Added: 5/6

Hayabusa made his return to the ring after the 6 month layoff from double reconstructive surgery, he was still heavily casted going into the 15,000 Volt Octagon Cage Fire Bomb Death Match with The Great Sasuke against Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Mr. Gannosuke. In one of the most brutal, violent and awesome matches FMW has ever put on which is saying a whole lot, Hayabusa & Sasuke  managed to come out victors over Team Kuroda after Hayabusa pinned former friend and longtime enemy Gannosuke in the over 20 minute match with an H Thunder. A huge jam packed Kawasaki of over 10,500 people saw Hayabusa take some of his biggest bumps of his career including hitting an Asai Moonsault at the same time one of the biggest and largest bombs FMW has ever used exploded, Sasuke did not come out in excellent shape as well as he suffered a broken ear drum from the loud explosions. As a result of the win, Hayabusa will now challenge Tetsuhiro Kuroda for his WEW World Title at the May 22nd Sapporo Green Dome Show. The FMW Kawasaki Stadium 12 Year Anniversary show also marked 10 year anniversary of Eiji Ezaki's debut into wrestling as he wrestled his first match back on 5/5/91.

Kodo Fuyuki challenged Genichiro Tenryu at the 5/5/00 Komazawa Olympic Gym show after winning the WEW World Title. One year later, the match finally took place. Fuyuki wrestled his former Revolution Partner and current All Japan Triple Crown Champion Tenryu in a bloody fight. They wrestled around the ring at the beginning which included Fuyuki using foreign objects to bust Tenryu up. In the end, Fuyuki ended up doing the same thing that Atsushi Onita ended up doing 7 years ago to the day, and that was fail at defeat Tenryu at Kawasaki as Tenryu defeated Fuyuki with Fuyuki's signature Lariat.

GOEMON & Onryo became the New WEW World Tag Team Champions after winning the vacated titles by defeating former ECW wrestlers Super Crazy & Super Nova in what was said to be a very good match after GOEMON pinned Nova with his signature move the Swanton Bomb.

Kintaro Kanemura won back the WEW Hardcore Championship for the 3rd time defeating Mammoth Sasaki for the Title. The match was kept short due to Kanemura's injuries from a Big Japan show the day before including a injured foot and a bandaged forehead from a nasty cut, it was still a good hardcore match, with tables and chairs being used before Kanemura hit Sasaki with a Running Liger Bomb for the pinfall to win back his Hardcore Title. 

In the Joshi match on the show, Arsion's Ayako Hamada & AKINO defeated FMW's Kyoko Inoue & Emi Motokawa. Emi gave it her all and took a huge beating by taking every signature move from the two women, and just as Emi seemed to take control of the match by hitting a 450 Firebird Splash, she was hit with Ayako Hamada's signature Hamada Cutter for the pinfall victory. Due to a previous stipulation before the match, Kyoko Inoue did not have to divorce her husband who she wanted to divorce in the storyline back earlier in the year to marry Tetsuhiro Kuroda since she did not get pinned in the tag  match. 

IWA Heavyweight Champion Ricky Banderas defeated FMW's Chocoball Mukai with a body press to retain his IWA Title in what was a less than stellar match up, but Chocoball has shown great signs of improving and is quickly becoming a passable wrestler. After this match up, Shoichi Arai came out and announced that FMW has booked to return to the Komazawa Olympic Gym for August 11th, which will be the first time they returned to the building since last years May 5th show.

In the comedy match of the show, Hisakatsu Oya teamed with Flying Kid Ichihara, Saitama Pro Wrestling's Survival Tobita, and his valet singer Tomomi Tanimoto to defeat Azusa Kudo, Naohiko Yamazaki, Saitama Pro Wrestling's Saitama Gorilla and Shinjuku Shark's valet Kaoruko Arai. Oya and Tanimoto used several double team moves including Oya picking Tanimoto up and having her kick Yamazaki right in the face. When Kaoruko Arai was tagged into go one on one with Tobita, Arai began to kick Tobita in the leg as Tobita began to act like he had just been shot or kicked by Toshiaki Kawada. The finish saw Oya back supplex Team Kuroda's Naohiko Yamazaki and Tanimoto go over and lay on Yamazaki for the pinfall victory. 

