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The Hayabusa One Year Memorial show called "One Day Night" took place on March 31, 2017 at the Kumamoto Circulation Information Hall drawing an announced 600 fans for the show. The show was promoted by Mr. Gannosuke as an FMW reunion show in memory of his late friend. There was a shrine built in the corner of the building. Hayabusa's now now has has a picture of him on it with a full moon in the background and his crutches attached to it. Two sets of flowers were designed based off his chest tattoo to form wings as well as a heart with a framed picture of Hayabusa in the middle. Another framed picture of Hayabusa was placed at the top of it along with his mask. Laid out on the table next to it was the bronze statue of him, his blue and white ninja pants, the shirt he wore to the ring as H, his Darkside Hayabusa vest, the alternative red outfit and boots he wore for a match on July 27, 1997, his purple kimono, a black mask of his, and television playing matches of his career would all be placed for fans to look at. Hayabusa's musical partners Fumi Taguchi and Sana Sakura would sing a Hayabusa song that he wrote to start the show and Mr. Gannosuke would then sing a song he wrote in memory of Hayabusa while Raijin Yaguchi would play the guitar for him. Gannosuke would then get in the ring with a framed picture of Hayabusa as they would start with a 10 gong salute in Hayabusa's memory. I will be getting this DVD of this show in a couple of weeks. 

The main event would be Mr. Gannosuke, Jinsei Shinzaki, and HARASHIMA returning under his Hayabusa costume to go by the name Hayabucha as they would take on the team of Masato Tanaka, Mammoth Sasaki, and Yuko Miyamoto. Shinzaki would grab Mammoth by the arm and climb up the top rope for a his Praying Rope Walk before delivering a chop to Mammoth's head. Shinzaki and Hayabucha would then deliver a running Bulldog and do the signature Hayabusa and Shinzaki pose together. Hayabucha would then do a dive to the outside onto Mammoth while Gannosuke and Tanaka would charge at each other with Tanaka knocking Gannosuke down with a lariat. Tanaka would then deliver a Superfly Splash with Miyamoto delivering a Running Knee to the face of Gannosuke. Gannosuke would make a come back and throw Miyamoto in to the ropes with Miyamoto doing a double hand spring elbow but Gannosuke would manage to catch him and deliver a suplex on Miyamoto. Gannosuke would then deliver a Praying Powerbomb while Shinzaki would pray with him. Hayabucha would then deliver a Fire Bird Splash on Miyamoto and Gannosuke would finish off Miyamoto at 14 minutes, 45 seconds with a Fire Thunder. All the wrestlers would gather in the ring as Gannosuke would grab the mic and thank Hayabusa before doing Hayabusa's "Lets have some fun!" signature ending line to end the show. Hayabucha would go over to Hayabusa's mother and shake her hands as she would openly weep.

Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Ricky Fuji would team up to take on GOEMON and Onryo in the semi-main event of the show. Ricky and Onryo would end up brawling on the outside with Onryo taking off and running to the corner of the building where the Hayabusa shrine is. Onryo would bow out of respect to Hayabusa and then run off with Ricky following him and bowing as well. Kuroda would do his signature run around the building before delivering a lariat to Onryo on the outside. Kuroda and Onryo would make it back in the ring where Kuroda would deliver another lariat and cover Onryo with Onryo catching the referee's hand before the three count. GOEMON and Ricky would get tagged in and GOEMON would deliver a sunset flip but to get Ricky down for the pin attempt he would have to pull Ricky's pants down. Ricky would then throw GOEMON into the ropes and deliver a hip attack with his ass still showing. Ricky would then pick up GOEMON and go for the Kamikaze and would shout "Hayabusa!" when doing the move and then cover GOEMON to get the win at 12 minutes, 53 seconds for the Kuroda and Ricky win. Kuroda and Ricky would both bow to a framed picture of Hayabusa facing the ring. 

Emi Sakura who wrestled in FMW from 1999 to 2001 before suffering a neck injury would face off against Gato Move's Riho. Riho would deliver a Double Foot Stomp off the top rope on Sakura. Sakura would come back with a drop kick but then miss a moonsault attempt. Riho would then deliver and get the pinfall at 6 minutes, 25 seconds with a Kurukuru Ribon. Fugofugo Yumeji who was a person friend of Hayabusa would team up with Mt. Aso who is a masked volcano wrestler based off a huge active Aso volcano in Kumamoto would defeat the team of Raijin Yaguchi and Gosaku Goshogawara when Aso would pin Goshogawara at 7 minutes, 30 seconds with a Backslide. Miss Mongol would face off against Shinjuku Shark with Mongol going right at Shark but Shark refusing to do anything because she was a girl. Mongol would then grab her whip and begin whipping Shark in the back until Shark would come back with a punch to the face with his boxing glove. Shark would then try to bodyslam Mongol but would hurt his back and state that she was too big to slam which Mongol would respond by going low on him. Shark would come back and get the pin at 5 minutes, 39 seconds with a Jet Upper Punch knocking Mongol out for the pinfall. The opening match would be a local Kumamoto based match as Koji Nizumi and Kenshiro Yukimura would defeat Satoshi Ogawara and Van Vale Negro when Nizumi would get the win at 14 minutes, 19 seconds after pinning Vale Negro with a Small Package.

All the wrestlers stayed in Kumamoto for at least another day. Mr. Gannosuke, Masato Tanaka, Mammoth Sasaki, Tetsuhiro Kuroda, Yuko Miyamoto, Ricky Fuji, Raijin Yaguchi, and Gosaku Goshogawara would perform for the 50th Anniversary of Yoshinori Murata's restaurant on April 1, 2017. Murata is a famous local due to his popular restaurant and he created the Antonio Inoki bronze statue that was a huge seller in the 1980's. Hayabusa and Mr. Gannosuke would frequently attend the restaurant while in college in the late 80's to get dinner and drinks and would still make it a point to visit every time FMW was touring in Kumamoto in the early 90's. Murata would eventually make bronze statues of both Hayabusa and Mr. Gannosuke as they are displayed at his restaurant. The show would be more of an exhibition so no results were ever released. Mr. Gannosuke would end up facing off against his student Yuko Miyamoto on the show where Gannosuke would suffer a serious injury after Miyamoto would deliver running knee to the face as Miyamoto would end up connecting too hard and fracture Gannosuke's face in ten places. Gannosuke's nose and eye socket area would be completely knocked out of place and although Gannosuke would manage to finish the match he would end up getting medical attention after the show and it would be ruled that he would be out of action for three months. This would mean he would miss the upcoming Super Battle FMW show on April 27th as well as the May 2017 tour that he was scheduled for. This also means that he would miss Guts World's big May 5th show at Korakuen Hall that he was scheduled to face off against Dick Togo on. Yuko Miyamoto would end up taking place for the match against Togo. 

Super Battle FMW ran their first tour of 2017 on April 13th and April 14th in Aomori which they ran two successful shows last year. The announced numbers if anywhere close to true would be considered successes as well. The first show was at the Aomori Horisaki City Kawasanishi Physical Education Center on April 13th drawing an announced 1,500 fans for the show. The main event had Atsushi Onita, Raijin Yaguchi, and Hideki Hosaka defeat the All Japan team of Atsushi Aoki, Hikaru Sato, and their masked military mystery partner Ghillie Man in a Exploding Onibo Death Match with Kendo Kashin as the special referee. NOSAWA Rongai who last year joined up with the FMW side against their feud against UWF was in the corner for the All Japan team during the match. Kendo Kashin was also the referee for the match and despite the past year of differences between Onita and Kashin he ended up being no factor during the match and was a fair referee. Onita would end up picking up the win at 12 minutes, 4 seconds after using the Exploding Onibo on Aoki to get the pinfall. Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Gosaku Goshogawara defeated in what was probably the last match of the W*ING Army Monster Army of Tomohiko Hashimoto and NOSAWA Rongai when Gosaku used the Hirosaki Bomb for the surprising win at 11 minutes, 36 seconds over Hashimoto. Kotaro Suzuki and HASEGAWA defeated Ricky Fuji and Keiichi Sato when Suzuki used the Blue Destiny for the victory at 11 minutes, 41 seconds over Sato. The first FMW vs. WAVE match of the tour took place as Yumi Oka and Hiroe Nagahama defeated Miss Mongol and Miss Koharu when Oka used the Big Boots at 15 minutes, 25 seconds to pin Koharu. Daisaku Shimoda defeated Pandita at 7 minutes, 26 seconds with a Piledriver and Naoshi Sano got the opening match win at 10 minutes, 14 seconds over Takumi Sakurai with a Brainbuster.

Super Battle FMW's next show on April 14, 2017 took place at the Aomori Hamansau Hall drawing an announced 1,000 fans for the show. The main event again was another Exploding Onibo Death Match although the match was changed the day of from a 6 man to an 8 man with the FMW team of Atsushi Onita, Raijin Yaguchi, Hideki Hosaka, and Ricky Fuji taking on Atsushi Aoki, Hikaru Sato, Ghillie Man, and the masked MUTEKI who was NOSAWA Rongai who was all coverd up. Kendo Kashin was once again the Special Referee and was again neutral and played no factor in the match as Onita would once again get the win using the Exploding Onibo this time on Ghillie Man at 10 minutes, 39 seconds to get the win. Onita would end up unmasking Ghillie Man in this match to reveal Masao Inoue for the All Japan team. Tetsuhiro Kuroda, Keiichi Sato, and HASEGAWA would defeat the team of Tomohiko Hashimoto, Kotaro Suzuki, and Noashi Sano when Sato would pin Sano at 12 minutes, 14 seconds with a Rolling Cradle. The second FMW vs. WAVE match would have a different result as Miss Mongol and Miss Kohaur this time would defeat Yumi Oka and Hiroe Nagahama at 15 minutes, 13 seconds after Mongol would use the Kanbaya C. Gosaku Goshogawara would defeat Pandita twice the first time in 24 seconds with a Lariat and then again after a restart in 5 minutes with a Chokeslam. The opening match would be an A-Team match that would have Daisaku Shimoda defeat Takumi Sakurai at 8 minutes, 22 seconds when Shimoda would use a Backdrop for the win.

