Jun Kasai promoted his 6th Annual Christmas Death Match show for the 4th year in a row at Korakuen Hall on December 25, 2014 drawing an announced crowd of 958 fans down slightly from the 978 fans the show drew for last years show. 

The main event of the show saw Jun Kasai defend his King of Freedom World Championship against Masashi Takeda in a Glass Board Death Match. Takeda would end up being the first one thrown through the glass board causing the glass to shatter and cutting him up all over his body. Takeda would end up setting up a ladder in the ring and delivering a flip off the ladder onto Kasai. Kasai would come back and bring in a Razor Board to the match as the two would begin using the razor board on one another. Kasai would then setup the other glass board on a stack of chairs and attempt to suplex Takeda into it. Takeda would manage to reverse it and deliver a German Suplex on Kasai sending him through the glass. Kasai would manage to recover from that and place the Razor Board on Takeda's stomach as he would go up for the Pearl Harbor Splash. Takeda would flip the razor board facing the other way while Kasai was in mid air as Kasai would come down on the razor board cutting open his stomach. Takeda would then manage to put away Kasai with a Reverse U Crash on the Razor Board to get the victory at 22 minutes, 24 seconds to become the 4th King of Freedom World Champion.

Mammoth Sasaki would finally get a chance to take on the 64th Yokozuna Akebono who he was an understudy to back in 1993 in a Hardcore Match in the semi-main event of the show. Mammoth would use the chairs laid out all over the ring to smash over Akebono and would even attempt to deliver a 29 Years Old on Akebono although due to Akebono's size it would look more like a suplex. Mammoth would use a barbed wire bat to hit Akebono with it and then begin choking him with it before placing a chair over Akebono and nailing him with the Mammoth Home Run. Akebono would manage to kick out as they would end up brawling to the outside where Mammoth would place a table by the stage area and attempt to send Akebono through the table but Akebono would end up grabbing Mammoth and instead chokeslamming him off the stage into the table. Akebono would bring Mammoth to the ring where he would manage to finish him at 15 minutes, 47 seconds with the Yokozuna Impact Piledriver for the win.

Daisuke Masaoka would go up against former Big Japan Death Match Heavyweight Champion Isami Kodaka in a Fluorescent Light Tubes Death Match. Masaoka who bled like crazy back on September 4th for the Death Match Tournament show has tried to show how hardcore he is willing to be. Kodaka would grab the light tubes out from the ring and begin kicking them against Masaoka causing glass to break all over Masaoka's body. Kodaka would then take a light tube and head butt it against Masaoka's head to glass shattering all down Masaoka's face. Masaoka would come back and grab a bucket of thumb tacks underneath the ring and to show how hardcore he is willing to be would pour them all down his body and would then begin rolling Kodaka around the ring all over the thumbtacks. Kodaka would come back with a kick to the turnbuckle using the light tubes to break over Masaoka before finishing Masaoka off at 14 minutes, 15 seconds with the Isamuashi for the win. 

Takashi Sasaki and GENTARO reunited as the Akrangers for their match against Ikuto Hidaka and Minoru Fujita in a Korakuen Extreme Match. Sasaki wore his vest that he use to wear in DDT and GENTARO wore his pink and black pants that he also use to wear in the mid 2000's when the two were a regular tag team. GENTARO would end up applying his Sharpshooter to Hidaka but would be unable to make him submit. Fujita would pick up Hidaka on his shoulders and come off Fujita's shoulders to hit GENTARO with a Swinging DDT before Fujita would end up getting the inside cradle on Sasaki at 13 minutes, 40 seconds for the win. 

Kamui would defeat The Winger in a Alcohol Death Match. Both wrestlers would be required to drink tequila prior to the match as well during the match so that they were already tipsy at the start. Kamui would get a quick victory right away at 24 seconds with the Tiger Driver for the win. The Winger would demand a restart and the match would go another 4 minutes, 55 seconds before Kamui would pick up the win with a Tiger Driver at a total match time of 5 minutes, 19 seconds with Kamui being so wasted by the end of the match that he would have to puke in a bucket. 

The opening match would be a Tokyo Desert Man out of Business on the verge of Homelessness Death Match with the Brahman Brothers coming out wearing boxes while teaming up with Kenichiro Arai to take on the team of SUSUMU, Toru Sugiura with face paint, and Kenji Fukimoto with all sorts of chairs and weapons being used during the match SUSUMU would end up getting black Indian ink covered all over and then get hit in the face with a pie as Arai would use his blindness as an advantage to roll him up with a cradle at 9 minutes, 21 seconds for the Shu, Kei, and Arai win. 

