Atsushi Onita promoted his retirement show on October 31, 2017 at the building he made his debut in back on April 14, 1974 as well as retired for the first time on January 3, 1985. The show drew an announced sell out of 2,000 fans for the show with the building absolutely packed with the ticket prices being so high that Onita made a lot of money on this show. Samurai TV aired the show live which would be the first time a live show would have Onita on top since February 8, 2013 with Onita taking on Akebono. This would be Onita's seventh retirement. 

Atsushi Onita would come out for his Retirement Ceremony prior to the main event to allow his mother time to get home before it was too late in the evening. The first person to come out to present Onita with flowers would be Kazuhiro Haraguchi who is the Senior Member of the House of Representatives in Sage. Onita would then be presented with framed pictures from news reporters including pictures of him along with Giant Baba and Genichiro Tenryu as well as him jumping off the bridge in Osaka in 1992, and him throwing a fireball in Akebono's face in 2012. Jiro Hachimitsu would then come to the ring to present flowers to Onita as the two were apart of a No Ropes Exploding Barbed wire Death Match earlier in the month, Akane Watase would be next to come out to present flowers to Onita as she had been feuding with Onita in the Apple Star promotion for the last couple of years which concluded the month prior with her being locked in a cage outside Shin-Kiba 1st Ring that would explode following her team losing to Onita's team. Tam Nakano would be next to present Onita flowers as the two had teamed through out the year including teaming up together for The Great Nita's final show with Nakano portraying Nita's sister for the match. Masashi Aoyagi would then come to the ring with his walking cain and as he would enter the ring he would throw his cain down and would embrace Onita with a huge hug just two days after their final match against each other. The final guests for the ceremony would be his brother Takaaki Matsubara (which is the last name of Onita's step father) and his mother Hanji as they would present him flowers and hug him with Onita's mother holding back her tears. The 10 gong salute would then be held for Onita's career as black and red streamers would be thrown in the ring in memory of Atsushi Onita's 43 years in pro-wrestling.

The main event would be changed a few days earlier as Raijin Yaguchi's neck injury would prevent him from being able to perform a Street Fight style so Atsushi Onita would announce he would be teaming up with KAI and Dragon Gate's Shingo Takagi who had grown up idolizing Onita as they would take on the team of Kazuyuki Fujita, Kendo Kashin, and NOSAWA Rongai in a Scramble Bunkhouse Street Fight Barbed wire Board Death Match. Onita would throw his jacket right at Fujita and toss him outside the ring. Fujita would send Onita into the chairs although due to Onita's bad knees he would mostly just drop into them. Onita would get up but Fujita would send him into the crowd again before tossing him into the chairs and leaving him on the floor for NOSAWA to pick him up and throw him in the ring. 

NOSAWA would hit Onita with a chair but as he would go for the head Onita would deliver a kick to NOSAWA and then smash him over the head with the chair and make a cover with Fujita stomping at him to make the save. Onita would smash Fujita over the head with a chair with Fujita no selling and throwing the chair off him. Fujita would throw Onita outside as KAI would try to make the save but would end up getting knocked out by Fujita as a result and thrown into a stack of chairs on the outside as NOSAWA would setup a table in the ring. Fujita and NOSAWA would throw Onita into the chair in the corner. Takagi and KAI would make it back in the ring and throw Fujita outside and hold the table as Onita would set NOSAWA on top of the table and deliver a Piledriver through it. Kashin would make the save and then spit red mist in Onita's face. Fujita would begin stepping on Onita's throat as NOSAWA would bring in the barbed wire board and set it on a stack of chairs. Fujita would then pick up Onita and slam him through the barbed wire board with NOSAWA making the cover and Onita kicking out of the final time of him feeling the barbed wire. NOSAWA would grab a barbed wire bat and then smash it across Onita. 

Fujita, Kashin, and NOSAWA would all begin placing their boots across Onita's neck and then lay him down to all stomp at him at the same time. KAI would make it back in the ring and cover Onita's body but NOSAWA would hit him with the barbed wire bat before throwing him back outside the ring. Fujita would then place Onita in a sleeper hold with both KAI and Takagi making it back in the ring to make the save for Onita. Fujita would throw both of them back out the ring and go after them as NOSAWA would come in with a guitar and smash it over Onita's head and make the cover with Onita kicking out. Kashin would then grab a hold of Onita and NOSAWA would go to swing the barbed wire bat but Onita would spit red mist in his face and deliver a stunner to Kashin. Takagi would come in and deliver a running lariat at NOSAWA and knock him down. 