Super Battle FMW's next show will take place on April 27, 2016 at the Shin-Kiba 1st Ring in Tokyo. Onita originally had stated he wanted a match of himself teaming with Miss Mongol against Mongol's husband Samurai TV's Battle Men (recap show of all promotions) host Akinaga Toyomoto and a Mystery Partner in a Exploding Onibo Death Match as it has recently came out that Toyomoto was seeing another woman on the side as Mongol being able to hit Toyomoto with an explosion as revenge would help save their marriage. Toyomoto a very skinny man who is not a wrestler most likely turned down this idea. The main event instead will be the far less interesting match of Onita continuing his feud with All Japan as he will team up with Raijin Yaguchi and Hideki Hosaka against the team of the recently unmasked Masao Inoue, Chicken Suwama who most likely will not actually be Suwama as Onita had nicknamed him Chicken Suwama recently for not having a match with him, and a Mystery Partner in a Scramble Bunkhouse Exploding Onibo Death Match. Shin-Kiba does not allow explosions inside the building so the explosions with the Onibo will be taking place outside the building in the small parking lot. The other matches will be Tetsuhiro Kuroda, Kotaro Suzuki, and HASEGAWA against Ricky Fuji, Keiichi Sato, and Naoshi Sano. A FMW Women's Match. Wild Seven will defend his Latin American Title against Kenichiro Arai. Daisaku Shimoda will team up with Kenichii Fuji against Gosaku Goshogawara and The Shocker. The opening match will have Wild Bear and Shoji "Wild" Ono against Raiden and Tomoryu. This show will most likely not be able to draw very well compared to the previous shows this year. 

Super Battle FMW will not run any show in Tokyo for May instead they will have a three show tour in Hokkaido which is being promoted as Atsushi Onita's last. The first show will take place in Asahikawa a the Taisei Citizen Center on May 16th, they will then run at the Hakodate Distribution Hall on May 17th, and then at the Sapporo Susukino Mars Gym on May 19th. They will then return to Tokyo at the Shinjuku FACE for June 8th which will be the first time they are running at the Shinjuku FACE in 21 months when they ran back in September 2015. 

It was announced that Atsushi Onita's dream of having an Exploding Death Match would finally be taking place in America. Onita who 20 years ago went to WWF Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut and asked Vince McMahon if he could set this dream up. McMahon agreed to it and then nothing ever was followed up with it. Onita then later that year went to Paul Heyman in late 1997 to have a match in Philadelphia which Heyman wanted to happen but the cost of the match made it never a realistic possibility. Onita then went to XPW in 2000 in Los Angeles to have the match and Rob Black was never going to be able to actually have the match take place. CZW wrestler Matt Tremont who has grown up as an Onita fan has been calling out Onita for the past year so that he could have this Dream Match. Onita accepted if Tremont could come through and allow Onita to finally have his Exploding Death Match in America. The match was officially made for August 5th with Onita facing off against Tremont in CZW on August 5, 2017. The building has not been made official yet though. Onita is under the impression the match will take place in Philadelphia but that is not the case. Tremont is currently working on permits to allow a No Rope Exploding Barbed wire Death Match to take place. Tremont is working with the two regular CZW locations in Vorhees, New Jersey at the Skate Center which I can not imagine that type of match taking place in that building or Townsend, Delaware at the Ultraviolent Underground which is outside and more a likely possibility.

FREEDOMS returned to Osaka at the Hirano Ward Hall on April 2, 2017 drawing an announced crowd of 252 fans for the show. The main event had Daisuke Masaoka and Kenji Fukimoto defeat the team of Jun Kasai and Takashi Sasaki when Fukimoto used his Package Piledriver to get the win at 18 minutes, 40 seconds over Sasaki. Fukimoto would challenge Masaoka for his King of Freedom World Title after the match for their next Korakuen Hall show on May 2nd with Masaoka accepting. Mammoth Sasaki, Toru Sugiura, and MIYAWAKI would defeat Yuya Susumu, HAYATA, and Naoki Tanizaki when Mammoth would finish off HAYATA at 19 minutes, 6 seconds with the 29 Years Old. Takashi Sasaki would come to the ring afterwards and challenge Mammoth Sasaki to a King of Freedom Tag Team Title Match with Sasaki and Sugiura defending against Sasaki and GENTARO the following week on April 8th in Yokohama with Mammoth accepting. The Kubota brothers Yasu and Hide would defeat GENTARO and Keita Yano when Yasu would use the Gedo Clutch at 13 minutes, 33 seconds to pick up the pinfall over Yano. Onryo and Rapid would defeat Kenichiro Arai and Dyna Mido when Onryo would his Onryo Clutch at 9 minutes, 50 seconds for the win over Mido. The women's match on the show would have Mochi Miyagi and Rina Yamashita defeat Drake Morimatsu and Maya Yukihi when Miyagi would pin Yukihi at 10 minutes, 21 seconds with the Metabolic Sand. The opening match would have Yuki Tanaka defeat Dragon Libre at 8 minutes, 23 seconds with the Hirakata Cutter. 

FREEDOMS ran at the Yokohama Nigiwaiza on April 8, 2017 drawing an announced crowd of 116 fans. 21 year old FREEDOMS referee Kaisei Shimizu was promoting the show but strangely vanished prior to the show starting and has not been seen or heard from by any member of the FREEDOMS promotion since. The main event was Mammoth Sasaki and Toru Sugiura defending their King of Freedom Tag Team Titles against Takashi Sasaki and GENTARO for the first time when 18 minutes into the match Mammoth would use a La Magistral on GENTARO for the pinfall. Daisuke Masaoka would go up against Yuya Susumu and the match would end at 16 minutes, 38 seconds at a Draw when they would Double KO each other. Kengo Mashimo would would defeat Dragon Libre at 11 minutes, 18 seconds when Mashimo would use the Mudo for the pinfall over Libre. Jun Kasai would defeat Fuminori Abe at 10 minutes, 44 seconds with a Pearl Harbor Splash and the opening match would have Shuji Ishikawa defeat Chikara at 7 minutes with a Running Knee Lift for the pin.

FREEDOMS returned to Shin-Kiba 1st Ring in Tokyo on April 16, 2017 drawing 253 fans for the show. FREEDOMS as of 2017 has stopped releasing DVD's of their Shin-Kiba shows and instead are uploading the shows to their Mobile Fan Club which you can only watch the shows in Japan on a Mobile device now. This effects me receiving DVD's from FREEDOMS and getting them out to the public as the DVD company that releases the videos have been super easy in purchasing videos from them the past 4 years and I will now only be able to get in Korakuen Hall shows and shows outside of Tokyo that they release. The main event of the show saw Daisuke Masaoka and Yuko Miyamoto defeat Jun Kasai and Kenji Fukimoto in a Fluorescent Light Tubes Death Match when Masaoka would pin his upcoming challenger Fukimoto at 18 minutes, 12 seconds with a School Boy for the win. Isami Kodaka and Yuya Susumu defeated GENTARO and Kenichiro Arai after Susumu would make GENTARO tap out at 16 minutes, 34 seconds to a Cross Armbreaker. Susumu would challenge GENTARO after the match for his UWA Jr. Heavyweight Title for the May 2nd show with GENTARO accepting. Takashi Sasaki, Masashi Takeda, and Kazma Sakamoto would defeat the team of Mammoth Sasaki, Toru Sugiura, and Ryuichi Sekine at 14 minutes, 14 seconds when Takeda would use the Reverse U-Crash on Sugiura for the win. Brahman Shu and Kei defeated Mitsuo Momota and Dragon Libre when Kei would pin Libre at 9 minutes, 22 seconds with the Furuerushita. Chikara would defeat Karate Brahman # 3 which would turn out to be Atsushi Maruyama at 6 minutes, 38 seconds after the referee would stop the match after Chikara would deliver multiple Saber Chops while Maruyama was on the mat. The opening match would have Ryuichi Sekine as Karate Brahman # 2 face off against Tanomusaku Toba which would end at 8 minutes, 28 seconds after going to a No Contest.

FREEDOMS will hold their annual May 2nd show at Korakuen Hall with a main event of Daisuke Masaoka putting up his King of Freedom World Championship in a 4 Corners of Pain Death Match. Mammoth Sasaki and Toru Sugiura will up their King of Freedom Tag Team Titles in a Three Way Hardcore Match against Jun Kasai and Masashi Takeda as well as Takashi Sasaki and Shuji Ishikawa. Violento Jack will return to the promotion for the first time since losing his King of Freedom World Title back on December 26th as he will team up with Minoru Fujita against Yuko Miyamoto and Kazma Sakamoto. GENTARO puts up his UWA Jr. Heavyweight Title against Yuya Susumu. Karate Brahman will team up with Ryuichi Sekine as Karate Brahman # 2 and the new Brahman names of Buddha Brahman and Muay Thai Brahman as they will take on the team of Mitsuo Momota, Isami Kodaka, Kenichiro Arai, and Chikara in a Single Elimination Match. The opening match will be the last of Dragon Libre's Trial Series as he will face off against Takashi Sasaki.

FREEDOMS will also hold their annual show at the Yokohama Radiant Hall for their Golden Week Series on May 4, 2017. The main event of this match will be Daisuke Masaoka, Takashi Sasaki, and Violento Jack against the Unchain team of Jun Kasai, Masashi Takeda, and Kenji Fukimoto. Toru Sugiura will go up against Yuko Miyamoto in a singles match. Mammoth Sasaki will finally face off against Kazma Sakamoto which has been building since the beginning of the year. GENTARO will team up with Ice Ribbon's Maruko Nagasaki against Yuya Susumu and Ice Ribbon's Hamako Hoshi in a mixed tag team match. Kenichiro Arai and Minoru Fujita will take on Mystery Partners and Onryo will open the show against a Mystery Opponent.

