Added: 12/30

WMF ran its last show of 2003 at Korakuen Hall drawing around 1500 which is around the same as last months 11/20/03 show with Tenryu as Hayabusa teaming with Mammoth Sasaki to take on Mr. Gannosuke & Hido, as well as the 4/11/03 show with Mammoth vs. Masato Tanaka as the main event. WMF returned to its original blue rings at Korakuen for the first time since the December 12, 2002 show. They had been using their personalized black rings before this show.

The main event consisted of Mammoth Sasaki taking on Genichiro Tenryu. Mammoth who lost to Shinjiro Otani via Referee Stoppage just 2 days before on Christmas Day and had been assisting Tenryu throughout the 2nd half of the year in World Japan, would finally get to take on his mentor in the biggest match of his career. The two would go at it at first by chopping one another as hard as possible, with Tenryu laying in punches to the face. They would begin brawling to the outside of the ring  Tenryu would try to finish Mammoth with several lariats with Mammoth kicking out at the last split second for several of them. Mammoth would come back and hit Tenryu with his Mammoth Home Run, but Tenryu would kick out and make the comeback. Finally Tenryu would finish Mammoth off at 13 minutes 11 seconds with the 53 Years Old for the win. Afterwards, Mammoth would get on the mic and address the crowd and state that although it was not an easy year for him and everybody in WMF, he wanted to thank everybody for their support. Mr. Gannosuke would come out and embrace Mammoth for the first time in WMF as the two had feuded all year in WMF, but now are apart of the Apache Army. Tenryu later backstage would state that Mammoth did his best during the match, and that he was proud of his performance. When asked whether he would return to WMF, Tenryu stated that he wants WMF to become good to a slight degree, so if there is an opportunity, he will come back and perform for the promotion. 

In the Semi Main Event, with Kintaro Kanemura out of action, a few days before the show, he would officially be pulled from the card, and it would be announced that Tetsuhiro Kuroda would announce Mystery Partner, the day of the show. Kuroda would end up announcing Far East Connection member Dick Togo who had became an NWA Light Heavyweight Tag Team Champion the night before as his partner to take on Masashi Ikeda & Kazuya Yuasa. Kuroda would mock Ikeda during the match as he was being chopped by Dick Togo, causing Ikeda to go right after Kuroda and Yuasa to follow up by clotheslining both Kuroda and Togo. But Togo would manage to get Ikeda down on the mat and get him in the Crossface. Ikeda would manage to get to the to the ropes to break the hold. Kuroda would nail Yuasa with a lariat and Togo would follow up by hitting a senton splash on Yuasa with Yuasa getting his foot on the ropes before the three count. Kuroda would then nail Yuasa with a Technan Buster and then finish him off with a three count for the pinfall victory for the Kuroda & Togo team. Kuroda whose tag match with Mr. Gannosuke was canceled the night before at the Zero One Korakuen Hall show would attend the Yoshida Store (K-Dojo) Korakuen Hall show the next night in what would be Kuroda's fourth show at Korakuen Hall in just 5 days. Kintaro Kanemura would also appear at the Yoshida Store in front of a crowd for the first time after being hospitalized and would lead a TNR Dance with Kuroda and the rest of the Apache Army after Kuroda's match. 

Garuda would make his return to the ring on the show for the first time since April 11th when losing to Tetsuhiro Kuroda. Garuda who has suffered a herniated disc, would face off against Osaka Pro's Tsubasa. Garuda would start off by attempting but missing a dropkick at Tsubasa but would come back with a Tope onto Tsubasa for a pop from the crowd for the surprise attack. Garuda would show fire in himself during the match by slapping and knee kicking Tsubasa during the match. Garuda would end up hitting a Asai Moonsault to the outside onto Tsubasa and then a 450 Firebird Splash for the two count. Garuda would then climb the top and try for a diving body press but Tsubasa would intercept it and nail Garuda with a dropkick. Tsubasa would then get Garuda in armbar, and then get a Dragon Sleeper on Garuda which would cause Garuda to tap for the Tsubasa win. The two would shake hands after the match, and Garuda would afterwards state that now that he has returned to the ring, he wants to focus on becoming as good of wrestler as he can be in time for February's J Cup Tournament. 

Onryo would team up with DDT's MIKAMI who made his WMF debut taking on the team of Masutakya (Tomoya Adachi) & Asian Cougar. In what turned out to be a very good match, all four men used their highflying skills, which resulted in all four men hitting planchas and topes to the outside on one another. MIKAMI would hit a 619 on Masutakya, and then set up a ladder and hit a Swanton Bomb off the ladder right on Masutakya but Asian Cougar would break it up by hitting a guillotine leg drop on MIKAMI before the three count. MIKAMI would grab the ladder and dropkick it right at Cougar & Masutakya. Onryo would then come back in the ring and throw powder at Asian Cougar and bring his shoulders down for the pinfall victory for the team of Onryo & MIKAMI. 

The Apache Army team of Mr. Gannosuke, GOEMON & Chocoball Mukai would take on the World Japan team of Yoji Anjo, Koichiro Kimura, and Ricky Fuji. Before the match, Gannosuke get on the mic and insult World Japan as a promotion, and state how its already a dead company after not even a year. This infuriated Anjo and Kimura who went after Gannosuke right away. Gannosuke would hit all his Choshu spots during the match while the fans chanted "Choshu" at Gannosuke as Riki Choshu was Gannosuke's favorite wrestler growing up. Chocoball Mukai who has been trying to prove himself worthy of becoming an official Apache Army member would be pinned by Yoji Anjo for the World Japan team win. Mr. Gannosuke will go onto All Japan's January 2nd Korakuen Hall show and make his All Japan debut (he's the last top tier former FMW wrestler to be wrestling in a All Japan ring) teaming with Tetsuhiro Kuroda to take on The Great Kosuke (Satoshi Kojima) & Shiryu (Kaz Hayashi) for the All Japan All Asian Tag Team Titles as Kuroda & Gannosuke defeated the team of Tengu Kaiser & Jun Kasai at the Zero One Christmas Korakuen Hall show. 

Added: 12/16

Tetsuhiro Kuroda failed to to win both the Zero One International Jr. Heavyweight Title & World 1 Jr. Heavyweight Title after losing to Wataru Sakata at the Zero One 12/14/03 Sumo Hall show. Kuroda was busted up in the match, and when originally pinned by Sakata, it was obvious that Kuroda had kicked out before the three count. The match was restarted but Sakata pinned Kuroda just 7 seconds after the restart with a Tiger Supplex. After the match, Go Ito announced that Kanemura due to the injury will be taking some well deserved rest from the business. Kanemura has worked probably as much as anybody in Japanese Wrestling for 2002 and 2003 and working for just about every Japanese promotion there is. Kanemura & Kuroda vacated the All Asian Tag Team Titles as a result. Mr. Gannosuke will take Kanemura's spot and if they win in a qualifying match in Zero One then they will go on to January 2nd at an All Japan Korakuen Hall show to take on The Great Kosuke (Satoshi Kojima) and Shiryu (Kaz Hayashi) for the All Asian Tag Titles. It would be Mr. Gannosuke's All Japan debut.

