World Entertainment Wrestling ran its Kodo Fuyuki Memorial Kawasaki Stadium show which also marked the 1 Year Anniversary for the promotion. The show drew a sell out of 18,500 fans. The show would last 4 1/2 hours, with it taking one hour to take down the ropes to put up the Exploding Barbwire for the main event. The show will air on Samurai TV on May 18th.

This was also known as the last show produced by Kodo Fuyuki. Former FMW referee and booker Go Ito announced that although he did not know if he was going to be able to continue WEW without Fuyuki, he will bring a brand new fresh start to the promotion now starting in the summer on June 6, 2003 at Korakuen Hall.

WEW wrestlers and staff gathered in the ring, with every other wrestler from another promotion attending forming a long line from the ring down the aisle. Kodo Fuyuki's wife Kaoru would give a farewell speech to her husband while holding a box holding Kodo Fuyuki's ashes while Kintaro Kanemura held a picture of Fuyuki. A 10 bell salute was then given for the late Kodo Fuyuki. A picture of Fuyuki would be place on the announcing chair as he was at the show in spirit.

Kintaro Kanemura wrestling in his second ever Kawasaki Stadium main event and performing Fuyuki's last wish to wrestle Shinya Hashimoto in the main event of the show. Kanemura would enter the ring wearing Fuyuki's robe and would perform the Team No Respect Dance. Shinya Hashimoto would then come out, and would be given the box of Kodo Fuyuki's ashes by his wife Kaoru. With both men in the ring, Hashimoto with Fuyuki's ashes would fling himself into the Exploding Barbwire letting many of Fuyuki's ashes spill out onto the ring. Kanemura would then take the ashes and fling himself into the Exploding Barbwire letting more of the ashes fall onto the ring. Kanemura would then start the offense early, trying to throw Hashimoto into the Exploding Barbed wire. He would manage to knock Hashimoto down onto the mat with several clothesline, and then he would manage to throw Hashimoto once again into the Exploding Barbwire letting off a huge explosion. WEW wrestlers around ringside would throw in a barbwire baseball bat as Kanemura would begin to choke Hashimoto with it. Hashimoto though would begin to overpower Kanemura and then would begin hitting him with lethal kicks and then throwing Kanemura into the Exploding Barbwire. Hashimoto would then hit a DDT on Kanemura and then finish Kanemura off with a Brainbuster at 8 minutes 41 seconds. Afterwards, Hashimoto would leave by shaking Kaoru Fuyuki's hand and bowing to the picture of Kodo Fuyuki. Kintaro Kanemura would grab the mic and say that although he is disappointed in the outcome, he hopes that he was able to make Kodo Fuyuki proud of his performance. All the WEW wrestler would gather to give a TNR Dance to end the show.

Tetsuhiro Kuroda wrestled Masato Tanaka in the semi main event of the show for the first time in a singles match since January 5, 2000 when Kuroda finally scored a pinfall over Tanaka for the WEW World Title. All Japan's Kyohei Wada would referee this match, as both men would hit all their signature spots and put on what was said to be the match of the show. Kuroda would start off on offensive first by hitting his lariats as well as well some supplexs. Tanaka would come back with his elbow smashes and clotheslines. Kuroda would eventually hit his Technan Buster DDT on Tanaka but would not manage to get the win from it. Tanaka would follow with a Technan Buster DDT of his own. Tanaka would then attempt a frog splash but still not be able to get the win. Kuroda would come back with a Shining Wizard but Tanaka would end up blocking it and come back with a Bullet Elbow Smash on Kuroda for the cover and the victory at 14 minutes 9 seconds. Afterwards, both wrestlers who trained and grew up together for the last 10 years shook hands and hugged to show their respect towards each other.

The Pro-Wrestling NOAH 6 Man Tag Team saw Akira Taue, Daisuke Ikeda, and Naomichi Marufuji defeated Mitsuharu Misawa, Yoshinari Ogawa, and Kotaro Suzuki after Marufuji pinned Suzuki after hitting a Shiranui at 21 minutes 37 seconds. 

New Japan's Jado & Gedo made their WEW debut against Dick Togo & Ikuto Hidaka. This was the first time that Jado & Gedo had been around a majority of the former FMW wrestlers since they left the promotion on February 21, 2001. Jado & Gedo would wear their old Fuyuki-gun jackets to show respect to their former mentor. Ikuto Hidaka who had been injured the day before at a Michinoku Show had his arm taped up and was able to work on Gedo early in the match. The end result would be Jado & Gedo giving a tribute to Fuyuki by hitting Hidaka with a Super Powerbomb, the same move they would do with Fuyuki, and Gedo would finish Hidaka off with the Superfly Splash to pin him at 11 minutes 35 seconds. Afterwards, all four men would shake hands.

In one of the better matches of the show, although it was kept shorter than most matches on the card, Shinjiro Otani defeated TAKA Michinoku after a Spiral Bomb at 11 minutes 19 seconds. 

Zero-One's Tatsuhito Takaiwa defeated Chocoball Mukai at 6 minutes 37 seconds. Mukai has improved greatly throughout the last couple of months, but Takaiwa defeated him with the running Burning Hammer.

Kyoko Inoue who was a former WEW Tag Team Champion with Kodo Fuyuki teamed with Yuki Miyazaki to take on Lioness Asuka who was also a long time friend of Kodo Fuyuki with Mima Shimoda. Lioness Asuka and Mima Shimoda would win the match after Asuka pinned Miyazaki with a Tower hacker Bomb at 13 minutes 49 seconds in a match that consisted of both a chair and a ladder.

Zero-One's Naohiro Hoshikawa, former FMW wrestler Yoshihito Sasaki, and Shinsuke Z Yamagasa defeated the team of Masao Orihara, Macho Pump, and UZ after Hoshikawa made UZ tap to a Crab hold at 11 minutes 48 seconds.

In a brutal Death Match that consisted of Caribbean Style Barbwire Spider Net as well as Nail Board, Mitsuhiro Matsunaga & Jun Kasai defeated Hido & Gosaku Goshogawara after Matsunaga pinned Goshogawara at 10 minutes 19 seconds. Goshogawara would be sent in to the Barbwire Spider Net, as well supplex into it. A barbwire bat would be used, and both Goshogawara and Kasai would bleed during the match. Hido would be sent into the Nail Board, but would end up cutting Kasai up badly. Matsunaga would send Goshogawara into the Board of Nails and get the pinfall on it to get the victory in the brutal Death Match.

Shinjuku Shark opened the show taking on Zero-One's Steve Corino. Shinjuku would start off with hard punches, as well a Shining Wizard and a Moonsault, but Corino would end up getting the pinfall after a Northern Lights Bomb at 7 minutes 47 seconds. The two would shake hands afterwards.