Onita would then grab a piece of the broken table and smash it over Fujita before beginning to repeatedly smash it over NOSAWA's head and delivering a Thunder Fire Powerbomb to NOSAWA with Fujita making the save. KAI and Takagi would go after Fujita although Fujita would end up knocking them both down as they would end exit the ring. NOSAWA would then hand Fujita the barbed wire bat and would hold Onita but Onita would again come back by spitting red mist in Fujita's face and smashing a chair over Fujita's head sending him outside the ring. KAI would pick up NOSAWA for a Death Valley Bomb but Kashin would make the save and go outside with both KAI and Takagi leaving Onita alone with NOSAWA as Onita would again begin smashing NOSAWA over the head with the broken table multiple times. Onita would then take a chair and would hit NOSAWA over the head with it followed by a Thunder Fire Powerbomb with NOSAWA kicking out. 

Onita would hit NOSAWA over the head again with a chair and deliver another Thunder Fire Powerbomb and again NOSAWA would kick out. Onita would hit NOSAWA with another chair and another Thunder Fire Powerbomb and another kick out. Onita would then hit NOSAWA over the head with four more chair shots over the head before delivering yet another Thunder Fire Powerbomb that NOSAWA would once again kick out. Onita would go back to the broken table and continue to hit NOSAWA over the head with it and then deliver another Thunder Fire Powerbomb that NOSAWA would kick out. Onita would pick up NOSAWA and would deliver the final Thunder Fire Powerbomb to get his final win at 16 minutes, 48 seconds over NOSAWA. 

Onita and NOSAWA would lay there holding hands as Fujita would come over and begin kicking at Onita with KAI grabbing him before Fujita would finally leave. Aoyagi would come over and check on Onita as Battle Ranger and KAI would help Onita put on his jacket. Onita and NOSAWA would end up embracing afterwards with Onita getting on the mic in tears would say goodbye to NOSAWA. Onita would then do his Onita Theater chanting with the crowd as with the amount of fans along ringside would make for quite the sight as Onita would pour bottles of water all over the fans. Kintaro Kanemura who had walked with Onita to the ring would stand in the ring for the post match as fans would stick their hands out trying to touch Onita one last time. Onita would finally leave with fans everywhere as Onita would walk out of Korakuen Hall the final time as a pro-wrestler sticking his hand up in the air one last time.

Onita did an interview backstage at Korakuen Hall following the show. Onita mentioned that at 16 years old he climbed the stairs at Korakuen Hall for the first time and he had a lot of memories and it's hard to break away from everyone as an active wrestler but he is looking forward to life. Looking forward to walking as it has been difficult lately to walk up those stairs because of how bad his knees are. He mentioned that he retired in front of 58,000 people and he also retired at Korakuen Hall before as Ms. Baba cried and embraced him following his All Japan retirement. He stated he had a hole in his heart when he first retired afterwards and now 30 years have passed and this was the location was the best choice. Onita apologized for all the other retirements and returning but that he was a professional wrestler and loved being one. He was happy he could feel his heart with pro-wrestling. Even after 40 years he still feels when walking through Korakuen Hall that he needs to go attend Mr. Baba and walk him to the ring. He mentioned he was a pro-wrestler until he died and that the first thing he is going to need to do is return the taxes for all the tickets he sold for the show while laughing. He mentioned that he loves tea but he gave it as a pro-wrestler and that he is going to meet up with his mother and have tea with her to symbolize his retirement. 

The semi-main event would be a ZERO1 Offer Match with the VooDoo Murderers team of Masato Tanaka, TARU, and Takuya Sugawara taking on the ZERO1 team of Shinjiro Otani, Yusaku Obata, and Sean Guinness. Tanaka and Obata would start and they would chain wrestle until Tanaka would tag in Sugawara and Obata would tag in Guinness. Guinness would end up getting the best of Sugawara with a drop kick before tagging in Otani. Otani would deliver his running kick to the face while Sugawara would be setup against the turnbuckle. Guinness would come back in but TARU would grab his leg and then throw powder in Guinness' face. Tanaka would toss Guinness into the chairs. Tanaka and Sugawara would throw Guinness back in the ring with Tanaka delivering a running elbow to Guinness. Guinness would fight back with some chops but Tanaka would knock him right back down with a clothesline. 