The off shoot promotion of the Apache Army promotion that shut down following Kintaro Kanemura's retirement at the end of 2016 resulted in the A-Team promotion being created. The promotion is ran by Tomohiko Hashimoto which the Apache Army the last 6 years was actually ran by as well as HASEGAWA who is able to help finance the promotion as he is very wealthy person. Their debut show took place on April 16, 2017 at the Tokyo Kitasenju Theater 1010 announcing a sell out crowd of 140 fans for the show. Every match on the show was sponsored by a company to show that they are looking for as much money as they can starting off. The main event saw Tomohiko Hashimoto become a 6 time WEW Tag Team Champion as he teamed with Masashi Takeda to defeat Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Tatsuhito Takaiwa when Hashimoto made Kuroda tap out at 13 minutes, 40 seconds to a Crossface in a WEW Tag Team Title match. Kuroda will not be a member of this promotion like he was the Apache Army as he is now a freelancer and Takaiwa has now officially joined ZERO1 so they were going to take the belts off them as soon as possible. This promotion will have FREEDOMS participation unlike the Apache Army which could not due to the past issues with Kanemura. Jun Kasai would defeat HASEGAWA at 15 minutes, 38 seconds in a Barbed wire Board Table Death Match where Kasai would destroy and bloody HASEGAWA before delivering a Balcony Dive and sending HASEGAWA through the table for the win. Tatsuo Nakana would easily defeat Daisaku Shimoda at 3 minutes, 50 seconds with an STF. LEONA and Yosuke Enomoto would defeat Rion Mizuki and Keiichi Sato when Enomoto would finish off Mizuki at 13 minutes, 30 seconds with a High Kick. The DDT team of Hoshitango and Tomomitsu Matsunaga would defeat the A-Team of Hazard and Toshiaki Terao at 13 minutes, 50 seconds when Hoshitango would make Terao tap out to a Crab Hold. The Blue Shark would defeat Iori Sugawara at 7 minutes, 42 seconds via Count Out. Daisuke Ikeda would win the first ever match of the promotion defeating Takumi Sakurai at 11 minutes, 59 seconds with a Dai-chan Bomber. 

I have plugged this before but I wanted to put this out here again. If you like this site you would really enjoy my Instagram I have been posting on over the last 9 months at I have posted over a thousand FMW related pictures now mostly from thousands of magazines I have picked up to post for this site. I also post pictures of the FMW merchandise I have collected over the years. The picture above is to show a majority of the FMW items I have managed to gather including the rare 12 inch Hayabusa figure released by the INSPIRE company back in 1999. I also list a back story if needed with each picture as well as pictures of me meeting up with certain wrestlers while on my trips to Japan. 

Super Battle FMW 4/27/17
Tokyo Shin-Kiba 1st Ring

Atsushi Onita & Raijin Yaguchi & Hideki Hosaka vs. Masao Inoue & Chicken Suwama & Mystery Partner *Scramble Bunkhouse Exploding Onibo Death Match*
Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Kotaro Suzuki & HASEGAWA vs. Ricky Fuji & Keiichi Sato & Naoshi Sano
FMW Women's Match
Wild Seven vs. Kenichiro Arai *Latin American Title Match*
Daisaku Shimoda & Kenichi Fujii vs. Gosaku Goshogawara & The Shocker
Wild Bear & Shoji Ono vs. Raiden & Tomoryu

Big Japan 4/28/17
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

Abdullah Kobayashi & Ryuji Ito vs. Masaya Takahashi & Takayuki Ueki *Death Match*
Hideki Suzuki & Yoshihisa Uto & Takuya Nomura vs. Ryuichi Kawakami & Daichi Hashimoto & Hideyoshi Kamitani
Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi vs. Ryota Hama & Yasufumi Nakanoue
Yuko Miyamoto & Isami Kodaka vs. Kenji Fukimoto & Toshiyuki Sakuda
Great Kojika & Kankuro Hoshino & Minoru Fujita vs. Jaki Numazawa & Masashi Takeda & Takumi Tsukamoto
Hercules Senga & Tsutomu Oosugi & Shinobu vs. Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei & Ryuichi Sekine
Tatsuhiko Yoshino & Kazumi Kikuta vs. Kazuki Hashimoto & Yuya Aoki

Fire Pro-Wrestling 4/30/17
Hiroshima Marina Hop

Atsushi Onita & Hideki Hosaka & Takeshi Okada vs. Raijin Yaguchi & Mayo-gun # 2 & Devil Magician *Exploding Barbed wire Baseball Bat Death Match*

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

Daisuke Masaoka vs. Kenji Fukimoto *King of Freedom World Championship 4 Corners of Pain Death Match*
Mammoth Sasaki & Toru Sugiura vs. Jun Kasai & Masashi Takeda vs. Takashi Sasaki & Shuji Ishikawa *King of Freedom Tag Team Title Three Way Hardcore Match*
Violento Jack & Minoru Fujita vs. Yuko Miyamoto & Kazma Sakamoto
GENTARO vs. Yuya Susumu *UWA Jr. Heavyweight Title Match*
Karate Brahman & Karate Brahman # 2 & Buddha Brahman & Muay Thai Brahman vs. Mitsuo Momota & Isami Kodaka & Kenichiro Arai & Chikara *Single Elimination Match*
Takashi Sasaki vs. Dragon Libre

Yokohama Radiant Hall

Daisuke Masaoka & Takashi Sasaki & Violento Jack vs. Jun Kasai & Masashi Takeda & Kenji Fukimoto *Death Match*
Yuko Miyamoto vs. Toru Sugiura
Mammoth Sasaki vs. Kazma Sakamoto
GENTARO & Maruko Nagasaki vs. Yuya Susumu & Hamako Hoshi
Kenichiro Arai & Minoru Fujita vs. Mystery Opponents
Onryo vs. Mystery Opponent

Guts World 5/5/17
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

Masked Mystery vs. Daisuke *GWC Title Match*
Dick Togo vs. Yuko Miyamoto
Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Gosaku Goshogawara vs. Kenichiro Arai & Buffalo

Big Japan 5/5/17
Yokohama Bunka Gym

Abdullah Kobayashi vs. Masaya Takahashi *BJW Death Match Title Death Match*
Hideki Suzuki vs. Yuji Okabayashi *BJW Strong Heavyweight Title Match*
Masato Tanaka & Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Hideyoshi Kamitani & Daichi Hashimoto
Kohei Sato & Shuji Ishikawa & Yoshihisa Uto vs. Ryota Hama & Ryuichi Kawakami & Yasufumi Nakanoue
Ryuji Ito & Jaki Numazawa vs. Kenji Fukimoto & Toshiyuki Sakuda
Yuko Miyamoto & Isami Kodaka vs. Masashi Takeda & Takumi Tsukamoto
Great Kojika & Minoru Fujita vs. Kankuro Hoshino & Takayuki Ueki
Kazuki Hashimoto & Tatsuhiko Yoshino & Takuya Nomura vs. Shinobu & Kazumi Kikuta & Yuya Aoki

Super Battle FMW 5/16/17
Asahikawa Hokkaido Taisei Citizen Center

Super Battle FMW 5/17/17
Hakodate Hokkaido Distribution Hall

Super Battle FMW 5/19/17
Sapporo Hokkaido Susukino Mars Gym

FREEDOMS 5/20/17
Kumamoto Shintoshin Central Hall

FREEDOMS 5/21/17
Fukuoka Kitakyushu Moji Red Brick Place

A-Team 5/21/17
Nara Company Seiwa Logistics Koryo Warehouse Special Ring

Daisaku Shimoda vs. Naoki Tanizaki *Texas Drunk Match*
TORU vs. Toshiaki Terao 
Takumi Sakurai vs. Naoshi Sano

FREEDOMS 5/24/17
Tokyo Shin-Kiba 1st Ring

Fire Pro-Wrestling 5/27/17
Gifu Graduate Plaza

Kyoto Nagaokakyo Central Lifelong Learning Center

Super Battle FMW 6/8/17
Tokyo Shinjuku FACE

FREEDOMS 6/22/17
Tokyo Shin-Kiba 1st Ring

FREEDOMS 6/25/17
Iwate Ichinoseki Central Gym

Okinawa Kadena Dome

Jun Kasai Productions 7/5/17
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

Jun Kasai Productions 7/9/17
Nagoya Nakamura Sports Center Stadium # 2

Jun Kasai Productions 7/17/17
Hiroshima Industry Center East Hall

Big Japan 7/17/17
Tokyo Ryogoku Sumo Hall

Jun Kasai Productions 7/30/17
Osaka Tsurumi Green Forest Hana Exhibition Park

Takashi Sasaki Productions 8/5/17
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

Jun Kasai Productions 8/11/17
Tokyo Shin-Kiba 1st Ring

Jun Kasai Productions 8/27/17
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

FREEDOMS 9/28/17
Tokyo Shin-Kiba 1st Ring

FREEDOMS 10/26/17
Tokyo Shin-Kiba 1st Ring

I have gathered all the results of matches from shows in 2017 that have had FREEDOMS as well as former FMW/WMF/Apache Army wrestlers working in them and will continue to update it for the rest of the year. It can be found at (Last updated: 4/21)

Added: 3/26

Super Battle FMW ran their Hayabusa 1st Year Memorial show on March 22, 2017 at the Tokyo Shin-Kiba 1st Ring drawing an announced crowd of 300 fans for the show. Based on pictures of the building that seems close to legitimate as most of the building was packed. There was a video screen by the entrance ramp where they showed pictures of Hayabusa before the show but I did not see anything about it being used after the show started. There was also a table set up with a framed picture of Hayabusa with fans allowed to place flowers by the picture. 