FREEDOMS would hold their 5th Year Anniversary show on October 16, 2014 at Korakuen Hall. The show would most likely be considered a disappointed by drawing 653 fans for the show, but it comes only just 6 weeks after their Death Match Tournament show at Korakuen Hall. The main event of the show also might not have helped as Takashi Sasaki vs. Jun Kasai who have been the two biggest stars of the promotion in the five years and is probably the best main event you will get has been already done several times including last November.

Jun Kasai would defend his King of Freedom World Championship against Takashi Sasaki in the main event of the show in a Five Items of the Death Carnival Death Match which would be Fluorescent Light Tubes, Ladder, Razor Board, Kenzans, and a Glass Board. Kasai would start with taking a fluorescent light tube and smashing it over Sasaki's head. Sasaki would counter by throwing Kasai in a stack of light tubes and then pulling out the Kenzans. Sasaki would suplex Kasai on the kenzans and then begin carving up Kasai's forehead with them. Kasai would counter by throwing Sasaki in the razor board placed in the corner and then slamming a ladder into Sasaki to press him harder against the razor board. Kasai would try to deliver a Reverse Tiger Suplex on the razor board but Sasaki would counter and powerbomb Kasai into it instead. Sasaki would then set up the glass board on the chairs but this time it would be Kasai that would counter and instead deliver a Reverse Tiger Suplex into the glass board. Kasai would smash a chair over Sasaki's head and then place the razor board over Sasaki's body as he would hit the Pearl Harbor Splash off the ladder onto Sasaki with the razor board across his body. Sasaki would make one last come back as he would nail Kasai with the D-Geist on the light tubes followed by placing light tubes next to Kasai's head and delivering a Right Leg Kick to them. Sasaki would then hit the Fire Thunder but still would be unable to put Kasai away. Kasai would come back and nail a lariat causing blood to fly off each others bodies as Kasai would hit the Reverse Tiger Suplex and then finally finish Sasaki with the Murderride Bomb at to score the win 22 minutes, 22 seconds and defend his King of Freedom World Title for the first time. Afterwards, all the FREEDOMS members would come to the ring and thank the fans and would invite one fan to come up and hold the title with them as they would pose in the ring together to end the show.

Mammoth Sasaki and GENTARO teamed up to take on the team of Akebono and Takao Omori in a FREEDOMS vs. All Japan match. Mammoth who use to second Akebono in the 1990's when Akebono was a legendary sumo star would get his first shot in a match against Akebono. Mammoth would end up trying to pick up Akebono for a suplex but Akebono would be just too big for Mammoth. Omori would get tagged in and deliver a suplex to Mammoth. Mammoth and Akebono would square off face to face afterwards before both tagging out. GENTARO would end up hitting a suplex off the top rope on Omori but Akebono would end up squashing him against the turnbuckle. Mammoth would end up getting tagged in and drop kick Akebono's knees and pick him up for a some what of a 29 Years Old. Mammoth would then place a chair across Akebono's neck and nail him with the Mammoth Home Run. GENTARO and Omori would get tagged back in and GENTARO would place Omori in the Sharpshooter with Akebono making the save by smacking GENTARO across the face. Omori would come back with an Axe Bomber on GENTARO to score the win at 17 minutes, 18 seconds for the All Japan team. Mammoth would get on the mic afterwards and challenge Akebono to a singles match in either a Hardcore or Death Match in the future with Akebono accepting.

Toru Sugiura would face off against Daisuke Masaoka with Sugiura throwing Masoka to the outside and deliver a high dive off the top rope to the outside. They would make it back in the ring and Sugiura would begin elbowing Masaoka in the head. Sugiura would come off the top rope and deliver a drop kick in the back of the head to Masaoka. Sugiura would then place Masaoka in a sleeper with Masaoka suplexing to get out of it. Masaoka would end up hitting Sugiura with the Trance Rave to get the pin at 14 minutes, 56 seconds for the win.

