Jun Kasai promoted the most attended Korakuen Hall show on December 25, 2015 drawing an announced 1360 fans to the show. Way up from the previous years show of 960 fans. The show was his 8th annual Christmas Death Match show with the main event a rematch of last years show of Jun Kasai against Masashi Takeda for the King of Freedom World Championship.

Masashi Takeda would defend his King of Freedom World Championship for the sixth time. Takeda would face off against Jun Kasai who he defeated the previous year for the title. They would face off against one another in a Glass Board Death Match. Takeda who had dyed his hair multiple colors days before the show would start by sending Kasai into the corner of the glass board right away and coming at him with a knee kick causing Kasai to be sent through the glass. Kasai would come back by clotheslining Takeda through the second glass board. Takeda would fight back and deliver a German Suplex before placing Kasai in the ankle lock with Kasai managing to grab the rope. Takeda would then deliver the spot of the match as one of the glass boards would be stacked up on two chairs and Takeda would release a German Suplex off the turnbuckle sending Kasai into the third glass board. Takeda would then nail Kasai with an Olympic Slam and then bring Kasai down with a Gogoplata and when bringing Kasai down with it would send him through the last glass board set up a stack of chairs. Kasai would make one last come back and deliver a kick to the head and follow that up with a Reverse Tiger Driver which he would score the pinfall over Takeda at 18 minutes, 47 seconds to win back the King of Freedom World Championship and end Takeda's one year reign as champion.

Daisuke Masaoka would go up against Yuko Miyamoto in the semi-main event in a Ladder Barbed wire Board Death Match. Miyamoto would take control early and begin using some of the barbed wire from the barbed wire board and begin cutting Masaoka's forehead open with it right away. Masaoka would end up fighting back by dropkicking Miyamoto in the barbed wire and then begin cutting his forehead up also with the barbed wire. Masaoka would then go under the ring and grab a bucket of thumbtacks and pour them over his head as they would get all over the ring. Miyamoto and Masaoka would begin rolling around the ring with one another with thumbtacks getting stuck all over their back. Miyamoto would end up climbing the ladder to deliver a Moonsault but Masaoka would get up and catch him and deliver a Powerbomb off the ladder onto the thumbtacks. Miyamoto would come back and grab a basket full of cactus balls and pour them all over the ring before delivering a Thunder Fire on Masaoka on them and then a Thunder Fire Powerbomb on them before finishing Masaoka with a Moonsault at 16 minutes, 43 seconds for the win.

The Brahman Brother team of Shu and Kei would team up with Darth Brahman with Karate Brahman in their corner as they would take on the team of Takashi Sasaki, Mitsuo Momota, and Toru Sugiura in a Tokyo Desert Homeless Man out of Business Death Match. Many objects would get dumped out by the Brahman Brothers trash cans including a toy yellow cow that Karate Brahman would get on top of it and begin to ride it. Takashi Sasaki would grabbed by one Brahman as the other would spit water although Sasaki would manage to move out of the way and he would squirt the water in his brothers face instead. The Brahmans would try again and this time successfully splash Sugiura with a bucket of water and then began smashing Sugiura over the head with a vegetable. They would then take a bag of cans and throw them all over them at Sugiura. Sasaki would come in and send a Brahman into the corner and then place Darth Brahman's head into the Brahman's crotch and then Sasaki would place a suit case across from them and send a bowling ball into them. Momota would then enter and begin exchanging chops with his son before rolling up Darth Brahman with a small package at 11 minutes, 54 seconds for the victory.

Mammoth Sasaki would make his return to the ring following a 5 month knee injury as he would take on All Japan's Takao Omori in a rematch of their May 8, 2011 match in FREEDOMS. Mammoth would have early advantage in the match as he would place the chair over Omori's head and deliver a Mammoth Home Run with Omori kicking out. Mammoth would then come back with the Awesome Bomb with Omori agains kicking out. Omori would come back with a front powerslam and then finish Mammoth off at 11 minutes, 30 seconds with the Axe Bomber.