The main event which was seen as a fitting tribute to Hayabusa as 6 of the 8 participants in the match were FMW wrestlers. Atsushi Onita, Mammoth Sasaki making his second appearance for the promotion, Hideki Hosaka, and Ricky Fuji defeated Mr. Gannosuke, Tetsuhiro Kuroda, Raijin Yaguchi, and Tomohiko Hashimoto in a Bunkhouse Barbed wire Board Death Match. Onita would piledrive Kuroda through the table early on but Gannosuke and Yaguchi would grab Onita and throw him into the barbed wire board and then both charge at him while stuck in the barbed wire. Gannosuke would grab a guitar and smash it over Onita's head an cover him with Hosaka making the save. Gannosuke would then go for the Praying Powerbomb on Ricky but Onita would make the save by spraying red mist in Gannosuke's face with Gannosuke screaming it as it had poisoned his eyes. Onita would grab a chair and smash it over Gannosuke's head and cover him but Hashimoto would make the save. Gannosuke would grab a barbed wire baseball and slam it across Onita's chest and cover him but Onita would manage to kick out. Kuroda would then grab the barbed wire bat and as he went to swing it he would be met by red mist to the face from Onita with Hosaka coming in and delivering a Death Valley Bomb followed by Mammoth hitting Kuroda with a Falcon Arrow. Mammoth would then smash a piece of the table over Kuroda's head and Onita would deliver a Back Drop to get the pin at 8 minutes, 55 seconds over Kuroda for the win. 

After the match, Onita would get on the mic and begin to scream before going over to Gannosuke and pouring water over his head as the two would embrace ending their hostile relationship with one another. Atsushi Onita and Mr. Gannosuke the characters have not gotten along since December 1997 when Gannosuke turned on Onita following a War Games Match where he started up Team No Respect with Kanemura and Hido. Gannosuke feuded with Onita again in WMF in 2003 but before Onita would wrestle for the first time for the promotion he would cancel at the last minute due to an emergency political meeting he had as a member of the Japanese Diet. They would not interact again until December 31, 2014 shortly after Gannosuke's come back where he would be booked in a six man tag match against Onita and once again in March 2015. There was real life heat between the two in 1998 but that was the case with all the FMW wrestlers and Atsushi Onita as nobody in the company liked how Onita had came back and was politically trying to get his way to take back his spot as the top guy in FMW over Hayabusa. All the FMW wrestlers united and told Onita that he wanted he would need to leave the FMW. Onita got on the mic and stated he and Gannosuke are now friends and that he wished Hayabusa was there right now to celebrate with everyone before screaming Hayabusa Forever! 1, 2, 3 Fire! with all the wrestlers pointing their fingers up in the sky with some like Gannosuke pointing up to Hayabusa in heaven. 

Mr. Gannosuke did an interview afterwards about how would not have worked the Super Battle FMW show if it was not a Hayabusa Memorial show. Gannosuke stated that he and Hayabusa had a conflicted past with Onita but he feels Hayabusa called him to return back to the company with the FMW name and end all the conflict that they had with Onita. The old FMW company is what made Hayabusa and Gannosuke professional wrestlers and FMW back then was Onita so he respects Onita for being the reason that he could get into the business. Gannosuke stated that that FMW was a great company but now everyone from it is in their 40's and some like him are about to be in their 50's with some like Kanemura already having retired that the wrestlers that carry the FMW name won't be able to that much longer so he was glad that he could do this now and wrestle in memory of Hayabusa. Gannosuke stated that there was no reason for him to not return to the promotion and he does not know if this now means that he and Onita will now partner. Gannosuke has since agreed to participate at the Super Battle FMW show on April 27th at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring.

Other matches on the Super Battle FMW show saw HASEGAWA and Konami defeat Miss Mongol and Shocker when HASEGAWA picked up the win at 8 minutes, 28 seconds with a Diving Footstomp on Shocker. Wild Seven defended his Latin American Title for the seventh time after defeating low level indie wrestler Kancho Nagase at 11 minutes, 32 seconds in a Chain Death Match via TKO after a towel was thrown after Nagase was getting choked over the top rope with the chain. Naoshi Sano, Raiden, and Tomoryu defeated Katsunari Toi, Masahiro Sase, and Toshiaki Terao when Raiden got the pinfall at 13 minutes, 21 seconds over Terao with a Diving Body Press. Gosaku Goshogawara debut his new Fritz Von Gosaku gimmick and defeated Pandita and Kenichi Fujii when Gosaku used the claw on Pandita and Fujii at 3 minutes, 56 seconds when he had the Iron Claw on both of them. Kotaro Suzuki opened the show by defeating Keiichi Sato at 7 minutes, 57 seconds with the Blue Destiny for the win. Ray did not appear on this show despite being announced for it the previous month to give an update on her health.

Atsushi Onita before the Shin-Kiba 1st Ring show sat down for an interview with Yahoo Sports. Onita brought up that Atsushi Aoki and Hikaru Sato of All Japan are going to appear in the main event of Super Battle FMW's two shows on April 13th and April 14th in six man tags but the third partner has not been announced. Onita stated he has requested that Suwama be their partner and if he does not appear on the shows it will be appear that he is a chicken and is afraid of Onita. Onita then spoke about his upcoming retirement. Onita stated that as of right now there is no opponent and no venue announced for the show. Onita wants the show to take place on his birthday on October 25th when he turns 60 but he is open to it being around that day. He stated he wants the show to take place at Kawasaki Stadium and he spoke with the administration of the building there and he came out of the conversation thinking the odds of him being able to rent that building out were not good. Onita stated that was okay though as he could look for other outdoor venues area in Tokyo or Kanagawa (Kawasaki, Yokohama) but he was going to need to research urgently with just seven months left. Onita also stated there is no opponent announced as the two main candidates have been Naoya Ogawa and Satoru Sayama. Onita stated that when Genichiro Tenryu announced his retirement in 2015 there was no venue announced until late June with the show taking place in November and no opponent announced until September so he still has time but very little of it. Onita ended the interview by stating that there would be no come back this time and that he can see the light at the end of the labyrinth (maze).

Atsushi Onita will appear for the Apple Star promotion on March 19, 2017 at the Shin-Kiba 1st Ring where he would team up with Hideki Hosaka, Ricky Fuji, and HASEGAWA as they would take on Akane Watase who is a female that Onita has been feuding with since last year in the promotion along with Raijin Yaguchi, Masahiro Sase, Kushinbo Kamen, and Keiicho Sato in a Barbed wire Board Exploding Coffin Demon Stick Death Match with the winner being the one to place someone in the coffin and then pressing a button to have the coffin explode. Onita would piledrive Kamen through a table early on the match but Onita would be met with red mist to the face sprayed at him by Yaguchi. They would then take Onita outside of the building and Wakane with Yaguchi helping her would swing the exploding barbed wire baseball bat at Onita's chest. They would bring him back in the ring and Yaguchi would hold Onita with Wakane charging at him but Onita would spray red mist in her face and then throw her gingerly into the barbed wire board. Onita and Hosaka would then place her in the coffin and Onita would set the alarm that would result in the coffin exploding officially ending the match and giving the win to Onita at 12 minutes, 1 second. Onita and Yaguchi would help her out of the coffin but Wakane would begin screaming at Onita letting him know that their feud was not over.

FREEDOMS returned to the Shin-Kiba 1st Ring in Tokyo on March 2, 2017 drawing 217 fans for the show. Daisuke Masaoka, Takashi Sasaki, and Yuko Miyamoto defeated the Unchain team of Jun Kasai, Masashi Takeda, and Kenji Fukimoto in a Fluorescent Light Tubes Death Match when Miyamoto pinned Fukimoto at 16 minutes, 2 seconds when Miyamoto countered a Dragon Screw for the win. Mammoth Sasaki and Toru Sugiura earned a shot at the King of Freedom Tag Team Titles after defeating the former champions Yuya Susumu and HAYATA when Mammoth pinned Susumu at 16 minutes, 55 seconds after getting the win with the 29 Years Old. Koji Nakagawa retuned to FREEDOMS for the first time since May 2, 2010 as his GOEMON persona teaming up with Onryo as they defeated the GENTARO and Kenichiro Arai after Onryo got the win at 13 minutes, 24 seconds with a Onryo Clutch. Ryuichi Sekine as Karate Brahman # 2 defeated Chikara at 5 minutes, 46 seconds when scored the win at 5 minutes, 46 seconds with a Ryukiri with Karate Brahman in his corner. The opening match was the 3rd Trial Series for Dragon Libre as he lost to Atsushi Maruyama at 5 minutes, 37 seconds with a Tiger Suplex.

FREEDOMS held a special outside show on March 20, 2017 in Tokyo at the Kotoku Nanshan Topirek Plaza Parking with the main event of the show Yuya Susumu teaming up with a special mask wrestler representing the area they were fighting at in Topirek Mask as he teamed with Yuya Susumu as they went on to defeat Masamune and Black Topirek the evil rival of Topirek Mask at 11 minutes, 42 when Topirek Mask pinned Black Topirek with the Topirek Splash. Takashi Sasaki and Chikara defeated the team of Mammoth Sasaki and Dragon Libre after Chikara picked up the win over Libre at 8 minutes, 59 seconds with a Saber Chop off the top turnbuckle. The opening match was a WAVE Offer Match with Asuka defeating Hiroe Nagahama at 8 minutes, 15 seconds after delivering a Moonsault Press on her for the win.

FREEDOMS held their annual March show at Korakuen Hall on March 23, 2017 drawing an announced 738 fans for the show. The main event was a rematch from two years earlier where Masashi Takeda defended his King of Freedom Title against Daisuke Masaoka in a Death Match that put Masaoka on the map as a top guy for the promotion. Masaoka would get his shot at revenge against Takeda in a Fluorescent Light Tubes Thumbtacks covered Glass Board Death Match. Masaoka would set up a table of cut up cans and attempt a hurricanrana to Takeda through it but Takeda would counter and instead powerbomb Masaoka through it. Takeda would then set up the thumb tacked covered glass board and attempt to suplex Masaoka off the top turnbuckle but Masaoka would counter himself and deliver a hurricanrana sending Takeda through the thumb tack covered glass board. Masaoka would manage to deliver a powerbomb off the top turnbuckle on to Takeda and then finish him off with the Rokkura Kai to came away with the victory  at 16 minutes, 11 seconds to successfully defend his title for the first time. Takeda got on the mic and stated that he now accepts Masaoka as champion as he really proved himself in the match that was a fit to be champion. GENTARO would successfully defend his UWA Jr. Heavyweight Title against Yuko Miyamoto for a second time after GENTARO would deliver 3 Back Drops to Miyamoto with Miyamoto would managing to kick out and come back with a standing moonsault using his knees to GENTARO. Miyamoto would then set up for a Fire Thunder but GENTARO would roll him up for the win with a the cradle at 18 minutes, 4 seconds over Miyamoto who wore traditional trunks for the mat based match. 