Zero One will be holding three straight Korakuen Hall shows on 12/24, 12/25, and 12/26. The Apache Army will be apart of all three shows. First on 12/24, Mammoth Sasaki will make his Zero One debut teaming with Tetsuhiro Kuroda to take on Tatsuhito Takaiwa and Kohei Sato. Then on Christmas Day, GOEMON will make his Zero One debut teaming with Onryo to take on Dick Togo & Ikuto Hidaka in a NWA Light Heavyweight Tag Team Tournament match. Mr. Gannosuke & Tetsuhiro Kuroda will have their decision match against Tengu Kaiser & Jun Kasai in a match to determine who faces Kosuke & Shiryu for the All Asian Tag Titles. Mammoth Sasaki will then face Shinjiro Otani just two days before the biggest match of his career against Tenryu. 12/26 at Korakuen Hall will have the finals of the NWA Light Heavyweight Tag Team Tournament, as well as Mr. Gannosuke & Tetsuhiro Kuroda teaming up against the former Battlarts' wrestlers Alexander Otsuka & Katsumi Usuda. Due to this, Tetsuhiro Kuroda will be working four straight days at Korakuen Hall due to all this.

With Kanemura out for awhile, he will most likely be taken off the WMF show that's on the 27th, but WMF still has him on the show in the semi-main. If I had to guess, Gannosuke will probably take his spot on that match and just work twice on the show. But as of now, Kanemura is still officially listed as appearing on the show.

Added: 12/12

Fuyuki Army Promotion ran its December 5th show at Korakuen Hall drawing around 1500 fans, which is a drop off from the last two Korakuen Hall shows, and its around the same amount WMF had last month for the show with Tenryu. The show aired on Samurai TV on December 9th.

Kintaro Kanemura was force to cancel for the show beforehand as he suffered an injured mouth and had to take an emergency run to the hospital. The Apache Army announced right before the show that they would debut a new Apache member for the main event in place of Kanemura.

The Zero-One team of Shinjiro Otani, Masato Tanaka, and Tatsuhito Takaiwa defeated the Apache Army of Tetsuhiro Kuroda, Mr. Gannosuke, and the newest member Mammoth Sasaki in a War Games Cage match with a ladder and Barbwire Bat suspended above the cage.

The War Games match started with former tag partners Masato Tanaka & Tetsuhiro Kuroda going at it with Tanaka making into the ring before Kuroda. Tanaka would grab the ladder placed in the ring and and throw it at Kuroda. Tanaka would begin throwing Kuroda's face into the cage when Tatsuhito Takaiwa and Mr. Gannosuke were the next two to hit the ring, except Takaiwa would be jumped by Gannosuke from behind and Gannosuke would layout Takaiwa and hit the ring having it become a two on one advantage against Tanaka before Takaiwa would finally get up and hit the ring. The last two to enter the ring would be Shinjiro Otani and the surprised partner Mammoth Sasaki who would get attacked by Tanaka right away while coming into the cage. Mammoth would get away from Tanaka and climb down the cage and immediately go after the barbwire bat, but Otani would cut him off and knock Mammoth off the ladder and Otani would set up the ladder back up be the first and would get the barbwire bat, but would get clothesline by Kuroda right away causing him to drop it, and Kuroda would snatch the barbwire bat and hit it across Otani's chest. Mammoth would begin climbing the cage back up to bring in more weapons to the match, but Takaiwa would climb up as well, as the two would begin brawling while on top of the ring ropes. Gannosuke would begin to turn his attention to the hand cuffs set up in the ring, and begin to try handcuffing Otani. Tanaka would make the save for Otani first and then grab the barbwire baseball bat and begin nailing Kuroda with it. 

Both Mammoth and Takaiwa would make it outside the ring, where Mammoth grab a table and fling it over the cage into the ring while he would brawl with Takaiwa outside. Kuroda would begin to bleed from the head and the arm from the barbwire bat shots. Takaiwa would make it into the ring before Mammoth, and begin working on Kuroda as he would nail Kuroda with a Powerbomb for the two count. Takaiwa would then hit Kuroda with a Death Valley Driver for two as well. Otani would takeover on the beat down on Kuroda as he would begin kicking Kuroda's face as Takaiwa would go over to work on Gannosuke, but out of nowhere Gannosuke would roll up Takaiwa with a Gannosuke Clutch for two. Gannosuke would get the upper hand on Takaiwa hitting him with supplexs as Kuroda would begin to fight back as the two would begin climbing the ladder and fighting each other on top of it. Kuroda would be the one smashing Otani's against the top of the ladder as Mammoth Sasaki would place a chair over Tanaka's head and hit with the Mammoth Home Run and then a Chokeslam. 

Things would take a turn for the worse as  Gannosuke would end up becoming handcuffed to the cage. Kuroda would manage to knock out Otani again and place him on the table when out of nowhere Big Japan's Ryuji Ito would climb the cage and dive off the top sending Otani through the table. Gannosuke would manage to catch Tanaka and hold onto him while being handcuffed as the bloody Kuroda would hit a Shining Wizard on Otani for the two count. Ryuji Ito would leave the cage and be attacked by the Zero-One rookies, but Ryuji would take care of all of them and leave. Kuroda would give one last ditch effort as out of nowhere he would hit a Samson Clutch on Otani, but Otani would still mange to kick out at two. Seconds later, Takaiwa would nail Kuroda with a clothesline. Otani would come back with a flying dropkick to the back of Kuroda's head and then finish him with the Spiral Bomb for the pinfall and the three count for the Zero-One victory. Gannosuke would finally let go of Tanaka, as Mammoth quickly checked on the bloody Kuroda. Gannosuke would be unhand cuffed as Kuroda would give the final speech that Kanemura is use to doing. Gannosuke, Kuroda, and Mammoth would then do the TNR Dance for the first ever without Kanemura leading to end the show.

John Zandig vs. Hido in a Barbwire Board Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight would become bloody right away as Hido would jump Zandig during the introductions and begin carving his face with the barbwire boards. Hido would manage to supplex Zandig into one of the barbwire boards. The two would end up brawling all over Korakuen Hall before making it back in the ring, and bringing a ladder into the match. Hido would place Zandig on top of the ladder, and flip off the top rope, but Zandig would move causing Hido to smash his back against the ladder. Zandig would then place a barbwire board across two chairs and Powerbomb Hido though it. The two would begin brawling again outside the ring when Zandig would pull out a bag of thumbtacks. Hido would get the upper hand though right away by DDT'ing Zandig face first into the thumbtacks. Zandig would manage to come back and Powerbomb Hido onto a set of chairs and thumbtacks for the win. Zandig and Hido would shake hands with respect among the brutal beating the two had taken.