Susumu Yuya and Minoru Tanaka would team up to take on the team of Minoru Fujita and Kenji Fukimoto. Minoru Fujita would come to the ring in Susumu's old Dragon JOKER mask that he stopped wearing following Tenryu's retirement as a way to mock Susumu. Susumu and Fujita would go at it at first with chopping one another before Tanaka would come in and deliver a missile dropkick to Fujita. Fujita would help Fukimoto deliver a Package Piledriver to Susumu but Susumu would manage to kick out. Susumu would end up grabbing a hold of Fujita's arm and placing him in the Cross Armbreaker making him tap out at 12 minutes, 4 seconds for the Susumu and Tanaka victory.

The opening match of the show saw GENTARO and The Winger defend their King of Freedom Tag Team Titles against Kamui and his mystery partner who he claimed would be a Super Heavyweight in B168's Dyna Mido which had to be a huge letdown and thus why was put in as the opening match of the show. GENTARO and The Winger destroyed Dyna Mido early on as GENTARO would smash him over the head with a chair busting him open and The Winger would then begin to bite into Mido's cut. Kamui would come in and try and help out Mido but as he would grab a hold of The Winger's shoulders and Dyna Mido would charge at Winger he would move out of the way and Dyna Mido would end up accidentally nailing Kamui instead. GENTARO would deliver a back suplex and The Winger would finish Dyna Mido off at 10 minutes, 30 seconds with the Senyoru Senton to defend their titles for the first time. GENTARO would then smash Dyna Mido over the head with the belt for good measure.

Super Battle FMW ran their first Korakuen Hall show of the new promotion on December 22, 2015 drawing an announced 1800 fans for the show. The show was not an actual sell out as announced as there missing seats but it looked like there were 1800 people in the 2000 seat building. The show was a huge success as Korakuen Hall was always known as FMW's home and was always a huge financial success to the promotion even when they could not make money anywhere else. The show aired on Samurai TV on December 26th.

Atsushi Onita, Masato Tanaka, and Hideki Hosaka would take on NOSAWA Rongai, Raijin Yaguchi, and Tomohiko Hashimoto for the FMW 6 Man Street Fight Tag Team Titles main event match with Onita, Tanaka, and Hosaka coming to the ring from the stands. Onita would go right for Yaguchi to start the match as they would brawling in the stands. Tanaka would pair with NOSAWA in the crowd as Hashimoto and Hosaka would go at it with one another as well. Yaguchi would bring Onita in the ring with a chair but Onita would eventually grab the chair and smash it over Yaguchi’s head and then deliver a stunner to him and cover him with NOSAWA making the save. Tanaka would come in and lay down a chair and deliver a drop toe hold to NOSAWA with his face going into the chair and follow that up with a dropkick while NOSAWA continue to lay on the chair. Tanaka would then deliver a running elbow to the turnbuckle on NOSAWA and would then begin brawling outside the ring as Hosaka and Hashimoto would enter the ring and begin exchanging clotheslines with Hashimoto knocking Hosaka down eventually. Yaguchi and NOSAWA would bring in a table to set up putting Onita through it. Tanaka would come in with a kendo stick to make the save and begin smashing everyone in the W*ING Monster Army with it. Onita would then grab NOSAWA and piledrive him through the table and cover him for a two count.

Yaguchi would then come in and spit red mist in Onita’s face as the W*ING Monster Army would begin throwing barbed wire boards in the ring. They would then press two barbed wire boards standing up against Onita and Hashimoto and Yaguchi would both charge into them squashing Onita against them. NOSAWA would then come with a guitar and smash it across Onita’s head. They would then lay a barbed wire board across two chairs and drop Onita across it with NOSAWA covering for two. Yaguchi would grab a barbed wire bat and smash it across Hosaka and then Onita with it. NOSAWA would take the kendo stick and begin smashing Onita with it. Yaguchi would then pick up Onita and Hashimoto would pick up the barbed wire bat and as he would go to swing at Onita he would be met with red mist getting spit out of Onita’s mouth into his face. Onita would begin hitting Yaguchi with the bat and then throw NOSAWA into the barbed wire board. Tanaka would come in and deliver a double clothes to Yaguchi and Hashimoto Onita would then smash the board over all three W*ING members head. Hashimoto would pick up Onita and place him on the turnbuckle and go charging at him with Onita grabbing a hold of him and delivering a less than spectacular tornado DDT off the turnbuckle. Yaguchi would come in the ring but would be met by a spear from Hosaka.