Mammoth Sasaki won his first title in 5 years along with Toru Sugiura as they defeated the King of Freedom Tag Team Champions Brahman Shu and Kei. Brahman Brothers would work on Sugiura's knee that was taped up. They would hit it with a kendo stick as well as do their bowling ball spot but instead of the groin would toss it into Sugiura's knee. They would blown Indian ink in his face but as Mammoth would go to make the save for Sugiura the other Brahman Brother would charge at Mammoth with a street sign but accidentally hit his brother with it instead allowing Sugiura to come in and hit the Swift Driver for the win at 16 minutes, 1 seconds after pinning Kei with the Swift Driver for the title win. Takashi Sasaki and Shuji Ishikawa teamed up to defeat the Unchain team of Jun Kasai and Kenji Fukimoto in a Street Fight Style Hardcore Match with all four wrestlers dressed in a very nice street clothes for the fight with Sasaki picking up the win at 11 minutes, 37 seconds with a Michinoku Driver II on a baby stroller that Fukimoto brought to the match. Yuya Susumu and Kazma Sakamoto defeated Kenichiro Arai and Chikara when Yuya used the Modified Falcon Arrow to get the pinfall at 10 minutes, 41 seconds over Arai. The opening match saw Tatsuhito Takaiwa defeat Dragon Libre in Libre's 4th Trial Series Match at 7 minutes, 37 seconds after Takaiwa put away Libre with a Death Valley Bomb.

Daisuke Masaoka and Takashi Sasaki following the FREEDOMS show at Korakuen Hall got on a plane and went to Mexico on March 24th where they participated at a DTU show in in Pachuca De Soto, Hidalgo at Arena La Aficion where Daisuke Masaoka defended his King of Freedom Championship for the second time in two days as he defeated Cyclope at 15 minutes, 47 seconds with the Rokura Kai with a Fluorescent Light Tube for the win. Takashi Sasaki teamed with DTU's Ovett to defeat Violento Jack and Miedo Extremo at 16 minutes, 23 seconds in a Fluorescent Light Tubes Death Match with a Right Foot Kick to a Fluorescent Light Tube against Extremo's head.

Mr. Gannosuke promoted his Kishindo Returns 21 show on March 7, 2017 at the Shin-Kiba 1st Ring drawing an announced crowd of 312 fans which is a very good number. The main event saw Gannosuke continue to put over the younger wrestlers that he helped work with 10 years in WMF as Isami Kodaka defeated him at 22 minutes, 33 seconds in the main event with the Isami-ashi-zan as Gannosuke and Kodaka hugged and celebrated following the show. Yuko Miyamoto defeated Buffalo at 10 minutes, 36 seconds with a Moonsault Press. Jun Kasai went up against Magnitude Kishiwada with at first the match being stopped at 2 minutes, 30 seconds after both were counted out. The match restarted and went another 7 minutes, 19 seconds before Kasai was DQ'd for ripping off Kishiwada's mask. KAI defeated Atsushi Maruyama at 15 minutes, 21 seconds after using the Gannosuke Clutch that Gannosuke taught him last year on how to perform. Yasu Urano defeated Konaka Pale One at 10 minutes, 46 seconds after getting the pinfall. Mineo Fujita scored the win over Big Japan's Tatsuhiko Yoshino at 11 minutes, 13 seconds after delievering a Footstomp to the groin for the win. Papillon Akemi and Koharu Hinata opened the show defeating Milo Hadacaras and Micro when Hinara pinned Hadacaras at 7 minutes, 25 seconds after Hinata used a High Kick to get the win over Hadacaras. 

Mr. Gannosuke, Guts Ishijima, and CHANGO challenged for the GWC 6 Man Tag Team Titles at Guts World's Shinjuku FACE show on March 19, 2017 against the champion team of Dick Togo, Masao Orihara, and Ryan Upin who they have been feuding with for months. Gannosuke and Togo would square off against one another in the match and despite Gannosuke hitting Togo with a Falcon Arrow he would end up getting caught in the Crossface and be forced to submit for the loss at 23 minutes, 13 seconds as the Far East Connection would successfully defend their titles for the second time. Orihara afterwards proclaimed that their feud was over now but Gannosuke would grab the mic and challenge Dick Togo to a singles match on May 5th at Korakuen Hall. Togo would accept and all six wrestlers would begin brawling with one another. The match between Gannosuke and Togo has been in the works since last year as they will get time to have a great match between two veterans that are on their second stints of their careers. Gannosuke's next match in Guts World will be April 11th at the Shin-Kiba 1st Ring against Kushinbo Kamen. 

March 3rd marked one year of Hayabusa's passing. His death just like his life made a huge mark in my life. He is the reason that I started this website over 18 years ago as the first two things that made this site were FMW results and a Hayabusa Biography. He is the person that really made me love FMW and have the passion to defend what everyone else was criticizing it. His death is also what sparked something into me that made me spend countless hours over a month updating his biography to include his life story as well as a career music video. It also has gotten me into collecting everything I can of his from his personal worn white jacket to every figure made of him that I come across including the very rare 12 inch INSPIRE Hayabusa figure. It also has given me the preliminary thoughts of going to Kumamoto this Summer and visiting his mothers hotel where she has created a shrine for her son. No matter how much time goes by since his death there will always be a passion inside of me because of him to try and give the best way for people to learn more about Hayabusa and FMW which is what this website has always been about. 

Added: 2/28

Super Battle FMW returned at the Shin-Kiba 1st Ring on February 24, 2017 drawing an announced crowd of 300 fans with the main event between Atsushi Onita and The Great Sasuke in their fourth and final match between the two in a Lumberjack Death Match. The Lumberjacks were decided by a lottery as Hideki Hosaka, Raijin Yaguchi, and Tomohiko Hashimoto were put on Onita's side and Black Tiger VII, Ricky Fuji, and Pandita were put on Sasuke's side. FMW's Lumberjack Death Match have always been different than a regular Lumberjack as instead of the wrestlers out there to throw the wrestler back in the ring they are out there specifically to help out the side they are on. Despite being picked for Onita's side both Yaguchi and Hashimoto would attack Hideki Hosaka and then go after Onita early on in the match and with the help of Black Tiger VII set up a barbed wire board across two chairs and deliver a Double Chokeslam to Onita through the barbed wire board. Sasuke would climb the top rope and attempt a senton off the top turnbuckle but Onita would move out of the way and Sasuke would end up flying into the barbed wire board.  Onita would then bring in a trash can of weapons before dropping all the weapons out and placing the trash can over Sasuke's head and smashing it with a barbed wire baseball bat and would then grab a guitar and smash it over Sasuke's head before finally finishing off Sasuke at 15 minutes, 53 seconds with a Backdrop on to the weapons and would get the pinfall and win their series 3-1. Onita would grab the mic and thank Sasuke and tell him that he would never forget him. Onita would then bring up that his next All Japan match will take place on March 12th and that his tag team partner Masa Fuchi is ill and will be unable to wrestle on the show and that he would be bringing back The Great Nita in his tag match against Suwama on this show as Onita, Sasuke, and the other Super Battle FMW wrestlers would celebrate in the ring to end the show.

Atsushi Onita before his match came out with a picture of Chavo Guerrero, Sr. from this past August who died back on February 11, 2017 for a 10 bell memoriam salute for his rival and friend. Guerrero who died at 68 due to liver cancer feuded with Onita going back to March 7, 1982 when Onita defeated Guerrero for the  NWA International Jr. Heavyweight Title and after congratulating Onita for the win, Guerrero would attack Onita and then begin smashing the trophy that Onita had been rewarded. They teamed up together back on August 26, 2016 to put and end to their 24 year feud and despite Kendo Kashin attacking Guerrero with a trophy and then having Guerrero believe it was Onita that had done it resulting in Guerrero once again attacking Onita with one they would end up making peace after the match with Onita handing him the trophy as a peace offering to finally make it good with one another just 6 months before Guerrero would pass away.

Other matches for the Super Battle FMW show would have Hideki Hosaka, NOSAWA Rongai going as Black Tiger VII, and Kenichi Fujii defeating Raijin Yaguchi, Tomohiko Hashimoto, and Shocker # 1 when Hosaka would pin Shocker at 10 minutes, 52 seconds with a Death Valley Bomb. The FMW team of Ricky Fuji, Gosaku Goshogawara, and The Shooter would defeat the former Apache Army team of Tetsuhiro Kuroda, HASEGAWA, and Takumi Sakurai when Ricky would pinned Sakurai at 13 minutes, 44 seconds with a 9999 DDT. Miss Mongol and Kaori Yoneyama as Yone Mongol would defeat Kagetsu and Miss Koharu when Mongol would pin Koharu at 11 minutes, 40 seconds with a Kanbaya C. The Wild Army consisting of Wild Bear, Wild Seven, and Wild Dragon would defeat the team of Tomoryu, Raiden, and Pandita when Seven would get the win at 11 minutes, 4 seconds over Pandita with a Diving Body Press. The opening match would have Naoshi Sano defeat Toshiaki Terao at 7 minutes, 41 seconds after making him submit to a Single Leg Crab.

Super Battle FMW Commissioner Kaoru Izumi announced that Ray would be appearing at next months show on March 22nd. Ray who is still going through treatment for a malignant brain tumor has not been at any shows the last couple of months and will appear at the March 22nd show when the weather is warmer.