GOEMON & Onryo would go into the show knowing they would be taking on two mystery opponents. The mystery team would end revealing to be DDT's Poison Sawada Julie & Takashi Sasaki. GOEMON & Onryo would have control most of the match, until JULIE would throw powder into GOEMON's face and end up finishing him off with a face planter for the win for Poison Sawada JULIE & Takashi Sasaki. JULIE would then began trying to suck the blood out of GOEMON just like he had done Takashi Sasaki so that GOEMON would become a part of his group, but Onryo would quickly make the save on his tag partner by dropkicking JULIE out of the ring.

Chocoball Mukai is now having to prove himself to become a new member of the Apache Army, as he will have a series of 10 matches to prove he's worthy for the group. His first test would be against Yuki Ishikawa, who would wrestle Mukai in his mat base style of match and end up knocking out Mukai for the win. Yuki would give his respect to Mukai after the match by raising his hand in a good fight.

Shinjuku Shark would debut his new segment "Shinjuku Shark Live". It would be announced that the next Fuyuki Army Promotion show will be on January 14th at Korakuen Hall, and Shinjuku as well as Eda Chan would get in the Christmas spirit by singing Christmas songs with one another.

Added: 11/25

The tentative lineup for Fuyuki Army Promotion's 12/5 show will have the return of the War Games Cage Match. This will be the 3rd War Games match in Japan. The first one since FMW's December 22, 1997 show which saw Hayabusa, Jinsei Shinzaki, and Masato Tanaka defeat Atsushi Onita, Mr. Gannosuke, and Yukihiro Kanemura in my personal favorite FMW match ever. The match on December 5th will see Kintaro Kanemura who will be wrestling in his 3rd War Games match along with fellow Apache Army team mates Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Mr. Gannosuke who are both wrestling in their second War Games match against Zero One's Masato Tanaka who is also wrestling in his 3rd War Games match along with Shinjiro Otani & Tatsuhito Takaiwa who are wrestling in their first.

CZW's John Zandig will be coming in to take on Hido in a Hardcore match as Zandig is taking another booking as he will be wrestling on Zero One's Hardcore shows teaming up with Kanemura & Kuroda the day before and after the 12/5 Korakuen Hall show.

WMF has officially postponed their WMF 12/6 Osaka Sky Dome Hall show, most likely due to poor advance in ticket sales as well as Zero One running the Hardcore show in Ishikawa which would mean that both Kanemura & Kuroda would most likely not be able to wrestle on the WMF show.

Garuda show up at Osaka Pro's 11/24 Korakuen Hall show and challenged Osaka Pro's Tsubasa to a match at WMF 12/27 Korakuen Hall show in what will be Garuda's first match back since April 11th. Garuda is looking to get in better ring shape, and get back to being fully healthy in time for The Super J Cup Tournament on 2/21/04.

Added: 11/22

WMF ran its fourth ever Korakuen Hall show on November 20th in what looked to be a much more healthier show as far as attendance goes than their July show. The show will air on November 24th on Samurai TV, but will only be one hour meaning almost the entire show will be clipped to death except the main event.

The show started off with Garuda coming to the ring to announce that he would return to the ring on December 27th at WMF's next Korakuen Hall show, and will also represent WMF in the 4th Super J Cup in February 2004.

In the main event, Genichiro Tenryu returned as Hayabusa for the first time since June 21, 2000 to team up with Mammoth Sasaki to take on Mr. Gannosuke & Hido. The match was a Street Fight and right away all four competitors went after each other and brawled all over the arena. Hido brought in his Barbwire bat and began using it on Mammoth who became busted open quickly. Tenryu would eventually get revenge on Gannosuke and Hido as he would end up getting the barbwire bat and striking the both of them with it. But with Mammoth laying out of the ring and dripping blood, Gannosuke & Hido would double team Tenryu and ripped off his Hayabusa mask causing a resurgence in Tenryu to chop the both of them. Mammoth would eventually come to and Tenryu would hit the 53 years old on Gannosuke with Mammoth hitting the 29 years old on Hido to score the pinfall at 12 minutes 13 seconds and get revenge on Hido for his singles lost back on October 19th at the Differ Ariake. Afterwards, Mammoth got on the mic and challenged Tenryu to a singles match on December 27th at Korakuen, in which Tenryu accepted. 

The Michinoku team of Jinsei Shinzaki, Masashi Ikeda, and Kazuya Yuasa defeated the Apache Army team of Kintaro Kanemura, Tetsuhiro Kuroda, and GOEMON after Ikeda scored the win over the man who trained him, GOEMON with a clothesline. Afterwards, the Apache Army stated that even though they were embarrassed, that they accepted the defeat. 

Tomoya Adachi defended the WMF Jr. Heavyweight Title for the 2nd time since winning it on July 25th against Mineo Fujita. Tomoya was in control of most of the match before defeating Fujita with a move called the SOD. Afterwards, Adachi called out Hi69 who he will defend the title against on December 27th at the next Korakuen Hall show.

WMF held its first ever Royal Rumble for the Jr. Heavyweights to determine the number 1 contender for the WMF Jr. Heavyweight Title. There were 90 second intervals as Flying Kid Ichihara was the first wrestler eliminated. Soon after, Ricky Fuji was thrown over the top rope, then Asian Cougar and The Great Takeru would eliminate each other shortly after. Yasu Urano who drew number 1 and lasted longer than anyone else would be the 5th man eliminated. The favorite to win the Rumble Onryo would then be eliminated. Hi69 and GENTARO would be the last two men left in the rumble and Hi69 would get the pinfall over GENTARO to become the number 1 contender for the WMF Jr. Heavyweight Title.

Added: 11/1

The Apache Army team consisting of Kintaro Kanemura, GOEMON, GENTARO, Onryo, and Hido attacked Masato Tanaka while he was being interviewed on Zero One's Samurai TV show. The Apache Army left Masato Tanaka a bloody mess and declared that they would defeat the Zero One team on 11/5 in Chiba.

There will be 5 singles match on Zero-One's 11/5 show in Chiba with the Apache Army team will be represented by Kintaro Kanemura, Tetsuhiro Kuroda, Mr. Gannosuke, GENTARO, and Hido against the Zero One team of Shinjiro Otani, Masato Tanaka, Hideki Hosaka, Jun Kasai, and Yoshihito Sasaki. 

WMF's return to Korakuen Hall on November 20th (which will also be birthday number 20 for yours truly) will like expected have the main event of Mr. Gannosuke & Hido teaming up against Mammoth Sasaki who will be bringing in Genichiro Tenryu as his partner. Tenryu agreed to work the show for what would be $9,000 American dollars as he will be dawning the Hayabusa mask for the first time since June 21, 2000 for an eight man tag at an FMW Korakuen Hall show. Tenryu had debuted the Hayabusa gimmick on June 16, 2000 teaming with H as he came out and helped H who had been double teamed by Kodo Fuyuki & GOEMON for almost the entire match, and quickly took care of Fuyuki with a Powerbomb to setup H to nail a 450 Firebird Splash to get the pinfall victory on Fuyuki in the match. 