Tanaka would tag in TARU who would wrap a rope around Guinness' neck and begin choking him and attempt pinning him that way but Guinness would kick out. Tanaka and Sugawara would deliver a double Brainbuster to Guinness with Tanaka placing him in the Crossface with Guinness getting his foot on the rope. Tanaka would tag in Sugawara who Guinness would meet chops to the chest and then deliver a knee to the face to Sugawara. Guinness would tag in Otani who would place Sugawara against the turnbuckle as he would go to deliver his signature running kick against the turnbuckle but instead would aim for TARU outside the ring sending him into the crowd. Otani would begin chopping Sugawara and delivering a high kick but Sugawara would then go low but Otani would come back and deliver a dropkick to Sugawara. Otani would tag in Obata where as Sugawara would tag in Tanaka. Tanaka would deliver a charging lariat to both Obata and then Guinness. Tanaka would then slam Obata and attempt a Super Fly Splash on Obata but Obata would get his knees up. 

Tanaka would tag in TARU with both TARU and Sugawara going after Obata but Obata would escape them and tag in Guinness. Guinness would hit a Code Breaker on Sugawara and then go to the top but Tanaka would attack him on the turnbuckle. Tanaka would then deliver a Frog Splash on Guinness and Sugawara and TARU would both deliver kicks to the head to Guinness. TARU would then deliver a TARU Thunder to get the win at 15 minutes, 21 seconds over Guinness. TARU would get on the mic afterwards and tell everyone that Onita is a liar and that he is lying again as he will break this retirement like he has broken every other retirement and come back once again. 

A mixed tag pitting many old FMW men and women wrestlers against each other as Dump Matsumaoto, Mammoth Sasaki, ZAP, and Onryo would take on the team of Hideki Hosaka, Crusher Maedomari, Bad Nurse Nakaua, and 666's NENE Mugen D.a.i. The match would start with the former WEW Hardcore Tag Team Champions Hideki Hosaka and Mammoth Sasaki going at it with Mammoth still holding that grudge for Hosaka breaking up their team by destroying one of his favorite toys in FMW 17 years ago as Mammoth would end up knocking Hosaka down with a shoulder tackle. Onryo and NENE would begin facing each other with Onryo tagging in Mammoth who would begin squeezing NENE's face and Matsumoto would begin choking her with her cain. 

Matsumoto would deliver a German Suplex but NENE would manae to kick out. Mammoth would get tagged in and slam NENE and then toss NENE over to Dump who again would hit her with the cain. Onryo would come in and deliver a Tiger Driver to NENE but NENE would finally manage to get away from Onryo and make the hot tag to Hosaka. Hosaka would toss Mammoth into the corner and then try to send Onryo at him but Onryo would reverse and Hosaka would end up getting thrown into the corner and met by Mammoth's boot. Hosaka would come back by clotheslining both Mammoth and Onryo but Matsumoaot would smash Hosaka over the head with her cain and Mammoth would deliver a chokeslam and attempt a powerbomb but Hosaka would roll out and tag in NENE who would try to body slam Mammoth but instead Mammoth would slam NENE instead. Mammoth would miss a diving leg and NENE would try to suplex him with Bad Nurse Nakamura coming in and helping suplex Mammoth together. Both Nakamura and NENE would pin Mammoth but he would kick out. 

Maedomai would get tagged in and deliver a lariat to Mammoth and then grab a barbed wire stick and begin pressing it up against Mammoth's face. Maedomari would then charge at Mammoth but she would be met with a boot by Mammoth. Matsumoto would then come in and begin attacking everyone before spitting mist in Maedomari's face as ZAP would deliver a lariat to get the win at 8 minutes, 38 seconds over Maedomari. 