Super Battle FMW will return to the Shin-Kiba 1st Ring on March 22, 2017 as the show will be promoted as the 1 Year Hayabusa Memorial show. No matches have been announced yet although Mammoth Sasaki has been booked for this show. Super Battle FMW will then return for a small tour on April 13, 2017 at the Aomori Hirosaki City Kawanishi Sports Center and then on April 14, 2017 at the Aomori Hamanasu Hall which is where they toured last year at this time and had successful shows. They will then go back to Shin-Kiba 1st Ring on April 27th as all the talk this time last year about holding a May 5th show at Kawasaki Stadium looks like a faded dream at this point for the promotion. 

Atsushi Onita after winning an Exploding Barbed wire Royal Rumble back on January 22nd earned himself another shot at Masakatsu Funaki's Super Fireworks Title. Onita who lost the belt back on July 24th in Osaka and suffered a broken right arm during the match as well look to finally get his revenge after waiting over 7 months. Onita would early on spit red mist in Funaki's face but Funaki would come back with a chair attack on Onita and then turn on the Exploding Barbed wire Baseball Bat and smash it across Onita's body for the huge explosion but Onita would manage to kick out at two. Funaki would begin kicking Onita repeatedly but Onita eventually managing to dodge one and spit red mist again in Funaki's face before delivering a Back drop and then using the Barbed wire Baseball Bat himself on Funaki to get the win at 10 minutes, 10 seconds to win the title for the third time. The Voodoo Murderers along with Masato Tanaka who turned heel and joined the group back on February 19th rushed the ring and began attacking Onita. Funaki would make the save for Onita and begin kicking Tanaka and the rest of the Voodoo Murderers to clear of the ring. Onita would go over to Funaki for his gesture and the two would shake hands and then hug officially ending the FMW vs. UWF feud one year to the day that Onita had declare war at a Super Battle FMW show at Korakuen Hall after the UWF team had came out after a match of his and attacked him. 

Onita after his match visited a clinic in Tokyo due to the pain he was suffering in his arm. They did x rays to reveal a crack under the plate that was put in back in July following Funaki breaking his right arm. Onita visited orthopedic surgeon as a result and learned that he will need to put a cast on his arm again and it will take 4 weeks to recover but Onita has already stated that he would not be missing any shows no matter what.

Atsushi Onita and Masakatsu Funaki met at the ZERO1 Dojo in Minato-ku, Tokyo where they announced that FMW and UWF would be teaming together for the first time on March 5, 2017 in Nagoya. Onita stated that although FMW and UWF go together like water and oil that he had always thought a tag team between him and Funaki would be the strongest and craziest tag team. They will challenge the team of Masato Tanaka and TARU in a Exploding Barbed wire Baseball Bat Death Match. TARU would respond that the match would only take place if the Super Fireworks Title was put on the line during the match with Onita accepting. The winner of the pinfall will end up being the new Super Fireworks Champion. 

FREEDOMS ran at the Osaka Moriguchi Citizen Gym on January 29, 2017 drawing an announced crowd of 430 fans for the show. Daisuke Masaoka and Jun Kasai teamed up to take on the team of Mammoth Sasaki and Toru Sugiura in a Hardcore Match with Masaoka picking up the win at 18 minutes, 1 seconds after finishing off Sugiura with a Rokura off the top turnbuckle. Yuya Susumu and HAYATA defended their King of Freedom Tag Team Titles against Takashi Sasaki and Dyna Mido when Yuya hooked on an Arm Breaker to make Mido submit at 16 minutes, 51 seconds for Susumu and HAYATA's fourth successful tag team title defense. Kamui made his return after 9 months with his Mystery Opponent turning out to be Daisuke Masaoka who made short work of Kamui before defeating him at 6 minutes, 23 seconds with the Trans Rave. Kamui has not been booked for any show since so it looks like he was not fully healed prior to this match. The Osaka team of Masamune, MIYAWAKI, and Hide Kubota defeated Masashi Takeda, Kenji Fukimoto, and AK when Masamune scored the win over AK at 14 minutes, 38 with the Honebami. Drake Morimatsu & Kuishinbo Kamen defeated Takoyakida & Midori Idea when Morimatsu pinned Idea at 12 minutes, 48 seconds with the Drake Driver. Brahman Shu and Brahman Kei defeated Yuko Miyamoto and Konaka Pale One after Kei pinned Konaka at 11 minutes, 24 seconds with the Five Body Dissatisfaction. GENTARO and Yuki Tanaka defeated Fuminori Abe and Dragon Libre when Tanaka pinned Libre at 12 minutes, 36 seconds with the Hirakata Cutter to open the show.

FREEDOMS returned to the Tokyo Shin-Kiba 1st Ring on February 11, 2017 for their Valentine 2017 show doing a very good announced number of 303 fans for the show. The main event had Masashi Takeda and Kenji Fukimoto defeat Daisuke Masaoka and Jun Kasai in a Weapons Fluorescent Light Tubes Death Match when Fukimoto put Masaoka away at 16 minutes, 43 seconds after hitting him with a Package Piledriver on a Gadget Board. GENTARO and Yuko Miyamoto defeated the team of Mammoth Sasaki and Tatsuhito Takaiwa when GENTARO rolled up Takaiwa for the win at 14 minutes, 56 seconds with a Kido Clutch. Isami Kodaka got a win over Yuya Susumu after pinning him at 12 minutes, 27 seconds in a Special Singles Match between the two. Kazma Sakamoto who looks like he is being booked for a match with Mammoth Sasaki at a Korakuen Hall show defeated Mammoth's partner Toru Sugiura at 9 minutes, 3 seconds after rolling him up with a School Boy. The team of Brahman Shu, Brahman Kei, and Ryuichi Sekine going as Karate Brahman # 2 got the win over Takashi Sasaki, Mitsuo Momota, and Chikara when Karate Brahman # 2 got the pin over Chikara at 9 minutes, 36 seconds after picking up the pinfall while Chikara was busy putting a Sleeper on the original Karate Brahman and was not paying attention for Sekine to snatch up the win. The opening match saw Kenichiro Arai defeat Dragon Libre at 9 minutes, 58 seconds when using a Hurricanrana to get the win.

FREEDOMS returned to the Hiroshima Industry Hall West Center on February 19, 2017 drawing an announced 602 fans for the show. The main event saw Daisuke Masaoka lose another fall since becoming champion as he teamed up with Jun Kasai and they would lose to the team of Takashi Sasaki and Yuko Miyamoto in a Fluorescent Light Tubes Thumbtacks Death Match with Kasai getting his Korean BBQ sticks shoved into his forehead during the bloody match before Miyamoto would pin Masaoka at 18 minutes with a Moonsault off a ladder for the win. 67 year old Yoshiaki Fujiwara would team up with GENTARO as they would defeat the Unchain team of Masashi Takeda and Kenji Fukimoto when Fujiwara would slap on the Wakigatame to get the win at 10 minutes, 42 seconds after making Fukimoto tap out. Brahman Shu and Brahman Kei captured the King of Freedom Tag Team Titles for the first time under their own names and second time total as they also won the belts back in January 2015 under the masked gimmick names of El Hijo del Winger Uno and Dos as they would defeat Yuya Susumu and HAYATA ending their 5 months run as champions at 14 minutes, 20 seconds when Shu would roll up HAYATA for the School Boy in what was their fifth defense. Mammoth Sasaki and Toru Sugiura who were to get a shot at the tag team titles but now will have to wait due to the Brahman Brothers winning the titles were able to defeat GUNSO and Rey Paloma when Mammoth finished off Paloma at 11 minutes, 42 seconds with the 29 Years Old. Local talent Kenshin Chikano and the Devil Magician defeated Kenichiro Arai and Takumi Tsukamoto at 9 minutes, 51 seconds when the Magician pinned Arai. Tatsuhito Takaiwa and Dragon Libre defeated Takeshi Okada and Yuki Aoki when Takaiwa pinned Aoki at 11 minutes, 42 seconds with a Death Valley Bomb in the opening match.

The next show will be on March 2, 2017 at the Shin-Kiba 1st Ring with the main event of Daisuke Masaoka, Takashi Sasaki, and Yuko Miyamoto against the Unchain team of Jun Kasai, Masashi Takeda, and Kenji Fukimoto in a Fluorescent Light Tubes Death Match.
The semi-main event will be a match to see who will challenge next for the King of Freedom Tag Team Titles as the former champions Yuya Susumu and HAYATA will take on Mammoth Sasaki and Toru Sugiura. GOEMON who will be appearing in FREEDOMS for the first time since May 2, 2010 as he will team up with long time partner Onryo against the team of GENTARO and Kenichiro Arai who at one time tried out for the FMW Dojo but was unable to graduate. Chikara will take on Ryuichi Sekine under his Karate Brahman # 2 gimmick with Karate Brahman in his corner. Dragon Libre who is getting tested early on in his career will go up against Atsushi Maruyama and the opening match will be a King of Freedom Tag Team Titles match between Brahman Shu and Brahman Kei will defend against Kazma Sakamoto and Hi69 for the first time.

HASEGAWA and Tomohiko Hashimoto held a press conference for the announcement of the A-TEAM's debut show on April 16, 2017 at the Kitasenju Theater 1010 in Tokyo which will be called TAKE OFF. HASEGAWA would announce that the promotion would be succeeding the Apache Army promotion due to Kintaro Kanemura's retirement. It will continue the flow of Fuyuki's WEW promotion but will be different than the Apache Army promotion. The WEW Tag Team Titles will remain active with the promotion and Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Tatsuhito Takaiwa will be defending the titles on the show. It was announced that although the WEW Heavyweight Title retired along with Kanemura that a newly created WEW Jr. Heavyweight Title will be created and be the main singles title for the promotion. Unlike the Apache Army due to the past issues with Kanemura this promotion will also partner with FREEDOMS as both Jun Kasai and Masashi Takeda are booked for the show. The main event will be Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Tatsuhito Takaiwa defending the WEW Tag Team Titles against Tomohiko Hashimoto and Masashi Takeda. Jun Kasai will take on HASEGAWA in a Singles Match to give HASEGAWA a chance to show what he has as the promotion looks to be focusing on him as he is the main financial backer of the promotion just like he was for the Apache Army. Daisaku Shimoda will take on Tatsuo Nakano in a UWF Style Match. Toshiaki Terao and Keichii Sato will go up opponents not yet announced. Rion Mizuki will go up against boxer Yosuke Enomoto and the opening match will have Daisuke Ikeda against Takumi Sakurai. 