The W*ING Monster Army would then focus on Hosaka as they would place a barbed wire board again across chairs and Yaguchi and Hashimoto would deliver a double choke slam on Hosaka through the barbed wire board with Hosaka kicking out. Hashimoto would attempt to powerbomb Hosaka but Onita would come in and spray red mist in his face again. Hosaka would then bring Hashimoto to the turnbuckle and deliver a hurricanrana followed by Tanaka hitting his Frog Splash. NOSAWA would make the save for Hashimoto but would be met with red mist to his face by Onita followed by a Thunder Fire Powerbomb by Onita with Yaguchi making the save. Onita would deliver two more Thunder Fire Powerbombs with NOSAWA kicking out. Onita would then grab a board and begin smashing it over NOSAWA’s head until he would finally fall to the mat and be met with a Sliding D by Tanaka. Onita would then grab a chair and smash it over NOSAWA’s head and then deliver one more Thunder Fire Powerbomb before finally putting NOSAWA away at 14 minutes, 51 seconds to win the newly recreated FMW 6 Man Street Fight Tag Team Titles. Onita would be pour some of his water over NOSAWA before the W*ING Monster Army would retreat. Onita would cut his promo to end the show as Onita, Tanaka, and Hosaka would pose with their new belts.

Ray would face off against Ayako Hamada in the last match of her Trial Series in the semi-main event. Ray and Hamada would do some mat work at first before Ray would begin slapping Hamada across her chest with the last one missing and Hamada nailing Ray with a Savant Kick. Hamada would go up for a Moonsault right away and miss it. Ray would follow with attempting a moonsault but Hamada would get her knees up. Hamada would deliver a suplex and pin Ray by just putting her foot across her with Ray kicking out. Hamada would try for a Powerbomb but Ray would escape it and nail Hamada with a spin kick causing her to fall into the ropes with Ray then nailing Hamada with the 619. Ray would then go for another Moonsault except this time she would successfully hit it. Hamada would come back with a lariat and a successful Powerbomb this time on Ray with Ray kicking out. Hamada would then pick up Ray and finish her off with the Michinoku Driver at 15 minutes, 38 seconds for the win.

Koji Nakagawa would make his Super Battle FMW debut teaming up with Kintaro Kanemura as the replacement for Hido who pulled out of the show after originally being announced. Nakagawa who came out in his TNR yellow jacket from 1998 and his TNR t-shirt along with Kanemura for the first time in his career participated in the TNR Dance along with Kanemura. Nakagawa when he was a member of the group in 1998 to 2000 would never do the dance as it did not go with his silent but deadly gimmick. Kanemura and Nakagawa would take on the Headhunters. Kanemura would square off against A first and start right off by chopping him across the chest. Kanemura and A would begin exchanging chops with another before A would end up shoving Kanemura down to the mat. Both would tag in their partners and Nakagawa would have the same success with B with getting knocked down to the mat due to B’s power. The Headhunters would continue to tag in to take turns on knocking Nakagawa down. Nakagawa would tag in Kanemura who would get headbutted by A.

Kanemura would fire up and deliver a headbutt himself which would end up hurting his own head. Both Headhunters would throw Kanemura into the ropes and come back with a shoulder tackle. Kanemura would fight back with forearms to the head before delivering an elbow and then a clothesline. Kanemura would tag Nakagawa in who would make a cover but end up getting tossed out of the ring. The Headhunters would throw Nakagawa to the ropes and then both lift him in the air before dropping him to the mat before delivering a double leg drop and splash with Kanemura making the save. Headhunter would then go to the top and miss a splash off the turnbuckle with Nakagawa making the tag to Kanemura who would come in with fire with elbow smashes on both of them. Kanemura would attempt to fling one of the Headhunters into one another but it would get reverse and Kanemura would be met with a clothesline. Both would charge at Kanemura but he would be able to move out of the way with both of them running into one another. Kanemura and Nakagawa would deliver a suplex to one Headhunter before delivering a Double DDT to the other. Nakagawa would lay some punches to both and then tag in Kanemura who would come at one but would get knocked to the mat as a result. A would begin to climb the turnbuckle when B would pick up Kanemura as they would deliver a very poorly executed Super Powerbomb before A would finish off Kanemura with a Moonsault at 9 minutes, 36 seconds for the Headhunters win.