Shinjuku Shark defeated Former Team Willie member Tarec Pasca in a Gloves match, which was under the rules that both men were allowed to use their gloves in a boxing style environment with KO's being allowed, and there would 3 minute rounds, but that it would also go under pro wrestling rules in that pin falls and submissions would count. In the 2nd round, both men to go out of control and use the pro wrestling rules as Shinjuku Shark knocked Pasca out and then climbed the top rope and hit a Moonsault for the three count and the victory. Rumors that Hido who has been in Puerto Rico the last year would return on this show, but there was no sign of him at any point throughout the show.

In the opening match to the 5/5/01 Kawasaki Show, FMW Veteran Ricky Fuji who has wrestled more FMW matches than any other person and is the only wrestler to wrestle in all 7 of FMW's Kawasaki Stadium shows teamed up with FMW Rookie Satoshi Makita to do battle with two other FMW Rookies Tomokazu Morita & Yoshihito Sasaki. The match went just under 5 minutes with basic wrestling moves being used, and Ricky Fuji hitting all his signature moves before including his Kamikaze before finishing Sasaki off with a DDT for the pinfall victory to start off the show.

Added: 4/29

Just days before his return to the ring at Kawasaki Stadium, Hayabusa has been doing several talk shows hyping the show and main event, at one of the restaurants he was doing an interview for, out of nowhere he was attacked Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Mr. Gannosuke and was beaten down in front of everyone and began to attack his ankle while the people in the restaurant watched on. Coming into the May 5th show, Hayabusa's arms will be in good enough shape to perform to the best of his ability, but it will still take a little while longer for them to heal completely, but what has been bothering Ezaki the most is his ankle, which has been injured for a very long time still, and will be still bothering him a lot going into the Kawasaki, which was the reason his foot was ran over by  Motorcycle at the beginning of the 4/15 Korakuen Hall show, which was a very good show ran by FMW with an awesome main event and was a really good setup for Kawasaki with Gannosuke and Kuroda beating down Hayabusa & Sasuke and Gannosuke pulling off Sasuke's mask and wearing before leaving Hayabusa & Sasuke beaten down in the middle of the ring. 

A day after attacking Hayabusa in the restaurant, Kuroda & Gannosuke spent the entire day together, hanging out bars and doing promotional hype for the Kawasaki Stadium and then later heading out to the mountains to test the explosions that will be used for the Hayabusa & Great Sasuke vs. Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Mr. Gannosuke main event match up on May 5th.

Added: 4/19

Mr. Gannosuke made his in ring return to FMW at the 4/15 Korakuen Hall show where he teamed with fellow Team Kuroda members Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Mammoth Sasaki to defeat Great Sasuke, GOEMON, and Onryo when Kuroda pinned Onryo. Before the match, Mr. Gannosuke & Tetsuhiro Kuroda came to the ring to announce that something "tragic" had happen to Hayabusa before the match, that he had been ran over by a motorcycle before the show. Kuroda sobbed deeply as they announced that if Hayabusa will not be able to perform at the Kawasaki Stadium show, then they should make up for it by giving a match the fans want to see. A WEW World Championship match between Tetsuhiro Kuroda vs. Mr. Gannosuke.

FMW announced their main event for the FMW 5/5 Kawasaki Stadium show. Hayabusa & Great Sasuke vs. Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Mr. Gannosuke in a Exploding 15,000 Volt Thunderbolt Octagon Cage Bomb Death Match.

Tetsuhiro Kuroda became the WEW World Champion by ending Kodo Fuyuki's nearly 11 month reign. Mr. Gannosuke who was retired by Kuroda back on November 12th of last year came out and helped Kuroda get the win as Kuroda got the pinfall on Fuyuki using the Gannosuke Clutch for the win. Kuroda and Gannosuke began beat down causing Hayabusa & The Great Sasuke to make the run in as they were jumped by Team Kuroda.
Gannosuke & Kuroda beat down Hayabusa & Sasuke, as Gannosuke pulled off Hayabusa's mask as left Hayabusa & Sasuke laying.

Added 3/25

Kodo Fuyuki announced the main event of the Kawasaki show on May 5th, which will be FMW's 12th Anniversary show, and 10 years to the day Hayabusa made his professional wrestling debut that Hayabusa will be making his comeback to wrestling in a Exploding Cage Bomb Death Match, where the Bomb will release fire. Tetsuhiro Kuroda is the main choice for his opponent on the show.