The semi-main event will be a Michinoku Pro vs. Apache Army match as Jinsei Shinzaki will return to WMF for the first time since a house show in August to team with Seiji Ikeda (who is a contracted WMF wrestler, but works many dates for Michinoku Pro) as well as fellow Michinoku Pro wrestler Kazuya Yuasa to take on Kintaro Kanemura, Tetsuhiro Kuroda, and GOEMON. 

Tomoya Adachi will defend his WMF Jr. Heavyweight Championship for the second time against Mineo Fujita, in a match he will most likely win with ease to setup another title defense at WMF's 12/27 Korakuen Hall show against the winner of the 8 Man Jr. Heavyweight Royal Rumble. 

Added: 10/30

The Zero One promotion got their revenge on the Apache Army (Independent Army) on 10/24 at Korakuen Hall in a Captain Falls Single Elimination Street Fight. After a 8 man brawl would start the match off. The captains of their teams, Shinjiro Otani and Kintaro Kanemura would square off first against each other. Mr. Gannosuke and Masato Tanaka would then square off against one another with Gannosuke nailing a lowblow on Tanaka and nailing him with a clothesline. Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Tatsuhito Takaiwa would then go up against one another, with both giving each other the hardest slaps against the chest against one another. Kuroda would manage to get the advantage on Takaiwa and begin working on his knee. Kuroda would do his signature knee slam against the turnbuckle while clapping and getting the crowd behind him as well as as figure four on Takaiwa. Otani would come in the ring and make the save for Takaiwa causing Kanemura to hit the ring as well and throw Otani out of the ring and grab a table and throw the table directly at Otani's head. TAKA Michinoku and Yoshihito Sasaki would then go up against one another with TAKA getting the advantage over Sasaki and place on the turnbuckle where Kanemura would throw a chair at Sasaki's face as well as slide the table into Yoshihito's crotch. Go Ito would then rush into the ring and begin to help the Apache Army, which would cause Zero One President Nakamura to try and get revenge on Go Ito for last months attacks. Kanemura would grab Nakamura from behind and enable Go Ito to once again get the upper hand on the Zero One President as Go Ito would nail him across the face with a spinning heel kick. Otani would attack Kanemura and send him to the outside with the two brawling outside as Yoshihito and TAKA would once again be fighting in the ring.

 Yoshihito would make a big come back and nail TAKA with a clothesline as Otani would place Kanemura on a table and Yoshihito Sasaki would dive off the top turnbuckle to the outside sending Kanemura through a table. Otani and Sasaki would begin teaming up and attacking TAKA. Both would begin throwing chairs at TAKA's face as Otani would begin to work on TAKA's forehead causing blood to be gushing out while the rest of the Zero One team would begin helping take out TAKA as well. TAKA would manage to land on his feet after a supplex by Otani and make a comeback by hitting a Super kick on Otani and make the quick tag to Kuroda. Kuroda would nail a clothesline on Otani and tag in Gannosuke who would hit a missile dropkick off the top rope on Otani. Otani would make the tag to Tanaka who would attempt a roaring elbow on Gannosuke, but Gannosuke would counter and get Tanaka in the Gannosuke Clutch for two. Kanemura and Sasaki would both be tagged in as Kanemura would smash a piece of the table over Sasaki's head which would fire up the former FMW rookie as he would knock Kanemura down with a clothesline. Sasaki would then put Kanemura in the Canadian Backbreaker (Torture Rack) before Kuroda would make the save for Kanemura. Takaiwa and Kuroda would once again go at it, as both would attempt clothesline one another. Kuroda would manage to knock Takaiwa down, but Takaiwa would manage to get back up and hit Kuroda with a Death Valley Driver for the pin to eliminate Kuroda. The three remaining members of the Apache Army would begin triple teaming Takaiwa, but Takaiwa would nail Kanemura coming off the top turnbuckle with a clothesline and make the tag to Otani. Otani would begin kicking Kanemura in the face, but Gannosuke would help save his long time friend as the two would manage to hit a Double Powerbomb on Otani, followed by a Senton splash by Kanemura for two. Sasaki would then come in the ring and would hit Kanemura with a German Supplex. As the rest of the Zero One team would take care of Gannosuke & TAKA, Otani would put Kanemura in the Cross face and force Kanemura to tap to give the Zero One team their revenge and the victory over the Apache Army. 

The Zero One team would place all four members of the Apache Army on one another and pose for the camera to celebrate their win. After the Zero One team would leave, Go Ito and Hido would hit the ring and begin attacking a Zero One rookie who was still in the ring and bloody up the rookie. This would cause Shinya Hashimoto to come to the ring in his suit and tie. Kanemura and Hashimoto would begin to scuffle as Hido would grab Hashimoto by the arms and Kuroda would clothesline Hashimoto and knock Hashimoto down. Hashimoto would leave the ring as the entire Apache Army would do the TNR Dance to end the show.

In a match entitled, "This is Extreme". Sabu would face off against Hido. Both wrestlers would start by taking a chair each and swinging at one another with them. The two would begin to brawl into the crowd in which Sabu would grab one of the fan's seat and nail Hido right in the face with it. The would make it back in the ring and Hido would get the upper hand bringing a Singapore cane into the ring and smacking it over Sabu's back. With Sabu bloody, Hido would then go outside and begin bringing a ladder to the ring. But before he could make it to the ring, Sabu would place a chair in the ring and jump off it diving over the top rope but Hido would use the ladder as a weapon as Sabu would just manage to fly right into the ladder. Hido would bring Sabu in the ring and place the ladder on the top turnbuckle where he would supplex Sabu right directly on the ladder. Hido would then place Sabu on the ladder and attempt a dive at Sabu, in which he would miss and land directly on the ladder. Sabu would then grab a chair and climb the top rope and hit a diving dropkick with the chair being kicked into Hido's face. Sabu would then put a Camel Clutch on Hido forcing Hido to submit for the Sabu victory. Both men would shake hands afterwards, to show their respect among one another.

Before the show, every wrestler performing on the show would gather along ringside with Sabu in the ring holding a picture of his of his late uncle The Sheik. Go Ito read the accomplishments of the former FMW wrestler and with Sabu holding a picture of The Sheik, a 10 bell salute in memory would then take place. Hayabusa who wrestled The Sheik in a tag match in 1992 would make his only appearance of the show to be along with the other wrestlers in memory of The Sheik.  