Kotaro Nasu and Ryo Kawamura would team up to take on the All Japan team of former WEW Tag Team Champion Yoshinobu Kanemaru who had just recently departed as a full time member of All Japan and his mystery partner Ultimo Dragon. Kawamura and Kanemaru would start off on the mat at the beginning of the match before both would tag in Ultimo Dragon and Kotaro Nasu. Dragon would end delivering a standing leg scissors to Nasu. Kawamura would get tagged in and begin laying kicks to both Dragon and Kanemaru. Dragon would come back with a drop kick to Kawamura. Dragon would tag in Kanemaru who would go for Kawamura’s knees before delivering a DDT. Nasu would come in and they would both begin exchanging kicks to Kanemaru. Nasu would go for a charging kick but Kanemaru would duck and manage to roll up Nasu for two. Kanemaru would come back with a Moonsault Press off the middle turnbuckle and then follow that up with a flying DDT off the turnbuckle before getting the pin with a Touch Out at 13 minutes, 35 seconds for the All Japan win.

The soon to be retiring Kayoko Haruyama would team up with Tsubasa Kuragaki as they would take on the team of Miss Mongol of Miss Koharu in a JWP vs. FMW match. Haruyama and Kuragaki would focus on Koharu right away as they were much bigger than her and would overpower her with their double team moves. Kuragaki would powerslam her and throw her around a good portion of the first part of the match. Haruyama and Mongol would get tagged in and Haruyama would try the same for of disrespect to Mongol but she would fight back. Mongol would end squashing the referee with Haruyama in the corner. Mongol would go for the Bronco Buster but Haruyama woud move out of the way and she would give it to the referee instead. Haruyama and Kuragaki would both place Koharu in a Torture Rack and when Mongol would come over to try and make the save she would end up getting placed in the Torture Rack by Kuragaki as well. Haruyama would nail Koharu with a Facebuster but Koharu would end up fighting back and rolling Haruyama up with a Backslide with Kuragaki having to make the save. Koharu would try to deliver a back suplex to Haruyama but would not be powerful enough. Mongol would come over to try and help her but Kuragaki would prevent her from helping. Haruyama and Kuragaki would then lay out Koharu and Kuragaki would deliver a Moonsault before Haruyama would deliver a Flying Legdrop for the pin at 9 minutes, 41 seconds over Koharu.

KENSO would attack Nita right away and send him to the outside while Nagai and Buffalo would begin to brawl. They would brawl all around ringside before KENSO and Nagai would bring them both back in the ring but both Nita and Buffalo would spit green mist in their faces. Nita would take out his blade and begin going at KENSO with it with KENSO heading into the crowd. Nita would grab Nagai and spit green mist in his face again. Nita would wrap the chain of the blade around Nagai as Buffalo would begin attacking Nagai. Nita would begin placing the blade inside Nagai’s mouth. Nita would tag back in Buffalo but Nagai would manage to fight back and deliver a suplex to Buffalo allowing KENSO to tag in and begin attacking Buffalo. Nita would end up brawling with Nagai outside the ring but as that was going on all of KENSO’s crew including KENSO would begin attacking Buffalo. Nita would be smashing Nagai against the wall of Korakuen Hall as KENSO would hit a Diving Elbow Drop on Buffalo for the pin at 7 minutes, 32 seconds for the KENSO and Nagai victory.

The opening match would have Ricky Fuji, Gosaku Goshogawara, Pandita, Wild Seven, and Kisarazu Kid defeat the team of Katsunari Toi, Raiden, Kikutaro, The Gangster, and Naoshi Sano. Pandita which was an early FMW gimmick did all the trade mark Pandita spots and Ricky would go at it with Kikutaro in some comedy spots before Ricky would nail the Kamikaze on Raideen and then finish him off at 11 minutes, 5 seconds with his 9999 DDT.