The Demon Devil Michio CHAN and the Far East Connection would continue for the Guts World promotion on February 21, 2017 at the Shin-Kiba 1st Ring. There would be four random matches between the two groups selected and Mr. Gannosuke's opponent would end up being Masao Orihara. Gannosuke and Orihara who have been feuding since Gannosuke's return in 2014 would begin trying to put away each other early before Gannosuke would remove the turnbuckle pad but it would come back at him as Orihara would end up being the one to smash his head over the exposed turnbuckle busting him open. Gannosuke would end up lariating Orihara to the outside and they would brawl to the outside where Orihara would also begin to bleed and both would be unable to make it back into the ring in time for the 20 count as the referee would end the match at 6 minutes, 46 seconds due to a Double Count Out. The Demon Devil Michio CHAN would end up winning the 4 matches series 2-1 over the Far East Connection. The next show will be on March 19th where the team of Mr. Gannosuke, Guts Ishijima, and CHANGO will challenge for the GWC 6 Man Tag Team Titles against Masao Orihara, Dick Togo, and Ryan Upin at the Tokyo Shinjuku FACE. 

Mr. Gannosuke announced the full lineup for the Hayabusa Memorial Anniversary show on March 31, 2017 in Hayabusa's home town of Kumamoto at the Circulation Information Hall as the main event will be the main draw of the show by far as it will have Mr. Gannosuke teaming up with Hayabusa's best friend in wrestling Jinsei Shinzaki along with HARASHIMA going as his Hayabucha gimmick as they will take on Masato Tanaka, Mammoth Sasaki, and Yuko Miyamoto. Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Ricky Fuji will team up to take on GOEMON and Onryo. Former FMW women's wrestler Emi Sakura will take on Riho who along with Gannosuke she helped train for the Ice Ribbon promotion. Shinjuku Shark will go up against Miss Mongol as the two represent two different FMW eras of midcard. The opening match will have Ichiro Yaguchi who became very close friends with Hayabusa due to their love for music teaming up with Gosaku Goshogawara against the team of Mt. Aso and Fugofugo Yumeji. 

I just wanted to post an update on the Hayabusa costume that I purchased back in December. Years of neglect from the previous owner had resulted in much of the paint coming off, dirt having collected all over the white outfit including the white fur, and much of the white just becoming yellow. I spent many hours working on this and with the help of several people I feel like I have been able to restore it to the best that I possibly can. It will never look as brand new like when Hayabusa wore it to the ring for his matches from 1998 to 2001 but I am very pleased at how it looks today. My next step is to place it some kind of sealed case although finding one that it will fit in at a reasonable price will be the next challenge for me when it comes to this rare item.  

Added: 1/26

Super Battle FMW ran their first show of 2017 on January 5, 2017 at the Tokyo Shin-Kiba 1st Ring drawing an announced 350 fans for the show. The main event. The main event was changed at the last moment to Atsushi Onita and Hideki Hosaka teaming up with Ricky Fuji to take on Masato Tanaka and Tetsuhiro Kuroda who would now be teaming up with NOSAWA Rongai. The match would also be changed from a Scramble Bunkhouse Death Match to a Barbed wire Board Death Match due to Onita's pelvic injury there was no way he was going to be running to the ring to try and grab a barbed wire baseball first so this was changed to suit his injury better. Onita who has been doing much better was able to piledrive NOSAWA through a table and was able to be thrown into the barbed wire board by Tanaka. Tanaka would grab a cain and begin using it on Ricky which would be followed by Kuroda and NOSAWA suplexing Ricky into the barbed wire board and Tanaka coming off the top rope with a Super Fly Splash. Tanaka would then hit the Sliding D on Onita with Onita kicking out and then spitting red mist in Tanaka's face followed by a chair shot to NOSAWA and then he would hit NOSAWA with two Thunder Fire Powerbombs to get the pinfall at 11 minutes, 23 seconds for the win. Onita and Tanaka would embrace afterwards as Onita has chosen Tanaka to lead Super Battle FMW after he retires in October. 

Madoka made his debut for the promotion teaming up with Hi69 as they took on the team of Raijin Yaguchi and Tomohiko Hashimoto. Hi69 and Madoka would have the early advantage as they would deliver a double superkick to Hashimoto but Hashimoto would grab Hi69 and deliver a choke slam with Madoka having to make the save. Hashimoto would grab Hi69 and deliver another choke but this time would turn it into a Crossface which he would end up getting the win at 11 minutes, 37 seconds with it for the submission victory.

Atsushi Onita had a special sit down talk segment with Mitsuhiro Matsunaga during the show. Onita and Matsunaga talked about their Exploding Barbed wire Death Match that they had on December 8, 1993 following Matsunaga leaving W*ING for FMW. Onita then announced officially that his Retirement show will be held in October 2017 with Onita asking Matsunaga if he wanted to be his opponent with Matsunaga just leaving it by not answering and just smiling as a response.

The women's match on the show saw Miss Mongol and Miss Koharu defeat the team of Aoi Ishibashi and Konami when Koharu would pick up the win at 12 minutes, 40 seconds with a Backslide. The team of Raiden, Naoshi Sano, and Tomoryu defeated the Wild team of Wild Seven, Wild Bear, and Wild Dragon when the referee would end the match at 13 minutes, 11 seconds after Bear would get DQ'd. The opening match had Katsunari Toi and Toshiaki Terao defeat Keiichi Sato and Shocker # 1 when Toi got the win at 13 minutes, 28 seconds with a Fisherman Buster on Shocker.

Atsushi Onita and Pandita held a press conference at Toudoukan in Suidobashi, Tokyo on January 26, 2017 announcing the main event of the next Super Battle FMW show on February 24, 2017 at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring. Onita had a mask covering his face so he had Pandita read at the press release stating that Onita had caught a cold two days earlier after throwing water all over the ring and the fans after the show in Osaka. Pandita would read that Onita was challenging The Great Sasuke to One Last Fight at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring on February 24, 2017 in a Lumberjack Death Match. Onita would have three Jado Army wrestlers around ringside and The Great Sasuke would have three Michinoku Pro wrestlers at ringside for him. This will be the 4th and final match between Onita and Sasuke as they had an Exploding Ring Exploding Barbed wire Death Match back on October 30, 1994 with Onita winning. The Great Sasuke would then defeat Onita on September 23, 2003 in a Exploding Barbed wire Death Match. Onita would win the third battle back on May 15, 2016 in a Exploding Barbed wire Baseball Bat Death Match. This match will be the first to not have any explosives. Onita wrote that they are comrades that have had similar paths in wrestling and that he wanted to face Sasuke one last time in a decisive battle.  

Naoshi Sano promoted his New Years Eve show on December 31, 2016 at the Tokyo Shin-Kiba 1st Ring with a start time of 11:00 PM with the show drawing a crowd of 150 fans for the show. Originally the main event was suppose to be a rematch of Atsushi Onita vs. Naoshi Sano which took place over 8 years ago but Sano upon hearing the news that his friend Shota would need knee surgery in January 2017 decided to not only change the main event to Onita vs. Shota but the show would be a Shota AID show with the proceeds going to Shota's knee ligament surgery. That match would end up getting changed around again following Onita's pelvic injury on December 23rd with Onita unable to work a singles match. The match would be changed to Atsushi Onita, KAI, Hideki Hosaka, and Ricky Fuji against Shota, Kenichiro Arai, NOSAWA Rongai, and Trans-Am Hiroshi in a Street Fight. Onita would be limited but would be able to spit red mist and smash Shota over the head with a chair but it would be KAI that would end up picking up the win at 11 minutes, 43 seconds after KAI would hit him with a Thunder Fire Powerbomb which Onita was physically unable to do himself. Onita afterwards would apologize to Shota about having to make the match a tag team match due to his injury but stated once Shota comes back from his surgery he wants to have an Explosive Match with him. Onita and the other wrestlers then began pouring water all over Shota to end the show. Other matches saw the Guts World team of Mr. Gannosuke, Guts Ishijima, Masked Mystery, and Daisuke defeat Naoshi Sano, Leatherface, Wild Seven, and Kisarazu Clown after Daisuke would pin Sano at 14 minutes, 21 seconds after hitting him with a Frog Slash. Onryo and Masamune would also go to a twenty minute time limit draw during the show. Shota would have successful knee ligament surgery on January 24th and is currently recovering at the hospital. 

Atsushi Onita and Masa Fuchi defended their All Japan All Asian Tag Team Titles on January 2, 2017 at Korakuen Hall against the team of Jun Akiyama and Masao Inoue in a Barbed wire Board Death Match. Onita was able to piledrive Inoue through a table and ended up getting thrown into the barbed wire board by Inoue before Inoue would hold Onita as Akiyama would smash him over the head with a guitar. Despite the abuse that Onita would take they would end up in victory as Fuchi would pick up the win over Inoue at 11 minutes, 36 seconds using a Backslide to get the win to successfully defend their titles for the first time. There is no official return date for Onita in All Japan but All Japan has given permission to allow the Exploding Barbed wire Baseball Bat the next time Onita appears.

Atsushi Onita has wanted a Exploding Death Match to take place in America since 1997 when he got FMW to form a talent relationship with ECW with the hopes of it being able to take place. It never came close. Onita as one of his last things he does before retiring in October this year is for an Exploding Match to finally happen in America. Onita had been in contact with Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore promotion about getting it done but that fell through. Onita looked to see if it was possible for it to take place in Europe instead but the licensing and the costs were too high. Onita then reached out to CZW's Matt Tremont who grew up as a huge FMW and Onita fan. Tremont has been working on getting a match with Onita since doing a promo back in September 2016 following a match in West Virginia stating Onita was scared of him. That promo got back to Onita through Twitter. Onita would respond back to Tremont on January 12, 2017 stating that he liked Tremont's passion and that he would give Tremont his match if he could get the Explosive Match to take place before Onita retires in October. Negotiations are now taking place between Onita's manager and the promoter for CZW with talks of Tremont getting to go to Japan for a match against Onita and Onita as well as his Jado Army being brought in to the United States for a show at CZW with an Explosive Match taking place on the show. There is no time right now for the match if it were to take place.