Added: 10/22

Today marks the 2 year anniversary of Hayabusa being paralyzed in the ring against Mammoth Sasaki at Korakuen Hall. It's unbelievable about the amount of highs and lows one man has gone through these past 730 days since slipping on the middle rope on a move that he had mastered throughout the years. Eiji Ezaki over came a life threatening sickness while in the hospital shortly after arriving that caused him to be put on such strong drugs, that he does not remember anything from shortly after October 22, 2001 to December 29, 2001 when he would have a open heart surgery to remove the life threatening germs in his heart. He has gone through the bankruptcy of FMW, which he sacrificed his body for years to. He lost a former boss and friend Shoichi Arai to suicide, as well as a former co-worker and friend Kodo Fuyuki to cancer. But he has seen good days as well as he was the key part in the forming of WMF and was a key part for the promotions success during the first months of the promotion, although the company has struggled throughout the last few months. He was also able to return to the sight of the accident of Korakuen Hall on his feet, walking for the first time for the public. He spends 3 hours a day in a Tokyo Rehabilitation Center to be able to permanently walk again. Eiji Ezaki has been put through many obstacles these last 2 years, physically and emotionally, but no matter what has proven that he has the heart to overcome each and every obstacle life puts him through, and will remain doing so until he is back in the ring doing what he loves to do, and that's perform for the fans.

WMF announced that Jinsei Shinzaki will make his return to WMF for the November 20, 2003 Korakuen Hall show. They also announced another Korakuen Hall show for December 27, 2003, as well as their first show for 2004 at the Saitama Pepe Hall Atlas on January 12th.

Added: 10/19

Hido scored a major upset today at WMF's 10/19 Differ Ariake show defeating Mammoth Sasaki in a Caribbean Barbwire Board Ladder Barbwire Bat Death Match. Both wrestlers bladed huge, with Mammoth gushing by the end due to being carved by the barbwire. Mammoth would have the advantage on Hido during the match but Mr. Gannosuke would interfere by smashing a chair over the back of Mammoth. Mammoth's hands would end up handcuffed by his back as a result of the double team and Hido would smash a Fluorescent Light stick over Mammoth's head. Mammoth could not counter and Hido finally got the pinfall after a lariat for the win. Afterwards, Garuda would then make a surprise return in street clothes to make the save for Mammoth. Masashi Ikeda would also come out to help Mammoth up as Garuda announced to the crowd that he will be returning to the ring much sooner than expected. Mammoth afterwards would go up to Hayabusa and ask him for the right to bring in Genichiro Tenryu to WMF to get revenge on Mr. Gannosuke & Hido. It looks like Tenryu & Mammoth vs. Gannosuke & Hido is the leading candidate for the main event for the 11/20/03 Korakuen Hall show.

Zero-One's Naohiro Hoshikawa & Yoshihito Sasaki defeated the team of GOEMON & Onryo when Hoshikawa pinned GOEMON with a dropkick to the face in the best match of the show. This was former FMW preliminary wrestler Yoshihito Sasaki's WMF debut as he wore his FMW blue rookie tights for the match. After the match, GENTARO grabbed the mic and stated how frustrated he was of GOEMON & Onryo and their losing streak. This was to setup the GENTARO & Chocoball Mukai vs. GOEMON & Onryo match for the Fuyuki Army 10/24 Korakuen Hall show.

Soldier wrestled his last WMF match for awhile as he lost to Kuroda after a lariat. Soldier announced his overseas expedition will lead him to Mexico where he hopes to train and become more of a complete wrestler when he returns. Kuroda wished his former Double Cross Army partner the best while in Mexico.

Kintaro Kanemura after scoring the pinfall in his 6 man tag match challenged Satoshi Kojima to a tag match for the All Asian Tag Team Titles. Kanemura stated that Kojima can choose any partner he wants, and it looks like that partner will be Nobutaka Araya.

Seiji Ikeda who has competed all month in Michinoku Pro's Tag Team Tournament along with Kazuya Yuasa made it to the finals on October 18th but would lose to the team of Dick Togo & Masao Orihara in the finals after Togo pinned Yuasa to win the tournament.

Added: 10/18

The Independent Army scored another victory over Zero-One at the Zero-One 10/18 Osaka Prefectural Gym # 2 in front of 1500 fans in the main event. The Independent Army team of Kintaro Kanemura, Tetsuhiro Kuroda, Mr. Gannosuke, and Hido defeated the Zero One team of Shinjiro Otani, Masato Tanaka, Wataru Sakata, and Hideki Hosaka in a Single Elimination Match with over the top rope elimination rules applied.

Gannosuke got the first elimination over Hideki Hosaka with the Gannosuke Clutch at 8 minutes 48 seconds in. Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Wataru Sakata eliminated each other by both going over the top rope at 11 minutes 40 seconds. Tetsuhiro Kuroda is  feuding with Wataru Sakata who he has a pinfall victory over and will most likely soon challenge for Sakata's Zero One Jr. Heavyweight Championship soon. Kanemura made it a three on one match after tossing his rival Masato Tanaka over the top rope at 17 minutes 46 seconds. Shinjiro Otani finished off Hido at 18 minutes 7 seconds with the spiral bomb. Kintaro Kanemura got the victory for the Independent Army after hitting Otani with a Blast YAMA Senton at 20 minutes 17 seconds leaving Kanemura an Gannosuke as the survivors for their team. 

WMF announced the official lineup for tomorrow's Differ Ariake show. The main event of Mammoth Sasaki against Hido will now be a Caribbean Barbwire Board Death Match. It will be the first Death Match in the 14 month history of the promotion, which at first stated they would not have any Death Matches on their shows. Two sides of the ropes will be covered with barbwire, and each other corner will be surrounded with barbwire attached to it. The mystery opponents were announced in the semi main event as Zero One's Naohiro Hoshikawa and Yoshihito Sasaki will take on Independent Army's GOEMON & Onryo.

Added: 10/15

WMF held its second ever Flash show at the usual stomping ground of the DDT promotion at the Tokyo Shibuya Club ATOM. There has been heavy rain all over the Tokyo region the last several days making it harder for fans to attend shows in Tokyo. Tomoya Adachi defeated GOEMON to retain the WMF Jr. Heavyweight Championship in his first defense. In a random lottery match, the team of Onryo, Soldier, and Mineo Fujita defeated the team of GENTARO, Ricky Fuji, and Sukekiyo with Onryo getting the Onryo Clutch on the masked Sukekiyo was not Tomoya Adachi like the original. Sukekiyo was the mystery wrestler in the lottery. 

Kintaro Kanemura & Tetsuhiro Kuroda defeated the Zero-One team of Kohei Sato & Hirotaka Yokoi at the Zero-One 10/10/03 show winning the oldest pair of belts in Japan in the All Japan All Asian Tag Team Titles. Mr. Gannosuke & Hido defeated the team of Tatsuhito Takaiwa and Jun Kasai when Gannosuke finished Kasai off with the Fire Thunder.