Hayabusa would come out to open the show in his wheelchair. This would be the first time that Hayabusa would be returning to Korakuen Hall under a promotion with the FMW name since his accident 14 years earlier. Hayabusa would stand up with the help of his cane and be given the mic to thank the fans for showing up and do his "Lets have some fun!" catchphrase to start the show.

FREEDOMS held their 6th Anniversary show on October 20, 2015 at Tokyo's Korakuen Hall drawing an announced 826 fans for the show. This number is up compared to the 653 fans it drew for last years 5th Anniversary show. The main event was a No Canvas TLC Fluorescent Light Tubes Death Match with Jun Kasai facing off against Yuko Miyamoto for a shot at Masashi Takeda's King of Freedom World Title at the December 25th Korakuen Hall show.

Jun Kasai who was trying to gain revenge for his last loss to Yuko Miyamoto on December 25, 2013 started going right at it with both he and Miyamoto smashing each other over the head with light tubes. Miyamoto would begin working on Kasai's leg by placing a ladder between it and then smashing the ladder with a chair. Miyamoto would then place Kasai in a ankle lock. Miyamoto would attempt to go for the Moonsault but Kasai would manage to get up and grab a light tube and smash it over Miyamoto's back. Miyamoto would end up going for the kill by taking out the wood pieces from the ring and then delivering a Fire Thunder on Kasai to underneath the ring. Miyamoto would then follow that up with a Fire Thunder on a light tube but Kasai would still manage to come back. Kasai would end up coming back and setting up the ladder and delivering his Pearl Harbor Splash and although Miyamoto would manage to kick out of that the covered in blood Kasai would finally finish off Miyamoto with a Lariat to get the pin at 18 minutes, 54 seconds for the win. Masashi Takeda who had been watching the match from ringside would come to the ring afterwards but then Daisuke Masaoka would come to the ring and smash a light tube over his head and then challenge Kasai to a match on November 23rd at the Yokohama Radiant Hall in a Death Match with the winner getting a shot at Masashi Takeda's title at the Christmas Death Match show.

The All Japan vs. FREEDOMS feud continued in a 4 vs. 4 Single Elimination Match with Takashi Sasaki teaming up with GENTARO, Kenji Fukimoto, and Toru Sugiura against the team of Kento Miyahara, Kotaro Suzuki, Yohei Nakajima, and Jake Lee. Like most interpromotional matches politics played a big factor as the only non over the top rope elimination was the last deciding factor in the match. Takashi Sasaki and Kotaro Suzuki were eliminated first from their teams at 13 minutes, 8 seconds as both knocked each other over the top rope. Yohei Nakajima gave All Japan the lead after throwing Kenji Fukimoto over the top rope at 14 minutes, 21 seconds over the top rope. GENTARO then even the score by eliminating Yohei Nakajima at 16 minutes, 44 seconds by throwing him over the top rope. Jake Lee then manage to knock out GENTARO over the top rope at 19 minutes, 14 seconds. This lead Toru Sugiura alone against both Kento Miyahara and Jake Lee and although Sugiura would end up tossing Lee over the rope at 19 minutes, 14 seconds for the elimination he would up taking the pinfall loss at 21 minutes, 28 seconds when Miyahara would finish Sugiura with the German Suplex for the All Japan win.

Kamui and Daisuke Masaoka would defend their King of Freedom Tag Team Titles against Susumu Yuya and Minoru Tanaka in a bloody match that would see Masaoka bring a ladder and a chair with his name on it. Masaoka would end up kneeing the chair into Susumu's head but Susumu would end up placing an Armbreaker while on top of the ladder in the spot of the match. Masaoka would end up coming back from it and finishing off with a Transformer Rave with a Chair for the pin on Susumu at 16 minutes, 46 seconds to successfully defend the King of Freedom Tag Team Titles for the second time.