Added: 3/17

At the March 13th Korakuen Hall show, Tetsuhiro Kuroda defeated Kintaro Kanemura to become the Number 1 Contender for Fuyuki's WEW World Title. Kuroda will most likely get the Title shot in April. During the match, Kanemura busted Kuroda open with a chair, causing Kuroda to do a blade job that would ultimately become a huge gash causing blood to spill out everywhere. Eventually, the retired Mr. Gannosuke who had been seen a month earlier backstage hanging around his long time friend Kanemura ran into the ring with a Masked Sumo masked and clothesline Kanemura and would then hit Kanemura with the Fire Thunder to later setup the bloody Kuroda to hit the Technan Buster on Kanemura for the three count. 

Added: 2/24

Team Kuroda over the last few weeks have staged two attacks of their hated wrestlers. First they attacked Fuyuki on 2/11 in Fukuoka after the show when Fuyuki was getting on his bike after finishing one of his meals. Then earlier this week, Team Kuroda staged another attack on Michinoku's Great Sasuke on the streets of Tokyo where they stripped of Sasuke of all his clothes and left him naked on the streets of Tokyo battered and bruise. This would set up the main event on 2/23 at Korakuen Hall, Team Kuroda's Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Mammoth Sasaki against Kodo Fuyuki & Great Sasuke. As the match was going on, and Kuroda had the advantage on Sasuke, Hayabusa ran out all decked out in the Hayabusa uniform ran to the ring and began to attack Kuroda and all the members of Team Kuroda sitting at ringside, this would let Sasuke get a small cradle on Kuroda for the win.

News broke earlier this morning in Japan, that Masato Tanaka, Jado, Gedo, Kaori Nakayama, and Hideki Hosaka are no longer in FMW. Rumors have been spreading around about Masato Tanaka leaving FMW for the last 2 years, all of which have never been completely accurate, but there has never been mention of the other four, especially Jado (Shoji Akiyoshi) and Gedo (Keiji Takayama) who have been long time friends with FMW booker, Kodo Fuyuki. As of right now, Masato Tanaka, Jado, and Gedo are still the WEW 6 Man Tag Team Champions, and Masato Tanaka and Gedo are still the WEW Tag Team Champions. 

Added: 2/8

Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Kyoko Inoue will not be getting married. The stipulation was added to the main event at the 2/6 Korakuen Hall match, that the only way Kuroda and Kyoko would get married is if Kyoko pinned Fuyuki. Instead she was the one that was pinned by Fuyuki after Kuroda made sure of Kyoko not getting the pin as he would help Fuyuki kick out every time Kyoko would try and pin Fuyuki, and would ultimately lead to helping Fuyuki get the pin on her. After the match, a shocked Kyoko began asking Kuroda why he did what he did, but would get made fun of disrespected by Kuroda causing Fuyuki to go over to put a stop to Kuroda verbally abusing his friend, but as a result Fuyuki would get punked out by Team Kuroda. Then Hayabusa who had been doing color commentator during the match and The Masked Sumo who had made his first appearance in FMW earlier in the show came out to confront Kuroda as Kuroda mockingly made fun of Hayabusa before and after the match. But then as the two confronted each other, The Masked Sumo would turn on Hayabusa and the beat down would begin resulting in Kuroda getting a folding chair and pillmanizing one of Hayabusa's injured arms. As Team Kuroda would walk off celebrating their accomplishments and left the injured Hayabusa laying in the ring, all of a sudden the Michinoku Pro theme played and out came The Great Sasuke who went to the ring and helped Hayabusa up. There was a few tense seconds where they stared at each other, but they would end up leaving together. The Great Sasuke will make his  return to FMW since the 12/11/96 show, he will team up with Kodo Fuyuki to wrestle Team Kuroda's Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Mammoth Sasaki in the Main Event of the Korakuen Hall show on 2/23.

Added: 2/3 

Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Kyoko Inoue are getting ready for their wedding at the 2/6 Korakuen Hall show. Kuroda from the looks of it, is not regretting the stipulations to the 1/16 match against Fuyuki, who is not going to honor the stipulation of that match, since he never agreed to the crap of the stipulations that Kuroda came up with, and will continue wrestling full time for FMW.

Added: 1/18

Coming out of the FMW 1/16/01 Korakuen Hall show, two things were settled from the main event victory of Kodo Fuyuki over Tetsuhiro Kuroda. Kodo Fuyuki will now have to retire, and Tetsuhiro Kuroda will now have to marry Kyoko Inoue at the FMW 2/6/01 Korakuen Hall show.