The lineup for the Fuyuki Army Promotion Korakuen Hall show was announced. The main event will be a Captain Falls Street Fight with Kanemura and Otani being the captains for their teams. Sabu will have his match against Hido in a match entitled, "This is Hardcore". I believe this will be Soldier's last match in Japan for awhile, before taking his overseas expedition.

Added: 10/2

I have separated the last three months of WMF & Fuyuki Army Promotion news on this new News page so that this would be faster to load. Also, I have put the past news links of this site throughout the years on the bottom of this page.

The Independent Army will be once again be on the next Korakuen Hall show for Zero-One on October 10th. Onryo will make his Zero=One in ring debut against Wataru Sakata. Mr. Gannosuke & Hido will team up to take on Tatsuhito Takaiwa and Jun Kasai. Kintaro Kanemura & Tetsuhiro Kuroda will challenge for the All Japan All Asian Tag Team Titles against Kohei Sato & Hirotaka Yokoi. They will then participate at Zero-One's Osaka Prefectural Gym # 2 show on October 18th in the main event in a Single Elimination Match between the Independent Army and Zero-One. Kintaro Kanemura, Tetsuhiro Kuroda, Mr. Gannosuke, and Hido will team up to take on Shinjiro Otani, Masato Tanaka, Hideki Hosaka, and Wataru Sasaki.

After his 10/19 match at the Differ Ariake against Tetsuhiro Kuroda, Soldier will be taking time off of WMF to wrestle overseas which most likely will mean he will try to get himself booked in some American Independent shows during his time off.

Added: 9/24

Some more notes from the Fuyuki Army 9/22 Korakuen Hall show. The Brief Brothers returned for the first time since September 1, 1998 after Atsushi Onita, Tetsuhiro Kuroda, Hideki Hosaka, and Mr. Pogo 2 defeated Team No Respect's Kodo Fuyuki, Koji Nakagawa, Yukihiro Kanemura, and Hido in a match where Team No Respect's white underwear was put on the line and when TNR lost, the briefs were crucified by Onita. They were brought back, this time under the Independent Army of Kintaro Kanemura, Mr. Gannosuke, TAKA Michinoku, GENTARO, and Hido. Basically TAKA and GENTARO were replacing Jado and Gedo of the old Brief Brothers. The skit brought many laughs much like the old Brief Brother skits, including Chocoball Mukai coming to the ring not knowing why all his friends were in their underwear, so he dropped down to his underwear to be like everyone else not knowing they were being the Brief Brothers. 

Megumi Kudo would appear on the show, which would be the first appearance she would make at a wrestling show since October 23rd of last year when attending Kaori Nakayama's retirement ceremony. Mukai would hit on Kudo, but she was not interested in the porno star.

Added: 9/23

Fuyuki Army Promotion ran at Korakuen Hall on September 22nd off the heels of Gannosuke and Kanemura scoring the major upset victory against Otani and Tanaka on the 19th. The Indy Army this time of Kintaro Kanemura, Tetsuhiro Kuroda, and Mr. Gannosuke defeated the team of Masato Tanaka, Hideki Hosaka, and Yoshihito Sasaki. Hosaka came in at the last moment replacing Jun Kasai due to a Kasai injury at the Zero=One show and also wore a Kasai t-shirt during the Street Fight. This would be Hosaka's first return to a show with the old FMW guys on it since he left FMW on February 21, 2001 which would make him the last of the original five (Tanaka, Hosaka, Jado, Gedo, Nakayama) to do a Fuyuki Army/WEW show. You can tell the difference in Go Ito's booking style rather than Kodo Fuyuki's easily now with Go Ito booking like it's 1997 FMW before Fuyuki took over. A Street Fight with the majority of the wrestlers wrestling in street clothes had not been done since 1997 with the Indy Army team once again defeating the Zero-One team. During the match Zero One Producer Nakamura hit the ring looking for Go Ito who was already at ringside for the match looking for revenge for what Go Ito did to him on the Zero One show. Nakamura was attacked by Gannosuke though and laid out and once again Go Ito got the upper hand on Nakamura hitting him with a Frog Splash off the top rope. Blood was shed everywhere during the match, and the end result would be Kuroda hitting Yoshihito Sasaki with a Shining Wizard and then finishing him off with a Lariat at 13 minutes 58 seconds. After the show, the entire Indy Army of Kanemura, Gannosuke who lost a tooth during the match, Kuroda, Hido TAKA Michinoku, GENTARO, Takashi Sasaki and Go Ito all did the TNR Dance to end the show. It would be announced that their next Korakuen Hall show will be on October 24th and Sabu will make his return to the show.

Shinjiro Otani defeated Hido in a Caribbean Barbwire Board Ladder for a Barbwire Baseball Bat Death Match at 15 minutes 38 seconds in the semi main event. Which means Hido went longer with Otani than Kanemura ever went with Otani in any of their three singles matches. Both men fought all over the arena, using the barbwire and the barbwire baseball bats all throughout the match. Hido had control most of the match as he would be the first one to bring down the barbwire baseball bat, but after being sent into a table stacked of barbwire, a bloody Otani would gain the upper hand and  use the barbwire and then begin to put Hido in a Camel Clutch on the barbwire baseball bat for the win in the brutal bloody match. 

Shinjuku Shark revealed his mystery partner that he announced would weigh over 300 pounds to be DDT comedy wrestler Futoshi Miwa who played Kanemura's trusting friend last year when Kanemura was wrestling for DDT. Ricky Fuji and Tanomusaku Toba defeated Shark and Miwa when Toba pinned Shark.

At the WMF 9/23/03 Saitama show, the main event was changed to Mammoth Sasaki taking on Masashi Ikeda. Ikeda came out to the ring with new music and announced that he was now going by his real name of Seiji Ikeda from now. Ikeda put on a strong effort against WMF's ace but would fall to Mammoth's 29 years old for the loss.

Also, on September 23rd at a Michinoku Pro show, The Great Sasuke who put up his mask on the line during a match defeated Atsushi Onita who put up his career on the line in a Exploding Barbwire Death Match, which means that Onita will be force to retire for the 3rd time in his career.

