WMF drew another 1500 crowd of their hardcore loyal fans at Korakuen Hall for what many believed to be the final WMF show for the promotion.

Kensuke Sasaki defended his Hawaiian Heavyweight Championship Title against Mr. Gannosuke in the main event. In the match, the two would exchange Sharpshooter holds on another as Gannosuke's long time favorite wrestler is Riki Choshu who is Kensuke Sasaki's long time friend. They would begin battling in the outside of the ring as Gannosuke became busted open and began bleeding as the two began fighting into the crowd causing more blood to be pouring out from Gannosuke's forehead before getting back in the ring. Gannosuke would be able to get the offense one more time including getting Sasaki in a Gannosuke Clutch, but Kensuke Sasaki would end up getting the victory after hitting Gannosuke with a Northern Lights Bomb. Afterwards, Sasaki got on the mic with the HCW Title around his waist and congratulated Gannosuke on putting on such a great effort in their match as the two shook hands. Gannosuke then grabbed the mic with the entire WMF roster in the ring and announced that Chapter 1 of WMF was now officially over, but that Chapter 2 of WMF will be starting in half a year. Gannosuke stated that he wants WMF to return without the problems the promotion has faced the last 18 months and that the promotion will be more prepared for any situation, and that WMF will be where hopefully Hayabusa will be able to return to the ring some day. The WMF wrestlers then all raised hands together in a circle. Mammoth would speak to Gannosuke before the two would hug to end the show. Although, WMF looks to be returning sometime around August for Chapter 2 of the promotion, they have already sold their ring as well as closed down the WMF Dojo in Saitama. All WMF wrestlers are now officially freelancers.

In a match entitled "Best of Marvelous", Garuda would face Seiji Ikeda in the semi main event. Garuda would pull out all of his highflying moves including an Asai Moonsault to the outside of the ring to start out the match. Garuda would also hit a Hurricanrana and then a Falcon Arrow on Ikeda, but it would be Ikeda to get another big win in his short career as he would finish off Garuda with a lariat for the win. Garuda and Ikeda would shake hands and the both would begin touring for Michinoku Pro the next day before Garuda would participate in the Super J Cup Tournament.

Onryo would become the new WMF Jr. Heavyweight Champion after defeating GENTARO on the show. GOEMON would attack GENTARO just as soon as the match got going by hitting a Tiger Driver Supplex on GENTARO. Onryo would get the early advantage on GENTARO, but GENTARO would be able to setup for his Sweet Chin Music finisher on Onryo, but Onryo would quickly duck the kick, and then take GENTARO's legs out from under him. Onryo would then attempt a 450 Firebird Splash on GENTARO before making him submit to his 66 Lock. Onryo would then begin attacking GENTARO afterwards for revenge from last months Fuyuki Army match. Onryo would become the 4th WMF Jr. Heavyweight Champion.

In a WMF vs. DDT match, Mammoth Sasaki & Mineo Fujita would take on Tomohiko Hashimoto and Seiya Morohashi. Mammoth and Seiya Morohashi would start off with a chair battle against each other. Hashimoto and Morohashi would become too much for the WMF youngster Fujita as Hashimoto would attempt a top rope supplex on Fujita with Morohashi grabbing Hashimoto and supplexing him causing more impact on the fall for Fujita. Hashimoto finished Fujita off with his X.C.T move on Fujita for the win in which was called as the 2nd Round of the match.

In a match entitled "Story of the F", four long time FMW wrestlers would face off against one another as Tetsuhiro Kuroda & GOEMON would team up to take on Hideki Hosaka & Ricky Fuji. Kuroda who has been suffering with a injured jaw since December was holding it throughout the match, but would manage to hit Ricky Fuji with his lariat for the victory for his team in a battle of the old time FMW wrestlers.

In a battle of the WMF freelancers a rematch of the July 25, 2003 WMF Jr. Heavyweight Tournament Finals, Asian Cougar defeated Tomoya with a backdrop supplex. Both wrestlers would hit their signature moves including Tomoya's old Sukekiyo top rope hand stand into ahead scissors.

Yuko Miyamoto who made his WMF debut back in August 2, 2003 got his first ever pinfall victory as he teamed with Cosmo*Soldier to defeat the team of TAIRA and U.M.A when Miyamoto scored a cradle pin over U.M.A.