It all started at the 1/7/01 Korakuen Hall show, after Tetsuhiro Kuroda turned on his partner Fuyuki in the WEW Tag Title match as Masato Tanaka & Gedo came away with the belts after Gedo pinned Fuyuki. After the match, Azusa Kudo, Shinjuku Shark, and Naohiko Yamazaki all came in the ring and helped Fuyuki beat down Fuyuki. They tied him to the ropes, put a bra and lipstick on him and called him Mrs. Kuroda. Kuroda announced that his new faction of Mammoth Sasaki, Azusa Kudo, Shinjuku  Shark, and Naohiko Yamazaki would be called "Team Kuroda" 

At the 1/7/01 Korakuen Hall show, GOEMON & Onryo came away with the WEW Hardcore Tag Team Titles. After being rivals since Onryo debut in FMW back in August, GOEMON & Onryo began teaming after Onryo killed GOEMON at the 12/10/00 Korakuen Hall show. At the 12/20/00 Korakuen Hall show, GOEMON rose from the dead and became the the vengeful ghost's partner to defeat Shinjuku Shark and Naohiko Yamazaki. The two then won the WEW Hardcore Belts after the team Hosaka and Sasaki broke up when Sasaki accidentally hit Hosaka in the head with a chair, and Hosaka responded by powerbombing Sasaki through a table abling GOEMON to go over and get the pinfall on Sasaki to win the WEW Hardcore Tag Team Titles. The team of Mammoth Sasaki and Hideki Hosaka have since split up with Mammoth Sasaki joining Team Kuroda, and Hosaka now becoming a tag partner with Hisakatsu Oya.

Added: 12/28

At FMW's last show of 2000 at Korakuen Hall, Kodo Fuyuki, Tetsuhiro Kuroda, and Kintaro Kanemura defeated Masato Tanaka, Jado, and Gedo in what FMW billed as their last barbwire match ever in the promotion after Kuroda pinned Jado with a Technan Buster DDT. After the match, Kuroda got on the mic and called out Hayabusa who had been sitting at ringside watching the match watching the match, screaming  "Chicken! Chicken!" it finally pissed off Hayabusa to the point where he ripped his mask off and charged to the ring, as Kuroda began screaming "BORING! BORING!" as Ezaki was about to go in the ring, Masashi Honda (Mr. Gannosuke) who had announced earlier that he was going to live the life of a normal person from now on and was doing color commentating for the main event threw his head set down and went over to Ezaki to back his former friend. Kuroda began taunting the both of them in the ring while Ezaki and Honda went to the back with Ezaki flipping Kuroda off. Kuroda then began shaking the hands of everyone around the ring to show that he was the ace of the promotion, and not Ezaki.

Three days later at Pro Wrestling NOAH's 12/23/00 show of the year, Kodo Fuyuki & Tetsuhiro Kuroda brought the WEW World Tag Titles back to FMW after a 5 month stint held by NOAH teams before Tamon Honda & Masamichi Marufuji were finally defeated.

Kodo Fuyuki & Tetsuhiro Kuroda will make their first WEW Tag Title defense against Masato Tanaka & Gedo at FMW's first show of 2001 on January 7th at Korakuen Hall.

Updated: 12/14

For those wondering, Eiji Ezaki's double elbow reconstructive surgery was a success, and Hayabusa will be returning at the FMW 5/5/01 12th year Anniversary show. Until then, he'll be resting and keeping it low, and will make his first public appearance since the surgery on December 23rd at a Christmas Festival help celebrate Christmas and the end of the year. Also, Hayabusa has agreed to be the new spoke person for the new beer that is coming out in Japan called the "Hayabusa Beer" 

Tetsuhiro Kuroda officially turned on Masato Tanaka and FMW and joined Fuyuki's group at the 11/28/00 Korakuen Hall show before a three way tag team match against Kodo Fuyuki & Kintaro Kanemura, and Jado & Gedo. The match was thrown out early on, as Jado & Gedo tried helping out Masato Tanaka, thus turning the match into a 6 man where Kuroda pinned the already hurt Tanaka for the win.

Added: 11/16

FMW returned to the Yokohama Bunka Gym for their 11/12/00 show. FMW did a weak job promoting the show overall, but still managed to get around 2500 fans to attend the 4800 seat building for the PPV.