Super Fireworks held a show on January 22, 2017 at the what was originally named Osaka Prefectural Gym # 2 as the main event held the first ever Exploding Barbed wire Baseball Bat Royal Rumble between Atsushi Onita, Masakatsu Funaki, Masato Tanaka, Chigusa Nagayo, and TARU. Funaki would end up being the first one eliminated at 10 minutes, 21 seconds after Tanaka would toss him over the top rope. Tanaka would then get tossed over the top rope himself at 11 minutes, 12 seconds by Chigusa Nagayo. Onita would then eliminate his tag partner Nagayo at 14 minutes, 2 seconds after hitting her with the Exploding Barbed wire Baseball Bat. This would leave just Onita and TARU with Onita hitting him with the exploding barbed wire baseball at 17 minutes, 9 seconds to get the win. TARU would not take the loss well as he would then attack Marvelous' Takumi Iroha who had wrestled earlier on the show and lay her out in a bloody mess. This will setup for the next show on January 29th at the Fukuoka Hakata Star Lanes where the main event will be Onita, Nagayo, and Takumi Iroha against TARU, Kamikaze, and Hartley Jackson in a Exploding Barbed wire Baseball Bat Death Match. Also, on the show Masakatsu Funaki will defend his Super Fireworks Title for the first time since winning it back on July 24th as he will take on Masato Tanaka with no announcement if the match will be a Death Match or not. 

Kintaro Kanemura's retirement could not have came at a better time as just days following his retirement match he began to feel numbness in his left knee to a point where the pain became severe. He visited a doctor and had an MRI done where it was discovered he had suffered lumbar vertebrae damage which is the spinal area around by rib cage and the pelvis. The injury was resulting in nerve damage and the pain in the knee that made it too difficult for Kanemura to walk on his own. This is the second time that Kanemura has suffered nerve damage as back in 2012 he one day just lost the feelings in his hands and feet. Kanemura is now walking with cane which he showed off in public for the first time as he along with Masato Tanaka met up with Steve Corino and Kevin Kelly on January 6, 2017 at the Tokyo Dome Hotel where they went and got dinner together before taking pictures with one another. 

FREEDOMS ran their first show of the year on January 3, 2017 at the Tokyo Shin-Kiba 1st Ring drawing a very good crowd of 294 fans for the show for the 3rd Annual One Day Tournament with this tournament consisting of all singles matches. The 1st Round Matches had time limits of 5 minutes and after there would be a time limit the winner would be decided by rock, paper, scissors. The opening matches saw Takashi Sasaki and Dragon Libre go 5 minutes and be decided by Sasaki winning Rock, Paper, Scissors followed by Yuya Susumu eliminating Jun Kasai the same way after their 5 minute time limit. Daisuke Masaoka managed to defeat Kenji Fukimoto in just 3 minutes, 43 seconds after rolling him up for the pinfall. Chikara would last 5 minutes against Masashi Takeda and then manage to eliminate him by Rock, Paper, Scissor in the final 1st Round Match. The second round matches would go to 10 minute time limit draws. GENTARO and Yuko Miyamoto would have byes in to the second round with GENTARO getting the in over Miyamoto at 9 minutes, 20 seconds with a small package to advance. Mammoth Sasaki and Toru Sugiura would also get byes to the 2nd Round with their match going to a 10 minute time limit with Sugiura winning at the Rock, Paper, Scissor contest. Yuya Susumu would advance by defeating Takashi Sasaki at 7 minutes, 40 seconds after making him submit to the Crossface. Daisuke Masaoka would make the final 4 by eliminating Chikara at 5 minutes, 33 seconds after rolling him up.

 The semi-final matches of the Tournament would consist of Yuya Susumu and GENTARO in a very mat based match with Susumu hooking on the Cross Armbreaker to get GENTARO to get the win at 10 minutes, 24 seconds with the submission. Daisuke Masaoka would quickly defeat Toru Sugiura at 1 minutes, 28 seconds after Sugiura would go for a Rolling Elbow with Masaoka avoiding it and delivering a hurricanrana and then finishim him off at 1 minute, 28 seconds with a knee to the head. MIKAMI and Tanomusaku Toba defeated the Brahman Brothers in the only non tournament match of the show after Toba would knock out Kei and get the pin at 11 minutes, 30 seconds with a swinging punch to the face. The finals of the One Day Tournament would see Daisuke Masaoka against Yuya Susumu with Masaoka managing to get out of the Cross Armbreaker and deliver a Dragon Screw to Susumu followed by a Thunder Fire and then finishing Susumu off at 11 minutes, 40 seconds with the Rokura for the pinfall victory and to win the One Day Tournament and winning a New Years Present for the win.

FREEDOMS returned to the Shin-Kiba 1st Ring on January 26, 2017 drawing a normal size crowd of 184 fans for the show. The main event would have Takashi Sasaki, Jun Kasai, and Masashi Takeda defeat Daisuke Masaoka, Yuya Susumu, and HAYATA when Takeda would get the win over Masaoka at 18 minutes, 23 seconds after hitting him with a Reverse U Crash. Takeda would then challenge Masaoka for the King of Freedom World Title match which will most likely take place at Korakuen Hall on March 23, 2017 which back in March 2015 was the main event of the show and the first big Masaoka push into the main event picture for the promotion. GENTARO defended his UWA Jr. Heavyweight Title for the second time after defeating Tanomusaku Toba at 11 minutes, 46 seconds after delivering a Lou Thesz Press for the win. Chikara defeated Karate Brahman at 10 minutes, 14 seconds after the referee would be force to stop the match after Chikara placed a Body Stenosis Sleeper on Karate for the win. Mammoth Sasaki and Toru Sugiura defeated Kazma Sakamoto and Hi69 after Sakamoto would be DQ'd for attacking the referee at 12 minutes, 13 seconds in what would look to be a setup for a singles match between Mammoth and Kazma. Tatsuhito Takaiwa and Kenji Fukimoto would defeat Yuko Miyamoto and Kenichiro Arai after Fukimoto would score the upset pin at 13 minutes, 11 seconds after hitting Arai with the Package Piledriver. The opening match would have Isami Kodaka replacing MIKAMI who is out with a neck injury as he would defeat Dragon Libre at 9 minutes, 29 seconds after getting him to submit to the Hiza juji-gatame. 

Mr. Gannosuke returned to the Guts World promotion show on January 24, 2017 at the Tokyo Shin-Kiba 1st Ring. His group which called themselves the Demon Devil Michio CHAN which consisted of Gannosuke, Guts Ishijima, Michio Kageyama, and CHANGO as they took on the Tompachi Machine Guns along with the Far East Connection team of Dick Togo, Masao Orihara, Amigo Suzuki, and Ryan Upin in a Single Elimination Match. Gannosuke would end up being a surprised early elimination as he would be the first person in the match eliminated after getting tossed over the top rope at 8 minutes, 48 seconds by Amigo Suzuki for the elimination. The match would end up coming down to CHANGO who would go up against Dick Togo, Amigo Suzuki, and Ryan Upin. CHANGO would end up eliminating Togo by throwing him over the top rope and then he would eliminate Upin with a Jack Knife Roll up. This would leave CHANGO against Amigo Suzuki who he would eliminate at 21 minutes, 55 seconds with a Diving Senton for the Demon Devil Michio CHAN group. Tetsuhiro Kuroda would also debut for the promotion as a freelancer as he would defeat Fuminori Abe at 10 minutes, 9 seconds with his Technan Buster.

Mr. Gannosuke's next match will be on February 5, 2017 for Yuiga's Batoscafe promotion at the Itabashi Green Hall in a WMF vs. FREEDOMS match with the WMF team consisting of Gannosuke, Onryo, and Mineo Fujita as they go up against the FREEDOMS team with the alternative gimmicks of Takashi Sasaki wrestling as NANGO, GENTARO as BENTEN, and Toru Sugiura as DAEMON. 

Mr. Gannosuke announced that he would hold a Kishindo Returns 21 show prior to his Hayabusa Memorial show on March 31, 2017 in Kumamoto. The main event will be Mr. Gannosuke taking on Isami Kodaka as Kodaka got one of his first breaks by appearing in Gannosuke's WMF promotion back in 2005 before he began working with Big Japan and teaming with Yuko Miyamoto and making a name for himself in 2009. The other matches on the show will have Yuko Miyamoto go up against Buffalo in the semi-main event of the show as there is some of what of a Tokyo vs. Osaka vibe going on for this show as Jun Kasai will take on Magnitude Kishiwada and KAI will go up against Atsushi Maruyama. Yasu Urano will take on Konaka Pale One and Mineo Fujita will face Big Japan's new acquisition Tatsuhiko Yoshino with the opening match being a women's match of Hikaru Igano and Micro against Papillon Akemi and Koharu Hinata.

Mr. Gannosuke attended the Tokyo Sports Awards on January 19, 2017 at the Tokyo Prince Hotel Takanawa as a substitute for Hayabusa who won the Pro-Wrestling Grand Prize Lifetime Achievement award. Gannosuke would deliver it to Hayabusa's mother on January 21, 2017 at Hayabusa's mothers home in Kumamoto where it can be displayed apart of the shrine that she has created in memory of her son. 

I have added a new Music Video section to the front page as I recently have finished a Mr. Gannosuke Career Music Video to go along with my Hayabusa Career Music Video as well as a video of Hayabusa singing in English video that I filmed back in 2012. I will be working on creating more music videos of former FMW wrestlers through out the months whenever I find the time. 

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