Minoru Fujita and Kenichiro Arai teamed up to take on the team of The Winger and Buffalo. Buffalo would go at it with Arai at first as Buffalo would place Arai's head over the bottom rope and deliver a leg drop off the apron on it. Arai would end up making a come back and tagging in Fujita who would nail Buffalo in the back of the head with a knee and then deliver a Tombstone Piledriver on Buffalo. Arai would begin taking apart the padding in the corner but The Winger would end up grabbing it and smashing it over Arai. Buffalo and Fujita would begin brawling to the outside but Fujita would end up making it back in the ring as Buffalo would end up being counted out at for the win for Fujita and Arai.

Kamui returned to the ring for the first time since August 10, 2014 after suffering nerve damage in his arm following a death match against Masashi Takeda. Kamui faced off against Ryukyu Dragon's Guruken Mask in his Return Match. Kamui would go after Guruken right at the start of the match and throw him outside the ring and deliver an Asai Moonsault. Guruken Mask would take control back of the match and climb the top rope but Kamui would come back with a kick to the head on the top turnbuckle and deliver a hurricanrana followed that up by a suplex and a Moonsault. Kamui would deliver a Powerbomb to Guruken but Guruken would once again come back with several hard kicks to Kamui before finishing off Kamui at 12 minutes, 1 second with the Diving Diver Splash for the win. Kamui would grab the mic afterwards and thank the fans for their support through out these 5 years towards him.

Mineo Fujita would make his return to FREEDOMS by teaming with Hi69 as they would take on the team of SUSUMU and DDT's MIKAMI in what would be promoted as an old Cruiser's Game match. Fujita would start by going after SUSUMU's legs and Hi69 would tag in and place SUSUMU in the Sharpshooter while flipping off MIKAMI. Fujita would come in and go after SUSUMU but SUSUMU would end up making the tag to MIKAMI. MIKAMI would eventually hit his 619 on Hi69 and tag in SUSUMU. SUSUMU would deliver his high press dive off the top rope on Hi69 and then knee him in the face for a two count. Hi69 would end up tagging back in Fujita who would deliver a hurricanrana before Hi69 would end up finishing off SUSUMU with the Trance Rave at 9 minutes, 32 seconds for the Hi69 and Mineo Fujita win.

The opening mach saw the FU*CK tag team of Kenji Fukimoto and Ultraman Robin team up to take on the Brahman Brothers with Karate Brahman as the Special Referee. Shu and Kei would include vegetables as their weapons at the beginning of the match. They would then pull a volleyball and spike it at Fukimoto but Fukimoto would counter their spike and spike it right back at them and nail them with the volleyball. Karate Brahman would end up calling for the DQ after Shu would pull off Ultraman Robin's mask to give Fukimoto and Robin the win at 6 minutes, 9 seconds. Karate Brahman, Kenji Fukimoto, and Ultraman Robin would all pose together after the match.

The FREEDOMS roster came out to the ring to start the show. Takashi Sasaki spoke to the crowd and thanked them for supporting the promotion the last 5 years. 

The 6th Death Match Tournament finals were promoted by Jun Kasai on September 4, 2014 at Korakuen Hall. The show drew an announced 1,114 fans for the show which has to be a huge success considering no big names or foreigners were brought in for the show like years past. It was the second biggest Korakuen Hall number that the promotion has ever done. The beginning of the show saw the four remaining finalist in the tournament come to the ring and pose by the trophy. 

Jun Kasai faced off against The Winger in the finals of the 2014 Death Match Tournament and the main event of the show in a No Canvas Glass Board Death Match. It was also a rematch of the finals of the first ever Death Match Tournament back on December 25, 2006 which The Winger defeating Jun Kasai at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring. Kasai would go right at Winger and attempt to shove him in the glass board. The Winger would then counter by trying to send Kasai in himself but Kasai would reverse that and send The Winger into the glass board causing the glass to shatter. Kasai would then hit a Piledriver on the no canvas ring. Kasai would then unmask The Winger. Kasai would then remove part of the wood area to leave a hole in the ring. Kasai would then go over to the other glass board and with the blood on his forehead make a sign of the cross with his blood on the glass board. Kasai would then place the glass over the hole in the ring and attempt a Reverse Tiger Driver. The Winger would end up turning it into a pump handle slam and send Kasai through the glass filled hole. Kasai would then no sell it and immediately get up from under the ring, climb out of the hole and clothesline The Winger in what would kill the spot of the match. Kasai would then grab his goggles and deliver the Pearl Harbor Splash with The Winger managing to kick out. The Winger would then come back and deliver a clothesline on Kasai and then nail his Diving Senton to get the win at 14 minutes, 15 seconds to win his third Death Match Tournament. Kasai would then present the Death Match Tournament trophy which had a typo of "tornmanet" on the trophy itself. It was the fourth time that Kasai would lose in the finals of the tournament. 