Tatsuhito Takaiwa and Hi69 teamed up as the long time frequent freelance FREEDOMS wrestlers as they defeated the Ryukyu Dragon team of Guruken Mask and Tida Heat when Takaiwa finished off Tida Heat at 15 minutes, 21 seconds with the Death Valley Bomb for the FREEDOMS freelancer team win.

The team of The Winger and Kenichiro Arai defeated the MMA style team of Katsumara Shu and Yujiro Yamamoto when Winger would score the win for the pro-wrestling team at 10 minutes, 4 seconds when he would roll up Yamamoto for the win.

The opening match had Brahman Shu and Brahman Kei with Karate Brahman returning to the promotion at ringside to go up against the father and son team of Mitsuo Momota and Chikara with Momota's wife/Chikara's mother at ringside. Karate Brahman would help the the Brahman Brothers by holding Momota with Shu throwing a bucket of water and splashing both Momota and Karate Brahman with the water. Karate Brahman would end up going after Momota's wife trying to kiss her and distracting Momota allowing Shu to score the pinfall at 7 minutes, 36 seconds with a roll up.

Jun Kasai promoted his Death Match Carnival show on August 28, 2015 at Korakuen Hall drawing an announced 1157 fans for the show which is up a little from last years show that did 1114 fans and is the first FREEDOMS show since last years Death Match Tournament show to get over a thousand fans.

The main event saw Masashi Takeda defend his King of Freedom World Championship Match against Violent Jack in a Esukonburo Glass Board Death Match. The match would start right off with Jack stabbing Takeda in the forehead and cutting him open. The bloody Takeda would fight back by grabbing a stack of fluorescent light tubes and kneeing them right into Jack. Takeda would then grab a liquor bottle and smash it over Jack's head. Jack would come by spearing Takeda into one of the glass boards and then while brawling on the outside smash another liquor bottle over Takeda's head. Takeda would come back with suplexing Jack off the apron on to a glass board set up on the outside before finishing him with a U Crash to get the win at 19 minutes, 2 seconds to defend the title for the 5th time.

Jun Kasai would take on Ciclope in the semi-finals of the show in a Big Shock Cross Board Death Match. Both Kasai and Ciclope would get cut badly during the match as Ciclope would powerbomb Kasai's back into the razors causing them to be deeply cut open. Ciclopes would then set up the razors on a ladder and drive the ladder attached with razors across Kasai's stomach. The bloody Kasai would come back with a lariat and would end up finishing off Cicolope with a Reverse Tiger Driver on the saw razor board attached to the ladder at 16 minutes, 2 seconds to get the win.

Yuko Miyamoto who made his name as a headliner in a match against Takashi Sasaki on March 14, 2007 would face off against Sasaki in their singles match with both of them having one win against each other each. They would face each other in a Fluorescent Light Tubes Weapons Death Match. They would end up breaking most of the light tubes over each other and Sasaki would end up delivering a kick that would break the light tubes that Miyamoto was holding across the front of his body but Miyamoto would end up getting the win at 17 minutes, 11 seconds with a Moonsault.

GENTARO, The Winger, and Toru Sugiura would defeat the team of Mr. Gannosuke & Kamui & Daisuke Masaoka Street Fight Death Match with Sugiura picking up the win over Masaoka at 11 minutes, 4 seconds with a Fisherman Driver. Sugiura afterwards would challenge Kamui and Daisuke Masaoka for their King of Freedom Tag Team Titles for the September 10th show at Shin-Kiba.

Kenji Fukimoto would go up against Katsumara Shu in the only non Death Match show on as Shu would end up putting Fukimoto with away with the Ninja Choker Sleeper at 7 minutes, 38 seconds for the win to setup a tag match for September 10th with Shu teaming with friend Yujiro Yamamoto against Jun Kasai and Masashi Takeda.

Minoru Tanaka would make his FREEDOMS teaming with Susumu Yuya in the opening Tokyo Deserted Homeless Man out of a Job Death Match against Brahman Shu and Brahman Kei. The Brahman Brothers would bring all sorts of weapons that a homeless man would carry around like usual but they would end up getting the black Indian ink shot in their face by Susumu and Tanaka before Tanaka would put away Kei at 11 minutes, 19 seconds with a Diving Footstamp for the win.