Added: 9/21

Zero One ran its "H-Episode 1" hardcore themed show on September 19th at Korakuen Hall with the main event of Kintaro Kanemura and Mr. Gannosuke reforming their former FMW Brass Knuckles Tag Team Championship team for the first time since June 8, 2001 to take on Zero-One's Shinjiro Otani and Masato Tanaka. Tetsuhiro Kuroda, GOEMON, Onryo, GENTARO and Hido all accompanied Kanemura and Gannosuke to the ring.  Kanemura earlier in the week had asked Tanaka to go back to his roots of his FMW days and join the rest of the former FMW members in the Independent Army of Kanemura's. Tanaka finally made his mind at the show and told Kanemura that he was not interested. The match started with Gannosuke rolling up Otani with a Gannosuke Clutch during the introductions and getting a near pinfall just seconds into the match. Many chairs were used during the match, and Otani was busted up. Gannosuke & Kanemura double teamed Otani through out the matches with Tanaka coming back with a house of fire and taking out Gannosuke and Kanemura with a double stunner and DDT while Otani would come back and nail a missile dropkick on Kanemura followed up by a camel clutch and a one legged crab. Gannosuke and Tanaka would begin brawling in the outside where Tanaka would be attacked by the Indy Army abling Gannosuke to get in the ring and hit Otani from behind. Gannosuke would then hit Otani with a Praying Powerbomb followed up by a Gannosuke Fire Thunder on Otani. Gannosuke and Kanemura would then both begin attacking the Zero-One referee and lay him out. Kanemura would lay Otani on a bunch of chairs and then hit his Back Yama Senton Special when former FMW referee and current Fuyuki Army Promotion Producer Go Ito would rush to the ring and count the pinfall for the win at 15 minutes 25 seconds for  Kanemura and Gannosuke before Tanaka could make the save. Zero One manager Nakamura would come in the ring to argue at what Go Ito had just done, in which Go Ito would reply with a high kneel kick to Nakamura. The Indy Army along with Go Ito would celebrate with a Team No Respect Dance to end the show 

Shinjiro Otani & Masato Tanaka would gather somewhat of a revenge on the Indy Army on September 21st as they would defeat the team of Mr. Gannosuke & Hido at 19 minutes 28 seconds when Otani would finish off Hido with a Spiral Bomb.

The WEW group will run its first house show since November 2nd of last year. They will run on October 2nd at Tomoya's Takaoka Techno Dome with two WEW Titles on the line. Hido and YOSHIYA will defend the WEW Hardcore Tag Team Titles for the first time since winning them back on April 29th of this past year against the former champs in Big Japan's. Tetsuhiro Kuroda, TAKA Michinoku, and Gosaku Goshogawara will defend the WEW 6 Man Tag Team Titles for the first time since winning them back on October 23rd of last year against Kintaro Kanemura and the Big Japan team of Mad Man Pondo and 2 Tuff Tony.

Added: 9/16

The full lineup was announced for the Fuyuki Army Promotion 9/22 show, looks like the Fuyuki Army team is going to get a rare win on their own show against the Zero One in the main event, where as Hido will be lucky if he gets to last five minutes with Otani in the semi main event in a Scramble Bunkhouse Barbwire Board Street Fight. WMF's show the next day looks like it has a better lineup then their Anniversary show from earlier this month.

Added: 9/9

Details from the WMF 9/6/03 shows are pretty bland as not that much reporting of the show was done. Considering WMF's debut show in the same building a year ago drew way more attention shows  shows that WMF has the capability of getting interest in the product, the booking just needs to be better. Go Ito of the Fuyuki Army Promotion has done a much better company since taking over than Hayabusa and company of providing matches the FMW audience wants to see.

Some of the details that I picked up were this though. WMF Flash which drew 300 was actually considered a success, as it was a Jr. Heavyweight only show, and WMF plans on doing another one, which looks to be on October 14th at the Tokyo Club ATOM. The WMF Jr. Heavyweight Title will be the focused title, as GOEMON became a top challenger for the belt by pinning Tomoya Adachi in the main event. In the biggest drawing match of the show, The Great Sasuke defeated Asian Cougar at 8 minutes 11 seconds which drew boo's due afterwards due to the lack of time given to the match.

As far as the WMF 1 Year Anniversary show drawing 1000 fans, I would not consider that a success, but I would not really consider a disappointment due to them knowing going into the show lineup could have been stronger. The main event was Kintaro Kanemura, Mr. Gannosuke, and Hido defeating the team of Mammoth Sasaki, Tetsuhiro Kuroda, and Ikeda-kun after Gannosuke hit Ikeda with the Fire Thunder for the finish. The angle going into it was that the heels, Gannosuke mostly just trashed Ikeda before the match saying how he wasn't worthy or good enough to be in a match of this caliber. This caused Ikeda to give it his all during the match, and put on one of the best performances of his 2 year career before falling to Gannosuke. Afterwards, Kuroda would end up siding with Kanemura's Independent Army and along with Kanemura, Gannosuke, GENTARO, and Hido did the TNR Dance to end the show. 

On September 8th, The Independent Army would invade the Zero One office building leaving Zero One preliminary wrestler Shinsuke Z Yamagasa down and bloody from the attack. Kanemura would go face to face with Shinjiro Otani and tell him about the Independent Army invading Zero One. An angry Shinjiro Otani later would contact Fuyuki Army Promotion Producer Go Ito and officially make a match for the Zero One 9/19/03 Korakuen Hall show which will be the main event of the show with Kintaro Kanemura and Mr. Gannosuke teaming up to take on Shinjiro Otani and Masato Tanaka. This will be the first time Gannosuke and Tanaka will be against each other in the ring since September 22, 2000 and the first time Kanemura and Gannosuke will just team by themselves since June 8, 2001. When asked about the invasion of the Independent Army, Masato Tanaka who considers himself as an FMW graduate laughingly stated he does turn over at night thinking about Kanemura's Independent Army. Kanemura would brag and state how he's the one that makes Zero One interesting. Kanemura pointed out that during the matches that he is going to cheat as he is going show signs of a new fighting way in the Fuyuki style. Kanemura's ultimate goal is that he is aiming for a rematch with Shinya Hashimoto down the line. The official Independent Army consists of Kintaro Kanemura, Tetsuhiro Kuroda, Mr. Gannosuke, Hido, GENTARO, Takashi Sasaki, TAKA Michinoku, GOEMON and Onryo.  Mammoth Sasaki and Ikeda-kun will feud with the Independent Army. I don't know if they are going to go anywhere with it, but it does get mentioned that GOEMON & Onryo since reforming as a team has not won a match together yet.