The semi-main event of the show saw Mammoth Sasaki and GENTARO against Brahman Shu and Kei as well as against Kenichiro Arai and Minoru Fujita in a Tokyo Desert Man Three Way Death Match. A brawl with all six men would break out with boxes being used as weapons, food being used by the Brahman Brothers, and putting a pie in Arai and Fujita's face. They would then pour water out of a bucket at referee Barb Sasaki who they had feuded with at GENTARO's Shinjuku FACE show a week earlier. Barb Sasaki like the previous week would then put on a Ultimo Dragon mask and deliver an Asai DDT on one of the Brahman Brothers. Mammoth and GENTARO would then deliver a Double Home Run to one of the Brahman Brothers. Barb Sasaki would then get attacked by Brahman Kei and Barb Sasaki would rule the match a No Contest at 10 minutes, 34 seconds. Barb Sasaki would then issue a challenge to Kei to a match. He would give GENTARO his referee shirt to call the match. The match would get started as Sasaki would go for his Asai Moonsault but Kei would counter it and pull the Ultimo Dragon mask off and spit Indian ink in his face and then put Sasaki in the Tower Bridge (Torture Rack) for the submission victory at 42 seconds. 

Takashi Sasaki and Daisuke Masaoka took on Buffalo and Kenji Fukimoto in a Barbed wire Board Death Match. Fukimoto would smash Masaoka over the head with a chair and then smash Sasaki over the head with a chair. Buffalo would then begin to claw as Masaoka's forehead causing blood to start pouring out. Masaoka began bleeding heavily. Buffalo then suplexed Masaoka into the barbed wire board. Buffalo would then grab some of the barbed wire from the board and begin choking Masaoka with it. Fukimoto would then begin choking Masaoka with the barbed wire. Fukimoto would then charge at Masaoka with a chair with Masaoka sticking his foot out causing the chair to slam into Fukimoto's face. Masaoka would come off the top rope and deliver a drop kick into the chair. Masaoka would then tag in Sasaki. Sasaki would throw the barbed wire board at Fukimoto. Sasaki would then suplex Fukimoto in the Barbed wire Board. Masaoka would get tagged back in and throw Buffalo in the Barbed wire Board. Masaoka would then grab a bucket of thumbtacks and pour the thumbtacks on himself. Masaoka would then deliver a Frog Splash on Fukimoto with the barbed wire board on Fukimoto. Masaoka would climb to the top again but Fukimoto would grab the thumbtacks and throw them at Masaoka's face. Buffalo would then wrap barbed wire around his arm and deliver a barbed wire assisted lariat to Masaoka to get the pinfall at 17 minutes, 12 seconds. Sasaki would raise the bloody Masaoka's hand following his performance during the match. 

Jun Kasai would face off against Masashi Takeda in a Razor Board Death Match in the Semi-Finals of the Tournament and a rematch of the 2013 Death Match Tournament that Takeda won. Kasai would first grab a fluorescent light tube and smash it over Takeda's head and follow that up by smashing a chair over Takeda's head. Kasai would grab the razor board but Takeda would end up slamming Kasai into the razor board cutting open his back. Kasai would come back by throwing a chair at Takeda's face and then punching the chair. Kasai would deliver a suplex off the top rope and then deliver a suplex to Takeda for a two count. Kasai would then place Takeda in the Scorpion Armlock that he used through out last years tournament but Takeda would counter that by placing Kasai in the Ankle Lock. Kasai would come back with an enziguri and a Reverse Tiger Driver. Kasai would break a light tube over his knee and slice his own chest with it before putting on the goggles and delivering the Pearl Harbor Splash with a light tube over Takeda's body. Takeda would still manage to kick out. Kasai would finally put away Takeda at 14 minutes, 16 seconds with a Reverse Tiger Driver on the razor board to get the win and advance to the finals. 

The Winger would take on Takumi Tsukamoto in the first semi-finals match of the show in a Fluorescent Light Tubes Death Match. Both Tsukamoto and The Winger would smash fluorescent light tubes over their heads during this match. The Winger would be sent into the light tubes attached to the ropes first. The Winger would come back and place Tsukamoto in a bow and arrow trying to get Tsukamoto to submit. Tsukamoto would deliver a Russian leg sweep into the fluorescent light tubes and then deliver a superkick to The Winger. Tsukamoto would then place light tubes across The Winger's chest and deliver a diving body press causing the light tubes to break across both their chests. The Winger would then manage to grab Tsukamoto and place him in the Toke de Espardas which is a roll up at 11 minutes, 48 seconds for the win to advance to the finals. 