FREEDOMS ran their annual May Korakuen Hall show entitled "WE LOVE FREEDOMS! WE ARE FREEDOMS!" on May 1, 2015 at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo drawing an announced 875 fans for the show which is 15 less fans than last years show for GENTARO's return to the ring. It did do better than the Korakuen Hall show on March 23rd that drew 713 fans.

The main event saw the FREEDOMS team of Takashi Sasaki and Jun Kasai take on Yuko Miyamoto and Isami Kodaka in a No Canvas Razor Board and Saw Board Death Match. Kasai would use the razor board and saw board and smash it over both Miyamoto and Kodaka's head. The spot of the match saw Sasaki remove part of the boards in the ring leaving a hole to the bottom and then delivering a deliver a D-Geist on Kodaka sending him to the bottom of the ring. Sasaki would come back up and would hold up a stack of fluorescent light tubes that were under the ring and use them as a weapon. Miyamoto would eventually put away Kasai by delivering a Fire Thunder on the hard boards to get the win at 22 minutes, 7 seconds. Miyamoto and Kasai would show respect by pounding each others fists to end the show.

Masashi Takeda defended his King of Freedoms World Title against GENTARO in a Strong Fusion Death Match in the semi-main event of the show. The match would include chairs, thumbtacks, and barbed wire boards. GENTARO would hold his own during the match and come close to making Takeda but Takeda would eventually come back and smash a chair over GENTARO's head and then finish him off with a Dragon Suplex for the win at 19 minutes, 58 seconds to defend his title for the second time.

Daisuke Masaoka looked to stay high on the card after losing the main event of the March Korakuen Hall show against Masashi Takeda as he faced off against Kenji Fukimoto in a Barbed wire Board Fish Hook Death Match. Fukimoto ended up using the fish hook on Masaoka's mouth during the match as well as cutting up Masaoka's forehead with the barbed wire from the barbed wire board Masaoka would end up making a come back and pouring a pail of thumbtacks over his head and eventually finishing off Fukimoto at 10 minutes, 52 seconds with the Trance Rave. 

Mammoth Sasaki and Kamui defeated the King of Freedom Tag Team Champions Buffalo and Susumu Yuya after Mammoth used a barbed wire bat on Yuya with Kamui coming off the top with a Swanton Bomb and eventually Mammoth would hit the 29 Years Old on Yuya at 14 minutes, 39 seconds to win the King of Freedom Tag Team Titles. It is the second tag team title gold that the team has won as they won the WEW Hardcore Tag Team Titles together back in 2011.

Mr. Gannosuke made his FREEDOMS debut by teaming up with Onryo to form the WMF Army as they took on the FREEDOMS Army of Tatsuhito Takaiwa and Toru Sugiura with Sugiura taking it to Gannosuke at first by delivering a suplex to Gannosuke's head. Gannosuke would come back with a Praying Powerbomb and follow that up with a Fire Thunder on Sugiura to get the win at 12 minutes, 34 seconds for the WMF Army.

The opening match saw Mitsuo Momota make his FREEDOMS debut as he teamed up with Hi69 and his son Riki as they defeated the team of Great Kojika, The Winger, and Kenichiro Arai when Momota delivered a Backdrop Suplex to get the victory at 9 minutes, 8 seconds over The Winger in the opening match on the show.

FREEDOMS returned to Korakuen Hall on March 23, 2015 to draw an announced crowd of 713 fans for the show. The show although would not be considered a huge success did much better than the previous March Korakuen Hall show for the Finals of the King of Freedom Tag Team Title Tournament which did a horrible 428 fans for the show.