A 20 Man Battle Royal would take place with the winner getting a 100,000 Yen prize. The Battle Royal would begin with all the wrestlers throwing Wild Common into a Freddy Krueger kick and everybody jumping on top of him to pin him. Raijin Yaguchi who would be dealing with a neck injury and would be moved into the Battle Royal spot instead would deliver a clothesline to Toshiaki Terao and everybody would jump on him to eliminate him. Kizarazu Clown would be out next after Raiden would deliver a La Magistral to him to eliminate him. 

Hiroaki Moriya would be next out after getting hit with a drop kick by Takumi Sakurai and he would over exaggerate the kick and pretty much toss himself out over the top rope. Masahiro Sase would screw up on a 619 and after hitting hit his second time he would attempt to pin Sakurai but Sakurai would end up rolling him up during the pinfall to eliminate Sase. Masaru Kameda would charge at Kenichi Fujii towards the ropes and Fujii would duck and Kameda would end jumping over the top rope to get eliminated. Ricky would pick up Fujii and deliver a Kamikaze to eliminate Fujii. Krueger would end grabbing Shocker and tossing him over the top rope. Yaguchi would deliver a clothesline to Tomoryu to get the pinfall elimination on him. Everyone would then flip Tomoryu over and help pin Yaguchi to eliminate him. Raiden would deliver a Michinoku Driver to eliminate Ultra Ratsuo and just Raiden would get up he would be grabbed by Naoshi Sano who would deliver a German Suplex to eliminate Raiden. Sano would try to send Ricky over with a sunset flip and Sano would pull down Ricky's pants to reveal Jado painted on his butt. 

Ricky would keep his pants half way down and begin delivering hip attacks to everyone until Sano would roll him up for the elimination. Flying Kid Ichihara would go over and deliver a La Magistral to Sano to eliminate him. This would leave the former FMW wrestlers Battle Ranger and Flying Kid Ichihara against Wild Bear and Wild Seven while Freddy and Chainsaw Tony would stand out the ring and never come back in and would eventually just be considered eliminated. Wild Seven would end up turning on Wild Bear and rolling him up to eliminate him. That would turn out to be a bad move as Ichihara would deliver a clothesline to eliminate Wild Seven. This would leave the former 1990 FMW Dojo class students one on one with Ranger finishing off Ichihara at 10 minutes, 20 seconds with a Michinoku Driver II to win the Battle Royal and win the 100,000 Yen as the two would embrace. 

The opening match would have Pandita go up against Buatsushi Futonita which translates to Fat Onita in a Exploding Wind Death Match which is a comedy match where they pretend that tinsel is exploding barbed wire is being used on them. Pandita would stomp on Futonita's foot as he would be complaining about the pain he was in Pandita would deliver a drop kick sending Futonita into the tinsel with Futonita acting like he had just been exploded. Futonita would kick out and Pandita would wrap the tinsel around his hand and begin punching Futonita with it. Futonita would then charge at Pandita and once again go into the tinsel where he would act like he had just taken a huge explosion. Pandita and Futonita would begin exchanging headbutts with one another with Futonita delivering a DDT to Pandita. 

Futonita would then deliver a double arm suplex but Pandita would manage to kick out once again. Futonita would then go for the Thunder Fire Powerbomb but would end up just rolling over Pandita as if he had picked him up. Pandita would grab Futonita's arm and climb the top rope before coming down with an elbow. Pandita would get Futonita in a Octopus Hold but Futonita would send both of them into the tinsel for the double explosion reaction with both falling to the mat. Futonita would then turn pick up a tinsel covered bat and turn on the explosion with Pandita delivering a spear and picking up the bat and hitting Futonita with it and Pandita would pick up the win.

Miss Mongol opened the show by coming out and greeting everyone. She stated that she wanted to be on this show but she is pregnant now and instead will be greeting everyone for the opening declaration. She then mentioned that she wanted to talk about her memories of Onita but it has been over 20 years since she met him and it was difficult to choose one memory. She stated she has had a lot of opportunities to team with Onita and fight with Onita over the last few years and that while fighting Onita her goal was to surprise and please Onita. Mongol then mentioned that she feels like she is going to be less motivated but Onita always watched over us. Even though Onita is gone, his Jado spirit will being look over everybody. She thanked then thanked Onita for everything.