The opening match saw the Kaientai Dojo team of King of Freedom World Champion Yuji Hino and HIROKI against the team of Tatsuhito Takaiwa and Toru Sugiura. Takaiwa would replace the injured SUSUMU for the match. Hino and Takaiwa would begin chopping their chests. Hino would deliver a diving senton on Sugiura and HIROKI would deliver an Asai Moonsault to Takaiwa. Takaiwa would then deliver a suplex off the top turnbuckle and then deliver a Death Valley Bomb on HIROKI. Sugiura would then deliver an exploder to Hino. Hino and HIROKI would come back with HIROKI delivering a flying head butt and Hino delivering an HH Splash on Sugiura to get the win at 11 minutes, 1 second for the Kaientai Dojo team.

FREEDOMS returned to Tokyo's Korakuen Hall for their traditional May 2, 2014 show. The show drew an announced 890 fans which is around what they had to expect going in. It's a pretty good number with them not having to spend too much money on outside talent. 

GENTARO's return match from his stroke that he suffered on August 5, 2012 was the main draw of the show. GENTARO faced off against Isami Kodaka who was the last man he wrestled before suffering his stroke backstage after they had wrestled to a 45 minute time limit draw. 

GENTARO came to the ring with a bouquet of flowers and an outfit of one thousand origami paper cranes put together that he received while in the hospital and then when he was introduced the ring was covered with pink and black streamers to welcome him back. GENTARO and Kodaka first started to mat wrestle before GENTARO would climb the top rope with Kodaka catching him and throwing him off the top rope to the mat for his first bump. GENTARO would get back and continue to mat wrestle with Kodaka before going to the outside where he would apply a figure four to the ring post. GENTARO would then go for the Sharpshooter before Kodaka would escape and deliver a kick to GENTARO to the the neck. Kodaka would then send GENTARO the outside where he would dive over the top rope to the outside. Kodaka and GENTARO would make their way back to the ring where Kodaka would slap GENTARO in the face with GENTARO coming back and slapping Kodaka in the face as well. GENTARO would place Kodaka on the top turnbuckle and deliver a suplex for the two count. Kodaka would come back with a Brainbuster on GENTARO with GENTARO managing to kick out. GENTARO would make his own come back and deliver a suplex, followed by a German Suplex, and then a Tombstone Piledriver. 

GENTARO would then climb the top rope and attempt a diving head butt but Kodaka would manage to move out of the way. Kodaka would go for a kick to the head but GENTARO would dodge it and then grab Kodaka by the arms and place him in the GENTARO Clutch where the referee and Kodaka would end up screwing up as the referee would hit a three before Kodaka would manage to actually kick out and finally when Kodaka would manage to get his shoulder up the referee would claim he only counted two. GENTARO would get very upset at the referee but Kodaka would come back with his signature Isami ashi-zan which is a kick to the head as well as the same move that triggered GENTARO's stroke 21 months earlier with Kodaka managing to get the three count over GENTARO and the win at 20 minutes, 4 seconds. GENTARO would get up and be acting very upset over the blown spot where the referee had actually counted three. GENTARO and Kodaka would end up shaking and raising hands with one another as the FREEDOMS roster would end up coming in the ring and posing together as one with GENTARO to end the show.

Takashi Sasaki defended his King of Freedom World Title for the 5th time against Yuji Hino in the semi-main event. Sasaki faced off against Hino back on January 30, 2014 in the opening match that went to a 10 minute time limit draw. Hino then ended up defeating Jun Kasai in a Hardcore Match back on March 13, 2014 at Korakuen Hall to earn himself a shot at Sasaki's title. Sasaki came to the ring already bandaged from a bloody match days earlier. Sasaki would go after Hino right away with chops to the chest and kicks to the head but Hino would end up being too powerful for Sasaki and soon after the bandage would be lost and Sasaki would be bloodied. Sasaki would suplex Hino off the middle rope but Hino would come back with a dive off the top rope and headbutt Sasaki's already busted head. Hino would go for the Fucking Bomb but Sasaki would escape it and manage to nail a Right Leg Kick to Hino. Hino would barely be phased by it and nail Sasaki with a lariat. Hino would then begin throwing Sasaki around with suplexs before finally finishing him off with the Fucking Bomb at 16 minutes, 57 seconds to win the King of Freedom World Title and end Sasaki's one year reign at exactly 365 days.