The main event of the show Masashi Takeda defend his King of Freedom World Championship in a Fluorescent Light Tubes Glass Board Death Match against Daisuke Masaoka. Masaoka who has been pushed over the last year as someone that is willing to do whatever it takes to put on the best performance he can ended up doing just that in this match. The match started with Masaoka bringing a razor blade board to the ring. Takeda and Masaoka began exchanging fluorescent light tube shots to the head until Takeda would grab Masaoka from behind and deliver a German Suplex to Masaoka through one of the glass boards. Takeda would then set up a light tube across Masaoka face and come at him with a running knee breaking the light tube across Masaoka's face. Masaoka would come back and bring a ladder into the match and place the other glass board across chairs. Masaoka and Takeda would begin brawling on top of the ladder when Masaoka would end up delivering a powerbomb off the ladder sending Takeda through the glass board. Masaoka would then grab a bucket of thumbtacks and drop them all across his head as the two would begin rolling around the mat with thumb tacks all over it. Takeda would manage to make a come back and would place the a stack of light tubes across Masaoka's shoulder and deliver another running kick to break the light tubes across Masaoka's body. Masaoka would make a come back of his own and place the razor blade board over Takeda but as Masaoka would climb the ladder and dive off he would end up hitting the razor blade side as Takeda would manage to turn it over before Masaoka would come crashing down. Takeda would eventually end up winning the match at 21 minutes, 22 seconds with a Reverse U Crash for his first title defense in what looks to be one of the better Death Matches that FREEDOMS has put on. GENTARO would end up coming to the ring and issuing a challenge to Takeda for a shot at the King of Freedom Championship. Takeda would respond that GENTARO was not a Death Match wrestler and he would only defend the title in a Death Match. GENTARO did a back drop on to the razor blade board and would cut his arm from the razor blade as well as get thumb tacks stuck on his arm to show he was willing to do what it takes in a Death Match as Takeda would accept the challenge. 

Genichiro Tenryu who is retiring in November 2015 made his FREEDOMS debut on the show by teaming up with Mammoth Sasaki who he had a program with in WMF in 2003 as well as Hi69 who has a relationship with based on their All Japan days together as they would take on Takashi Sasaki, Jun Kasai, and Great Kojika. The 65 year old Tenryu squared off against the 72 year old Kojika with Tenryu pulling Kojika's shirt up and delivering a stiff chop to the chest. The spot of the match would see Jun Kasai bring in a fluorescent light tube and smash it over Tenryu's head which would be the first time in his career he had taken a light tube shot as a side of Tenryu's face would begin to bleed from the cut of the glass. Mammoth Sasaki would end up putting away Takashi Sasaki at 14 minutes, 59 seconds with a 29 Year Old which was based off of Tenryu's 53 Year Old. 

GENTARO and Kenichiro Arai defended their King of Freedom Tag Team Titles against the team of Buffalo and Susumu Yuyu which is SUSUMU going by his given name. Susumu Yuyu has changed his gimmick slowly through out the past year from a highflying clean cut wrestler to a more mat based submission wrestler and has let his hair grow out. Susumu would keep bringing both GENTARO and Arai to the match for the match before Susumu would finally hook on a Armbreaker on Arai forcing him to submit at 18 minutes, 28 seconds to win the King of Freedom Tag Team Championship.

In a Okano Family Household Trouble Handicap Match, the team of El Hijo del Winger Uno, El Hijo del Winger Dos, and La Hija del Winger which are the Brahman Brothers and a masked female wrestler that I never could get the identity of defeated their father The Winger as the three were just too much for The Winger. The spot of the match saw La Hija apply a bridge to The Winger as one Brahman got on the others shoulder and then poured a drink in his mouth and then begin to spit into The Winger's mouth while the bridge was still applied to him. La Hija would end up placing The Winger in a La Magistral at 9 minutes, 59 seconds for the win.

Kamui teamed up with Mineo Fujita who was replacing the injured Mr. Gannosuke for the WMF Army as they took on the FREEDOMS team of Kenji Fukimoto and Toru Sugiura which would see Kamui get the win over Sugiura at 10 minutes, 48 seconds with the Firebird Splash. Mammoth Sasaki afterwards would come out and join Kamui's WMF Army and declare them a full time tag team which would upset Sugiura who was in the ring as they had been a tag team for over the past year as Sugiura would point at his ring finger like Mammoth was breaking up their marriage to each other. 

Tatsuhito Takaiwa defeated the 40th Weekday Mask who he keeps going up one number every match but I have not been able to find out the identity of the wrestler in the opening match as Takaiwa finished Weekday Mask at 7 minutes, 48 seconds with the Takaiwa Driller.