Kodo Fuyuki defeated Hayabusa in a hard fought match to successfully defend the WEW World Championship in Hayabusa's last match before going down with double elbow reconstructive surgery that will cause him to be out of action until May 5, 2001. Hayabusa's arms bothered throughout him throughout the whole match, but he still managed to go all out and hit every one of his key spots before Fuyuki put him away with a Charging Lariat for the three count. As Hayabusa was saying goodbye to his fans for the next 6 months, Tetsuhiro Kuroda ran in and hit Hayabusa with a DDT and then hit Hayabusa with his new finisher the Technan Bomb DDT and then grabbed the mic and announced that he didn't care how long Hayabusa was going to be out, and that he would be the new ace of FMW.

Kintaro Kanemura who was accompanied by Big Japan's Ryuji Yamakawa successfully defended his WEW Hardcore Championship against longtime rival Masato Tanaka in a bloody brawl. Kanemura brought his Barbwire baseball bat and used it to bloody Tanaka up. They would brawl into the crowd before Kanemura laid Tanaka on a table as he climbed up to the top of the balcony and went flying through the table. They would later fight back to the ring where Tanaka would grab one of many chairs thrown in the ring, but would get hit in the head with the barbwire bat and then be hit with a Thunder Fire Powerbomb for a rare Kanemura win over Tanaka.


Tetsuhiro Kuroda defeated Mr. Gannosuke in a match where Gannosuke agreed that if he were to lose, he would retire from pro wrestling. In a bloody match, which also said to be the match of the night, Kuroda hit Gannosuke with one of his lariats before putting him away with his new finisher the "Technan Bomb" for the victory. After the match, a bloody Mr. Gannosuke grabbed the mic and said goodbye to everyone one last time. Many people in Japan believe though that Gannosuke will be back by 2001 under his real name Masashi Honda.

In the upset of the night, Onryo defeated GOEMON with the Onryo clutch to finally get his revenge on several earlier defeats against GOEMON. This match was said to be very good match, and one of Koji Nakagawa's best performances in awhile.

Hideki Hosaka & Mammoth Sasaki regained the WEW Hardcore Tag Team Championship Titles after defeating XPW's Supreme & Homeless Jimmy along with Kristi Myst, in a hardcore brawl that went into the outside of the Yokohama Bunka Gym into the streets and onto FMW Announcer Mr. Saito car where Homeless Jimmy was pinned by a Chokeslam from Sasaki onto Saito's car.

Added: 9/30

At the FMW 9/26/00 Korakuen Hall Show, Kodo Fuyuki put up his WEW World Heavyweight Championship for the 6th time in a 60 Minute Iron man match against Hayabusa. The two put on an awesome match for sixty minutes with each man scoring three victories on each other before the 60 minute time limit expired, ending in a draw. Afterwards Fuyuki began crying after putting on what may of been his greatest performance by lasting sixty minutes and announce that he would give Hayabusa another shot at the WEW World Championship at the Yokohama Bunka Gym on November 12th. 

The second part of the agreement for Fuyuki putting up the WEW World Championship, was if Hayabusa would defeat Fuyuki at the FMW 9/21/00 Sapporo Green Dome show in a 15,000 volt Thunderbolt Cage Death Match. Hayabusa defeated Fuyuki after Fuyuki was sent into the cage explosions several times before passing out and being hit by Hayabusa's 450 Firebird Splash for the pinfall.

Added: 9/2

At the FMW 8/28 Korakuen Hall Show, Hayabusa became the number one contender for the WEW World Title once again after defeating long time rival and former friend Mr. Gannosuke in what was an entertaining match, but not up to the usual standards of the two workers. Hayabusa will now go into the Sapporo Green Dome show on 9/21 to wrestle Kodo Fuyuki in the 15,000 Volt Thunderbolt Cage Death Match, but Fuyuki announced that the only way he would make this match for the WEW World Title was if Hayabusa goes to America and challenges New Japan Pro Wrestling Superstar The Great Muta in a match in America. Ezaki will most likely be returning to America very soon to film some more on the upcoming movie "Backyard Dogs" which Ezaki will make an appearance in. With Ezaki's win over Gannosuke on the show, he has now won five of the six singles matches between his former friend, with his only lost being at the 2/21/99 Hakata Star Lanes show.


Onryo made his FMW debut taking the place of Michinoku Pro's Jinsei Shinzaki in the match against Kintaro Kanemura & GOEMON. Onryo bumped real hard throughout the match up and hit his key signature moves before be pinned by Kintaro Kanemura after a Thunder Fire Power Bomb.