Added: 8/27

The Fuyuki Army Promotion ran at Korakuen Hall on August 25th drawing 1900 for the first Mr. Gannosuke vs. Kintaro Kanemura match since 4/20/99. Although the match would be shorter than most main events, it would be action packed the entire time. Go Ito accompanied Hayabusa before the match started so Hayabusa would able to watch the match up close. Kanemura would enter the ring wearing a t-shirt of an old Japanese magazine with Kodo Fuyuki cover back from FMW on the cover. Mr. Gannosuke would come out next and bring a chair next to ring, causing Kanemura to get some backup and pick up a chair of his own before the match started. Both wrestlers would start swinging at each other with the chairs as the bell would ring. They would end up fighting into the crowd where Kanemura would place Gannosuke on a table and hit a dive from the entrance into the Korakuen Hall crowd. The former friends would both be bleeding by the time they would make it back in the ring as they would both start taking swings at each other. Gannosuke would eventually set up a table on the outside and hit Kanemura with his Fire Thunder through the table. Gannosuke would bring the gushing Kanemura back in the ring and begin using parts of the broken table before Kanemura with counteract with a lowblow. Gannosuke though would follow back up a hard hitting lariat on Kanemura. The referee would end up being knocked out during all this which would cause Gannosuke's group of heels from WMF consisting of TAKA Michinoku, GENTARO, and Hido would charge the ring and help Gannosuke attack Kanemura before GOEMON, Onryo, and Mammoth Sasaki would hit the ring to make the save for Kanemura. GOEMON and Onryo would clear the ring of TAKA, GENTARO, and Hido while Mammoth would get his revenge on Gannosuke for turning on him for the July 7th show by nailing Gannosuke with several chair shots. Kanemura would get up and hit a Special back YAMA senton splash on Gannosuke and then hit Gannosuke with a Thunder Fire Powerbomb in which Go Ito would rush into the ring due to the referee still being knocked out and count the three count for Kanemura's first pinfall over Gannosuke since 3/7/95. Afterwards, Kanemura would get on the mic and announce that the Independent wrestlers should stop fighting each other and form together to take on the major promotions to show everyone that Independent wrestlers are just as strong as the majors like Zero One. Gannosuke would agree with this form and Kanemura would align himself with Gannosuke's group from WMF. Kanemura, Gannosuke, Go Ito, Takashi Sasaki, GENTARO and Hido all would do the TNR Dance to end the show.  The main event for the WMF 9/6/03 1 Year Anniversary show has been changed to the former Team No Respect members Kintaro Kanemura, Mr. Gannosuke, and Hido teaming up to take on Mammoth Sasaki, Tetsuhiro Kuroda, and Ikeda-kun.

Added: 8/20

There will now be two WMF shows on 9/6 at the Tokyo Differ Ariake. One will be a show entitled "WMF Flash" which will start at 1:30 PM Japan time. It will consist of a much more highflying style in its match. The WMF 1 Year Anniversary show will start at 7:00 PM Japan and will consist of a much more hard hitting type style of a show. 

Kintaro Kanemura and Go Ito held a press conference to announce the lineup for the Fuyuki Army Promotion show on August 25th. Kanemura will take on Mr. Gannosuke for the first time in a singles match since April 20, 1999 (real bad match). Gannosuke has won every singles match between Kanemura, and Kanemura has not got a pinfall over Gannosuke since March 7, 1995. Kanemura talked about after the death of Shoichi Arai is what started the split of FMW into two different promotions and that this will be a match between the two top wrestlers in each other individuals promotion. 

Mammoth Sasaki  returned to the World Japan Promotion on August 21st in Osaka to defeat Kuniyoshi Wada and on August 23rd in Fukouka teamed up with Takao Omori to lose to Riki Choshu and Shiro Koshinaka when Choshu pinned Mammoth.  

Added: 8/11

WMF will be holding their 1st Year Anniversary show on September 6th at the Tokyo Differ Ariake. The usual WMF wrestlers including Kintaro Kanemura and the WEW wrestlers, The Great Sasuke as well as Cosmo*Soldier and TAIRA from the Kageki Promotion.

Added: 7/26

A very disappointing show in many aspects for WMF took place at Korakuen Hall on July 25th. Atsushi Onita gave word earlier in the day that he was not going to be able to attend the show as there was an emergency meeting for the Japanese Diet that Onita had to attend despite him being used as the main draw for the show. As a result a note was posted up at Korakuen Hall before the show that Onita was not going to be able to at the show. That note literally killed the walk up for the show, as many fans left as soon as they got word that Onita would not appear. WMF got a hold of Kintaro Kanemura and a main event was made up that day of Mr. Rocknosuke (Ichiro Yaguchi) and Mr. Iwaonosuke (Katsumi Hirano) taking the place of Onita for Gannosuke's team and Kintaro Kanemura coming in as a mystery partner for Mammoth Sasaki and Tetsuhiro Kuroda to form a 6 man Street Fight with the WMF promotion still in jeopardy if Mammoth's team lost. I personally would have made it Mammoth/Kuroda vs. Gannosuke/Kanemura which would have looked much better as a main event for the show instead of what looked to be a regular house show type main event. I'm under the impression though that after they got word Onita couldn't show that they figured the show was going to bomb anyway so just turned it into a regular house show like main event. The show announced a crowd of only 1000 fans which for the most part just the long time FMW loyal fans that attended every FMW Korakuen Hall show who had already bought tickets in advance and they began booing when it was announced before the show at Onita would not be there. The show was said to have had "a lonely feeling" to it as WMF's 12/12/02 show did a very good number, with the 4/11/03 show dropping but still remaining respectable with this one not coming even close in quality as the first two. A bloody Mammoth Sasaki ended up pinning Mr. Iwaonosuke in the Street Fight using the "29 years old" which is based off Genichiro Tenryu's "53 years old" which was invented because Mammoth had turned 29 just two days before the show to win the match and save the WMF promotion. Afterwards, Mammoth thanked Kuroda and  Kanemura for their performance and all three did the TNR Dance to end the show. Mammoth would announce backstage that he would be participating at World Japan's August 1st show against Shiro Koshinaka. 

In what was said to be the best match on the show, Tomoya Adachi became the first ever WMF Jr. Heavyweight Champion defeating Asian Cougar in the tournament finals after getting the win with a Taurus Kick. Tomoya Adachi will make his first title defense at WMF's 1st Year Anniversary show on September 6th at the Tokyo Differ Ariake.

TAKA Michinoku & GENTARO teamed up to defeat the returning team of GOEMON & Onryo who were teaming for the first time since WMF's Debut show on August 28, 2002. This was also Onryo's return match after injuring his elbow back on May 7th. TAKA would end up making a bloody  Onryo tap to the Just Facelock to get the victory for his team in a good match.

Due to the team of Mr. Rocknosuke & Mr. Iwaonosuke being moved up the main event of the show, WEW's Hido & Gosaku Goshogawara were originally suppose to team to take them on were put up against each other. Gosaku would end up winning by DQ in a match that saw both of them try to take each other out with the use chairs in a hardcore style match before The GUN's would all run in and attack Goshogawara to cause the match end on a DQ. 

Added: 7/12

The main event for the WMF 7/25/03 Korakuen Hall show was announced with the main event being turned into a tag match with Mammoth Sasaki and Tetsuhiro Kuroda against Atsushi Onita and Mr. Gannosuke. The tag match was made due to injuries of Onita and his decline in the ring over the years so with Gannosuke picking up the slack it should be a better overall match than just the original singles planned match of Onita and Mammoth. Onita also announced that if he and Gannosuke win their match that WMF should cease operations as well as that he wants former FMW wrestlers to invade Riki Choshu's World Japan promotion with him. After the Korakuen Hall show, WMF Dojo student YukoMiyamoto will make his debut on August 2nd against Mineo Fujita. They also announced that WMF will be running a first year anniversary show at the Tokyo Differ Ariake on September 6th as well as their return to Korakuen Hall in November. 

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