Street Fight Death Match in the semi-main event of the show. The match started an old FMW Street Fight Death Match with all the wrestlers brawling around ringside with Onita and Takeda first squaring off against each other outside. Onita would end up smashing a chair over Takeda's head and then piledrive him through a table. Onita would then square off against Kasai as the two would brawl into the crowd with Onita smashing Kasai's head into the wall of Korakuen busting open Kasai. Onita would end up going up against Kenji Fukimoto with Onita delivering a Thunder Fire Powerbomb through a Barbed wire Board to get the pin at 9 minutes, 46 seconds for the Jado Army. Kasai afterwards would grab the mic and challenge Onita's team to a rematch for May 30, 2013 at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring with Onita accepting as it will once again be Onita, Yaguchi, and Hosaka against Kasai, Takeda, and Fukimoto in a Barbed wire Board Tornado Death Match.

Great Kojika's 50th Anniversary Match to celebrate his debut back on May 9, 1963 would have Great Kojika team with former Big Japan wrestlers TAJIRI and Minoru Fujita as well as his current tag team partner Gabbaiji-chan defeat the team of Baramon Shu, Baramon Kei, Karate Baramon, and Captain Abnormal when Fujita would hit a Sasuke Segway on Kei with Kojika, TAJIRI, and Gabbaiji-chan all over covering him for the win at 10 minutes, 6 seconds with Kojika being awarded the win. Great Kojika's 50th Anniversary Ceremony was held with another former Big Japan wrestler The Winger presenting flowers to Kojika as Kojika posed for pictures in the ring with TAJIRI, Fujita, and Gabbaiji-chan.

In a match listed as Former WMF wrestlers vs. Former IWA Japan wrestlers with Mammoth Sasaki and Kamui taking on the newly formed team of Keizo Matsuda and The Winger which would see Kamui manage to score the upset pin over Matsuda after rolling him up with a Frankensteiner at 11 minutes, 45 seconds to get the win for the former WEW Hardcore Tag Team Champions.

HIROKI and SUSUMU defeated the Okinawa Pro team of Menso~re Oyaji and Eisa 8 when SUSUMU used a Modified Armbreaker to make Eisa 8 tap out at 9 minutes, 21 seconds for the win. After the match, it was announced that SUSUMU would be become a full time FREEDOMS member going forward.

Toru Sugiura opened the show defeating Kaientai Dojo's Ayumu Honda at 5 minutes, 51 seconds after making Honda tap out to the Dragon Sleeper Camel Clutch. Honda was a last minute fill in for fellow Kaientai Dojo wrestler Ryuichi Sekine who was injured and unable to perform on the show.