Added: 8/25

At the FMW 8/20/00 Differ Ariake show, Kodo Fuyuki finally got his win back over Masato Tanaka from the 11/23/99 Yokohama Arena show, former SPWF wrestler who has appeared on past FMW shows in Hiroshi Osumi interfered for Fuyuki by blowing fire at Tanaka setting up Fuyuki to hit the charging lariat on Tanaka for the victory for his 3rd WEW World Title defense, and 2nd of the tour.

Former Wrestling Yume Factory Wrestler Onryo who is best known for his performance at Michinoku Pro's J Cup 2000 appeared at the Differ Ariake show with Ricky Fuji, Ricky apparently found Onryo in the forests of Mt. Fuji as he had been lost for over three weeks.  Onryo will be wrestling for FMW around October. 

FMW announced that their big 6500 seat Sapporo Green Dome which is the new replacement to the old Sapporo Nakajima Sports Center which was torn down last August will have Kodo Fuyuki vs. Hayabusa in a 15,000 Volt Thunderbolt Cage match. If Hayabusa defeats Gannosuke on 8/28 at Korakuen Hall, then the match will be for the WEW World Title, if not then the match will not be for the title, and Gannosuke will get a shot at the Title once again after passing up his shot last May for Fuyuki's happiness after defeating H & Tetsuhiro Kuroda in a 3 Way Dance at Korakuen Hall on May 28th of this past year. The cage will resemble the same cage that was used in the Kodo Fuyuki vs. Masato Tanaka match that took place at the Yokohama Arena on 11/23/99.

Added: 7/29

Hayabusa and Jinsei Shinzaki are friends once again after the July 28th Korakuen Hall Show. Shinzaki who had seemed to have struck an alliance with Shin Fuyuki-gun after Shinzaki came out on 7/23 to help Fuyuki retain the WEW World Title against Hayabusa in a 10 vs. 1 handicap match. But on July 28th as Hayabusa was once again fighting for Ricky Fuji who had been kidnapped once again by Gannosuke,  because if Hayabusa's team were to lose, Ricky would be transferred to the Forests of Mt. Fuji where suicides are ramped.  Jinsei Shinzaki turned on his tag partner and long time rival Mr. Gannosuke and helped  long time friend Hayabusa put Gannosuke away for the victory and the freedom of Ricky Fuji. But as Hayabusa was celebrating the victory, the FMW-tron showed Ricky Fuji had already escaped, but has not been found yet.

Added: 6/23

At the FMW 6/21 Korakuen Hall show, Ricky Fuji came back from being exploded at the 6/16 show as H's Mystery Partner to help out H, Hayabusa, and Tetsuhiro Kuroda defeat Kodo Fuyuki, Mr. Gannosuke, GOEMON, and Kyoko Inoue after H pinned Fuyuki with a Firebird Splash in the crazy 8 man brawl.

During the match Hayabusa removed the mask to reveal Genichiro Tenryu while beating down Fuyuki, Fuyuki was an absolute shock and was distracted most of the match because of it. Fuyuki will now wrestle Tenryu next month at Tenryu's WAR promotion next month at Korakuen Hall. 

Kaori Nakayama aligned herself with Jado and Gedo after she took care of Emi Motokawa who had been interfering all through out their match against Azusa Kudo and Naohiko Yamazaki

Eiji Ezaki revived his Darkside gimmick as he wrestled as The Darkside of H in his match with Hayabusa who turned out to be Genichiro Tenryu under the Hayabusa costume as they defeated Kodo Fuyuki and GOEMON at the FMW 6/16 Korakuen Hall show which meant Ricky Fuji who had been captured for almost two weeks by Fuyuki's new Shin Fuyuki-gun stable would be set free and H would be given a WEW World Title shot in the future. But instead of setting Ricky free, Gannosuke still exploded Ricky Fuji anyway. They expected him to be dead, but the group was very furious to find out Ricky Fuji had survived.

After two and half years on dominance, Kintaro Kanemura finally ended Team No Respect at the June 16th Korakuen Hall show leaving Jado and Gedo to side with his friends Hideki Hosaka, Yoshinori Sasaki, and Mr. Gannosuke and join Kodo Fuyuki's Shin Fuyuki-gun stable. Kanemura put away Flying Kid Ichihara in a 6 man with Hideki Hosaka and Yoshinori Sasaki.