Jun Kasai would go up against Minoru Fujita in a Barefoot Thumbtacks Death Match. Kasai would try throwing Fujita in the stack of thumbtacks in the middle of the ring but Fujita would end up throwing Kasai in the stack causing them to spread all over the ring. Fujita would grab a thumbtack and begin cutting Kasai open with it. Fujita would place Kasai's head over the thumbtacks and go for a stomp with Kasai moving out of the way and Fujita stomping the thumbtacks. Kasai would then a grab some of the tacks and put them in Fujita's mouth. Kasai would then punch Fujita with the thumbtacks flying out. Fujita would grab some of the thumbtacks and throw them in Kasai's face. Fujita would then place Kasai in a Ankle Lock with Kasai grabbing the thumbtacks and throwing them in Fujita's face. Kasai would place his goggles on and attempt to go for the Pearl Harbor Splash but Fujita would get out of the way. Fujita would throw thumbtacks again at Kasai's face but the goggles would still be on Kasai to block the tacks. Kasai would then pull down his trunks and deliver a Reverse Tiger Driver on Fujita causing many of the tacks to get stuck on his ass before placing Scorpion Armlock to get Fujita to submit at 17 minutes, 53 seconds for the win. Kasai and Fujita would kiss afterwards and raise their hands in celebration.

Great Kojika and The Winger would defend their King of Freedom Tag Team Titles for the second time since winning them back on March 13, 2014. They would defend them against the team of Kenji Fukimoto and Karate Brahman who ended up getting a DQ win over Kojika and Winger during the King of Freedom Tag Team Tournament. Fukimoto and Karate would both come out in karate outfits along with Shuji Ishikawa. Fukimoto and Karate would go after Winger and use double team maneuvers before Kojika would come in and choke slam Fukimoto. Karate and Kojika would begin brawling outside when Ishikawa would get involved and attack Kojika as well. Karate would then go in the ring but Winger would go low on Karate and follow that up with a Senton Bomb. Fukimoto would come in the ring and deliver a stuff piledriver. Ishikawa would come in the ring and pick up Kojika to allow Fukimoto and Karate to finish off Winger when Winger would end up using a inside cradle on Karate to get the win at 7 minutes, 34 seconds to defend the King of Freedoms Tag Team Titles for the second time.

Kamui made his return after two months off due to an elbow injury to take on Kenichiro Arai. Arai would go after Kamui's elbow right away but Kamui would kick Arai to the outside and deliver an Asai Moonsault to the outside. Kamui would throw Arai back in the ring and come off the top rope with a flying dropkick and then deliver a Powerbomb for a two count. Kamui would then nail his Pele Kick but then would make the mistake of going for the Fire Bird Splash with Arai moving out of the way and Kamui injuring his arm. Arai would deliver kick Kamui to the head. Arai would then bring Kamui to the top turnbuckle where he would deliver an armbreaker off the top rope and then place Kamui in a Cross Armbar to get the win at 10 minutes, 24 seconds with the submission. 

HIROKI, SUSUMU and Daisuke Masaoka would take on the team of Mammoth Sasaki, Tatsuhito Takaiwa and Kikujiro Umezawa and they would use their speed right away as would all drop kick Umezawa at the same time. Masaoka would then come off the top rope with a flying drop kick on Mammoth where as SUSUMU would deliver a hurricanrana on Takaiwa. HIROKI, Masaoka, and SUSUMU would all come off the top rope at the same time hitting Takaiwa with splashes. SUSUMU would then try to finish off Takaiwa but instead would be met with a Death Valley Bomb by Takaiwa followed by a Lariat at 9 minutes, 14 seconds for the pin.

The opening match saw Toru Sugiura take on the much bigger Shuji Ishikawa. Ishikawa would come right out with strikes to Sugiura. Ishikawa would send Sugiura to the turnbuckle that Sugiura would jump on top of and come off it with a flying strike to Ishikawa's head. Sugiura would then charge at Ishikawa and then come off the top rope with a flying drop kick. Sugiura would eventually get caught in the air and dropped by a suplex and then follow that with a Running Knee to get the pin at 7 minutes, 56 seconds for the win.