At the FMW 5/28 Korakuen Hall Show, Koji Nakagawa turned his back on Jado and Gedo in their WEW 6 Man Tag Team Championship match against Kodo Fuyuki, Kyoko Inoue, and Chocoball Mukai after hitting Gedo in the head with the championship belt allowing Fuyuki to make the cover on Gedo for the Title win. Nakagawa joined up with Kodo Fuyuki, Kyoko Inoue, and Chocoball Mukai almost two years to the day he turned on Atsushi Onita to help Kodo Fuyuki and Yukihiro Kanemura defend their FMW Tag Titles on 5/31/98. Nakagawa later debuted his new gimmick GOEMON, who was a legendary thief in Japan. In the main event of the show, H took on Mr. Gannosuke and Tetsuhiro Kuroda in a 3 Way Dance with Kodo Fuyuki as the Special Referee to determine the Number 1 contender for the WEW World Title. During the match H and Gannosuke double teamed Kuroda most of the way before H put away Kuroda with an H Thunder but out of nowhere after that Gannosuke rolled up H seconds later to a fast count by Fuyuki for the win. After the match as H tried to figure out what the hell was going on, he was attacked by Mr. Gannosuke and Kodo Fuyuki as Gannosuke turned his back on his best friend to join up with Fuyuki's new Shin Fuyuki-gun stable, as H and Tetsuhiro Kuroda were being beaten down by Fuyuki's group, the WEW Hardcore Tag Team Champions Hideki Hosaka and Yoshinori Sasaki hit the ring to make the save, but instead of helping H and Kuroda, they held up H and Kuroda for Fuyuki's group beat them down some more as Hosaka and Sasaki joined Fuyuki's new Shin Fuyuki-gun stable which is the number one heel stable in FMW.

Added: 5/8

FMW ran their 11th Anniversary Show at the Komazawa Olympic Gym on May 5, 2000 drawing 4,200 for the show. The Main Event of the show saw the return of Eiji Ezaki as Hayabusa as he wrestled Masato Tanaka in an awesome eighteen minute plus match. Tanaka controlled the majority of the match until Hayabusa hit his trademark moves and then put Tanaka away with the H Thunder for the victory. After the match, an angered Tanaka attacked Hayabusa and pulled off Hayabusa's mask before leaving. Jinsei Shinzaki then made his return after a one year absence from FMW as he came out and told Eiji Ezaki that he doesn't like this new "Superstar" H act and like Ezaki had said earlier on the tour, he will not return as Ezaki's friend.

Kodo Fuyuki became Mr. Liar 2000 as he announced that his retirement was a April Fools Joke. Fuyuki then ended his alignment with Kyoko Inoue and Chocoball Mukai and ended ECW Japan. Kodo Fuyuki then wrestled a bloody return match for the WEW World Title, as Fuyuki focused on using a fork on Kuroda's head before putting Kuroda away with a Running Lariat for the victory and his second WEW World Title Championship reign. 

Mr. Gannosuke wrestled the returning Sabu in a Death Match, in which Gannosuke and Sabu attempted to seriously injure each other, before Sabu and then Gannosuke attempted to set each other fire before the referee decided to end the match and called it a no contest.

Koji Nakagawa & Jado & Gedo who won back the WEW 6 Man Tag Team Championship two days earlier after Jado got the biggest win of his career by pinning Kodo Fuyuki successfully defended their Titles against Team Willie's Willie Williams & Willie Takayama & Willie Takayama's students who were replacing Tarec Pasca who was a no show after Nakagawa scored the pinfall victory on Willie Takayama.

Kintaro Kanemura after a third try finally pinned Big Japan's Ryuji Yamakawa for his second WEW Hardcore Championship in a crazy brawl where the two men tried to take each other apart by using chairs and tables before the bloody Kanemura hit a Thunder Fire Powerbomb for the victory. After the match, the two men rejoiced.

After New Jack & Balls Mahoney no showed the tour which has caused probably the end of the FMW-ECW alliance for now, FMW needed a replacement for the WEW Hardcore Tag Team Championship against Hideki Hosaka & Yoshinori Sasaki. FMW called up The Samoans who had wrestled as Armageddon for FMW from March to October of 1999. In another crazy match for the show with tables and chairs involved, Hideki Hosaka pulled a Kanemura in the match as he climbed up a huge scaffold over on the other side of the building and jumped off it crashing one of The Samoans through a table. In the ring Yoshinori Sasaki managed to chokeslam Samu through a table for the victory and a successful title defense for the WEW Hardcore Tag Team Champions.

Ricky Fuji opened the show off with a bang as he celebrated his 10th year with the promotion longer than anyone else in the promotion, as he wrestled ECW Japan's Crazy Boy. Ricky was accompanied by some friends of his as he put away the youngster with ease with a brainbuster for the win to a hot opening match for the show.

Eiji Ezaki returned to his Hayabusa gimmick at the April 11th Korakuen Hall DirecTV PPV against Masato Tanaka and Balls Mahoney.

Masato Tanaka pinned Eiji Ezaki in the match to give him and Mahoney the win in the main event, which was also Masato Tanaka's first ever pin on Eiji Ezaki in the 7 years they have been wrestling each other in any type of match going back to when they were prelim dojo students for FMW in 1993.


Added: 11/18

Kodo Fuyuki recently showed everyone his training for the FMW 11/23 show against Masato Tanaka by laying in a bathtub that consists of 13,000 volt eels, Fuyuki feels that's the only thing he will have to worry about the 13,000 Volt Thunderbolt Cage match at the Yokohama Arena before he sends Tanaka packing out of FMW.

Added: 10/30

At the 10/29 Korakuen Hall Show, Masato Tanaka & Kodo Fuyuki signed a agreement at the show before the Main Event which stated that the "If Tanaka gets pinned, he's out of FMW" stipulation in return, if Masato Tanaka wins the ECW World Title at the November to Remember, he will give Fuyuki a shot at it at the 11/23 Yokohama Arena Show. The match will still be a Loser Leaves FMW Match, though.

Porn Star Sena Wakana made her FMW in ring debut as she with fellow porn star Chocoball Mukai and the person she manages Flying Kid Ichihara wrestled in a Handicap match against Gedo.
The end result was TNR interfering in the match and taking out Chocoball, Flying Kid this set up Gedo vs. Sena one on one where Gedo laid her out with a headbutt as the Special Referee Ricky Fuji made the 3 count.

In the Iron Confinement cage match, Kintaro Kanemura did a risky spot where he jumped off the top of the cage through Hisakatsu Oya on a table.

Added: 10/19

News out of the FMW 10/18 Show, H got a small bit of revenge on Hayabusa (Gannosuke) as he blew fire on The Imposter Hayabusa to setup for the Anus Explosion Match on 10/29, and then H grabbed the mic and told everyone that he "Grilled a Bird" this was said, because when Ezaki was under the Hayabusa gimmick, Gannosuke and Kanemura would always mock Hayabusa by referring to him as a "Bird" and now with Gannosuke using the gimmick, it was time for Ezaki to finally mock Gannosuke.

Added: 10/13

Eiji Ezaki (H) did a demonstration of the "Anus Exploding Match" on 10/29 at Korakuen Hall with a mannequin where he set the mannequin's rectum on fire.

Added: 9/4

As you know Ezaki goes by the name H now, as you can see from the picture above and main page he has now dyed his hair blue.

But now an angle is starting as Mr. Gannosuke has proclaimed himself the NEW Hayabusa, you can see a picture of him with the Hayabusa gimmick on the result page.

This is to humiliate H with Gannosuke using the gimmick, and even further more Gannosuke has done a porno under the Hayabusa gimmick which Fuyuki owns, and which will be sold in Japan in November.


Added: 8/26

Hayabusa wrestled his last match under the Hayabusa gimmick at the last ever Sapporo Nakajima Sports Center Show on 8/25.

The crowd was a very good turn out of 4900 people to see the show.

Hayabusa ended up defending his Brass Knuckles Title for the 1st time against Mr. Gannosuke.

After Hayabusa put away Gannosuke, he was being presented with flowers and gifts, when all of Team No Respect and came out, tied his neck to a dog collar and beat down Hayabusa, they eventually ripped off his pants since Hayabusa was no more.

Masato Tanaka, Tetsuhiro Kuroda, and even Shoichi Arai came out to make the save for Hayabusa.

After all of Team No Respect left, Hayabusa grabbed the microphone and proclaimed that instead of going by his real name Eiji Ezaki, he will be going by the name "H"

Masato Tanaka also defended the FMW Independent Title against Yukihiro Kanemura, and The WEW 6 Man Tag Team Champions Kodo Fuyuki, Koji Nakagawa, and Gedo defended their titles against Tetsuhiro Kuroda, Hisakatsu Oya, and Yoshinori Sasaki.